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Chuck Lawrence - The Sarge - Veterans Advocate

   is on the charge !
                       The Man . . .  His Service and Mission
Chuck is not one to brag... he is not one to dwell upon the past, but rather the issues of today. He has said, "It's not what one did 10 - 20 - or 30 years ago that counts. Learning and moving forward with those experiences is important, but the difference one makes today is what really matters." It took some persistence on my part to get the information to post on this site.
Chuck Lawrence grew up in a military family spending some time in France and Germany. He watched the building of the Berlin Wall, learning what Communism and Socialism is really about. He saw the sacrifice a person was willing to make to be free.
Reaching the age of 17 Chuck joined the Army serving his first tour in Vietnam with the 4th Infantry Division.
His duties included doorgunner and working with the Civil Affairs Team and the Montgnard Tribspeople of Vietnam’s Central Highlands. He also held other temporary duties with other units. During his second tour to Vietnam with “A” Troop 3/17 Air Cavalry Chuck received some serious injuries to his foot and leg requiring a medivac back to the U.S.A., then released in 1972.
After taking some healing time and getting himself back into shape he reenlisted into the Army in 1973 to serve as Asst Operations Sergeant with the 1st Brigade, 3rd Armored Division in Germany.  Chuck had served as a squad leader and Platoon Sergeant in 2/36 Infantry then as Asst Platoon Sergeant to the Post Honor Platoon at Fort. Sam Houston TX. He served as an instructor at the Infantry Officers Basic Course, at Fort Benning GA, when his injuries from Vietnam caught up to him requiring a medical reclassification out of Infantry and into communications. Chuck then served as the NCO in charge of the 197th Infantry Brigade communications security section. Continued decline in his health, due in most part to Agent Orange Exposure while in Vietnam, precipitated duty in Germany then ending his military career in 1981 with the rank of Staff Sergeant.
Chuck spent the next 11 years fighting with the VA (Veterans Administration) for his earned and rightful benefits.  He authored the book “TEARS OF BLOOD” detailing the experiences and lessons learned. The lessons of the book enabled many veterans to pursue their own claims with the V.A. During that time Chuck attended college and worked as a custom lighting designer for firms in New York and Seattle.
Chuck had been active in the effort to establish a Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter [Chapter 690] in his community, then served as its legislative coordinator for many years. Chuck’s lobbying efforts to push and support veteran related legislation has made him well known in the State Capital, Olympia, Washington. When he was still a member he represented the Vietnam Veterans of America on the Veterans Legislative Coalition (WA State Department of Veterans Affairs). He was the primary lobbyist for legislation to make it illegal to impersonate a veteran or member of the military. Most recently he was successful in his efforts urging passage of the “REST IN PEACE” Bill. This bill stops protesters from protesting at veteran and military funerals in this state. Chuck is quick to point out he did not do it alone. As with any citizen action Chuck led the way in Olympia seeking out a legislator to sponsor the bill, while working among the public to gain state wide support for the cause. Chuck help Representative Dan Roach with the language of the bill spending endless hours communicating between supporters and the state legislature.

Chuck is very active with his unique music program of the veterans experience; the “Pride of Service
Chuck has served and has paid the sacrifice of injury. He claims no hero status. He has made his life a service for Veterans.  For his military service, his work with the Veterans Administration, and today's activities honoring veterans with his music program and with his activism for Veterans, he has proved himself more than just an average person.  Though he will balk about this, his life story is truly that of an American hero.
                        - written, (with "hero" insisted) by the PoetPatriot

"Pride of Service" a music program.
Sarge, Chuck Lawrence, has a music program he calls the "Pride of Service" which has performed for many civic, veteran and military organizations.
Considering the importance to Support Our Troops, Chuck does not charge for his performances other than to compensate for expenses when extended travel is necessary. Chuck considers the message of the music as more important than money.
He will accept donations to help with gas, and maintain his equipment.

If you would like to book an engagement with Chuck . . .  
send an email to  SargeREMOVE@comcast.net    Remove "REMOVE" by retyping the address without the "REMOVE."


  Chuck - the Man... the Mission
     PRIDE OF SERVICE    - the CD
                 Sarge's Links

(c) 2007 Chuck Lawrence, the Sarge     or     (c) 2007 Roger W Hancock, PoetPatriot
                                                  All rights reserved.


There is no official association between Sarge and the PoetPatriot.
Chuck Lawrence and Roger W Hancock are merely friends
who each Support the Troops in their individual ways.



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