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Roger W Hancock

the PoetPatriot

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Last Updated,    August 08, 2011

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Democrat Dictatorship    
Performance Review The Wolf in Sheepskin Engineered Voter Fraud
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Democrat Dictatorship?                       - March 1st, 2011

The Democrats are at it again. Again, they try to subvert the will of the people. The Democrats are trying to push through Senate Bill 5297 (Anti-Initiative legislation) that would severely restrict the right of the people to hold government accountable by way of the Initiative process. Not surprising the bill also increases the cost of government; the Democrats’ specialty. They seek to place far more restrictions on the sponsors of initiatives even though they’ve been seeking to lessen restrictions that allow illegal voting.
Recently in the Ways and Means Committee the Democrats voted to ignore 9 amendments that would have supported the will of the people. The Democrats then voted to pass the bill that would lessen the power of the people.
The Democrats in the House have a similar bill, House Bill 1668 that would also suppress the people’s access to make government accountable.  The popularity of the Tea Party movement should tell them something. Well it has, but instead of supporting the people they seek to weaken the people’s power; our power.
Exercise your individual power, and write your congressional delegation and say “No! on the Anti-Initiative bills HB-1668 and SB-5297.

© March 1, 2011 Roger W Hancock,


Performance Review          - December, 10, 2010 (Rewritten)

Nationally, Democrats did not do well in the last election. The poor showing was a performance review by ‘We the People”! Americans have said they are not pleased with the current proposals and the direction socialist Democrats are taking this country. In light of the public’s dissatisfaction the lame duck congress intends to shove through their unpopular proposals. The U.S. House has passed an illegal alien amnesty against the wishes of the American people. So much for Congress’ representation of ‘We The People.”  They were warned by our performance review last November and have not taken heed. Urge your Senator to vote, “NO !” on amnesty. Take note of those who are returning to congress that cast a hurried vote. Take note of the Senators who will have voted Yes. Then tell those, who voted for amnesty, in their next election, “You Are Fired !” by voting for their opponent.

© December 10, 2010 Roger W Hancock,


The Wolf in Sheepskin          - December 04, 2010

One poll, although not scientific, has 83 percent of Ron Paul supporters saying they will not support the Republican nominee when Ron Paul does not gain the nomination.  Well… those results are rather revealing.  Ron Paul supporters often say they are more Republican than Republicans.  However, only one in six, say they will still vote Republican when Ron Paul does not gain the nomination. The Ron Paul wolves have let their sheepskins slip.

To the 17 percent I would say welcome to the Republican Party except that you are supporting the Ron Paul derailment of the Party. Like-minds together speak louder, divided are weaker.

 The Ron Paul supporters’ attempts to subvert Republican Conventions across America are an attempt to gain the power they do not have on their own.  To gain the power they cannot gain in the Independent Party. I suggest they are being used, by the liberal side of the Independent party, to infiltrate and cause, without revealing that objective, as much havoc as possible in the Republican conventions.

 The political subversive attempts even when failing promotes Ron Paul over other agendas. The unfortunate result is that by their actions the conservative base is weakened. The conservative resolve is weakened. Ron Paul supporters as the libertarians they are, individually have varying primary ideals that range from conservative to liberal. The mix of Ron Paul supporters at the conventions pulls the overall conservative consensus to the left of the traditional conservative center. Revealing but not surprising, the Ron Paul supporters have shown themselves to be spoilers rather than a conservative faction.

© December 04, 2010 Roger W Hancock,


Engineered Voter Fraud          - November 24, 2010

Why is it that Washington State still has so many flaws in the voter registration rolls? Why have elected Democrats opposed Republican attempts to clean it up? Washington Democrats enacted a law that allows voter registration when one gets or renews their driver license. That would have been a good idea except elected Democrats have also enacted laws or rules that prevent the asking of one’s citizenship thus allowing illegal immigrant criminals to obtain a WA State Driver’s License and register to vote.
Now, more counties have gone to ‘Mail Only’ which maximizes the potential for voter fraud. Yes they have signatures to compare but they are compared by amateurs not handwriting experts.
Even Washington Courts have been negligent, leaving it up to the honesty of illegal immigrants and honesty of convicted criminals to inform when they are not eligible to serve, when replying to a jury summons.
Why must ‘we the people’ take up a petition to have voter eligibility verified, as has RespectWashington.US with I-1056. Where is the Common Sense?
Democrats are the hole in our Election System. As elected Democrats engineer the capacity for voter fraud, they fail to represent ‘We The People’!

© November 24, 2010 Roger W Hancock,


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