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- Roger W Hancock

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the PoetPatriot

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Cuba idea ridiculous Wide open primary is wrong Citizens misunderstand
Truth in taxation needed PCO's stay out of Green Party Millennium
Wishful thinking Gridlock Lock America a Selfish Society
Kids being taught heresy Constitution gives rights Sound Transit
Marianne Means  Hear us now, "No more taxes!"   Ron Sims a Liberal
Patriotic symbols appropriate Light rail not answer yet Guns in Schools
Throw Sims overboard Sacrifice for Freedom Cantwell Stole the Election
Contreras, Roach best Choices Sacrifice for Freedom Cyclists not visible to drivers
Conservative principles will win Don't deny Christian principles Oppose American Dream
A Stolen Flag It's not the same America John Ashcroft 
Nation's strength Bad decision by activist court Power Usage 
IMMIGRATION Trickle down does work I Also Have A Dream
  Telecommunication Competition  

Newspapers listed below the opinion piece are known to have used the letters.
Others may have used the letters without my knowing.


Cuba idea ridiculous                          December, 2001

   The King County Council is considering a resolution that would be the first step toward establishing a sister county relationship with a Cuban county.
   Cuba is classified as one of seven terrorist countries. Have they not given asylum to plane hijackers in the past? In light of today's war and the aftermath of Sept. 11, it is unconscionable that extremists on the council would support such a ridiculous relationship. Yes, King County is actually considering a relationship with a terrorist country.
   President John F. Kennedy placed sanctions against Cuba. Those sanctions were just strengthened last July by President George W. Bush's administration calling them ``a moral statement.'' Yet some King County Council members seek to undermine the federal sanctions in their lack of moral stamina.
   Just last month, 12 people died, among them children, while fleeing the oppression of Cuba. We may as well establish a relationship with China's Tiananmen Square, remembering the killing of dissident students.
   The extreme liberals are showing their sympathies towards terrorists.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," 
The Seattle Press, 12-20-2001 South County Journal - 12-12-2001Seattle Gay News, 12-07-2001    (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Wishful thinking                           December, 2001

   The Republicans win on economics when the people understand. The Democrats win when they take conservative ideas as their own.
   It comes as great news when both parties come together to work out a plan that actually has a chance to work. The U.S. Congress has pulled together to adopt an economic stimulus package. In the U.S. Senate, however, it is business as usual. The Republicans support tax cuts and other economic incentives for business as Democrats oblivious to the people's needs continue to propose increased spending.
   The Democratic Party on the national and local levels does not have a clue when opposing the Republicans on economics. The liberal Democrats do not care for the average person, catering only to the special-interest minority groups. The Republicans often lack the spine to stand firm against the misguided actions of the Democrats.
   For Christmas, I wish for the Democrats some common sense, or maybe a brain. For the liberal elite within the Democratic Party, I wish a heart for the common man. But most of all, I wish for the Republicans courage, to stand against the left, to speak out of the follies of more spending and taxation.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
Seattle Times, 12-01-2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Truth in taxation needed                                November, 2001

   Are we surprised? Another government program, Sound Transit, has overrun its budget. When will government learn? When will the voter learn to stop trusting the government with our money?
   A vote is taken based upon misinformation given at the time. Then the planning and the cost overrun projections begin. The project's overruns are either funded without representation or are scaled back. To not provide all that is stated is ``bait and switch.'' The government fines a business that switches a product from that which is advertised. Businesses also are not allowed to overcharge for a product. The government is not held accountable for the mismanagement of our tax revenues.
   When a project is expected to overrun the voter-approved budget, the whole project with the increased costs should once again be put to the voter for approval. Government must be accountable. As with ``truth in lending,'' we need ``truth in taxation.''
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
South County Journal, 11-25-2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


CHRISTMAS;  Kids being taught heresy      December, 2001

   It's almost Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Christ. Schools will spend less time and money on Christmas than was spent on Halloween. They will avoid the American tradition of celebrating Christ in the mistaken belief that religion must be separate from government.
   Separation of government from religion means that government cannot dictate how our citizens can worship or where to worship. Therefore, should the government become filled with individuals from any one particular religion they could not dictate religion on our citizens. Government must not interfere with religion. This is the wisdom of the founding fathers.
   Our culture has ignored its heritage in conforming to outside influences. Influences that seek to overcome the protections afforded us by our Constitution, represented in practicing our American traditions.
   Our schools are teaching American heresy to our children, that America is not the tolerant country that it has been, that Christianity and Judaism are a threat to our freedoms. In fact, it was the values of those religions that made America great.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
Auburn Reporter, December 19, 2001;  South County Journal, 11-15-2001Seattle Gay News, 11-16-2001   (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Marianne Means                                       November 28, 2001
   Marianne Means charges John Ashcroft with imposing his agenda, but I’ll bet she does not challenge those who impose her agenda.
   Our founding fathers had an agenda of building this great nation upon the principles set by God, the god of Christianity. Had the reporters and columnists of the colonies opposed religious values as done today we would not now have the liberties we currently enjoy.
   In today’s climate of political correctness it is encouraged to promote an agenda that tears down our American traditions and American values that are based upon religion. But do not dare to speak or act on behalf of those time honored American values.
   John Ashcroft does not promote his agenda any more than previous attorney generals have done. The only difference is that he is not on the side of the liberal elite.
   Marianne Means shows her agenda of no values and diminishing the role religion is and has played in our lives.
   Religious founding principles gave her the right to express her views, and now she deplores them.

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"  Laredo Morning Times, 11-28-2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Patriotic symbols appropriate                         November, 2001

     In the Nov. 5, article by Jamie Swift, it was reported that: ``Both the Auburn parade and Tahoma National Cemetery organizers chose not to include military jet `flyovers' as part of their events, saying it would be "inappropriate'.''
     This is just one more example of political correctness sensitivity that has gone off base. A jet flying over is no more offensive than having our troops marching in a parade. Sure, flyovers would remind us of the tragedy; they would also remind us of America's strength to combat such evils.
     Across this nation people are banning patriotic symbols so as not to offend anyone. Balderdash! This is America. If we cannot show our pride in our country, then we have slipped further down the slope of less freedom than I have previously believed. If a visitor to our country is offended by our loyalties to this great nation, they can go home. If we avoid anything that reminds us of the attack of Sept. 11, then we fail to remember the fallen.
     Let us be reminded, in our displays of patriotism and our pride for America, that Americans have died, some innocently and the ones who have intentionally risked their lives for others and our freedom.
     Remember Pearl Harbor and the Alamo. Remember the tragedy, remember Sept. 11, 2001.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
The Seattle Press, 11-21-2001 South County Journal, 11-06-2001Seattle Gay News - 11-09-2002  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Throw Sims overboard                                    October, 2001

   Ron Sims might as well be called an ``oppressor of the people,'' for he has never seen a tax he thought too much. Nor, it seems, has he seen a nonsense program he did not like. Sims has failed; we need someone who would responsibly run King County. Ron Sims opposed your rights, we must vote against Sims and we must vote ``yes'' on the King County Charter amendments.
   King County employment has increased 70 percent, while its growth has only been 30 percent. Your property tax has increased substantially more. Participate in the ``Seattle Tea Party,'' and throw Ron Sims overboard. A vote for Ron Sims is a vote for over-taxation, for frivolous spending, and for restriction of your constitutional rights. Vote ``no'' on Ron Sims.
   For American values, vote for Santos Contreras for King County Executive.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," The Seattle Press, 10-11-2001 South County Journal, 11-03-2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


  Contreras, Roach best Choices                  October, 2001

     Ron Sims and the Liberals on the King County Council have shown their disdain for the Constitution of America and our freedom.   
     The many attempts to restrict our freedoms are evident in their proposals and their council votes.   It is the conservatives on the council that stand up and fight for you, for your freedom.
     Ron Sims has consistently vetoed proposals that would have preserved your rights, in favor of a socialistic approach to government.
     Remove Ron Sims and vote for a man whose agenda is American freedom, your freedom.  Vote Ron Contreras for King County Executive.
     Julia Patterson seeks a position to advance her anti-American policies.  Vote for Pam Roach for 13th District Councilperson who has displayed her loyalties to our freedom and the American way of life.
     Vote for American tradition, vote for your continued liberties, vote Republican.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," Auburn Reporter, Oct. 24, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Conservative principles will win                      October,  2001

    America's two main political parties are pulling together in support of the opposition against terrorism. Our government is united in this war on crimes against America. We are Americans who, when opposed by foreign forces, pull together. Defense of America draws citizens and its government to the right, closer to the American Revolution's founding principles.
     The Democrats who opposed the tax cuts now support more tax cuts to spur the economy. The Democrats say tax cuts are bad, at least when the modern liberal agenda is promoted.
     Our national security has been violated and is being further secured. The Democrats are now abandoning their agenda of incremental socialism and are supporting the president's proposals of defending American liberty and freedom. Tax cuts that were once so bad are now just the thing to get the economy back on its feet.
     This war will not only prevail against terrorism but will also take a great blow to today's socialist agenda of the liberals. Our citizens are being presented with the reasons our military should be kept strong. Our people are getting a lesson in economics. They will see how tax cuts work and the real effects of trickle-down economics, which is simply how economics work.
     This war will be won with conservative principles that have been proven and are sound. These are the principles that America was founded upon.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," Seattle P-I - Oct 19, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)

A Stolen Flag                              October, 2001

     In response to the Open Mike of Sept. 25, flags are out of stock in many stores as our patriotism runs high. Many of us wish to display our county's banner, some so much so that they will steal them, making victims of others.
     To steal a flag to be able to show one's patriotism is surely a perverted sense of loyalty. It should be considered not only theft but also possibly treason. Think about it: A flag is stolen, denying the rights of others to display their national loyalties. To steal an American flag is a crime against America....
     Crime increased when prayers were taken out of schools and where parents instill little if any values. Crime runs rampant when there are no values and no sense of loyalty to our American society. Washington law requires the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools. That is a beginning. As for now we lie in siege of our own citizens. We cannot dare to display our county's banner without fear of losing our own American flag
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
The News Tribune, 10-05-2001;  -Read at open-mike @ Gradie's Cafe.   (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Each party should be free to select its own party candidate     September, 2001

   The Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian parties in a bi-partisan effort are challenging the constitutionality of the blanket primary. Some say it is an issue of the right to associate. That may be so, but it is at the very least common sense that each party be able to select from it’s own ranks their own candidates.
   The ultimate decision, the American vote, is strongly supported by all parties. It is essential that the electorate decide from among the selection of the varying party candidates and anyone else attempting to run independently. Common sense dictates that a vote to select individuals from the various private party organizations is un-American. Restriction of our rights to select our own candidates allows nonmembers of a party to convolute the results of that party’s attempts to select their own candidates. The right of individuals in their respective parties to select their own candidates is as basic as our right to vote.
   We must preserve the purity of the American vote by allowing candidates that accurately represent the members of the various parties.
-  Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"Enumclaw Herald, 09-09-2001The Seattle Press, 09-13-2001   (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Nation's strength                                             October, 2001

     The visions of September 11, 2001 are a national nightmare.  Visions, previously thought only possible on the TV and movie screen, are now a reality.  
     It still seems unreal as I seek to wake from this horrid nightmare.  
     The nightmare continues but then so does the dreams.  The nightmare will end as we regroup to make America stronger and safer.  The rubble to clean up, the memorials of the innocent and the brave, and the investigations, that justice is done, are the immediate needs of our citizens. 
     In rebuilding the towers we will demonstrate the power of the symbols they represent.  America is the hub of world economics, enforcers of peace, and the American dream in which so many aspire.  We shall overcome this nightmare.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
Auburn Reporter, 10-10-2001;  Seattle Gay News, 10-12-2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)

See My September 9-11 Tribute Page.

IMMIGRATION                                          August, 2001

   Immigration evokes various feelings from each of us with many being derived from experiences and information whether it is accurate or false. We hear all the bad that comes from just a few members of the various ethnic groups that have immigrated to our country.
   Occasionally we read an article that talks about the success of a people that have immigrated to the freedom of America and have become valuable members of our society. The Aug. 25 South County Journal article by Jamie Swift is just one of those that inform and enlighten us of a people who fled from persecution to succeed in the open arms of our society.
   As the Ukrainians celebrated the Ukrainian Independence Day, I am sure they celebrate the opportunities afforded them by the greatness of America. Let us welcome those who come legally seeking to provide for themselves. We should discourage those who come illegally with no intent of becoming an asset to this great country.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
South County Journal, Aug 28, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Gridlock Lock                                 August, 2001

     Gridlock is sometimes good.  The legislature cannot come to an
agreement on the Transportation bill.  Governor Locke is intent on more taxes to waste on poor schemes and inefficiency.
     What has the legislature done with the automatic increases in our
property taxes?  Why are more taxes needed when they have all this added revenue?   No new taxes!  The Republicans are right to gridlock Governor Locke.   Keep all programs at last years levels and see what monies are
available.  Cut the programs that have little hope of any appreciative effect on the traffic problems.  Cut the other nonsense programs that government has no business doing.
     Priorities need to be set.   I do not go to movies, my kids do not get extra spending money; I put off buying clothes and spend less, when my income is limited by the already oppressive taxes I now pay.  My company cuts out overtime, lowers expense accounts, and re-evaluates programs and procedures in order to meet budget demands.  Why shouldn't government do the same?
     We need good sound business practices in our government, not the common practice of throwing good money at everything that sounds "Good"!
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
The Puyallup Herald, Aug. 2, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


PCO's stay out of the Green Party                     May, 2001

     The recent allegations of Republican precinct committee officers participating in the selection of candidates for the Green Party illustrates what is wrong with the current open primary.
   As chairman of the 31st District Republicans, I stand firm in opposing any party member's participation in another party's nominating process. Any participating delegate of the Green Party convention that is identified to me as a PCO from the 31st District will be asked to resign as PCO. Strategy and urging Green Party members to run for a particular office are one thing, but taking active roles within more than one party is to be condemned.
   The opposition of the open primary is based on the assumption that each party selects its own candidates. It is even more important that each party respects the candidate-selection processes of the other parties. The Republican Party can stand on its own as the party of patriots. It is the party that more closely aligns itself with the Constitution of the United States of America, the party that stands against the socialistic values that today permeate our government and society.
   Let the Republicans choose their own candidates, and the Democrats choose their own, leaving the third parties to select their own moot candidates.
Chairman, 31st District Republicans

- Roger W Hancock

"Letter to the Editor,"
The News Tribune - 08-09-2001 South County Journal, 08-13-2001;  Auburn Reporter - 08-22-2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


© Copyright 2002, Roger W Hancock


Constitution gives rights                  July, 2001

   Common sense is erupting in the King County Council as Councilman Kent Pullen proposes amendments to the county charter. The amendments would protect the right to worship freely without county intrusion and allow schools whether public or private to operate with equal treatment from King County agencies.
   Our U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, yet the liberals on the council ignore it, requiring the innovative legislation. The state Constitution guarantees a quality education that necessitates the equal treatment between private and public schools. The reiterating of constitutional rights in the county charter would serve to remind the liberal council members that they are in America and not a socialist country.
   Ron Sims is right in that it probably should not be in the charter at all, but he and the liberal social extremists on the council need to be reminded of our heritage and rights. To ignore our rights, to take away our property, restrict our property use rights and limit private schools is to socialize our government and society.
   Sims and the liberal members continuously promote socialistic principles to the detriment of our constitutional rights. Even now they argue against the proposal that would preserve just some of our liberties. Kent Pullen said it best, ``They are arguing against the Constitutions of the United States and the state, which they are sworn to uphold.

- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
Enumclaw Courier Herald, Aug 3, 2001 Seattle Times, July 28, 2001 South County Journal - July 26, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Hear us now, "No more taxes!"                 July, 2001

     I find it unbelievable the state legislature would again consider
raising our taxes again!  They fail to consider the impact of taxes on us the people and the impact upon our standard of living.  They should be looking internally, cutting nonsense programs, reducing waste, eliminating redundant job positions, in effect operating as a business.
     They fail to consider that they have automatic tax increases when they determine my property to have increased in value to over that which I could not have afforded.  I now pay property tax on an intangible unaffordable mystical value to which I have no control.  The sales tax has a built in tax increase, being a percentage as prices increase so do the taxes.
     Taxes take my ability to provide for my family and future then stuff it into the black hole of government.  Our gas tax is already the highest in the nation, but it is so easy for legislators to add taxes.  A gas tax more easily provides a solution to our government's woes without considering our woes.
     Stop oppressing us with more taxes.  Stop oppressing us with inefficiency, wasting our hard earned money.  The democrats are always quoting the phrases "for the children" and "for the working family" yet they work against the children and working families in decreasing the buying power of our earnings.   
Here us now "No more taxes!".
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
Enumclaw Courier Herald, July 20, 2001 South County Journal, July 19, 2001 Seattle P-I, July 17, 2001;  The Puyallup Herald, July 26, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Light rail not answer yet                July,  2001

   In our haste to fix our enormous traffic problems are we cutting off our nose to spite our face? Where are we placing light rail? How much benefit will we receive from light rail?
   If we place light rail along existing roads we utilize the space of one or two lanes that could not be used to expand the capacity of that road. Then there are the traffic intersections that may prove to slow the movement of the automobile. Slow the existing traffic and our problems worsen.
   Sound Transit is transporting 10,000 people a day. Many of these are families taking a train ride while some are switching from the lengthy bus rides. The Sounder Train uses long established railroad right-of-way that probably would not be made a road, but how much traffic snarls are created as it crosses the many railroad crossings in its trek.
   Need I mention the cost?
   We are playing chess with our transit woes. We are now ``checked,'' but we seem determined to ``check-mate'' ourselves.  Let us put light rail on hold, for a hundred years or until our gasoline supplies diminish. When we are forced out of our vehicles then will light rail and other mass transit become cost-effective and not get into our way.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
Seattle Times, 07-06-2001 South County Journal - 07-01-2001;  Federal Way News - 07-11-2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


 Sacrifice for Freedom            July  2001

   Independence Day is a time of celebration. We celebrate our freedom. We light off those illegal fireworks in the spirit of rebellion or just plain ignorance. We have also forgotten that we celebrate sacrifice.
The Founding Fathers of this great country sacrificed their wealth, property, what little freedom they had and their very lives. Having no treasury to fund a rebellion they used their own resources. The signatures placed on the Declaration of Independence were done so with firm devotion to the ideal of liberty and freedom of oppression to rule their own lives.
   These Founding Fathers were the rich elite of the colonies. It was the rich and influential that led the people of the New World into rebellion against their king and against their security.
The poor who had no or very little to financially add to the efforts gave what they had ... their lives! They could have rebelled against the rebellion and kept their security but they banded behind those who had to promote and sacrifice for the better good, for freedom to control one's own destiny. Together the rich and the poor created an army that repelled the greatest army of the time.
   Today we forget their sacrifices, we forget that sacrifices must be given to keep and maintain liberty. We are today in a rebellion to keep our freedoms. As we sit back and allow others to speak for us without our involvement we in apathy risk our liberty. We must sacrifice and become involved. Involvement, however small, is required by all to inform our elected officials that the premise set by our Declaration of Independence and enforced by our Constitution must be upheld.
   Without some sacrifice, liberty becomes just a concept and the passion for freedom dies. When we envy what others have and revel when taxation takes their wealth for the benefit of others we stand against liberty. Their wealth freely given and our numbers, if involved, are the fighting force that will keep us free. When our rights and freedoms are denied we become as slaves.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," (Cyberletters), July 4, 2001;  The News Tribune, July 4, 2001;  The Puyallup Herald, July 19, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Sacrifice for Freedom    (Reduced to 250 words)         July, 2001

   Independence Day is a time of celebration. We celebrate our freedom. We light off illegal fireworks in the spirit of rebellion. We have also forgotten that we celebrate sacrifice.
   The founding fathers sacrificed their wealth, property, the freedom they had and their very lives. Having no treasury to fund a rebellion, they used their own resources. The signatures placed on the Declaration of Independence were done so with firm devotion to the ideal of liberty and freedom from oppression.
   The founding fathers were the rich elite of the colonies. It was the rich and influential that led the people of the new world into rebellion against their king and their security. The poor had little and gave what they had -- their lives. They could have kept security but sacrificed for freedom to control one's own destiny. Together the rich and poor created an army that repelled the Redcoats.
   Sacrifice must be made to keep and maintain liberty. We are in a rebellion to preserve freedom. To do nothing we risk liberty. We must sacrifice. Involvement is required to remind government that the premises set by the fathers and enforced by our Constitution must be upheld.
   Without sacrifice liberty becomes just a concept and the passion for freedom dies. When we revel when taxation is greater on the wealthy we stand against liberty. Their wealth freely given and our numbers are the fighting force that will keep us free. When our rights and freedoms are denied we become as slaves.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," Reduced in size by request of the
South County Journal, 07-04-2001   (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Don't deny Christian principles         June, 2001

It seems a little common sense has prevailed, but is still misguided. The Kent School District, in developing guidelines, is still denying our American heritage. It is allowing the paganism and commercialism but denying the components that our country was founded upon Christian principles.
   Our laws going back through the ages originated from the Ten Commandments. We can't obey our laws without honoring their origins.
   Thanksgiving was giving thanks to God, any other slant is to distort our history. Christmas is Christ, honoring the birth of the Son of God. Santa Clause is St. Nicholas but that is allowed.
   Since prayer was removed from our schools, juvenile crime has increased, and now that those kids are grown, crime across the board has increased. Our daughters in increasing numbers are getting pregnant, and our sons are raping them. As we pull religion away from our youth we deny them direction and an innate knowledge of right from wrong.
   Religion is the fabric that keeps civilization civilized. Christianity is the tradition of America and our country has been the better for it.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
South County Journal, June 27, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


It's not the same America              June, 2001

     Let's face it, this is not the country of which George Washington was the first president. This is not the country the Cold War was silently fought to preserve.
     Public transit funded only 25 percent by ridership is socialism. Taxing the masses for the benefit of a pitiful few is the Robin Hood syndrome of socialism. The funding of stadiums by the taxation without approval of the masses is reminiscent of fascism.
No, this is not the same America.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
South County Journal, June 20, 2001 South County Journal, June 19, 2001  (Archives show  both,  printed once.)  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Bad decision by activist court                 June, 2001

   Insurance companies must provide coverage for contraceptives. What a stupid decision by the activist court.
   The court should have required equal coverage between men and women but not require specific coverage. Can the descendants of a woman who had an abortion prior to contraceptives now be able to sue because she was not provided contraceptives?
   The activist court is propagating the trend of more rights for women not equality. Bartell's should provide equal coverage if it means decreasing coverage for men or increasing, as required, the coverage for women. I would be quite interested in knowing what contraceptives for men are now being covered?
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
South County Journal, June 14, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Trickle down does work                 May, 2001

   To tax or not to tax? It is a shame we even have to ask such a question.
   When President John F. Kennedy reduced taxes the savings trickled down to spur the economy; increasing the tax revenues. A similar result occurred under Ronald Reagan.
   Increase taxes on business and the capital to expand or even to operate is reduced. Reducing the tax burden allows companies to more aggressively market their products, increasing jobs. Increase a tax and now the current availability of funds is decreased. The company must now make up that loss; layoffs are the easiest and quickest method to cut operating costs. When you restrict the flow of money the corporation does not suffer, it is the employees and the consumers who ultimately pay.
   Trickle down works two ways, to the disadvantage as well as to the advantage of the working family. Increase taxes, and the lower income families have less to spend on their wants and sometimes their necessities. Increase taxes to the families and obviously you are taking their money. Increase taxes on the corporations, that provide the necessities of life, and the prices increase.
   Taxation is anti-family. The left claims to support the family yet supports the policies that would reduce the family's life energies. Does the left wish to reduce the quality of living for Americans? So it seems.
   To tax or not to tax. It's not brain surgery. Taxation is oppression of ``We the People.''
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
Seattle PI, May 30, 2001;  South County Journal, May 30, 2001;  Auburn Reporter - July 11, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Telecommunication Competition                    May, 2001

   Proposed congressional legislation would restrict local phone companies from expanding high-speed Internet services by requiring them to lower their market share of local telephone services to less than 85 percent.
   It was the government that required the monopolies in the first place and now because the competitors are not good marketers the local phone services providers must pay.
   Many local service competitors purchase service wholesale from Qwest, Verizon, BellSouth and SBC, which by government mandate must set the wholesale price lower than the operating cost of those services.
   As a Qwest local service customer, I resent that the rates I pay for my phone services subsidize the competition of the company I chose to do business with.
   The government in its usual lack of wisdom stifles success to the engineered socialized advantage of those companies that wish to ride on easy street rather than earn their own market share.
   This was once a free country made great by free enterprise, apparently a concept of the past.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
South County Journal, May 18, 2001;  Detroit News, June 1, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Primary, most citizens misunderstand                    May, 2001

    In a closed primary you would not declare a party.  You would in the PRIMARY  ONLY  request a Republican ballot, Democrat ballot, Libertarian Ballot or a Green ballot,  In the GENERAL ELECTION you would be free to choose among all the parties for your official vote using an open ballot or a Florida ballot.
1 -    The primary is used for each party to select its candidates.
The primary does not elect into office, it only selects the person that will represent the party.
2 -    The proposal concerns only the selection of a party's candidates.  The proposal affects the primary it would not  have any effect upon the general election which would allow, as now to vote for who you choose.  You can pick and choose between all the parties.
3 -    Each Party has the right under the constitution to choose their own candidates.  Now Democrats if already having a strong candidate can cross into the Republicans’ selection and choose  the weaker candidate, swaying the results of the general election their way.
4 -    A Republican has no moral or civil  right to help select the Democrats’  candidates.  Let the Republicans choose  their own candidates.  Let the Democrats  choose their own candidates.  Then let the Libertarian, Green Party and other parties select their own moot candidates.
    With the closed primary the candidate would need to gain support, passing the muster, of their own party.  Once the candidate has been chosen by his / her own party, then they proceed to the general election where all citizens can vote however they wish.  This would return power to the people to select their own candidates, without influence from opposing parties.
    The return of power to the grassroots would prove to more narrowly define the candidates of each party and may tend to lend more credence to the 'third' parties.  Close the primary or abolish the primary, but give us back our choice.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
The Seattle Press, May 17, 2001;  Auburn Reporter, May 23, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


America a Selfish Society                              April, 2001

    Both parties stand to the left of the founding fathers.  George Washington and his contemporaries would have been livid over the consideration of increased taxes.  The American Revolution was fought over a 3% tax.  Taxation is oppression.  We stand silently accepting more oppression of taxation.
    Tolerance was not intended for all people.  Religious tolerance was a prime concern.  They did not fear, they even encouraged religious influences in government; having provided constitutional protection from laws that oppress religion; which we now ignore.
   They believed in life, without burdensome restriction of government.  To live life without harm to others was how they lived, how they governed. 
   They believed in liberty with responsibility.  We take freedom for granted and expect all for ourselves without regard for others.  The founders would find in America, today, a selfish society.
   They believed in the pursuit of happiness, not to obtain happiness, but to pursue.  They understood that some would prosper while others would fail.
   They believed in family.  Family took care of family.  The benevolence of those who had, helped provide for those who had not.
   Government was not intended to provide for the financial well being of the people. Government should defend the nation and provide order in society.  Government was meant to provide structure to society, not to engineer it.
   With all our freedoms, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and all the founders would find America a stranger not understanding true liberty.  They would be amazed at the self-seeking special interests of today's America.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
Federal Way Mirror, Apr.  28, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Sound Transit                                             April, 2001

   Sound Transit may be gaining rider-ship but where are the riders actually coming from? I hear the weekly increase projections of 50 persons per commute, however some of these are families on an excursion, and some are those who had been riding the bus hoping to decrease their lengthy Public Transit experience.
   The Federal funds for the light rail transit project is un-American. Pulling money from citizens across the nation for any project in any given area of the country is socialism.   Federal money should only be spent on the good of all Americans.  It should only protect the safety of it's citizens and provide for the preservation of the nation.  Each state should tend to it's own infrastructure.  In the words of Benjamin Franklin, " The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of another is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken idea."
   Taxation at its roots is oppression.  It is that oppression that caused the founders to rebel against Great Britain, to form this great nation.
   Abandon the Federal grant. Cut our losses now and abandon the light rail project.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
Federal Way Mirror, Apr.  18, 2001;  South County Journal, Apr.  16, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Maria Cantwell Stole the Election                April, 2001

    I had thought it odd that she would win over Slade Gorton.  Now I understand why.  Maria Cantwell spent 4 million dollars more than she had to spend.  She spent it on distorting Slade's positions.
    Cantwell had only a small number of supporters comparatively when considering Slade's 25,000 contributors.  She had used much of her own money to take up the slack.  I figure if she has her own money, fine, use it. However it is dishonorable to use money one does not have.
    Some of her own campaign staff and consultants were not paid. Some are now coerced into working phone banks to raise money in hopes of getting just some of the money owed them. Money unpaid is money stolen.  She stole the election with dirty money.   Bill, Al, and Maria; three good reasons for campaign finance reform.
     Maria Cantwell has shown how she will act as Senator.  Just as most liberals do, spend without concern whether the money is there or not.  She cannot be trusted to represent the good of the country.  She will do a great job at supporting any fringe group that promises a campaign pledge.  Spend, spend, spend is just a look into the future.  The dishonorable Cantwell, will not vote well.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," The Seattle Press, April 18, 2001;  The Seattle Press, April 4, 2001;  Federal Way Mirror, Mar. 24, 2001;  Federal Way News, Mar. 21, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Ron Sims a Liberal                                          March, 2001

     Ron Sims, the King County Executive, reportedly stated, "We are
intuitively very conservative financially.''  He is only partly right.  The (King County) Council is only financially conservative due to the Republicans on the Council.
     Had Ron Sims obtained all the taxation and spending he has supported over his tenure, King County residents would be oppressed by much greater taxation and regulation.  His talk is consistent with today's 'New' Democrat.  He talks as a conservative but rules as a tax and spend liberal.
     His talk deceives promoting the leftist agenda of socialism. Regardless of what Ron Sims says, he is a Left Wing Liberal.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," Auburn Reporter, Mar.  28, 2001;  South County Journal, Mar.  29, 2001;  Federal Way Mirror, Apr. 18, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Guns in Schools                                              March, 2001

    A Teacher brings a gun to school and is disciplined.  A child brings a gun to school and children die.  The law makes it illegal to have in one's possession a firearm on school property.  Who will protect our children?  It is for the children we ban the weapons yet more children die.  Let the teachers be trained and allowed to carry or hire police that carry weapons.  The rhetoric 'for the children' carries little weight when the laws prevent our children's safety.  It is becoming reality that when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," The Seattle Press, Mar. 22, 2001;  Federal Way Mirror, Mar. 14, 2001;  Federal Way News, Mar. 14, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)

Cyclists not visible to drivers         March, 2001

It is a tragedy when an innocent person is fatally injured. There is legal blame, and there are actual contributing factors. Lessons for all of us can be found in any accident.
   I have been an avid bicyclist, and I have observed others on their bikes. Children are more likely to endanger themselves. Often adults do not think beyond their own plan of arriving at their destination.
   A bicycle's speed is a stealth factor when the laws and rules are not adhered to. Many bicyclists ride upon the sidewalks, and when approaching an intersection proceed as though the road is their own. They do not slow down or even look when entering the street. The driver of a vehicle may look both ways and not see anyone in the intersection.
   The swift speed of a bicycle can propel a bicycle from being well out of sight to entering the intersection in only a couple of seconds. The motorist proceeds, and literally out of nowhere comes a bicyclist.
   Green light or red, intersections are dangerous because we are not as observant as we should be. Pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists all have a responsibility to each other.
   The right of way does not protect. The law does not guarantee safety. Be sure you are seen by others, and obey the rules.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
Tacoma News Tribune,  Mar. 5, 2001;  Seattle P.I., Mar. 12, 2001   (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


They oppose the American Dream               March, 2001

   Why does the liberal left make such a stink when they do not get their way? Initiatives with the intent based on common sense seem to lean toward the conservative side of politics. The liberals seem to always jump up and scream foul. They will not work with conservatives to come to any bi-partisan solution.
They stand firm on their premise of big government and greater taxation. The liberal mind-set is that to lower taxes, to give the people back some of their money is a step backward. I say anything that steps us back from socialism is good thing.
   The American Revolution was fought over a whopping 3 percent tax. The founding fathers would turn in their graves to see how great our burden has become. When a federal tax was first considered, a 2 percent cap was thought too great. Now we ``enjoy'' a 30-plus percent tax of our labors.
Tax breaks stimulate the economy, which in turn generates more tax revenue. This is a premise proven by President John Kennedy during his administration.
Taxes restrict our freedom-- the freedom to travel, buy property, and of privacy. Taxation is oppression. Oppression in taxation and restriction of property is necessary for the liberal left's socialism to advance.
I've just answered my question; the liberals will oppose all that protects the freedom of the people.  Attempt to lower taxes or increase property rights, and they will oppose. The liberal left supports restrictions of wealth that quenches the American Dream.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
South County Journal,- Mar. 2, 2001;  Federal Way Mirror, Mar. 31, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


John Ashcroft                                                January, 2001

   John Ashcroft is a prime example, of the extreme left vilifying their opponent to further their agenda.
   The Democratic leadership uses fascist methods in promoting their ultimate objective of Socialism.  Demonizing their opponents with distorted half truths, ignoring the whole truth, and using race to divide and conquer.
   John Ashcroft was one of the first governors to sign a law recognizing Martin Luther King's Birthday.
    Ashcroft fought to save Lincoln University, founded by African-American soldiers. Ashcroft supported many African-Americans for judgeships in Missouri and In the U.S. Senate.
   In 1986 the Dr. Martin Luther King State Celebration Commission was appointed by Missouri Governor John Ashcroft.
   Ashcroft established Missouri's first African-American historic site. An award honoring George Washington Carver's achievements was established by John Ashcroft.
   John Ashcroft has done more to promote equality among Americans than Jessie Jackson.  Because he voted against Ronnie White, the far left says he's a racist.  What about the 26 other black Clinton appointees that Ashcroft did support?  A 96 percent record of supporting black appointees does not constitute racism. The extreme left concentrates on the one individual, only 4% of all the black appointees.  Are the accusers stupid or just acting with the far left extremists?  John Ashcroft's full and complete record show's a man dedicated to equality for all
   "To turn every issue into a race issue is a disservice to all Missourians and a waste of time and energy.  This kind of behavior sends the message that African-Americans are inferior, weak and that others are to blame for our problems and perpetuates mistrust, division and hate among the races"   - Project 21,  The Black Leadership Conference.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
Federal Way Mirror, Jan. 24, 2001 ;  Auburn Reporter, Jan. 31, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Power Usage                                                  January, 2001

I do not want to pay more for my power needs or wants.  I am also against the socialization of private enterprise.
   Government controls on prices seems to most often be short sighted.  We have laws or regulations that require the Bonneville Power Administration, to sell power produced in the Northwest to Other areas of the country.  It seems consideration for the increasing needs of the Northwest has been nonexistent.  California has a law that limits the price increases of their energy needs and has prevented new construction of modern power plants.  Those laws effectively cause the Northwest to subsidize the extravagant energy usage that California has come to enjoy.
   This energy crunch, however, may be what's needed for us as individuals to re-evaluate our own power usages.  Turning out lights, our computers, televisions and other appliances when not in use or limiting our heavier energy usages to off peak hours may help only a little but there are millions of us.
   Re-evaluation of commercial usage is fast becoming a reality in Washington state.  Is California learning?  Is power being sold to Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada?  I'll bet the casino's are willing to pay much more for their energy wants rather than shut down their giant signs for even an hour.
   I can barely afford my electricity usage now, but I do not want government controls that further socializes our economy.
   Will the last person leaving California for the Northwest please turn out the lights?  Oh, bring money.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," Federal Way News, Jan. 24, 2001;  South County Journal, Jan. 25, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


I Also Have A Dream                                    January, 2001

   I also have a dream.
   I have a dream that regardless of differences and ever present prejudices that our country become the true melting pot with each person finding their place in society by their character and initiative rather than the color of their skin.
   Diversity is not an edge in the competitive market places of our society.  Diversity is a concept of diverse ethnic and national heritages, with varying economic and social statuses mixed into the pool of human resources.  Affirmative Action gives an edge to some and disadvantages others based on ethnicity.  Discrimination based on the color of one's skin is wrong whether it be against blacks or against whites.  Preferential treatment based on color is discrimination.
   Martin Luther King Jr. in his speech 'I Have A Dream'  exclaimed "I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
  Today in the name of diversity discrimination by color is exalted over one's character.  Hate breeds hate.  Discrimination breeds discrimination.  Affirmative Action is dividing our country.  Preferential treatment even under the pretense of recompense is injustice.
  This is my dream.  Let us today walk equally together in freedom, as brothers without animosity.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," Federal Way Mirror, Jan. 13, 2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Millennium                                                     January,  2001

The 19th century is the 1800s, the 1900s was the 20th century, and now we have entered the 21st century.
If the centuries are named after their occurrence does it not stand to reason that the years also are named after they occur?
The first year is counted as "1'' after it has passed.
We then continue to call the second year the year one, thus the 2000 counts the 2000 years that preceded it or so I had always believed.
I have heard the argument for 2001 that you would need to throw out the first year between Christ's supposed time of birth and the year 1.
Apparently that's what happened. The zero year is counted as 1 B.C., meaning that 1 A.D. is the first year and 2 B.C. would be the year -- 1.
But if you consider that Christ actually was born three or five years earlier and if that actually marked the beginning of the century as intended by God, then we may have missed the new millennium celebration sometime between 1995 and 1999. Oh, no !
When did time begin? I doubt the calendar reflects the actual span of time.
The calendar does not begin with the date that God -- or whoever you view the creator as being -- intended for the beginning of time. So the actual beginning of the millennium is unknown except to the time-maker.
Are you thoroughly confused? So am I. Does it matter? No.
The Y2K threat came and went without much of the predicted chaos.
So we celebrate once and then again. Can you think of a better reason to celebrate other than the sacrifice of our lord Jesus?
After all, the beginning of the millennium comes only once, or twice, every thousand years.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," South County Journal, Jan. 5, 2001;  Federal Way Mirror, Jan. 6, 2001;  Auburn Reporter, Jan 10, 2001   (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)
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