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Military  -  Veteran  -  Veteran Resources  -  Veteran Sites  -  Tribute  -  Soldier Songs  -  Poetry
Marches  -  Support OUR Troops  -  Radio  -  Television  -  Battle Videos  -  Publications
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Factual and Humorous - The Accomplishments of Senator Barack Hussein Obama


United States Department of Defense
History of the State Military Reserve
- donate a car.
Military Commissary BenefitsMilitary OneSource
Military Flags
Veteran - Military-  Poetry - PoetPatriot
Military Working Dogs - Adopt ex-military Dogs
Navy-Marine corps Relief Society
Reserve Affairs
United States Air Force
Air Force Reserve
Air Force - Recruiting
Air Force Link- Biographies
Air Force Link- History
Air Force Link- Photos
Aviation Gallery
Fact Sheets - aircraft, weapons, UFO's and more.
Air Force Medical Service

United States Army
Army Reserve
Go Army - Recruiting
Center of Military History
Seals, Logos, Colors
Soldiers Online- The Almanac 2003
Fact Files - aircraft, weapons, vehicles and more.
Army Medical Department

United States Marine Corps
Marine Forces Reserve
Marine Corps - Recruiting
Marine Corps History and Museums Division
Official Biographies
Rank Charts - officer/enlisted ranks; emblem photos.
Marines - FAQs
United States Navy
Navy Reserve
U.S. Navy - Recruiting & information about the Navy
Fact File - aircraft, weapons, ships and more.
Navy Bureau of Medicine

United States Coast Guard
Coast Guard Reserve
Coast Guard - Recruiting
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary - Volunteer Lifesavers
Frequently Asked Questions & Coast Guard Trivia
Overview - The mission, safety, enforcement, etc.
Units and Locations
Fact File - aircraft, ships, artwork and more.
Merchant Marines 
WW II Merchant Mariners - Veteran Qualifiy

United States National Guard
Air National Guard
Air National Guard - recruiting
Army National Guard
Army National Guard - recruiting
Army National Guard Recruiting Site
State Guard Association - State Defense Forces?


Legion Of Valor
The Chosen Few
Military Order Of The Purple Heart
Congressional Medal of Honor Society

Blinded Veterans Association
Disabled American Veterans
Paralyzed Veterans Of America
The Retired Enlisted Association
Military Officers Association of America Veteran to Veteran
Non Commissioned Officers

Seattle Veterans Museum

Veteran - Military-  Poetry - PoetPatriot

Warrior Brotherhood Veteran Motorcycle Club
American Legion
American Legion - Post 170  - Rochelle Park, NJ
American Legion Auxiliary -Women
National Veterans Organization of America
Veterans Of Foreign Wars - VFW

Veterans of Foreign Wars - Ladies Auxiliary
Veterans of Modern Warfare
Vietnam Veterans Of America

Veterans of the Vietnam War
Vietnam Veterans of America

Air Force Sergeants Association

Army And Navy Union, USA
Enlisted Association  / National Guard
Merchant Marines 
Marine Corps League
Naval Order of the U.S.
Naval Reserve Association
U.S. Naval Institute

The Civilian Ribbon to honor
 our Troops, and Veterans

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Veteran / Military Resources

Veterans Health Administration
State Directors Of Veterans Affairs
House Committee on Veterans' Affairs
Veterans Day National Committee
Veterans Day MD VA DC Local Events
State Directors of Veterans Affairs
Arlington National Cemetery
VA National Cemetery System
World War I Color Photos
WWII Picture
Soldier Story
Gun Salutes
Americans Killed/Wounded, by Action
Intrepid Foundation
National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum
Seattle Veterans Museum
Native American Veterans Outreach - PTSD
WindTalkers - Story behind the movie.

Center for Military Readiness
Military Glossary
Veteran Service Foundation - of Washington
Poetry - Veteran - Military-   PoetPatriot
Military Benefit Association
Military Connection - Job seeking - assist military charities
Military Connections
National Society of Military Widows

Naval Resource Guide
Navy League of the U.S. - civilian organization

US Naval Institute

Mesothelioma  - military asbestos exposure.  - Search and connect.
Military Connections

Fisher House - helping military families.
Homes for Our Troops
Armed Services YMCA of the USA
Scholarships for Military Children

Fleet Reserve
Military Coalition
Military Officers Association
Naval Enlisted Reserve
Reserve Officers
Retired Enlisted
Uniformed Services
United Armed Forces Assoc.
Gulf War Veterans Association

Veteran Sites  - Personal - Clubs - Etc.

Viper's Vietnam Veterans Pages Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run
Veteran Ribbon to Honor All brothers
past and present who have served.

Veterans Honoring brothers that have and now serve protecting America.
Get your Ribbon Now - FREE !

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Link Lists

Patriotic Links - PoetPatriot
Government Links - PoetPatriot
Army Organizations
Association Links
Air Organizations
AWL - Veteran & Military Websites
Fisher House - Related Links & Info.
Government Links
Merchant Maritime Links
Military and Veterans Links
Military Spot
Patriot Icons - Patriotic Links
Top Military Sites - Long List of Military Links
USA Holidays
Veteran and Military Websites
The E-Card links have link pages also
Civilian Blue Ribbon
displayed by family
or close Friends. 

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Tribute Sites

Black Patriots of the Revolution-Rymes of Liberty-PoetPatriot
The Chosen Few
Code Red - Women For The Troops
Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom 
Female Veterans of the USA - a Blog
Founding Fathers in Rhyme - Rhymes of Liberty - PoetPatriot
Freedom Isn't Free - A BLOG supporting U.S. Troops.
Global Spec. Ops. 101

Gold Star Wives
Hill-Billy's Veterans Tribute

Hymns For Our Heroes -Scott Wesley Brown CD-$20 /$5 to Vets.
I Love The U.S.A !
Memories of the Challenger 
Military Heroes
Military Salute Project
Military Memories
The Moving Wall - Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Mr. Mom - Inspirational for Military, Veterans, Mom, Patriotic and more.
Newton's Best of the Best
Oklahoma Veterans Memorial

Thank Your Stars - Veterans Day & Memorial Day poems.
Tribute to Native American Veterans
US Army Freedom Team Salute
US Memorial Day
U.S.S. Cole
U.S.S. Serpens - Commemorative Website
Vietnam Picture Tour
WA State Veterans Memorials
Woman Marine Memoirs
Women Patriots of the Revolution Rhymes of Liberty - PoetPatriot
Your Heroes
-- see also Support Our Troops
Civilian Gold Ribbon
displayed by Family
or close Friends

Honoring our troops and veterans and the families who's loved ones have served to protect our liberties.
Get your Ribbon Now - FREE !

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Support Our Troops
Troop/Veteran Support    -    Family Support    -    Service Support

Troop/Veteran Support

Military-Veteran Poetry - PoetPatriot
America's Civil War

America Stand Up

America Supports You
Any Soldier - Send a Letter
Global Special Operations 
Have A Heart / Adopt a Soldier Org

Iraq War News

IWVPA  - International War Poetry      
PoetPatriot  @  IWVPA
Marine 4 Life  - Chat and share with others.
Move America

Operation Support Our Troops
Operation Thank You
Operation Troop Aid
Patriot Guard Riders
Sarge - Chuck Lawrence
Soldier's Angels - Operation Outreach
A Soldier's Blog
Support Our Troops - A Forum
Thanks USA
War, Peace, Tolerance - BLOG supporting troops & their families.
Veterans & Friends - a Pacific Northwest Music Program
see also
Tribute Sites

Civilian Gold/Blue Ribbon to honor
our Military, the Fallen
and their Families.

Get your Ribbon Now!

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Troop & Family Support

Blue Star Mothers - National
Blue Star Mothers
- Fort Wayne Area - Indiana
Fallen Patriot Fund
Fisher House - Helping Military Families
Gold Star Family Support Group
Homes for our Troops
Injured Marine Corps Semper Fi Fund
Marine Corp Law Enforcement Foundation

Military Moms - Smoky Mountain Blue Star Mothers
Newton's Best of the Best - Honoring Military & families
Operation Family Fund
Operation Homefront
Operation Homefront Washington
Operation Send Off 
Veterans and Family Homecoming Initiative

Wounded Warrior Fund
Volunteer Ribbon to honor...
 - serving our Troops & families.

Get your Ribbon Now!

Click on the ribbon
to learn more.

Service  Support  - Largest online military destination.
MotoMail  - 24 hour delivery
Troop Talk
U S O  - Mission to uniformed Military Personnel.
U S O - Puget Sound Area
Talking with Heroes  - Looking for servicemembers to share experiences helping the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Ultimate Basic Training Series  - Guidebook & Workbook

Soldier Songs - for you - from you - to honor you ! - Songs & Video Tributes

Anchors Away - U.S. Navy Song - YouTube
Angel By My Side -Kathy Dolan -Shannon Breeze Band - YouTube
The Army Goes Rolling Along - U.S. Army Song - YouTube
Dante's Prayer -Loreena McKennit-Please Remember Me-Tribute-YouTube
Do I Make You Proud? - Taylor Hicks - Tribute -YouTube
Don't Tread On Me - Military Music Video
Fight for Freedom - ChaseRock - YouTube
Halls of Montezuma - Marine Corp Band - You Tube
Johny Comes Marching Home - Voices of Liberty - You Tube
If I Die Before You Wake - song & video
If I Die Before You Wake - Dustin Evans - Tribute Video -YouTube
If I Die Tomorrow - Military Music Video -YouTube
I Kissed My Son Goodbye - a song
I'm Go'n Home - Chris Daughtry - Home Troop Tribute -YouTube
Letters From War - Christian, Military Tribute - YouTube
Mil. Tribute To Our Fallen Warriors - "Remember Us" Thomas Maleport
Liberty - Patriotic Tribute to Our Military
Memorial Day USA - Song and Video

Never Let Go -Brian Adams -Tribute to all defenders of America - YouTube
Now We Are Free - Enya - Military Music Video - YouTube
Soldier, I Thank You - Jordan Leigh - YouTube
The Soldier Song - Sarah Bettens - YouTube
Soldier Song Video - Uniquekennels - Rap&Song - YouTube
Songs by Sarge - Chuck Lawrence  Order the CD   (fundraiser)
Thank You - Kevin Swink - YouTube
Thank You for Serving
U.S. Air Force Song - YouTube

U.S. Marines Hymn - YouTube
Yankee Doodle - tap dance and song -YouTube
Yankee Doodle - song -YouTube

Patriotic Songs - links at PoetPatriot

Music that Raises Money for our Troops/&Families.

Hymns For Our Heroes -Scott Wesley Brown CD-$20 /$5 to troops.  

Poetry - for you - about you - to honor you, and those now past!

American Soldiers - Poetry by Janice Sanford
Black Patriots of the Revolution - Rymes of Liberty - PoetPatriot
Founding Father Rhymes - PoetPatriot
Military-Veteran Poetry
- PoetPatriot
Patriotic Poetry - PoetPatriot
Rhymes of Liberty - PoetPatriot
Veteran/Military Haiku - PoetPatriot

Women Patriots of the Revolution
- Rhymes of Liberty - PoetPatriot

U.S.A. Military Marches & Cadence

7th Cavalary March - U.S. Military March - YouTube
Battle Hymn of the Republic - U.S.A. Military March - YouTube
Johny Comes Marching Home - U.S. Military March - You Tube
Mama Can't You See - USMC Cadence
- YouTube
Yankee Doodle - U.S. Military March -YouTube
Stars and Stripes Forever - U.S. Military March - YouTube
U.S.A. Military March - Marines Hymn -YouTube
U.S. Army Song - Field Artillery March -YouTube

 Military Radio / Military Programs

A.F.B. Radio - America's Freedom Broadcast Radio
AFN Europe - American Forces Network Europe
AFN Korea - American Forces Network Korea
AFRTS Radio News - Daily 2 minute newscasts.
A F V N - American Forces Vietnam Network
American Warrior Radio - New Concept, Military Encouragement.
ARMAD - Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day
Army Wife Talk Radio - Our Life, Family and Our Soldier.
HOOAH !!!!  Radio   - Saluting Troops & Families - internet radio
KFNX 1100 - Pheonix, AZ 
MARS - United States Army Military Affiliate Radio System
Military Spouse Talk - Sharing our Stories, Up Close and Personal
Military Spouse Channel - Sharing Stories, Up Close & Personal
MWSA Radio - Music and Talk for and about Veterans
Pentagon Channel - Military news/info for U.S. Armed Forces
Soldiers Radio and TV - News -Soldiers / Civilians -today's Army

Talking with Heroes - Talk show Supporting Military Heroes.
Veterans Radio Hour - Remembering/Honoring America's Veterans.

Military Television / Programs / Videos

Soldiers Radio & TV -News&Info 4 Soldiers/Civilians in today's Army Mail Call - technology & U.S. military history - hosted by R. Lee Ermey
Discovery Military Channel
History International
Military History Channel
Outside the Wire - a Pro-Troop Documentary

Videos From the Battle Fields

Canadian Sniper - YouTube
CIA Delta SEALs - training for Iraq
- YouTube
Head Shot - Gets back up
 - YouTube
Royal Marine Commandos - engaging the Taliban - YouTube
Russian Special Ops - YouTube
Saved by Helmet - YouTube
Soldier Music Video - by Crazy American Soldiers in Iraq - YouTube
Snipers In Iraq - YouTube
Terrorist killed - by Saudi Police - YouTube
For A Soldier Who Was Far Far Away -Army Marching Song
Under Fire On Patrol - Baghdad, Iraq - YouTube
U.S. Marines - In Iraq - Warning Graphic - YouTube
U.S. Navy Seal Sniper - YouTube

U.S. Special Forces - in Iraq - YouTube
U.S. Troops Under Heavy Fire -Baqubah,NE of Baghdad, Iraq-YT

Military Publications

ArmChair General
Armed Forces News
Fort Lewis Newsbreak - Washington State
Fort Riley Post - Kansas  - Largest online military destination. - monthly history magazine
National Defense Magazine

Navy Times
Stars and Stripes

Submarine Sailor
Stryker Brigade News - Washington State

Friends of America -  The Allies   - That link to
This is where the military support sites of America's friends will go when they have linked to the PoetPatriot.
To the Allies of America, my appreciation for the assistance in maintaining a more safe and peaceful world.

Birgelen Veterans Association - British
The Camouflage Rose - Canadian
IWVPA  - International War Veteran Poetry Archives - Australian

History  -  Military / War / Veteran -

Air Force Fact Sheets - aircraft, weapons, UFO's and more.
Airmen - WWII Letters Home
Army Center of Military History
Army Fact Files - aircraft, weapons, vehicles and more.
Black Patriots of the Revolution - Rymes of Liberty - PoetPatriot
Coast Guard History
Founding Fathers in Rhyme - Rhymes of Liberty - PoetPatriot

History of the State Military Reserve
Letters to Home during WWII

Marine Corps History
Marines in WWII
National Museum of the Marine Corps
Navy Historical Center
Navy Sailors, WWII, Write Home
TimeLine History of American Wars - PoetPatriot
TimeLines of Liberty - PoetPatriot
US Navy Ships of WWII
Women Patriots of Revolution - Rhymes of Liberty - PoetPatriot
World War II History
WWII Training Letters Home

Miscellaneous & Commercial Sites
Anthem  -  Banking  -  Books & Writings  -  Cards  -  Cartoons
Discounts  -  Education  -  Flags  -  Free  -  Jobs  -  Jokes
Links  -  Memories  -  Motor Vehicles / Motorcycle  -  Products / Information

- Anthem -
National Anthem - by 7 year old
National Anthems -Lyrics & Audio; Anthems of all Countries

- Banking - Financing, ect.
Navy Army Federal Credit Union Army - Marine Corps - Navy - AirForce - DoD
- VA Refinance -
Refinance Easily with a VA Streamline Refinance.

- Books and other Writings -
This Ain't Hell ... But You Can See It From Here!
Blue Eyes Place - Inspirational
Timothy G. Davis - Writes about soldiers.
Yes, Drill Sergeant! How I Survived Basic Training
Young Heroes.US  1st Walking With Heroes book.

- Cards -
Best Friends - Free Ecards
Friendship Day is August 6th - free Ecards - Free e-cards
U.S. Memorial Day - Free eCards

- Cartoons -
Downrange Comics
INCOMING! Military Cartoons
Mort Walker - "Beetle Bailey"
Private Murphy's Law - Cartoons

- Discounts for Vets -
Active Duty! Lower your interest to 6%
10% - Code: USVET11-

- FREE to Veterans -

Free Drinking Water - Donation Program
Veteran Tickets Foundation - Free to those who gave.
Sgt. Brandi - eBook download for Veterans and their families

- Education -
Military Glossary
Military Schools
Patriot Act Research
- Flags -
American Flags - American, State, Military, Featherd flags and more.
Flag Desk - Flags, Flagpoles, Parts & Accessories.
Waving Flag Images -Free Animations-Military,State,Historical,World
More Flag Links @

- Jobs -
- Armed Forces and Military Jobs.

- Jokes -

Military Quotes - Quotes, Jokes, Mottos, more.
Out of Step - Military Jokes

- Other Link Pages -
See Link Lists under Veteran Pages
Conservative Links
- PoetPatriot
Them Dem. Lib. Links
- PoetPatriot
GOP Links
- PoetPatriot
Government Links
- PoetPatriot
Holiday Links
- PoetPatriot
Merchant Maritime Links - Merchant Marine
Patriotic Links
- PoetPatriot
Patriotic Songs
- PoetPatriot
3rd Parties
- PoetPatriot

- Memories -
Memorial Bracelets    -wear a memorial on your wrist.
Creating Military Memories

- Motor Vehicles - Motorcycle - Products & Such -
Motor City Decals -Army -
Marines - Decals for your car
Bike Week Report

- Products or other Information -
Military Spot

Patriot Icons 
MarineWife Designs  -T-shirts to show support.
Hymns for our Heroes -Tribute to Patriots... $5 go to troop/families
SGT. R Lee Ermy - Products

  R. Lee

- Games -

Army Driver - Bad drivers, Women drivers, and the Army driver.
Battle Gear -
Bin Laden Liquors - Don't shoot the hostage.
Blade Striker - Fly in to fight the Cartel.
Desert Rifle 2 - 1st Person - Shoot the enemy
Dogfight - fast action - stay in the air.
Ferious Tank - Blast the enemy
Five Til - Helicopter against enemy jets.

Helicopter game
H.E.L.I.C. - Protect your base.
Metal Arena 3 - Tank; Blast the fighter planes.
Sniper Dude - You are the sniper.
Snipedown - A recruit can reach the 3rd level easily.
Sniper Duty - Sniper practice in the field.
TU 95 - You must get off the ground first.
WW2 Tactics -

Knowing The Enemy

Learn about the Enemy Who The Enemies Are
The Middle East - Lebanese/American Woman on Middle East - Video
Muslim to Ban Muslims - Letter to Seattle Times
American congress for Truth - Brigitte Gabriel, Middle East Expert

Foreign Terrorist Organizations - U.S. Dept. of State
,IslamicResistanceMvmnt - Israel News, Ynetnews

al-Qaeda - Council on Foreign Relations

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)
Taliban -                                                     -

Strategies against the Enemy

Homeland Security - Overview - The White House
Homeland Security - Dept. of Homeland Security website
U.S. troops battle Pirates/Smugglers  -

See also the Patriotic Links, Holiday Links and the Conservative Link page

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Military / Veteran  Links
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