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Links 4 Kids
Kids, the future of America.

 . Safety  Whitehouse   USA Gov. Christian  
History   M a p s    Museums       Science 
 . Schools Education   Cultural Plant Life  


Media Animals Sports
 . Parents Connect   Things to Do Games  


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The White House for Kids

The White House for Kids

Life in the White House - Video Tour

White House Facts

Vice President - Information

Wife of the Vice :President - Information

White House Historical Association

Presidential Biographies

Our President was once a Child

Presidents of the United States

First Ladies of the United States

First Lady - info. - Information

Art in the White House

In the USA Government
Various - Gov. & Law - Environment - Transportation - Geography - Defense & Security


KIDS . gov

AIPL Kids Corner


Congressional Quarterly

Discovery Theatre (Smithsonian Institution)

Future State (Department of State)

History of Federal Judgeships

Investor Education

Kids World (Peace Corps)

Kids Next Door - HUD

Library of Congress  - Thomas

» Planet Youth

Understanding the Federal Courts

U.S. Agencies

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Library of Congress

U.S. Senate

U.S. Supreme Court

Savings Bonds for Kids

Smithsonian Kids - Fun On-line Stuff for Kids

World Wise Schools (Peace Corps)


ARS Science 4 Kids

B.E.P. - Kids Page

Census - FactFinder Kids' Corner!

 CIA - Kid's Page

- Kid Safety

DOD - 101

DOC - Patent Office - Kids Pages

DOJ - What is a Courthouse?

DOT - Page for Kids


 FBI - Kids Page

- for Kids

- Quizzes

H.I.P. - Pocket Change

HUD - for Students

IRS - Understanding Taxes

- Learn NPS

NSA - CryptoKids

SSA - Kids' Place

- Kids

Government & Law

Basic Readings in Democracy - Department of State

Ben's Guide to U.S. Gov. for Kids - Gov. Print.Office

Core Documents of U.S. Democracy - Gov. Print. Off.

Electoral College FAQ's

Kids in the House - Clerk of the House of Rep.

Law-4-Kids - Dept.of the Navy, Off. of Gen. Counsel
- National History Day, Natl. Arch. & Rec.

Patent and Trademark Office's Kids Pages - DOC - Department of Education.

Understanding the Federal Courts - PDF


Backyard Conservation - DOA

BLM - Kid's Corner

Children's Health Protection - EPA

Dept. of the Interior: Just for Kids -DOI

Drinking & Ground Water - Kids' Stuff - EPA

Fish and Wildlife Service: Kids Corner

» Environmental Kids Club  - EPA

» EPA Student Center  - EPA

» Ntl. Inst. of Envrn. Health Sciences - Kids' Page

Central Library: WINDandSEA - NOAA

Educational Resources - NOAA

Photo Library - NOAA

Learn NPS

NPS: Web Rangers - NPS

NREL's Education Programs

National Severe Storms Laboratory: Education - NOAA

NRC - Student's Corner 

Photosites for Educators and Students - NOAA

Radiation Protection Program: Stud. and Teachers - EPA 

Recycle City - EPA

Tox Town - National Library of Medicine

NOAA - Teacher at Sea

USDA - Woodsy Owl - Smokey Bear


Back to School (Department of Transportation)

Federal Aviation Administration Kid's Corner (FAA)

FHWA Education Pages (Federal Highway Administration)

Maritime Administration: Just for Kids and Teens

U.S. Coast Guard Coloring Books (U.S. Coast Guard)

Vince & Larry's Safety City National Highway Traffic Safety


Census: FactFinder Kids' Corner! (Census Bureau)

Earth Science Enterprise: For Kids Only (NASA)

InfoUSA (Department of State)

TerraWeb for KIDS! (Geological Survey)

Defense and Security

Air Force Careers (U.S. Air Force)

Army and Army Reserve Recruiting (U.S. Army)

CIA Homepage for Kids (Central Intelligence Agency)

Just for Kids (Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh) Careers and Jobs (U.S. Navy)

NGA Children's Site (Nat'l Geospatial-Intelligence Ag.)

NSA CryptoKids Homepage (National Security Agency)

Opportunities for You in the Corps (U.S. Marine Corps)

Selective Service System Registration Information

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission

VA Kids (Veterans Affairs Dept.)

History and Celebration

   Roger's Rhymes
  Liberty Rhymes  - 
Founding Fathers Rhymes
       Holiday Rhymes

» American Memory

America's Story from America's Library

Capitals - Fill in worksheet  - #1

Capitals - Fill in worksheet  - #2

Colonial America

» The U.S. Constitution 

» The Declaration of Independence

Educators and Students

Flag - Coloring Book

» Flag of the United States of America 

» Flags of the 50 States

» Flags 4x6 - Order Your Own State Flag

» Flags of the World

Flashcards - States & Capitals

Ford Library Practical Research Experience
 for Students

» Foreign Embassies with Web Pages

» Formation of the United States

» Formation of the Counties


   TimeLines of Liberty -
              Various TimeLines to Learn by...

4th of July Postcards - Free! on the web

Fourth of July at Disney Animation

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

» Historical Documents

History of Federal Judgeships

Holocaust: Learn about the Holocaust

Jimmy Carter Library Kid's Page

Lyndon B. Johnson Library: LBJ Kids

State Birds - Official

State Songs - Official

State Flowers - Official

State Nicknames

Statehood - Dates

State Quarters - U.S.

States - Fill in worksheet - #1

States - Fill in worksheet  - #2

States - Finding Game

States - Learning Games

States - the 50 States

Study List - States and Capitals State Abbrev.

M a p s

U.S. Map with Capitals

Blank State Maps

Blank U.S. Map

» U.S. Territorial Maps 1775-1920

» National Geographic USA Maps

» National Geographic Atlas
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News Links -  for Children  - Media
News  -  Environmental  -  Science  -  Sports  -  Other  -  StartSpot Network


ABC News 4 Kids

BBC - for Kids

Big News Network
- for Kids - Kids and Family


Christian Articles -Christian Poetry -1000 family safe


News for Kids

NY Times Student Connections

Online News Hour Extra

- World News - India News -Kids

Scholastic - Kids Press Corps

Scholastic News

TIME for Kids

Topix - Kids News

Weekly Reader

White House - Kids News

Yahoo! Kids  - News

Yak's Corner

Environmental News

Environmental News Network

Kids Garden News

National Wildlife Federation

Science News

Dig Archaeology Magazine

Discovery Kids' Health

EarthSky - for Kids


Exploratorium Magazine

KSNN - Kids Science News Network


National Geographic - Kids

Odyssey Magazine

Science News - for Kids

mithsonian Magazine

The Why Files

Sports News

Kids Running

Nick Gas

Sports Illustrated - For Kids 

Other Media Links

Write 'Letters to the Editor'
 Send them now to various Newspapers

POLLS for Kids



StartSpot Network News

Books for Children - BookSpot

Children's Movies - CinemaSpot

Genealogy for Kids - GenealogySpot

Volunteer Opportunities - GiveSpot

Recipes for Kids - GourmetSpot

Homework Help - HomeworkSpot

Museum Activities - MuseumSpot

Traveling with Kids - TripSpot

Aquariums, Museums, Zoos  -  Misc.  -  Parents  -  Safety  -  Schools  -  Web

Safety & Health

   Roger's Rhymes  -  Safety Rhymes

   Disaster Attitude  -  Legends in Rhyme

»   Traffic Tim

ATF Kids Page

BAM! Body and Mind

CPSC’s - Kid’s site

Eat Smart. Play Hard

EMD - kids page

FDA - Kids' Page

Kid’s site

Fire Administration - Kids Page

Further Adventures of Kidd Safety

Girl Power!

HHS for Kids

healthfinder kids


Kids Next Door

Kids' Quest on Disability & Health

Kidz Privacy


Mine Safety & Health Admin. - Kids Page for Kids

National Institute of Environmental Health

Sciences Kids' Page

National SafeKIDS Campaign

NIDA for Teens - Science Behind Drug Abuse

NIDA: Students and Young Adults

NIST - in Your House

NIST - Fun Activities for Kids

Play Safe Be Safe
- Bic Corporation

Ready Kids - Homeland Security

Social Security Kid's Place

Students' Corner

Team Nutrition

Tips4Youth - Tobacco Information & Prevention  


- Kid’s site

WebWise Kids

YARD Safety Guide
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Aquariums  -  Art  -  Cultural  -  Miscellaneous
Natural Science  -  Science  -  Technology  -  Zoos

Animals, Zoos & Aquariums

   Roger's Rhymes  -  Animal Rhymes

Alex and David's African Safari


American Black Bears

Animal World

Audubon Zoo

Austin Zoo - Texas

The Birmingham Zoo - Alabama

Butterflies: On the Wings of Freedom

   Cat Tales Zoological Park - Spokane, WA

Chester Zoo, England

Cincinnati Zoo 
& Botanical Garden
- Ohio

Coral World
 - Marine Parks Worldwide

Featherside Poultry Page

Feline Conservation Center - California

Ferret Central

Great Barrier Reef Aquarium

Henry Doorly Zoo - Nebraska

International Wolf Center

Kids Corner Endangered Species.

   Killer Whales

Kritter Korner - for the love of Kritters

Lincoln Park Zoo - Illinois

LiveIguana Images

Los Angeles Zoo - CA

Maine Aquarium

   The Majesty of Whales

Memphis Zoo - Tennessee

Milwaukee County Zoo

National Zoological Park - Smithsonian - Wash. D.C.
-   Animal Cams
-   Kids Farm
-   Backyard Biology

New England Aquarium






   NORTHWESTREK  - Eatonville, WA

Oakland Zoo - California

The Octopus' Garden

   Oregon Zoo

Osaka Aquarium "Kaiyukan" - Ring of Fire

Pittsburgh Zoo - Pennsylvania

  Point Defiance ZOO & AQUARIUM - Tacoma, WA

San Diego Wild Animal Park - California

San Diego Zoo - California

Santa Ana Zoo - California

   the seattle aquarium - Seattle, Washington


Starfish Dissection

Tennessee Aquarium

Under the Sea

Underwater World Online

   Vancouver Aquarium

Virginia Marine Science Museum Online

The Virtual Zoo

Waterfowl of Chenoa

The Wild Habitat

Wildlife Conservation Society / Bronx Zoo - NY

Wolf Park, Battle Ground - Indiana

Wolves In Alaska

   Woodland Park Zoo - Seattle, Washington

World Endangered Species

Zoologico Guadalajara


Plant Life
Missouri Botanical Garden Website  
Technology Museums

   Museum of Flight - Seattle, WA

   Museum of History and Industry -Seattle, WA

The Tech Museum of Innovation - San Jose, CA

Hartwick Pines Lumbering Museum - MI

California State Railroad Museum

National Air and Space Museum - Washington, D.C.

US Space Camp



R. C. Williams Museum of Papermaking - Atlanta, GA

California Museum of Photography - U of CA

 Vintage Telephone Equipment Museum - Seattle,WA

Museum of Television & Radio - New York

Minnesota Transportation Museum

Smithsonian Institution - Wash., D.C.


Pueblo Cultural Center  - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Museum of Web Art - Kids Wing

Art in the White House

National Gallery of Art  - for Kids

Senate: Art & History - Congress: U.S. Senate

Misc. Museums

Virtual Museum

Auto Museum at Wells - MA

Nat'l Baseball Hall of Fame - Cooperstown, NY

Bishop Museum - Honolulu, Hawaii

Brooklyn Museum - Brooklyn, NY

The Catapult Museum Online

   The Children's Museum- Seattle, WA

Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Hudson Valley Children's Museum - Nyack, NY

Civilian Conservation Corps Museum - MI

College Football Hall of Fame - South Bend, IN

American Computer Museum - Bozeman, MT

de Young Museum - San Francisco, CA

   Museum of Glass

Guggenheim Museum - NY

Heard Museum - Phoenix, AZ

International Museum of the Horse - Lexington, KT


Houdini Museum - Pennsylvania

Illinois State Museum

Mattress Factory - Pittsburgh, PA

    The Meeker Mansion

Michigan Historical Museum Sites

Museum Shop

   Experience Music Project

   Northwest Gardening

National Corvette Museum - Kentucky

Old Sturbridge Village - Sturbridge, MA

Smithsonian Institution - Wash., D.C.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - D.C.

   Yakima Valley Museum - WA

Rodin Museum - Philadelphia, PA

   Underground City  - Seattle, WA

Andy Warhol Museum - Pittsburgh, PA

   Wing Luke Asian Museum - Seattle, WA

ART Museums

Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum

National Museum of American Art -Washington,D.C.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

   Bellevue Art Museum

Art Institute of Chicago - IL

Chrysler Museum of Art & Historic Houses - VA

Cleveland Museum of Art - OH

Contemporary Arts Museum - Houston, TX

Museum of European Art - Niagara Falls, New York

   Frye Art Museum - Seattle, WA

Harvard University Art Museums - MA

Knoxville Museum of Art - TN


Krannert Art Museum - U of Illinois,Urbana-Champaign

Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Los Angeles, CA

Madison Art Center - Madison, WI

Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NY

Minnesota Museum of American Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Philadelphia, PA

   Seattle Art Museum

Salvador Dali Museum - Tampa Bay, Florida

Smithsonian Institution - Wash., D.C.

Yale University Art Gallery - New Haven, CN

Natural Science Museums

Museum of Anthropology,CSU Chico - CA

   Burke Museum - Seattle, WA

National Cryptologic Museum

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum - San Jose, California

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science 

Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

   Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

    Disaster Legends in Rhyme

Science & Museums

Amateur Science

Bill Nye - the science guy

Eddie - the EcoDog

The ExploratoriumSan Francisco - CA

The Franklin Institute Science Museum - PA

Miami Museum of Science - Miami, FL

Montshire Museum of Science - Norwich, Vt

Museum of Science - Boston, Massachusetts


NASA Kid's Club

   Pacific Science Center - Seattle, WA


Science Museum of Minnesota

Smithsonian Institution - Wash., D.C.

Web Weather for Kids

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit


You and Your Parents
Resources  -  Careers  -  Schools/Homework  -  Web  -  Pets  -  Miscellaneous


   Roger's Rhymes  -  Life Rhymes

Bigchalk, The Education Network


Boot Camps - for teenagers

Children TV Show Reviews

Common Sense

Dog Training
 - train your dog to listen & obey

FamiliesInStep - Step Families

Kids Net Connect

Matt's College Admissions Reference Page

Military Schools

New Heights Education - much Information

Parents Guide to Internet Safety

PreKinders - Pre-School surfing.

Selective Service System - Registration Information

Talking with Kids about tough issues

ThinkQuest Junior

The Ultimate Basic Training Series  - Guidebook

Vom Amaris K-9 - familiy guardians and companions



Air Force Link: Careers

D.O.L. - Youth Services - Employment & Training Admin.

D.O.L. - Find It: Kids and Youth Pages (U.S. Army)

Masters In Special Education - a blog.

Military Careers 


Military Jobs Careers and Jobs
(U.S. Navy)

U.S. Marines (Off. Personnel Mang.& DOE/Financial Assist.)

Occupational Outlook Handbook


Schools & HomeWork

American School Directory

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper


Gander Academy's Theme Resources

Kids Courier

Kid's Web -
Digital Library for kids

Kids Web  - Homework Spot

Matt's College Admissions Reference Page


Study WEB

Vocabulary University


Cave Spring Jr High

JT Hood School - North Reading, MA

Mesa Elementary - Clovis, New Mexico


KidsClick! - Web search for kids. - Great Sites for Kids

Kids' Tools for Searching the Internet
Surfing the Net with Kids

WebWise Kids


       Animal Rhymes  - PoetPatriot
Kids 'N' Pets Stain & Odor Remover

Lucy the Basenjy - Training, Health & Behavior; Tips & Tricks


Best Website for Kids

Kids Web - Japan

National Geographic  - Kids

Yahoo Kids

Children's Literature Web Guide - Free E-Cards
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   Roger's Rhymes  - Game & Sport Rhymes

   AUTORACE (Northwest Racing)

   CBS: Mariners Team Report

   CBS: Portland Trail Blazers

   CBS: Seattle Seahawks

   CBS  Seattle Sonics Team Report Portland Trail Blazers Clubhouse Seattle Mariners Clubhouse Seattle Seahawks Clubhouse Sonics Clubhouse

   Excite Sports: Portland Trailblazers

   Excite Sports: Seattle Mariners

   Excite Sports: Seattle Seahawks

   Excite Sports: Seattle Supersonics - Seattle Seahawks page

   Kohary's Cove: Seattle Seahawks

   MLB & NFL in Seattle


   Major League Baseball: Mariners Seattle Seahawks

   Oregonian: Portland Trail Blazers home page

   PGA - Pacific Northwest Section

   Portland Forest Dragons Home Page

   Portland Prowlers - IPFL

   Portland Trail Blazers at CNN/SI

   Portland Trailblazers

   Portland Winterhawks

Rasheed Wallace official home page

SLAM! Junior Hockey Report - the Unofficial Fan Site of the Seattle Seahawks

   Seattle Mariners at CNN/SI

   Seattle Mariners at




   Yakima Sun Kings official site

   Seattle Mariners official site

   Seattle Seahawks at CNN/SI

   Seattle Seahawks official site

   Seattle Supersonics at CNN/SI

   Seattle Supersonics official site

   Seattle Thunderbirds

   Seattle Times: Mariners home page

   Seattle Times: Sonics home page

   Spokane Chiefs

   Spokane Indians Home Page

   Sporting News: Mariners Report

   Sporting News: Portland Trail Blazers

   Sporting News: Seahawks Report

   Sporting News: Sonics Report

   Tacoma Rainiers Home Page

   Tri-City Americans

   Tri-City Posse Home Page

UHRA Home Page

   USA Today: Seattle Mariners

   Usenet: Portland Trail Blazers Newsgroup

   Usenet: Seahawks Newsgroup

   Usenet: Seattle Mariners Newsgroup

   Usenet: Sonics Newsgroup

   WHL Home Page

   Yahoo Sports: Portland Trail Blazers

   Yahoo Sports: Seattle Seahawks

   Yahoo Sports: Seattle Sonics

Yahoo: Major League Baseball - American League

Yahoo: Major League Baseball - National League

Yahoo: National Basketball Association

Yahoo: National Football League

Yahoo: Womens National Basketball Assocation

   Yakima Bears Home Page


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Children  Television  Shows

PBS Kids
   Barney and Friends
   Berenstain Bears
   Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
   Curious George
   Reading Rainbow
   Sesame Street

Nick TV Shows
   Dance On Sunset
   Jimmy Neutron
   Kids Pick the President
   SpongeBob SquarePants
   Zoey 101
- More Shows -

Discovery Kids
   A Year On Earth
   Bindi the Jungle Girl
   Creepie Shout-Outs
Croc Files
   Future is Wild
   Kenny The Shark
   Saddle Club
   Time Warp Trio
- More Shows -

YTV  - Canadian
   ZAPX - Movies with Simon
   CRUNCH with Ajay
   BIONIX - Cartoons
- More Shows -




Children TV Show Reviews


The Muppets

Samurai Pizza Cats

Sesame Workship

Playhouse Disney
   Handy Manny
   Higglytown Heroes
   Johnny & the Sprites
   Little Einsteins
   Mickey Mouse
   Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
   Ohh & Aah
   Tigger & Pooh

Noggin - Network
   64 Zoo Lane
   Blue's Clues
   Dora the Explorer
   Ebb & Flo
   Go, Diego, Go!
   Jack's Big Music Show
   Maurice Sendak's Little Bear
   Max & Ruby
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends
   Pinky Dinky Doo
   Story Time
Upside Down Show
   Wonder Pets
   Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
- More Shows -

Hanna Barbera
   Flintstones - Jetsons - Tome and Jerry

Nostalgia - Children Shows

   Brakeman Bill

Captain Kangaroo  - CBS

   Captain Puget

      J.P. Patches

      Stan Boreson

      Wunda Wunda
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Various Kid Links
Songs  -  Christian  -  Link Pages  -  Things to Do  -  Games  -  Pets

Children Songs

MIDIs for Kids  


Eden's Christian Cartoons
             Bible Search 
    Roger's Rhymes - Christian, Animals, Sports, and more.

Nifty Nibbles   - where every child is special
    Poems of Faith by the PoetPatriot

Things to Do


Coloring Book

PreKinders - Pre-School Activities.

Theodore Tugboat

    Click here for activities based upon Television shows.

Link Pages

The Kids on the Web  


Andaconda - Game Info

PBS Games

Playhouse Disney

Noggin Games

  Many Television shows have Games.

Children's Rhymes

     Roger's Rhymes  - PoetPatriot
        Animal Rhymes  - PoetPatriot
        Christian Rhymes  - PoetPatriot
        Fuzzy Wuzzy Rhymes  - PoetPatriot
        Game & Sport Rhymes  - PoetPatriot
        Life Rhymes  - PoetPatriot
        Name Rhymes  - PoetPatriot
        Safety Rhymes  - PoetPatriot
        Zander Rhymes   - PoetPatriot

        Roger's Rhymes of Liberty  - PoetPatriot
        Founding Father Rhymes  - PoetPatriot
        Child Patriot Rhymes  - PoetPatriot
        Black Patriot Rhymes  - PoetPatriot
Women Patriot Rhymes  - PoetPatriot

Rhyming Names
- has a first name data base

Nursery Rhyme & Children Song Lyrics Nursery

Rhymes and Silly Stuff

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