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The  BLOG  of the PoetPatriot,

- Roger W Hancock

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the PoetPatriot

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Newspapers listed below the opinion piece are known to have used the peace as letters.
Others may have used the piece without my awareness.


Election 2006                             November 14, 2006

In the week following the November 2006 election upset, there have been many reasons, excuses, and takes on the results. The following is my take on last week's election
When Republicans run as conservative they win. When Republicans run as moderates and the Democrats as more conservative, the people see little difference between the two. Republican office holders must curb spending, and stand, unwavering, on other traditional American values.
When the people see little difference between the Democrats and Republicans they fall to the old outdated and false adages of “democrats for the worker” and “Republicans for the rich.” 
It is the undecided and those who fancy themselves as independent who are able to be swayed one direction or the other. It is those that do not have a loyalty to either party that must be addressed.  It is those in the middle that do not look beyond the sound bites of today’s media that must be educated. When Republicans run as Conservatives, conservatives turn out in droves to vote. Independents will vote conservative when the issues are well defined. The grassroots of the Republican Party makes it the party of conservatives; the party of the people. Democrats run as conservative to gain the added votes to win, and then they legislate as liberal socialists. The apathy and blind loyalty of the uninvolved long-time democrats keep the socialists of the democrat party in power. 
Republicans must have the backbone to stand on conservative principles. When the Republicans fail to define a conservative position, the public are unable to discern any founding principles in either party.  The people will vote for traditional values when they are well defined. Unfortunately the misunderstanding of McCarthyism is the blinder to see the truth of the demoralization and socialization of the Democratic Party. If it were known and believed the various extreme positions taken by the democrats, the divide between the two parties would be far greater.

- Roger W Hancock, © 2006


Reformation Needed                 Updated: September 02, 2006
(Rewritten after being unable to substantiate assertions in the original article)

The Muslim religion is in need of a reformation. If not a reformation then certainly the leaders need to speak out to clarify that terrorism is not, or no longer is the way of Mohammad. Islam was created by Mohammad by combining what he liked about several other religions. Understandably, the Muslim would disagree saying it was, “pure revelation from the Creator of the heavens and earth to the Blessed Prophet Muhammad.”

Many have died in the name of Mohammad and many in the name of Christ but there is a vast difference between the two religions in respect to the alleged atrocities of each. In Christianity it has been zeal, bigotry, power, fear and ignorance of men that allowed the killing of others. Some would say it is the same with the alleged atrocities in the name of Islam. The difference between the two is that the “sacred” writings of Christianity speak against killing of others while Islam’s Quram addresses the killing of those who would not convert. In Christianity one must ignore the New Testament pulling scriptures “out of context” from the Old Testament to justify violence while the Muslim need only to consult the 9th Sura (chapter) of the Quran. There are peaceful followers among both religions, however the extreme factions that advocate violence are denounced by the mainstream Christians and in Islam the extreme sects receive little criticism and sometimes receive verbal support. Most likely they are hesitant to criticize others who claim to be following the Quran.

The Quran instructs Muslims to not side with Jews, Christians or other infidels, but to live among them and then when gaining their trust kill them. In the 9th Sura, or Chapter of the Quran it tells of the Muslim’s interaction with others. It repeatedly says Allah is forgiving to those who keep their duty to him.” Vs. 9:5 of the Quran, “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush…” In verses 30 through 34 it specifically addresses Jews and Christians as idolaters, worshipping more than one god.  Allah is merciful only to those who are Muslim and convert to Islam.  In verse 36, “wage war on all of the idolaters as they are waging war on all of you. And know that Allah is with those who keep their duty.” Chapter 9 of the Quran makes it easy for terrorists to prey on and recruit the faithful brothers of Islam. To attack and kill infidels is only to follow the Quran.

Terrorists often fail to give the required 12 months living among the infidels to allow a time to convert. Even though many Muslims do not follow the 9th Sura, terrorists use it to their advantage to recruit suicide assassins. Those Muslims who do not follow the 9th Sura, become Infidels and targets to those who do follow and act. The Quran is a book of peace if you are a Muslim and a book of hate if you are not. We must remember not all Muslims follow the harsher elements of the Quran. But then who are the enemy and who are not?

There are as many as 70 different sects of Islam, with varying degrees of adherence to the Quran. Islam does not have denominations as does Christianity. Members of each are usually able to attend any mosques without discrimination as to the varying Islamic beliefs. The acceptance of all, allows the growth of the “cult sects” or at least the spread of false or no longer accepted teachings.

Modern Western societies are accepting of others allowing a meld of religious philosophies resulting in peaceful coexistence. Islam does not mean "peace" but means "submit" and in context means, "Submit to Allah." The writings of the Quran are contrary to such practice allowing only for the religion of Islam. Such specific language precludes democratic and other policies of acceptance.

Three attacks by Muslim perpetrators occurred in 2006 within America.  In March Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar gave as his motive “punish the government of the United States” and “avenge the deaths of Muslims around the world,” after using his SUV in a killing spree in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. One of his first statements in court was “for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah.” In July Naveed Afzal Haq killed one and shooting 5 others at a Jewish Federation office in Seattle, Washington. In August Omeed Aziz Popal used his SUV to run down 15 people killing one in a rampage that began at the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco, California. Very little condemnation came from the Muslim community.
 A Reformation or spokesperson is needed to explain how Islam is not a threat to others. The Quran instructs that it is not to be changed in any way, which would make a change unlikely. To clarify Islam as a religion of peace seems also not likely. The ninth chapter of, the Quran leaves little room for interpretation, unless the original writings are found to say otherwise. Islam, unless it ignores specific passages of the Quran, remains a religion that is incompatible with modern western societies. Islam needs a new prophet of peace who will be bold enough to declare the incompatibilities sighting peace over violence. Until such day the world shall not see peace, for to the devout Muslim must fight the infidels until all die or come to believe in Mohammad as prophet and Allah as god. Until that day many of us will fear or at least hold some skepticism towards our new Muslim neighbors.

- Roger W Hancock, © 2006


Peace vs. War                            July 22, 2006

     Peace... What is Peace?  Lack of War is not necessarily peace. "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them..." I Thessalonians 5:3  (KJV). Peace must be maintained lest it be lost. Peace without vigilance becomes a frail victim to oppression. Peace, just as with liberty is not a right but a privilege one must earn. War has proven that peace can be achieved when peaceful powers overcome the oppressive. Peace has proven that it cannot create nor maintain a true and lasting peace.
     Peace does not just happen. Peace does not occur just because aggressions cease. Peace must be nurtured, it must be maintained, it must be defended. "Give peace a chance," is a recipe for oppression. Peace without a military to defend has always invited invasion. If you do not want peace then all you need do is to "give peace a chance." If you want peace, look to history to find that peace has only been achieved when oppressive forces are defeated by force. Peace exists only when evil has been overcome.
     A negotiated peace without force to backup the agreement is as frail as the paper on which it is written. Albert Einstein, was wrong when he said, "Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding." Peace can only be achieved by understanding when all parties understand. That is the failing when attempting to negotiate a peace. Evil does not understand nor can one reason with an evil mind. Peace to exist requires the force of a righteous nation.

- Roger W Hancock, © 2006

Peace quotes from the page; Quotes of Roger W Hancock

"Pacifism betrays the pacifist."
- Roger W Hancock, Letters to the Editor, 2004

"Passivism betrays itself by failing to protect the peace."
- Roger W Hancock, email sent to Dave Zink (self described socialist) on March 24, 2006.

"Peace can only be achieved by understanding when all parties understand."
- Roger W Hancock, June 5, 2004, After reading a quote by Albert Einstein.

"Pacifism does not protect against those who would threaten world peace."
- Roger W Hancock, letter to the editor, 2004

"Peace when left to it's own device, will live a slow demise."
"- Roger W Hancock, from the poem "Longing for Peace", July 22, 2004.

"History teaches that pacifism does not protect against threats to world peace."

- Roger W Hancock, letter to the editor, 2003

"Through history, peace has only been achieved by one nation overpowering another."

- Roger W Hancock, a Letter to the editor, 2003

"When madmen control nations, peace cannot exist and to watch and do nothing is a most grievous act."

- Roger W Hancock, a Letter to the editor, 2003

"Pacifism does not protect against those who would threaten world peace."

- Roger W Hancock, letter to the editor, 2004

"Peace by force; without force, it dies."

- Roger W Hancock, email sent to Dave Zink (self described socialist) on March 24, 2006.

"War is nasty, war is hell, but war is necessary to fight oppression and other threats to peace."

- Roger W Hancock, email sent to Dave Zink (self described socialist) on March 24, 2006.
"The American military are the peacemakers.  An oxymoron, a dichotomy, you bet, but fact."
- Roger W Hancock, email sent to Dave Zink (self described socialist) on March 24, 2006.

Compilation © July22, 2006 Roger W Hancock


Patriotism and Dissent               July 4, 2006

Patriotism; pure patriotism is a loyal support of the country. Dissent opposes the positions inherent in patriotism.  Dissent is, however, an American Tradition. Today people have confused American Patriotism with American Tradition. Colloquially, Americans errantly use patriotism to include dissent and other forms of exercising their right to question the government.
Essentially those who exercise their right to dissent are at that time unpatriotic. Those who burn the flag are exercising what they believe to be their right of free speech.  To burn the American flag is not patriotic.  To burn the American flag is dissent.  To speak out against an American War is dissent but the dissenting acts are not being patriotic. The American Patriot may not always be patriotic but loves his country.
I only question the patriotism of those who support or oppose the basics of our American form of democracy that has been proven and has produced the greatest liberty in the world. Those who promote socialism do not subscribe to the tenets set by America's founding fathers and therefore are not patriotic.

- Roger W Hancock, © 2006


The Militant Islamic Missionary             June 24, 2006

The War in Iraq is over.  The fighting is with Islamic terrorists.  The fighting is with Islamic terrorists who attack and kill Iraqi soldiers, police and civilians. America is in Iraq to help the stability of the new Iraqi government.  The enemy in Iraq is not the Iraqi people.  The enemy is no longer Saddam Hussein’s army that was defeated and dissipated long ago.  The enemy is Islamic jihadists from all over the Middle East, which include our ally Saudi Arabia.  The war in Iraq has become a battlefront in the War on Terror.   The Iraqi and Afghani fronts in the War on Terror are not against any country.  The battles in Iraq and Afghanistan are against a militant faction of the religion, Islam. 
The War against the militant factions of Islam will end more quickly when the peaceful factions of Islam begin to speak out and defend against the evil factions.  The Islamic Jihad against the infidels is a crusade to convert the world to Islam by any means including force.
In the 2000 years since Christ it is estimated that 2 million people have been killed in the name of Christianity.  Since Muhammad created the religion Islam many more have been killed in a much shorter period of time under the name of Islam. Islam is a religion with many sects that tend to be intolerant, militantly forcing their influence on others. Christianity since the reformation has promoted itself by peaceful methods and to live peacefully among other religions, even in the face of persecution in Islamic and other countries.  The Islamic militant sees himself as a missionary, advancing his religion which is his cause.  Many Christian missionaries are aware of possible dangers and are willing to suffer the sacrifices.  The militant Islamic mission is to kill those who will not convert and scare others into conversion. Terror is the tactic of the Islamic militant missionary.

-  Roger W Hancock,


Third Parties; Looney Parties ?       June 4, 2006

Third parties in their nature of low support automatically pull a Looney tune.  Third parties often bring to the table of public discourse issues that need to be addressed.  Third parties occasionally have campaign success on local levels.  Though a third party may affect public dialog they remain impotent in nature.  Third parties more often become the self defeating component in their objective goals.  Since the Republican Party was formed in 1854 for the purpose of ending slavery, movements to form another party have stopped far short from the support needed to overtake either the Republican or democrat parties.
Ross Perot was a character who spoke of issues that resounded across America who intrigued but stopped short of turning our two party system into a three-some.  The Christian Coalition had the potential to become a force of influence in the Republican Party but failed due to lack of participation. The Christian Coalition is at least working to advance their agenda in a venue (within the GOP) that maximizes the value of their votes.  The Constitution Party stands alone as a party that pulls votes, weakening the strength of the GOP, while increasing the strength of the democrat party.
The successes of the Constitution Party could have been achieved as well by acting as a faction within the GOP.  Such force to sway power within a major party brings many votes from the other factions within that party.  The Republican Liberty Caucus is attempting just that.
Republicans are Republicans, not all agreeing with each other but combining individual power bases to advance the common goals and, of course, goals of the larger majority factions, and often that of the founding fathers.
The Christian Coalition, The Republican Liberty Caucus, and the Constitution Party have the potential, if working together within the GOP, to effectively advance more of their agendas. 
Within the Republican Party coalitions with sufficient power (number of members) can be trusted to support the Republican Party at the polls.  A third party such as the Constitution Party even with common goals will siphon votes from the GOP inadvertently advancing the victory of the democrats.  In the presidential elections third parties are only spoilers to the two larger of our two party system. 
The two party system continues to be called such because of the lack of public support for third parties.  It is that loyalty to the two major parties that have kept them in power even though both, the Republicans and democrats, have been pulled towards the left.

-  Roger W Hancock,


  A Free Internet                    May 26, 2006

Our government must allow the Internet to remain free and unencumbered of regulations. Future growth of the economy depends upon freedom of innovation and investment.    
   Freedom initiates initiative. Liberty allows for the profiting of innovation. Free Enterprise allows the rich to get richer, yes, but also provides jobs and affordable products for those not-so-rich.  The involvement of Government has always produced a stifling of innovation and investment.  The degree of government involvement has a direct correlation to the amount of suppression of markets. 
   The government controls over the communications industry, up until the 80s, did accomplish its virtual goal of a phone in every American household.  During that time the phone companies were allow a guaranteed return on investment of 11%, without competition.  That gave a sound investment for the stockholders but kept advancement of innovation to a snails pace.  Once the market opened up for competition, innovation and added investment took off.  The opening of telecommunications markets spurned off the Internet markets.
   In the communist countries, where government controls are at their greatest, there has been very little innovation and investment. Employment rates are lower with an overall depressed economy.  Take a look at China, as she opens up markets for more of a somewhat free enterprise, jobs are created and more investment comes into the country.
   If we are to enjoy the future markets and investment of the Internet it must be kept free.
Governments must keep a hands-off policy to avoid suppression of today’s and tomorrows’ Internet markets.

Roger W Hancock,


Note:  The article Election Reform is to be updated - apparently some the bills had not been enacted but only passed in the House or Senate, still needing passage by the other side.  I will check on this after the Memorial Day weekend.  My apologies for the error.

Election Reform                      May 25, 2006

The last gubernatorial race has produced a flurry of election reform bills from the Washington legislature.  Democrat control has prevented meaningful Republican proposals in favor of watered down versions.  Republicans succeeded with “some amendments” strengthening the election process.  It seems the democrats want little integrity in our elections.
King County with the most discrepancies of the election debacle is now considering Mail-Only elections. It figures, Elections Director Dean Logan authored the proposal.  Mail-Only has less “checks and balances” than poll voting. It seems the democrats are attempting to keep as much possible election fraud as they can.

Among the election bills enacted, changes are: 

Citizenship is asked and ID is now required.
Democrats resisted requiring photo identification.  Proof of citizenship is also not required. 
Photo identification would minimize a person from registering under different names. Presentation of Picture identification at the polls would prevent one from voting under another person’s identification.  Perhaps our driver’s licenses should have a field that shows citizenship or not.  Then we only need to provide proof of citizenship once.  That proof should be kept on file with Washington State in an electronic format and linked to the license information on record.

Provisional Ballots are to be distinctly different from the regular ballots used.  Ballots cast can only be rejected by a canvassing board, not by those tallying the count.

Mismatched or missing signatures cannot be corrected during a recount. Procedures are set to inform the voter, of a missing or mismatched signature, by mail and with no response a phone call is to be made prior to the canvassing board meeting.

Upon conviction, felons will now be informed that their voting rights have been revoked.  Previously some had been unaware of their voting status. After the sentence is served and all fees and restitution are paid restoration of voting rights becomes automatic.
Voting rights should not be frivolously returned.
Requiring a petition to again gain back the right would instill the responsibility of the right and privilege of voting to the individual.  This would be a beginning step in their becoming a responsible citizen once again.

The largest visible change is the Primary being moved to August providing more time for challenges, mailing of ballots to the military and citizens overseas, and more time preparing for the General election.

Other changes that should be addressed are comparing signature on the identification with that signed at the polls or when first registering, Auditing and reconciliation of all ballots distributed, and an automatic recount when margin of error exceeds the margin of victory.

The margin of ambiguous votes gave Gregoire the governor’s office, without having received the most certified votes.  Election reform has begun, yet democrats are determined to maintain the ability to fraudulently vote.

Roger W Hancock,

Tacoma Weekly, 6-22-2006; - A shortened version was published as "Letter to the Editor" in the  King County Journal, 05-25-2006  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Political Monopolies            May 7, 2006

Political Monopolies are the will of the people.  Attempts to give third parties greater access to the system without having to obtain support of the people are un-American.  The American two party system came about by the people.  It is the people who give the parties their power. It is the votes obtained that keep the two main parties vying for power.
Some complain that there should be more political parties. There are more parties.  The others simply do not resonate with enough grassroots’ support to be able to compete with the Republican and Democrats parties. 
The last “other” party to gain support to become a major party was the Republican Party, that was created to oppose slavery. The Democrat Party supported slavery, and since has opposed most major Civil Rights legislation while the Republican Party continues in it support for equality in opportunity.  There has been no issue since then that has been able to captivate the people and move them from their political allegiances.
To break up the Two-Party system the people must be convinced that a better American will result.  When a smaller party cannot make that case they stay a small and mostly ineffectual “Third Party.”
We are left with the two established parties to support our individual agendas. By default the Republican and democrat parties remain the major forces, each vying for the majority vote.  The American people are split nearly in half between the two parties partly because neither have the issue or issues on which to captivate a clear majority of the people.
The two party system is our inheritance.  It is the inheritance we maintain by our votes.  Or the inheritance we maintain by our not voting, whatever the case may be.

- Roger W Hancock,


Washington Quarter      April 9, 2006

Sent to the Governor of Washington and the Washington Quarter Commission and inserted into a bulk email sent out by the PoetPatriot.  Shortly after the bulk email the Poll was suspended, reset to zero and only allowed one talley per computer.

Governor Gregoir,

I do hope the unscientific poll over the internet is not the final say in the selection of the quarter design?  There appear to be attempts to artificially inflate the votes. I have seen increases of over 100 votes within a 20 second interval.   The poll also does not prevent a person from voting more than once. I have seen polls that prevent more than one vote from each computer, by IP Address.  This poll lacks any integrity.
Design Number 1 clearly is more representative of what Washington State is.
Design Number 2 lacks showing the state's number one crop, but is a more simpler design.
Design Number 3 lacks representation of the whole state to concentrate on a small segment of what makes the great State of  Washington.
     I cannot believe the Number 3 design was even placed for consideration with it's obvious lack of Washington's economy and diversity.
     Adding a totem pole to Number 1 or Number 2 would be prudent, or to have the fish done in the artwork of the native Indian.
However, to have a "Whale of Indian Art" only, alienates the citizenry of those who made Washington great as well as the non-coastal Indian tribes.
     I would suggest a compromise of the three.  Using Number two add one clearly drawn apple, perhaps with only one leaf.  Then either change the fish to a design of Native Indian Art or add a totem pole or other symbol that would be more reflective of the Native Indian population across the state.

Roger W Hancock,

Published as "Letter to the Editor" in the
Tacoma Weekly, 04,13,2006 as taken from a PoetPatriot bulk email. 


Religion entrenched in government.      April 8, 2006

Some claim the founders were very careful to keep religion out of government. They are wrong. The founders were instead careful to keep the government out of religion. Some, a minority, felt and said "separation" but the compromises in our founding documents did not come to that. Nowhere in our official founding documents will you find where the church is to be separate from government. 
The founders had no problem with and even preferred Christians in government for their moral and upright values in governing. 

They set the safeguard in the Forth Amendment of the Constitution so that government; whether monopolized by Christians, Catholics or whoever; could not dictate the worship of the people. 

The first schools were Christian Schools. The first public schools taught the same Christian principles. The founders freely spoke of God in their governing speeches more so than any President over the last 40 or more years. 
Religion had become so entrenched into the operations of government that, in various ways, the name of God is included in each and every one of the 50 state constitutions. 

The White House is riddled with Christian symbolism and portrayal throughout the art and engravings.  On the Washington Monument, on its aluminum cap engraved in Latin, is "Laus Deo" which means "Praise to God!" At 555 feet and 5.125 inches in height, by statute, it is to remain the tallest building in Washington D.C. Sealed, with other items, inside the cornerstone of the Washington Monument is the Holy Bible. Religion has been and is still so entrenched in American government that in the past 60 years there have been over 20 US codes of law, either created or amended, that mention “God”.

- Roger W Hancock,


  The Next Threat is Upon Us       April 4, 2006

Islam is not a religion that fosters freedom. 
Islam is not a religion that fosters tolerance. 
Islam was founded upon violent intolerance.
Islam in it's purity commands enforcement.
Islam enforces intolerance with violence.
Islam, a religion of peace?  Peace for Muslims!

Unless Mohammad were to be declared a heretic,
there will not be a Muslim renaissance to make
it a tolerant and truly peaceful religion. 
Some leaders discount Islam's more violent aspects,
but to do so makes them heretics among the purists. 
Mohammad will reign as a prophet of Islam.
Without Mohammed the religion of Islam collapses. 
With Mohammed, Islam remains intolerant.

Islam in past decades has been waging a stealth war.
It’s a stealth war of preparation and building strength.
Financial wealth builds strength from Arab oil.
Troop strength begins, training children in intolerance.
Arab countries until recently have been pretty quiet.
The Islamic sects have been gaining strength.
The Islamic sects have been building coalitions.
Arab governments have been supporting the sects.

Now Islamic Terrorism threatens the World.
World War I fought imperialism.
World War II fought fascism and expansionism.
The Cold War fought Communism.
The next global threat is upon us.
Islamic Fundamentalism will fight to the death.
The War on Terror is the World War III we feared.
Will we fight or will we succumb... and die?

Roger W Hancock,


World War 3 ?                       March 3, 2006

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are a prerequisite to heading off World War 3.

America sat back, as Germany invaded country after country killing millions, until after World War 2 Began.  America stood alone, as the U.S.S.R. invaded country after country murdering millions, as the tenuous relationship of powers developed to become the Cold War. The Nazis and Communists were formidable threats that were suppressed.  Islamic extremists are the next (current) world threat.  If we do not suppress them now we will fight a far greater war later. 

Peace when left to its own device will die a slow demise. Peace must be defended. The terrorists threaten world peace and must be suppressed.  Victory over terrorism now, or World War 3 later.

Roger W Hancock.


Democrats;  Self-Defeating             January 28, 2006

When democrat leaders allow common sense to prevail only some will come to their senses.  The truly liberal will still hold to false rhetoric that seems to define the democrat party. When the next anti-Republican cause comes along, some will again espouse solidarity, until their arguments are thoroughly shot full of holes or it becomes evident the public is not buying their lines then again they will join with the Republicans to reclaim what ever credibility they can muster.
Solidarity within the democrat party requires the embracement of propaganda to deceive the American people.  The goal is, of course, power.  They will say anything for the sake of power.  One means used to obtain their goal is to demonize Republicans to rally liberals to their side.  Accusations need not be true.  Anti-American statements are made without shame.  History and the values of our founding fathers are ignored.
Republicans are often accused of values that uphold the Constitution, American Heritage and traditions.  When the democrats accuse the Republicans of being conservative they discount their own cause.  Liberalism is not for liberty; liberalism is for liberty to embrace socialism that will eventually abate our liberty.

Roger W Hancock.


Democrats Unqualified - Alito aptly qualified.        January 24, 2006

Let us call an “ace an ace” and a “spade a spade.” In opposing Judge Alito the leading democrats show lack of loyalty to the U.S. Constitution. Their reasoning would have them opposing most Supreme Court Justices, through history. Over 90% of all justices who served on the court were professing Christians.  They upheld the wording of the U.S. Constitution without adding to it as have the more recent liberal activist judges.  One can point out the various cases where the liberal activist judges have ignored or added to the U.S. Constitution to make it say what it does not.  I have yet to hear of a “Conservative Judge” that can be accused of the same. 
By the way, the use of the terms “Conservative Judges” and “Liberal Judges” are interesting.  Using the labels of today and those of conservatives by the Democrat leaders nearly all the Judges up until recently would be called “Conservative.” If conservative is wrong for the bench then we as a nation have been wrong for over two hundred years.
Judge Alito has been shown to be no more or less, than aptly qualified to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Roger W Hancock.

Published as "Letter to the Editor" in the  Lewis News, 01-25-2006;  Detroit, 01-31-06;  Fife Free Press / Milton-Edgewood Signal, 02-16-2006; Tacoma Weekly, 02-16-2006  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Religious Atheism              January 17, 2005

Atheism is a religion.  Atheism is the belief there is no god.  Those who actively seek to remove Christianity from our schools, government, and society are proselytizing their faith. They practice, promote and push their godless values on everyone else while profusely objecting to any exhibition of other faiths. 
 Agnostics simply do not know whether a god exists or not, again, those who effectively join with the atheists in activism to remove religion from public discourse also push their beliefs, or lack of, to evangelize their philosophies.
Human beings are religious beings, like it or not.  I choose to not subscribe to the Atheists philosophical religion or the agnostics fence sitting position.  I am not offended by their beliefs, rather I pity them. I am, however, offended by their hypocrisy in pushing their religious beliefs to suppress the expression of a living God by our founding fathers.
The anti-religion religious activists seek revisionism of American history and traditions to promote their views and beliefs. America has been a melting pot where people of differing ethnicities, nationalities, and religions have lived relatively peacefully learning to live together. Now we have the ‘anti-religious religions’ seeking to cause dissention among the American people.  They attempt to deny and eradicate the traditions of Americans that have stood for over two hundred years.

- Roger W Hancock 
© January 17, 2006   


Activist Judges                   January 14, 2005

As the far-left fail to demonize the integrity of Judge Alito, is it not prudent to examine our Judges and those in Congress?
Judges are to interpret the law not make law.  Those who ignore the U.S. Constitution should be impeached if not tried for treason for failing to uphold the Constitution. The Judge who fails to uphold American law is an enemy to jurisprudence.
Activist Judges evoke non-judicial comments. Activist Judges evoke foreign law. Activist Judges ignore to adjudicate against the U.S. Constitution. Activist Judges add to, twist or simply ignore American law to a desired outcome.
Today’s enemies are the far-left that seek to destroy responsible American justice. The far-left have infiltrated our Judicial branch and Congress, not to balance but to obstruct and destroy American traditions and justice of liberty. Treason is abetting the enemy. That which attacks American traditions and ideals attacks the security of liberty. Those who attack America, from within or without, are our enemies.

- Roger W Hancock 
© January 14, 2006   


The Court’s Ignorance     January 09, 2005

In banning
Intelligent Design the courts show their ignorance in law and science. 
The U.S. Constitution is misquoted claiming "Separation of Church and State."  The 1987 Supreme Court ruling banning the balance between creationism and evolution usurped the court's authority by evoking the nonexistent phrase.
Science began with the premise that all was created by God and that man had only to discover the principles God set in motion. Isaac Newton held the premise of God's providential role in nature. Science is built upon belief in God. Modern Science has built an agenda, attempting to dispel God as a consideration.  Science without God has more questions requiring a far greater stretch of one's imagination. 
Evolution as a theory is not a fact.  If Intelligent Design cannot be taught in our schools because it is not "scientific fact" then the schools also cannot teach evolution, for evolution is not "scientific fact."  Were evolution a fact there would be no discussion.  Evolutionists hold to their religious beliefs of atheistic evolutionary theory. The court has upheld one religious belief to suppress another.

- Roger W Hancock  © January 09, 2006    
Also posted at Debate & Discourse, Universal Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic


Abramoff's Scandal           January 08, 2005

When the "Republican scandal" broke I had not tuned in to the news for a couple of days and began to hear comments from my democrat friends.  Researching to get beyond the media bites to get to the facts I found the facts show that 40, a majority of, democrats also took money linked to Abramoff.
In Washington State Patty Murray took at least $78,991 that has been tied to Abramoff. She received more than all of the other Republican senator and house delegation combined. You can add the other Washington democrats in as well and still not, top Murray.
Many Democrats including Patty Murray are refusing to return the money. Murray claims the money was legal. I suspect all the contributions were accepted by all the senators legally, and the only scandal was Abramoff filtering his money through various tribes to affect races and perhaps gain some influence where-ever he could.  Where Senators were bought they should be prosecuted regardless of party.  So far “influence bought” is only suspected.  The Republicans and some democrats have taken the high road in returning the money or donating a like amount to charity.  But let us get to the facts that are finally coming out as the media catches up.

- 2006 Roger W Hancock

© 2006 Roger W Hancock


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