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The  BLOG  of the PoetPatriot,

- Roger W Hancock

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Roger W Hancock

the PoetPatriot

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Derail Light Rail Streamline County Gov. System not for independents
Bush was within the law Right to be Stupid Why vote Democrat?
Promote your Agenda  Voting not important Locke a do-nothing governor
Christmas, An American What will History say? Hurst shows lack of integrity     .
Disenfranchise All Voters        . How's a close vote possible?        .  The Lies and deceptions

Newspapers listed below the opinion piece are known to have used the letters.
Others may have used the letters without my knowing.


Derail Light Rail                                             December, 2000

   Cost overruns seem to be the mode of operations here in Washington. Public projects in any form be it stadiums, bus tunnels, and now light rail, seem to always have the unforeseen increases that must be addressed to save the "investment'' already made. Cost overruns, we are told, are those costs that were unable to be anticipated when the project was approved.
   I submit that it may be that the projected costs are purposely understated to make the proposal more palatable to the public. Then when the project is under way, guess what? Oh my! We have now spent so much money we can't possibly stop now. We did stop the increased spending on the King Dome only to begin another understated stadium project.
   We sit here now with light rail's cost projections increasing to climb even before it is out of the planning stages. Light rail will be a Puget Sound novelty, failing to appreciably solve any traffic problems.
   Cut our losses, now. Maybe turning it over to private concerns. Efficiency in spending may be the key to it's success. De-rail the light rail, privatize now.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
South County Journal, 12-31-2000;  Tacoma News Tribune, 01-01-2001 (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


 Bush was within the law                                                    December, 2000

     Don't confuse the issue with facts, seems to be the underlying thinking of the die-hard liberals that just cannot except Bush's victory.
     Gore sought to over ride existing laws, Bush sough to uphold the laws.  Some say Bush is the only president to be elected by a court, it's a lie or at best an attempt to disinform.  Some liberals have said that Bush sought to steal the election, but to them it seems OK that Gore tried to steal it by seeking to have ballots, duly cast as no votes, recounted for him.
     Both Bush and Gore sought to obtain the victory. Each had a responsibility to their supporters. The respective methods used were quite different, Bush within the law and Gore's attempt at overturning law and changing voting rules after the fact.
     Gore's team lied through out the extended elections saying All votes must count, while selecting only specific areas, excluding others, for the recounts and by attempting to disenfranchise the overseas military voters.

     In many letters to the editor the writers have stated Bush had taken the low road, well if that be so then Gore had been slithering through the mud.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
South County Journal, 12-28-2000  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Promote your Agenda                     December, 2000
Text in italics were edited out by the Seattle Times.)

  The election is finally over, we have a new president.
  We can now sit back until the next election cycle. NOT !  If you have an agenda you need to stay involved, keeping the momentum going.  Get and stay involved with the political party that more closely aligns with your values.

The more people, with the same agenda, that stays involved will affect that party's policy statements.  Activism during election seasons will only encourage a dialog but allow the 'status quo' to continue.
   Look at the Democratic Party that now supports ideals that were considered 'off the wall' just 30 years ago.  The gay activists have hung in there promoting their agenda. It was perversion now it invades all our circles.  The environmentalists have so influenced the Democratic policy that the environment comes before consideration of people.  Jessie Jackson has successfully promoted his racism in the name of diversity because he stayed involved. Now, again, it is not one's character but their color that matters. 
   Ask your party leaders about becoming a Precinct Committee Officer.  Let not your agenda become 'lip service', stay involved helping to shape the platform and issues of your party.

- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," 
The Oregonian, 12-29-2001;  Seattle Times, 12-26-2000;  Federal Way Mirror, 01-29-2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Christmas, An American Tradition                      December, 2000

   What is going on? Our country was founded upon Christian principles. As prayer in school is ignorantly promoted as illegal, our society has began banning more and more of our American heritage. The Christmas tree has been banned from some schools because of its religious ties, what ties? The decorating of trees is condemned in the Bible. If we are to ban anything associated with Christians at Christmas time, we must ban Frosty the Snowman, after all without a Christmas there would be no Frosty, Santa, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Of course gift-giving would have to be banned also as it is representative of Christ's death upon the cross, God's gift to us, a pardon from eternal death for our sins. Christmas is Christ. Christmas is an American Tradition. The Constitution prohibits laws being made concerning religion, to prohibit religion by law is unconstitutional. Yes, I understand the Supreme Court has said otherwise, but it is plain they were wrong. Read the Constitution and then read your Bible.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
The Oregonian, 12-19-2000;  Highline Times, 12-20-2000;  Federal Way Mirror, 12-20-2000;  Seattle Weekly (Letter o' the week), 12-21-2000   (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Disenfranchise All Voters                              December, 2000

   One turn of events after another. It has become evident that Al Gore's intent is to disenfranchise all voters of Florida.  Requesting the courts to over-ride existing law to allow discriminating counts in his favor and now having resulted in the allowing of recounts that could not possibly complete in time for the electoral count.
   An ambiguous and bad decision, that allows procedural change after the fact, has been made.  Amongst other dissenting opinions, Chief Justice Charles J. Wells in his dissent, stated "I also believe that the majority's decision cannot withstand the scrutiny which will certainly immediately follow under the United States Constitution."   The prolonging of the Florida election may effectively void all votes cast in Florida's elections.

   Gore's attempts have not been to count every ballot, but to count those in favor of him, discount those against, and now to disenfranchise a whole state.   If Gore prevails he will truly have "stolen" this election.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
Federal Way Mirror, 12-13-2000;  Seattle Times, 12-11-2000  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Work to Streamline County Gov.                     November, 2000

   I recently had the opportunity to watch, on CTV, a portion of the King County Council's debate: Adopting the 2001 Annual Budget and Maxing Appropriations.
   Council member Dwight Pelz criticized the budget for making the county jobs less attractive by not filling vacancies. Is Mr. Pelz a union steward for the county employees?
   Frankly, a council member's job is not to represent the employees but to represent the interests of the stockholders: the tax payers. Cutting out the fat is what every successful private sector executive strives to achieve.
   Council member Pelz has the classic liberal mindset, that of larger government. Maintaining and increasing jobs in government seems to be a liberal objective to increase the liberal base.
   Tim Eyman's initiatives have forced the council into the position of having to truly represent us, the people, in drafting a budget that makes more efficient use of your, and my, money.
   The council's Republicans have the backing of us, the people, in the passing of Eyman's initiatives.
   Write letters and encourage your council member to continue to work to streamline our county government. Inform Council member Pelz that he is our employee and as such spends not the county's money but instead is spending your money.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," Mercer Island Reporter, 11-30-2000  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Right to be Stupid                                            November, 2000

   We are allowed the right to be stupid, but you should never enable someone else in their stupidity. Common sense says do not stand on the top step of a stepladder. Well, someone did and probably got a lot of money, so now on that step you find a warning. Cigarettes have warnings; we all know better, yet some states have sued on the behalf of our lack of discipline.
   Now I see it coming. At the next election your ballot will have the following notice -- WARNING: Stupidity may, or may not, result in the invalidation of this ballot. If you believe you have mistakenly voted for George Washington, please inquire with a poll worker.
   "Stupid is as stupid does."
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," Seattle P-I, 11-27-2000;  South County Journal, 11-29-2000;  Seattle Times, 11-28-2000;  Tacoma News Tribune, 11-28-2000   (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Voting not important                          November, 2000

What is with the duh-mocrats down there in Florida?
   Voters in Palm County, Florida, numbering 19,000, either did not want to vote for president or did not consider their votes important enough to read their ballots thoroughly before punching those holes.
   Gore seems to be going down scratching and kicking, ignoring the laws and challenging everything he can come up with. Oh yeh, Al says the right things to draw public support but that does not make a law invalid.
   A democrat, the Palm Beach County Commissioner,  deliberately mishandled ballots in Al Gore's favor according to affidavits filed in federal court.  Another case cited in the affidavits was that one worker refused to recount a stack of ballots that contained Bush votes.  Then there's the democrat with the voting machine in his trunk.  Democrats are saying each and every ballot must be counted but it seems they really mean, recount each and every ballot as Al Gore will come out ahead, we'll make sure of it.  There may be some but I've not heard of any instance of alleged fraud by the republicans, yet the democrats are claiming the republicans of trying to steal the election.  Something for sure is wrong in Florida, but the smell is more like a... jackass...  mule...  oh, a donkey.

- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," Federal Way Mirror, 11-22-2000  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)

What will History say?                  November, 2000

  Looking ahead to looking back, what will history say?
   The Tightest Election in History
   The election of 2000, with the top contenders being  George  W.  Bush  and  Al  Gore (Dem),  had the media pundits Calling Gore the winner then retracting and calling G W Bush the new president.   Then again they correct themselves with the results becoming 'too close to call', even one week after the election.  Three or four States had results 'too close to call' with neither candidate having obtained enough electoral college votes to win.  Florida's 25 electoral votes became the focal point of the prolonged election.   The candidate winning Florida would become the first President of the millennium   The resulting lead in Florida being under 1 1/2% of the vote mandated a recount that resulted in even a more narrow margin with Bush still on top.    Court injunctions by both parties failed to produce a technical victory, with Gore's campaign calling for yet another recount by hand in only select heavily democratic Counties, and Bush's campaign calling to end the prolonged process sighting Gore's apparent attempts to recount until he "likes the results".   Florida's election certified at the 7 day deadline, with Bush leading by only 300 votes, had past with the continuance of  the legal battles.   The American people would still not know with certainty who their new president would be.  
   Meanwhile in Washington State's US Senate race, Republican Slade Gorton narrowly leads Maria Cantwell as the absentee ballots are counted.   Slate Gorton's lead cut almost in half as returns came in from heavily democratic King County had subsequently regained the spread of around 3000 votes as tallies came in from the more rural areas of that county.  Gorton's Lead was expected to be maintained by the votes coming in from the more conservative counties of Washington State.
   Legal battles failed ( resulted ) with  Bush ( Gore ) becoming this millennium's first US President.
----- What will History say?
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
Federal Way Mirror, 11-18-2000   (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


How's a close vote possible?                          November, 2000

   Whether the results of the Florida presidential vote are in or as we still wait to see who the next President will be, it is hard to imagine how such a close vote could be possible.   There is today more differences between the parties then ever before in history and the differences being known between one candidate having integrity and with the nearly total lack of character of the other.
   The Democrat policies leading us more, incrementally towards socialism with the Government gaining more control over your and my lives, basically are just un-American ideas.   The Republicans promise a return to less government controls putting more authority at the local levels, basically a return to the American way.
   I would think that after eight years of Clinton's and Gore's alleged illegal escapades and blatant lying, the electorate  would  have rushed to Bush who admitted his past was less than perfect but had been following the straight and narrow for many years now.   Then again maybe, however slowly, the electorate maybe waking up, after all Bush did receive more votes than Bob Dole did four years ago.

-  Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," Philadelphia Inquirer, 11-09-2000;  Seattle Times, 11-12-2000;  Tacoma News Tribune, 11-12-2000;  Seattle P-I, 11-13-2000;  South County Journal, 11-17-2000  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


System not for independents                         November, 2000

   The two party system is not very conducive to the independent voter.  Each party exists because they have an agenda.  A vote for one party is a vote for their agenda, thus splitting votes between the parties is one vote against the other.
   The independent voter tends to pride himself for independent thinking, however, reality shows the fallacy of splitting one's votes between parties.  A Democratic vote is for liberal socialistic policies, higher taxes, and big government, which is what we've been sliding towards for quite some time now.  A Republican vote promises more conservative patriotic polices, lower taxes, and a much smaller government.
   Split your votes and what do you expect, gridlock?  A third party vote is... well,  just a wasted vote.  The intelligent independent voter will look at the platforms, decide which more closely aligns with their values or agenda, and then vote for the whole slate.  Voting party line according to one's philosophy is in reality the only intelligent vote.  Upon this philosophy, I believe most independents and many democrats would find their belief system would come much closer to the Republicans.
   When I was apathetic and uninformed I was a Democrat.  I voted for Reagan after listening to some of the prevailing facts: not yet knowing that, in 1988, I would look at both platforms, make an about face and become a Republican.  The true independent voter will vote party line, either right or wrong (left).

- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
Auburn Reporter, 11-08-2000  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)

 Why vote Democrat?                                     October, 2000

   I have failed to understand why the public would continue supporting the Democrats. Taxes keep getting higher because of the policies of the Democratic Party. The Democrats have had total or partial control for well over 40 years yet we keep voting them in.
   Crime continues to soar while they soften penalties on criminals. The Democrats have raided the Social Security fund, yet we look to them for its survival. The Democrats promise campaign finance reform while blatantly violating the existing laws.
   They claim to be the party of the people, yet through unions they pull funds from all the members without the consideration of asking.  They keep their convention delegates waiting, then require them to walk blocks to their buses while the powerful and wealthy Democrats load into their limousines first.
   The Democrats, for all their talk, fail to deliver with actions. They continue to run their campaigns as moderates, even taking on Republican issues while taking a much more liberal stance when in office and never acting on promises.
   It is time to turn the tide, time to place Republicans in office, letting them run government like a business.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
South County Journal, 10-26-2000;  Seattle Times, 10-28-2000  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Locke a do-nothing governor          October, 2000

    Gov. Gary Locke has proven himself a do-nothing governor, lacking leadership and showing his disdain for the wishes of the people.
   Locke has, in his tenure as governor, done nothing to alleviate traffic congestion, west or east of the mountains.
   Locke now criticizes John Carlson for his transportation plans without a real plan of his own other than the already proven disaster of mass transit.
   Locke has ignored property tax relief while people have cried out "help."  Carlson promises tax relief and has proven his intentions with  past actions of supporting the people's initiatives that lowered taxes.
   Department of Social and Health Services has run amuck with no accountability.  Under Lock's administration poor decisions of DSHS managers have been rewarded with promotions.  Carlson says that changes with DSHS are needed "now," not "tomorrow."
   Locke has done nothing.  The Democrats have done nothing.  It is time that we the people revolt, changing the direction of our state government.
   Let the Republicans show if they have the stuff to make a difference.  Vote John Carlson.  Vote Republican.  We can, we must, make a difference.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
South County Journal, 10-11-2000  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


Hurst shows lack of integrity          September, 2000

   Chris Hurst of the 31st District proved himself a liar while displaying his lack of ethics. Hurst's mailing "What A Shame,'' is a shame on him.
   He lied, blaming his opponent, Steve Hammond, for the vicious pieces about him. Hurst then follows with the truth that it was other organizations that financed and distributed them.
   "Double talk'' are not the words for this action. Hurst may be a good cop, but as a politician, it seems he can't keep his foot out of his mouth.
   He claims the special interests are attacking him, but where does he think most of his money is coming from?
   What about Hurst's integrity? Would Steve Hammond have authorized the use of his photo for such a vicious and false attack from Hurst.   I think not. Is it ethical to "borrow'' the photo from his opponent's mailing?
   If Chris Hurst cannot attack his opponent without showing his own lack of integrity, he should keep quiet.
   Is there anything Chris Hurst won't do, or say, to deceive the voters?
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
South County Journal, 09-22-2000  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


© Copyright 2002, Roger W Hancock


The Lies and deceptions                  July, 2000

   The Lies and deceptions have begun.  I have just been a participant in a survey that obviously was commissioned by the Democrats.  Statements were either outright lies or distortions of the truth to show the Republicans in the worst light and the Democrats in the best light.
   I give the survey credit for mentioning Rep. Chris Hurst's (31st District) connection with police seizures (which his past opponent and predecessor, Les Thomas, was too nice to bring out).
   It made a couple of statements about church policies which in context applies to most churches and their pastors. Tagging Pat Robertson's name to a candidate was not only a lie but a mischaracterization. 
   Statements about Michael Stensen and Christopher Hurst, as usual, are worded to impress a moderate stance rather than that of the more liberal, which their voting records show them to be.
   The tactics as well as the far liberal agenda of the Democrats give me cause to be ashamed I ever called myself a Democrat.
- Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"
South County Journal, 07-16-2000;  South County Journal, 08-13-2000  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)

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