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'da fool is . . .  Roger W Hancock



I am just an average person with opinions based upon common sense, faith and values instilled by my parents, teachers, and Christian brothers.   Life is given by the living God enabled by His son, sacrificed.   I believe liberty requires responsibility to adhere to the principles of the US Constitution as set forth by our founding fathers. 
 - Roger W Hancock                    Contact & Administration Links

Birth to Career

     Three days late from entering this world on April Fool's day I was born on April 4, 1954.   (Sounds like a cheer '4 - 4 - 54, Roger was born in fifty-four'.)  I guess that started my tendency to be late, which I have worked hard to successfully overcome. 

     I grew up attending school in the Auburn School District except for Kindergarten in Edgewood just southwest and up the hill from Auburn.   I repeated the fifth grade when my mother protested a failing grade in history, well that's history now and I'm the better for it.  Being shy and self-conscious I never considered myself popular and mentally put myself down.  Then I came to realized that although I was not popular I was well liked.  Amazing how children often view circumstances inaccurately.

In High School I was pretty much an underachiever, as proven by this website. Had I been encouraged where I seemed to excel, my high-school story would probably have been different.  I had taken classes in communications and  business.  As a member of DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) I worked in the student store and other business projects. I was one of the photographers for the school paper and the 1973 School Annual.

     I attended Green River Community College, where I obtained, maybe, two years of credits in three years of attending.  I would probably have become a professional student had the finances been available.  The first two years I took Newspaper courses, Layout, Advertising, Photography, everything except Journalism since I believed that I was not good at writing.  I received a Government Grant for the third year, taking more business classes. 

     Three years of college provided various classes in business and communications.  After three and a half years as a clerk for Pacific Northwest Bell I later transferred to the field as an installer-repairman.  I have worked for PNB, which became USWest, that was bought out by Qwest for 31 1/2 years.  Retiring in April 2008 I am in pursuit of other employment as I continue to work on this website,
     Many of the business and communication skills learned in High School and College enabled many of my recreational pursuits.

For Contact and other
Administrative Information
click here. 

Life in Faith

     My faith has been a stabilizing force in my life.  I became involved with the 'Jesus People' movement in the early 70's during the time I was still coming to terms with my parents divorce.  I learned that a relationship with God is personal and not just for Sundays only.  I have had experiences that cannot be explained, but I except them by faith.  I watched the break up of the Seattle Jesus People when the leader, Linda Meisner, joined the cult called the 'Children of God'.  

     I began attending Calvary Temple Assembly of God in Auburn when I was a Junior in High School.  As a Senior I started to attend a home fellowship called the Family Circle Fellowship.  The pastor was Rev. Thomas Simms.  My pastor moved out of the area and afterwards the fellowship continued a few months in my home. We decided to disband and find other bodies of believers to commit ourselves to.  After narrowing the prospective churches down to a couple, my wife and I had not yet seen a regular service at either of the final prospects.  It was during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons and either they had a special program or a special speaker the times we attended.  One Sunday after a Christmas Program at Bible Chapel of Auburn my wife and I were walking out to our car when I stopped... turned to my wife and said " I just got the sense that we should attend here."  She responded with "I just got the same feeling."

     I thank God for his faithfulness to me although my faithfulness lacks.  I live only a few blocks due west of Bible Chapel and did not want that to be a factor in our decision.   We would have continued alternating between the two candidate churches until we were able to see how each of their services went.  God took the decision making out from under my own reasoning allowing trust to be my guide.

     We have been attending Bible Chapel regularly since January 1998.   I am unofficially an usher, making myself available.  I have not yet made the commitment to becoming an usher as yet.  I might as well commit to it as it has been a few years now, that I've been helping to take up the collection.

     There have been many blessings attending Bible Chapel.  I find advantages and disadvantages between Home Fellowships and larger Churches.

God is my father and provider. 


Political Activism

I was a Democrat untill 1988. I had usually voted Democrat, except when Ronald Reagan ran for president. I had read how he balanced the budget as Governor in California.  Although I strongly did not want to vote for the Republican, common sense prevailed and I cast my vote for Reagan.

My Pastor of 25 years, Reverend Thomas Simms and his wife, Thelma, would occasionally state, "If your a Christian you have just got to be a Republican."  I thought, "Yeah, there isn't that much difference between the parties."

In 1988 I looked at the platforms of the Democrat Party and then that of the Republican Party, then asked myself, "Why am I a Democrat?"   In three months time I went from being an apathetic, uninformed Democrat to being a Republican Activist. I attended my first precinct caucus meeting and attended my first of many Washington State Republican Conventions.

     My precinct is predominantly Democrat. The Republicans and Democrats of the precinct have seen fit to vote me in as the Republican Precinct Committee Officer every PCO Election since1988.  Beginning June of 2001 I was the Chairman of the Washington, King County, 31st District Republicans for about a year and a half.  I have served as Chairman of the King County 31st District Republicans and remain a member.

     July of 2000 I wrote my first 'Letter to the Editor'.   I declined suggestions to do so before as I was lacking confidence in my writing skills.  I received some compliments on that first letter and wrote another.  As the compliments came in my confidence grew.  Over 80 of my letters have been published in various papers since that first letter.   Some letters had been published in the Philadelphia Herald, Dallas Morning News, and the Chicago Tribune.

     I began writing poetry six months after beginning the 'letters to the editor'. The many Patriotic poems have justified my internet handle, "PoetPatriot" The poems are of patriotism, war, Veterans, faith, love, life and more.  See

When I was apathetic and uninformed I was a Democrat.
    I now view politics as a struggle between our foundations of liberty and socialism promoted by the extreme liberal left. 

Patriotic Poems
War / Military / Veteran Poems

I have been the Precinct Cyber Officer (webmaster) of the site.
  It was established in 1998, then maintained until 2002 when control was handed over to another. 

I also established and maintained the website for my union local.
until I handed control of it to another. They seemed eager to have this conservative out of the picture.


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