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 PoetPatriot on Holiday - April Fools' Day

April Fools' Day ! 
April Fools' Day is on April 1st

Trick me, fool me, scare me; when I fail to be tricked, fooled, or scared, the fool is you.

Poetry   -   Sayings   -   Miscellaneous   -   History

These are the various resources for April Fools
' Day @ that you might enjoy.

April Fools' Day Poetry

April Fools
by Roger W Hancock
 April was the first to know,
 first to know who was the fool.
 Though was just a little prank,
 April would not be fooled.

     © 04-02-2010 Roger W Hancock

Rhymes on Holiday

Poetry on Holiday

          Who's The Fool?
by Roger W Hancock

Who's the fool when the joke's on you or the joker's you?
You're the fool when gullible, swallowing hook and sinker.
When a prank causes harm, the fool is he the joker.
Twice fooled, thrice fooled, you are proved the fool.
Upon first joke listen, learn, next joke comes, be not the fool.
Foolishness of a joke is fun when all parties foolishly laugh.
Not so fun when you're the only one, to be left feeling foolish.
You're the fool when your prank, is on you; tale is turned on you.
Foolish when your joke fails, turning your tail to run.
Crafty and cleaver may make a joke, but may prove you the fool.

     © 12-20-2011 Roger W Hancock

Reader Board Sign Sayings - for April Fools' Day

Most of the Sayings are for Church Signs. Some Sayings are somewhat generic.
April Fools' Day Sayings  - Original one-line sayings for Church signs, bulletins and newsletters.
Holiday Sayings  - Original one-line Holiday Sayings for Church signs, bulletins and newsletters.

Miscellaneous Pages @

This Fool's Jokes  - Jokes at - original and others.
fool4JESUS  - Writings by Faith - Foolish the man who think the Christian foolish.
Poetry on Holiday  - Poetry of American Holidays - Armed Forces - Pow/Mia - Pearl Harbor - More
Rhymes on Holiday  - Rhymes of American Holidays

April Fools' Day History
Foolish is as foolish does. A prank is often fruitless.

All Fools' Day falls on April 1st, thus, April Fool's Day.

An April Fools' Day TimeLine has yet to be written @

Atheists' Day TimeLine  - One is proved the fool, after death, when standing before the judge.

Patron Saints of Fools.

The Catholic church and possibly other denominations hold some of their historical great men of God as official Saints of God.  Whereas many protestant churches simply hold that anyone who has recieved salvation through the blood of Jesus and the confessing of sin are saints. Sinners made saints through the sacrifice of Christ. Most protestant churches do not hold to the practice of elevating a saint to avoid the idolation of another other than the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

     “The holy fool’s exploit is that of secret sanctity, which above all promotes the non-ontological understanding that all of God’s created world is a sacred place. By his feigned madness the holy fool opts to say that the lowliest of the low can be not the poor wretch he appears to be, but a holy one and God’s prophet. He shares his power and authority with all the weak, mocked and despised thus symbolically destroying clear-cut distinctions between the profane and the sacred.” - Svetlana Kobets, Russian Orthodox scholar.

     The Russian Orthodox Church has cannonized thirty-six 'holy fools'. Rather than seclusion in a monastery the fool for, or in, Christ pretends madness as a part of secular life. Such spiritual practice is considered controversial as well as the most difficult.
     In the 6th Century Saint Simeon Salos of Emress retreated to the Syrian desert. He lived only on lentils and devoted his life to prayer. He returned from the desert more devout taking on a vow of humility. He portrayed himself in public as a fool. He was known for dragging a dead dog around town. During mass Simeon would throw nuts at the priests. Simeon would poke fun at those who would have an attitude of "holier than thou." He often helped those in need but out of sight of others and never taking credit. Even the priests whom he threw nuts and would ridcule for their uppittyness could not dispute his holy devotion. Saint Simeon Salos was considered the Patron Saint of the holy fools.
     Another great Russian 'holy fool' was Basil the Blessed. So revered that the building next to the Kremlin in Red Square was named to honor him. Basil had a long beard and would walk through Moscow barely clad if at all. He would attempt to disrupt the transactions of dishonest traders in the square, often stealing from them. He threw rocks at the homes of the wealthy. Basil's holiness was greatly revered by the people. Though revered he was also feared by the Russian Tsar. Ivan the Terrible feared only one man, the holy fool, Basil the Blessed.

     In the west, Saint Andrew (circa 900) is considered the Patron Saint of Fools. As a slave his master allowed him to learn to read and write. Andrew fervently prayed and attended services with due diligence. Andrew had what he called a heavenly revelation which called him to poverty and being a fool for the sake of Christ. He began to feign foolishness, and in that, secured his freedom. Believing him a madman his master took Andrew in chains to St. Anastasia, the Deliverer from Bonds church, that prayers be read to him. When his owner did not perceive any healing, he freed Andrew as being 'sick in mind.'
     Andrew devoted himself to Christ. Praying at night and feigning the fool all day. He slept in the open and shared what little food was given him with beggars. Wishing only the reward from God, Andrew avoided thanks by mocking them. The actions of foolishness brought on him ridicule enabling him to avoid the sin of pride. Through his faking madness of mind, Andrew humbled himself becoming more effective in influencing others with unusual sermons through talk and action.


 © 12-28-11 Roger W Hancock,

Sources - -

Copyright 2011 Roger W Hancock,

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Happy April Fools' Day !
PoetPatriot on Holiday

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