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Legends of Disasters

All cultures of ancient times had some explanation for the events of nature. Often the 'gods' were contributed with the great forces of hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes and other phenomenon of nature. - Last legend was added in May, 2010.

Hurricane Legends   -   Earthquake Legends   -   Tsunami Legends
 Other Flood Legends  -   Volcano Legends


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Hurricane Legends

Hurricanes are the most ferocious storms prompting much speculation and imagination of early civilizations. Without the facts of science, imagination rules.

Aztec - Central Mexico

An Aztec myth has 4 Suns, 4 worlds that once existed.
Each of those worlds past, destroyed by castrophy.
Ruler of the 2nd world Quetzalcoatl, was over thrown;
Tezcatlipoca's revenge; had been deposed by Quetzalcoatl.
The two of them were carried off, by winds of a hurricane.
People with no ruler became, monkeys in the forest.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


In the early days of Christians,
storms were blamed on Lucifer.
"Prince and power of the air,"
manifestion in the storm.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock

- New World - Spain - Italy


 Columbus Hurricane

                 by Roger W Hancock

Christopher Columbus, Italian sailor,
sailed under a Spanish flag.
Columbus was the first European,
to experience a hurricane.
In fifteen-hundred-two,
on the ocean blue;
fourth voyage of Capitan,
Christopher Columbus.
Caravel of Spanish ships,
of Aztec gold for Spain.
Five hundred sailors died,
twenty ships were lost.
Gold was claimed by a hurricane,
then burried by the sea.

© 05-12-2010, Roger W Hancock


The early
Greeks held beliefs of Aeolus, the god of wind,
Aeolus would hold and keep his people in a large cave.
The cave had twelve holes blocked by twelve large stones.
Wishing a wind of a particular direction he would roll away a stone.
When Aeolus wished a hurricane, he would open all twelve holes.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


The Mayas
in Central America believed, powerful swirling storms were anger.
Anger of 'Huracan.' 'Huracan,' god of large evil winds and spirits.
Spanish explorers had heard the tales, then called the storms a 'Huracan'.
Time's changes as often does, gave us the word of 'Hurricane'.

© March 20, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Moslem - Islam

Islam the Moslem Koran,
gives power to King Solomon.
Power over the winds up high,
riding the air on his flying throne.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Spain had sent many ships,
in search of gold and treasure.
Many of those Spaniard ships
were lost at sea in hurricanes.
Today a race to find the treasures,
for research, and by tresure hunters.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock


In 1620 the Mayflower left,
England headed for Virginia.
A huricane abruptly blew,
her way off course, of course.
Not Virginia the Pilgrims landed,
but 'stead found Plymouth Rock.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Hurricane TimeLine   -   About Hurricanes

Compilation, research and rewrite © Copyright 2010 Roger W Hancock 

Earthquake Legends

Most often the 'gods' were held responsible for the earth rumblings we call earthquakes. Some legends are ancient some fall within relatively recent history.

Africa - Western

West Africa has a loving tale.
The Earth as flat rests upon, held steady on both sides;
colossus mountain on the west, one giant in the east.
The giant's wive's duty was to hold the sky above. 
When the giant stops to hug her, the Earth below her trembles.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Africa - Eastern

In East Africa a cow stood compliant on a stone, all on back of a giant fish.
The earth balanced on one horn, caused her neck to ache.
A bovine toss to the other horn caused the earth to quake.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Assam a land we call, a land between Bangladesh and China.
A race of people live down deep; deep within the Earth.
Wondering if the surface folk were still living or just asleep;
Underworld would shake and quake, the earth to raise a little peep.
Surface children when feel a quake, would jump up and shout,
"Alive! Alive!" to tell below, "Please, please, stop the quake."

© March 20, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Belgium has a tale told, when people on earth are sinful.
God sends an angry angel, to strum the sky with displeasing tones.
Low tones of musical notes would vibrate earth, shaking you off your feet.

© March 20, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Central America

From the land between the continents;
land now called Central America.
The four gods, the Vashakmen,
held flat earth by four corners.
When too heavy by population;
earth is tipped to spill some off.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


In Columbia when the earth was made it rested on three great wooden beams.
The god Chibchacum once thought might be, fun to see the Bogota plain under the sea.
He caused rain to rain to flood the land expecting his pleasure at hand.
The other gods were not amused and ordered him, punishment to muse.
For his crime he was forced to carry the world upon his shoulders.
Now and again he'll show his temper, stomping his feet in anger.
His anger then would quake the earth to the beat of his stomping feet.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Greek - Aristotle

Aristotle of old Greece,
wrote of a quake he felt.
Strong and wild winds as told,
trapped in caverns under ground.
In their struggle to escape,
ground of earth would quake.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock

(The same basic story is also found in Shakesphere; Henry IV, Part I)


The Greek god of the sea,
Poseidon would bang his trident,
stridently on the ocean floor.
Rolling waves and rolling earth;
Tsunami floods and quaking feet.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


The myth of the Hindu eight mighty beasts hath;
hath held, eight giant elephants to hold up the earth.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Japan's ancient legends hold,
The Earth is said to rest upon,
the back of a giant catfish.
Namazu a giant catfish,
lies cured on the ocean floor.
Daimyojin a demigod,
has the duty to still the fish.
Stone held over the fish's head,
he sometimes gets distracted.
Writhings and wiggling of giant catfish,
caused earth's quaking rumblings.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


In India the seven sections of the lowest heaven were guarded by seven serpents.
The seven serpents taking turns each would hold the earth.
When one would tire or get bored another would take its place.
The earth would shift as the guards would change causing the earth to shake.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Latvia had a god named Drebkuhls,
walking the heavens carrying the Earth.
Cranky and grumbling he may get,
holding the Earth with in his arms.
A tantrum shake of arms he'll make,
creating the earthquake trembling.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


The Mexican's have a devil, El Diablo.
Devils and he will rip and roar,
quaking the Earth, from the iniside. . . out.
Quaking and shaking Mexican ground,
through the cracks the devils escape.
El Diablo would stir up trouble.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Mongolian culture tells the tale,
Earth is held up by a giant frog.
Frog would make a gentle leap,
causing the earth to shake.
Major quakes are when he trips,
under the weight of a heavy earth.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


The people of Mozambique,
had tales told of weak.
A living creature is the earth,
as you and I for all the worth.
The earth gets sick with feaver and chills;
its shivering we call quakes.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock

New Zealand

New Zealand has the child Ru,
new baby of Mother Earth's womb.
Stretching, kicking as babies do,
quaking poor Mother Earth.

© March 20, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Romania of old maintained,
our world rests on pillars divine.
Pillars are of faith, hope and charity.
When the deeds of humans wicked,
a pillar is made to weaken.
When just one pillar of divine is shaken,
the Earth above is quakened.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Seattle - (Auburn, WA) WA - USA

When Seattle's Puget Sound quake of 1965 began, I first thought my mother was mimicking a child's tantrum in the other room until the boxes on a shelf began to shake. After the trembling subsided my mother said, "it was just God playing with children, faking a tantrum, jumping up and down."

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


The Siberian god, Tuli, driver of a dog sled,
carfully carried our earth so truly.
Of course, the dogs would have to scratch,
as the earth would shake and tremble.

© March 20, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Tennesee - USA

A Chickasaw chief saw a Choctaw princess and quickly fell in love.
Young and handsome with a twisted foot, his people called him Reelfoot.
The princess' father refused to give Reelfoot his daughter's hand.
Chief Reelfoot determined to have, kidnapped the Choctaw princess.
Chickasaw braves began to celebrate a marriage of the two.
Great Spirit was dis-pleased, in anger stomped his foot,
violently shaking the wedding lands, forcing Great River floods.
Such ended the wedding feast, Reelfoot would not wed.

 - The river was the Mississippi River and the tale was about the Lake Reelfoot on the Tennessee side of the river that was formed by the New Madrid earthquake of 1811.

© March 20, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Viking - lore of Scandanavia

Goes the lore of Viking Loki,
Loki killed the hansom Baldur.
Now his prison, tied to a stone,
deep in an underground cave.
Above his head a serpent tries,
drip poison on the viking face.
Loki's wife, in a vessel catches,
each drip of the serpent's poison.
Full of poison becomes the vessel,
she takes to empty the poison.
Twisting, wiggling his head about
as the poison drips on Loki's face.
Loki screams shake his prison,
and quakes the ground above him.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Earthquake TimeLine   -   About Earthquakes

Compilation, research and rewrite © Copyright 2010 Roger W Hancock 

Tsunami Legends

Tsunamis are most often created by earthquakes sending waves through vast bodies of water. Volcanoes create tsunamis by creating earthquakes or causing large landslides that fall into the sea.  The storm surge of a Hurricane is called a meteo-tsunami.

Tsunamis are usually associated with earthquakes but the ancient and primitive cultures usually have assigned different gods to the tsunami, earthquake, hurricanes and the volcano.


Australian Aborigines tell a tale,
200 year old legend of a 'white wave'.
The 'white wave' once was thought,
the arrival of the white man.
Historians now think the tale,
a story about a tsunami.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Azetic myth has 4 Suns or worlds,
previous existance destroyed by castrophies.
floods by tsunami, quakes, and hurricanes,
caused destruction of the fourth sun.
Ruler was the goddess Chalchiuhtlicue,
who created a 54 year-long flood.
Flood destroyed the world fourth,
Chalchiuhtlicue changed the people to fish.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Greece - Atlantis?

Scientists today,
comparisions with other data,
even myths and legends,
study geology of yesterday.
A massive tsunami destructon,
3,600 years; ages ago,
Santorini volcanic eruption.
Destruction by tsunani,
may be the grain of truth,
of the lost Atantis City.

© April 28, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Hawaii - Mauna Loa - USA

See the legend of Pele's Home under Volcano Legends

Moken - Thailand

Sea gypsies, a Moken people,
a Thailand tradition of warning;
when a tide recedes far and fast,
run, run far, run, run fast;
man-eating wave will come to shore.

   -  The  Mokens  were saved,  by following the warning
   while 300,000 other people,  around the Indian Ocean,
   were killed in a tsunami, from a quake in India in 2004.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Native American Indians - Pacific Coast - USA

Native American Indians of the Pacific Northwest and south into California have tales that now are used to corrabortate the existence of a large tsunami generated by the Cascadia earthquake of 1700.

Thunderbird and Whale,
wind and water,
waged a vicious battle.
The battle quaked the earth,
flooded the land,
in tales now told today.
Thunderbird and Whale;
Thunderbird the wind,
Whale the water,
prominent themes,
in Native American Art,
along the Pacific Coast.

© April 26, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Native American Indians - Pacific Coast - USA

Native American Indians along the
Pacific Coast of Canada, United States, and Mexico have stories of a great flood from the ocean that covers all the low ground.

Makah tribe of long ago, tells of a story old,
Pacific waters flood the lands,
as the story goes...
The water pulled back, drained Neah Bay,
four days dry then a slow giant wave,
flowed past Neah Bay.
Cape Flattery flooded and lands nearby;
swamps and prairies became an ocean,
from Watch village through Neah Bay.
Warm ocean water flooding houses,
chased the people to higher lands,
for mountains at Clyoquot.
Many drowned were washed away,
others escaped in canoes,
some of those would join decay.
Survivors were northward cast astray,
past Nootka land; now decendants,
tribes of Classett, Kwenaitchechat, or Kakahs.
receding waters, four more days,
canoes, bodies, and much debris,
in trees and on water logged lands.
Survivors' pain and mourning,
remembering the suffering,
pass tales of the ocean flooding.

© May 12, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Native American Indians - Washington & Oregon - USA

Native America
n Indians along the Washington and Oregon coast tell a story of elders over a misbehaving village, warning the young thier village was doomed. The elders tell the young to watch for the signs; then when the signs come, to run for high ground. The elders tell that some of the signs are "long-lasting shaking moving the ground from west to east and sand becoming so loose that those walking on the beach are swallowed by the sand. Some of the young took heed and some did not. Those that did found themselves running with the ocean reaching out towards them. The next morning, those that followed the elder's warnings, found no signs of other family or friends and then learned that all neighboring costal villages including their own had been claimed by the sea. Only they had survived.

© March 20, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Sri Lanka

Tsunamis have hit Sri Lanka,
going back through history.
Vihari Maha Devi is believed,
to have landed in Sri Lanka.
Buddist Vihari Maha Devi,
was King Kelinitis' daughter.
Sacrificed to the Sea-gods,
to swallow not their villages.

© March 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


The Midgard Snake of Viking lore,
wandered the ocean depths.
During the days of Loki's screams,
Migard Snake would make huge waves.
Among giant waves against sea wall,
were heard the howls of the Fenris Wolf.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock


TimeLine - Tsunamis   -   About Tsunamis

Compilation, research, rewrite and any rhyming © Copyright 2010 Roger W Hancock 

Other Flood Legends

Noah's flood as told in the Jewish and Christian Bibles is believed by many to be the accurate account of a great world wide flood.  Many cultures around the world have legends, stories, or myths as to a great catastrophic flood. Science supports the existence of such a flood within the geographic layers of mountains and canyons. Here you will find a brief account of Noah and various legends from around the world.

Bible (Christian & Jewish; Genesis chapters 6, 7 & 8.)

Noah was told to build a boat, God called it an Ark.
Every living thing of all flesh, was Noah told to bring.
Two by two of every animal was brought upon the Ark.
Noah and his family upon the Ark to God their praises sing.
Fourty days and fourty nights, waters would drift the Ark.
Receeding waters left Noah and Ark upon a mountain side.
Noah sent a dove that returned in need of resting.
A raven sent, finding dry land, did not return to Noah's Ark.
Noah built an alter, burnt offerings to God, would offer.

© May 9, 2010, Roger W Hancock

      - - - - - -   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   - - - - - -

- Greek

King Dardanus was first king of Arcadia;
now the land of Greek Peloponnesus.
A great flood submerged the lowlands,
rendering useless the farmlands.
To the highlands the people retreated,
too many to feed in the remaining lands.
Island of Samothrace became new hope,
of those who followed King Darnanus.
Prince Dimas stayed to rule,
those remaining to wait out the waters.

© May 12, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Ancient tales of Australia's Aborigines,
became merged with White man's lessons.
Though no native stories of flooding,
Missionaries taught of Noah's flood.
Noah's Ark brought the Aborigines,
finally landing on the Djilinbadu plains.
The legend of Noah down under,
became called the Dreamtime Flood.

© May 11, 2010, Roger W Hancock

- Central Mexico

Tapi was a man who lived in times, ages ago,
a pios man who took the favor of the creator.
Creator told Tapi to build a large boat,
to house his wife and save all animals.
Tapi was thought crazy for building boat,
a boat that was not needed, ignoring his warning.
Tapi finished his building and boarded the boat,
loaded provisions and two of all animals.
Rains came heavy and began to flood,
the scoffers now sober ran to the mountains.
Water rose to cover the hills to rise some more,
rising waters rose to cover the mountain tops.
Rains stopped and waters subsided,
A dove flew away and did not return,
which told Tapi it was safe to depart.

© May 11, 2010, Roger W Hancock

- Iraq

Babylonian 'Tale of Gilgamesh', told of one great flood.
Gilgamesh met Utnapishtim who told him of the flood.
The god's told Utnapishtim to tear down his house,
and begin to build a ship and cover it with pitch.
Upon a ship take the seed of every living creature.
Door was closed, flood waters rising, carried off the boat.
Rains continued flooding the land; six days and six nights.
Water receeding left the ship upon Mount Nisir top.
Sending a dove, dry land not found, returned to find a perch.
A Raven sent found land was drying and so did not return.
A libation was made to the gods on that mountain top.

© May 9, 2010, Roger W Hancock

- Babylonia - Iraq

Xisuthrus was warned by his god Chronos,
who said to build a five by five stadia boat.
On the boat he was to have family,
friends, and two of every animal.
Waters rose covered the land,
Xisuthrus waited for receding of the water.
Twice released some birds that flew away,
flying back his way, no dry land, conveyed.
Third release of birds did not return,
assumption was the land dried up.
His family and friends departed the boat,
to offer sacrifices to their gods.

© May 11, 2010, Roger W Hancock


In China the 'Hihking' is a classic tale,
that tells of 'the family of Fuhi.'
A story of a worldly flood within the ancient story.
The entire land, moutains and all,
were covered by the waters.
Only one family would survive,
the family of Fuhi.
Father Fuhi became the founder,
founder of Chinese civilization.
Father, wife, three sons, three daughters,
left alone to repopulate the earth.

© May 9, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Delaware Nation
-  New England - USA

The world once lived in peace serene,
'til an envious evil spirit caused a great flood.
Only a few of the people survived,
climbing on back of a giant turtle.
The turtle so old moss grew on his back,
providing subsistence, for people's snack.
A loon flew by and was asked to dive,
to bring up land, but found no bottom.
The loon flew away and came back later,
with a small piece of land in its bill.
Turtle swam, following Loon's flight,
to a place where the land would be found dry.

© May 11, 2010, Roger W Hancock


A long, long time ago in the Bronze age,
the people became proud and arrogant.
Worse and worse the people's pride,
which greatly bothered Zeus.
Zeus decided to destroy all humans,
to kill them all by a world wide flood.
Prometheus, who had created the humans,
warned Deucalion, who was half human.
Prometheus' son Decalion and wife Pyrrha,
hid in a wooden chest Prometheus provided.
Rains came heavy and covered the earth,
'cept the peaks of Parnassus and Mount Olympus.
The chest came to rest on top of Parnassus,
containing food to last until flood waters subsided.
Deucalion and Pyrrha at Zeus' direction,
became the parents of today's generations.

© May 11, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Inca - Columbia

During the time of the Inca's Pachachama era,
people became evil neglecting their gods.
Only Inca's of the Andes remained faithful,
among them two brothers would be favored.
The highland brothers noticed their llamas,
acting strangely with agitation.
The highland brothers asked their llamas,
what was the matter, that bothered them so much.
The Llamas confided what the stars had told them,
a world wide flood would destroy the earth.
The brothers and their families ran to the mountain,
and brought their llamas into a large cave.
Rains came and poured for four moons,
until only mountain tops remained.
Waters receded and the shepherd brothers,
with their families, repopulated the earth.
Llamas remember the flooded lands,
prefering to live in heights of the highlands.

© May 11, 2010, Roger W Hancock


In ancient times a man called Manu,
washed himself and watched the fish.
He saw large fish feeding upon the smaller,
saved a small fish from jaws of a larger.
The fish was glad and promised Manu,
"Care for me until I am grown up,
from terrible things to come, I will save you."
Protecting the fiah Manu put the fish in a clay jar,
then a larger jar as the the greatful fish grew larger.
Growing and growing the fish kept growing,
grew to be a ghasha, the world's largest fish.
The fish told Manu to build a ship,
to build a ship to be saved from flood waters.
Manu built his ship and tethered to the ghasha.
Waters rose and flooded the earth,
as the ghasha guided the ship safely.
Then as the waters began to lower,
ghasha guided the boat to a mountain top.

© May 11, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Toltec tribe of Mexico's natives,
told a legend of original creation.
Man lived for seventeen hundred and sixteen years,
untill destroyed in a world wide flood.
In that flood only one family survived,
to begin again a world for man.

© May 11, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Ojibwe Nation
-  Minnesota, USA

Harmonious ways of the Ojibwe Indians,
declined in ancient days.
Disrespect flourished among the people,
families quarrelled and villiages battled.
Creator, Gitchie Manido was very saddend,
lossing all hope he bathed Mother Earth.
A world wide flood killed nearly all people,
Waynaboozhoo clinged to a log so very long,
only he, one native girl, a few animals survived.

© May 11, 2010, Roger W Hancock

- Southwest

Rivers began to flood as the god told just two to enter a ship.
Their god told them to take seed and animals with them on their trip.
The waters rising covered the moutains and sent the ship adrift.
Eventually the rains stopped and a dove sent, returned so swift.
Later a hawk was sent and finding land did not to the ship return.
Waters receeding exposing land would eventually ground the ship.
Taking the seed and all the animals, a new world for them to learn.

© May 9, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Volcano Legends

There are numerous ancient or primitive cultures that worshipped a volcano god as a means to explain the awsome power displayed by the eruptions.

Aztec - Central Mexico

An Aztec myth had 4 Suns; 4 worlds that once existed.
Those four worlds each had fallen; fallen by disaster.
Rain god Tlaloc rulled third sun; third world would be distroyed.
First ruler Quetzalcoatl, fallen god, sent fire that fell from heaven.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Aztec - Central Mexico

Popocatepetl the Smoking Mountain,
adjacent to Iztaccihuatl a Whte Lady mount.
Legend says the two were lovers,
on top of White Lady recline discover.
Top of the lady is her profile,
head, breast, knees, feet in feminine style.

© April 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Early Christians once had thought,
fiery eruptions were the fires of hell.
Noisy rumblings were the shrieks,
of departed souls lost in sin.
Thus, came the mistaken belief;
volcanoes; gateway, to Satan's hell fire.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Greek - Vulcan

Greek mythology's Hephaestus,
meaning burning, flaming or shining.
The Roman god of fire, Vulcan,
one of Jupiter and Juno's children.
Vucan was the god of fire, hearth,
forge, and volcanic eruptions.
Isle of Vulcano just off Sicily shore;
is where Vulcan fires his forge.
Forging arrows and shields;
Vulcan, blacksmilth of the gods.
Later ancient poets would write,
expounding upon the tale.
Volcanic eruption fire was Vulcan,
pounding an arrow on his anvil.
Volcano has come to mean,
any mountain with "fire and smoke."
From the tale the greek "Vulcanus,"
became today's "Volcano."

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Greek - Fire to Man

Prometheus brought fire to man,
made King Zeus furious.
Hephaestus, also called Vulcan,
was ordered to forge a chain.
Vulcan god of fire and flame,
was blacksmith of the gods.
Prometheus was changed to stone,
to be tormented by an eagle.

© April 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Greek - Lost City

Plato's tale of a city,
lost city of Atlantis;
Inspired by volcanic event,
eruption in Greece, 1645 BC.
The city of Akrotini,
buildings were all left standing.
Of all the people of the city,
no survivors, all had perished.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Hawaii - Lady Pele - USA

Hawaiians h
ad a fire goddess;
Pele goddess of volcanoes.
Lady Pele appears at the onset,
of a volcanic eruption.
Many times the people have claimed,
before an eruption a lady appears.
Madam Pele is good to friends, but...
vengefully destroys her enemies.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock

- Lava Trees - USA

Pele goddess a skilled holua rider,
wooden sled for steep stone riding.
Papalauahi of the chiefs gave Pele challenge,
his win caused Pele's rage.
The Chiefs and people she turned to trees,
lava pillars of Puna's lava trees.

© April 21, 2010, Roger W Hancock

- Mauna Loa - USA

Hawaii's goddess Pele, seduced her sister's husband,
Na-maka-o-kaha'i blistered Pele from her home.
Pele tried over and over to build another,
digging pits to build another home.
Her sister was goddess of wind and water,
would send sea water to again destroy Pele's home.
Landing on a bigger island her sister could not flood,
Pele built with sweat and blood a Mauna Loa home.
So big and wide was her new Big Island,
sister could not douse, island fires of Pele's home.

© April 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock

- White Dog - USA

Pele as legend has it, would send a white dog,
a white dog to warn the people of Pele's fires.
Over the ages people would see white dog,
a white dog before Mauna Loa's fires.
Even observatory would see a white dog,
white dog occassionally appears during volcano fires.
The white dog elusive, could not be caught;
white dog not seen, since last eruption fires.

© April 21, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Italy - Dante

Dante's Divine Comedy,
places Lucifer in the middle.
In the center of a vast firey crater,
ruling a pit of hell.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock

 Italy - Virgil

Virgil, poet of Italy, explains, volcano's awesome power;
Sicily's Mount Etna, prison of a giant god.
The god's buried their fellow, the giant Enceladus,
beneith the mountain, Mount Etna's cone.
Enceladus attempts to escape, quakes the earth quite often.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock


In Indonesia an Ogre lived by the sea,
creation of the Tengger Crater by he.
Smitten with love for the Kingdom princess,
half a coconut shell, dug out the crater's abyss.
The King saw his mighty deed,
a warrior's task he had decreed.
The deed to be be done in a single night,
servants pounded rice, all night to light.
The cocks confused began to crow,
thinking new dawn had broken.
Ogre's deed by King's decree,
giant trench, to become Sand Sea.
Completed deed by dark of clock,
discarded shell became Gunung Batok.
For the King to impress the princess,
Ogre dug with skillful prowess.
Deed done with expectation,
Ogre died of love's exhaustion.

© April 21, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Japanese legends of mountian gods,
many had lived on Mount Fuji.
Fujisan home of godess Sengen,
whose temple was on the summit.
Sengen, goddess of Fujisan,
watched over pilgrimages up the slopes.
If a person not pure of heart,
she threw them off of Fuji Mountain.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock


According to legend when history began,
a beautiful princess, Mixtli was born.
A bloodthirsty man, Axooxco demanded her hand,
tho' her heart had been given to a peasant man.
Peasant Popoca went to battle to become,
a nobleman to challange to marry his woman.
Rather than marry another, herself she killed,
Popoca returned to find she was dead.
Hoped for revival, took her body to mountain,
at her feet knelt in vigil for her life's return.
Mixtli became 'Sleeping Woman,'
volcano Ixtaccihuatl mountain.
Popoca remains ever watching stands,
as volcano Popocatepetl, 'Smoking Mountain.'
Axooxco, the bloodthirsty nobleman,
became Cerro Ajusco high peak of the mountain.

© April 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock

- Pyramids

Along Mexico's southern borders,
early pyramids were built round.
Tribute to volcano gods,
built round like volcanic cones.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Modoc Indians - Mt. Shasta - Northern California, USA

Modoc Indians tell Mount Shasta's tale,
tradition's oral legend prevails.
Chief of the Sky Spirits in Above World bold,
built a mountain lodge to fight the cold.
With a stone, drilled a hole in the sky,
then filled it with snow and ice to reach the sky.
The Chief stepped down onto the earth,
rivers, trees, animals, fish, and birds to birth.
His family and he came down to live,
among the mountains in life to thrive.
Sparks and smoke would dislodge,
blow a hole in his Mount Shasta lodge.
When a log on the fire, higher sparkled,
the earth would also tremble.
Missing home he put out the fire,
Returned to Above World where he retired.

© April 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Native American Indians - Mt. Rainier - Washington, USA

Tales told though many now lost,
our Mount Rainier was known as Takhoma.
Named by Captain George to honor,
Rear Admiral, Peter Rainier.
Rainier replaced Tahoma, Takhoma, Ta-co-bet;
now Tahoma reflects the eastern mountain peak,
Ancient names our mountain was called,
has had many more between tribal nations.
 The names had various meanings as Big Mountain,
Snowy Peak, or Place Where the Water Begins.
Today the peak, Mount Rainier,
is the pride of Washington.

© April 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Native American Indians - Oregon, USA

Firey mountain, Mount Saint Helens,
Indians called Louwala-Clough as 'smoking mountain.'
One story of a beautiful maiden, Loowit was her name,
enamored both sons of Great Spirit Sahale.
Unable to decide which she loved most,
brothers would fight burning forest and village.
Chief Sahale enraged, smote the three lovers,
imprisoned his sons in Mount Adams and Mount Hood.
He then put the maiden, Loowit between them,
inside beautiful white clothed Mount Saint Helens.
The brothers still fought hurtling fire and rocks,
ancient discription of Mount Hood's reconstruction.

© April 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Native American Indians - Mt. Shasta - Pacific Northwest, USA

Klamath Indians of the Pacific Northwest,
tell the tale, legendary fight, a two Chief contest.
Llao was the Chief of the Below World tradition,
who lived on Mount Mazama in Oregon.
Skell was Chief of Above World lore,
California's Mount Shasta's summit war.
As Night's darkness covered the land,
the Chiefs would kindle their fire brand.
Throwing rocks and flames at the other,
four hundred miles at one another.
Skell would win the firey fight,
to rule the lights at night.
Llao fell back inside Mount Mazama,
forever to live Below World drama.
The deep hole, left by Llao's wake,
such by legend made Crater Lake.

© April 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Native American Indians - Mt. Shasta - Pacific Northwest, USA

Ancient Indians near Mount Mazama tells a tale,
legendary fight between two Chief spirit gods.
Llao was Chief spirit in mystic land of Gaywas,
his legions could form as monsters and more.
Skell, spirit of Klamath Marsh and other waters,
whose subjects on land formed birds and beasts.
A lasting war between both legions,
waged on and on until Skell fell.
Skell's heart was torn out and Lao celebrated,
while Skell's legions conspired for him.
Skell's heart was recovered, returned to his body,
to continue the war until Llao was slain.
Llao's monsters were falsely told, again Skell fell,
so they devoured Llao's body thinking it Skell.
When last the head they knew it was Llao,
remains there today, we call Wizard Island.
On sides of Crater Lake are two great cliffs,
one called Llao Rock and the other Skell's head.

© April 22, 2010, Roger W Hancock

Native American Indians - Devils Tower, Wyoming, USA

The eldest of seven Indian brothers
mourned greatly for his wife.
A bear carried off the wife,
her husband worries for her life.
Youngest of the seven brothers,
had great warrior power.
The younger brother told the elder,
make special arrows, making four.
Younger brother and the others,
set out to find the wife of older brother.
In a cave the wife would nap,
the bear's head upon her lap.
Carefully holding the head of the bear,
they rescued wife of older brother.
Bear awoke and was enraged,
gathered other bears to make rampage.
Sacred song sang Youngest brother,
to cause a small rock to grow larger.
From the rock would work the power,
four arrows to fight the bears.
The bear leaped digging claws deep,
as the rock grew higher with each leap.
At bear's fourth leap the final arrow,
would pierce the bear's skull's marrow.
The Indian brothers captured two bears,
cut off their tails and clipped their ears.
The bear scored rock still towers,
in Wyoming, the Devils Towers.

© April 21, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Philippines' legend of Magayon,
explains the fury of the volcano, Mayon.
King Magayon had a neice,
a beautiful young native princess.
Her uncle the King was so very possessive.
No one dared to court the Princess.
A young and virile warrior brave,
was aware of the King's obsession.
Smitten with the beautiful Princess,
to the wind he tossed all cares.
Up the wall and through the window,
to the Princess his love to show.

A warriors chance to romance,
with the Princess he would dance.
The two eloped and ran away,
with the King pursuing all the way.
To the gods the couple prayed,
that the King they would evade.
A sudden landslide, a giant roar,
Her uncle King would be no more.
Fire fure of the mountain Mayon,
is the anger of King Magayon.

© April 21, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Polynesian eary myths,
volcanoes were fire gods.
Tongans have a tale to tell.
Maui steals fire from gods,
to give fire to the people.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock


Below the Islands of Samoa
lives the goddess Mafuie.
When angry the goddess becomes,
Mafuie shakes the Islands.
Goddess Mafauie awarded fire,
to an ancient Samoan ancester.

© March 23, 2010, Roger W Hancock


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