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 PoetPatriot on Holiday - St. Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is celebrated on  February 14th.

No greater love than to give one's life for another. Thank You, Jesus !
 These are the various resources @ for your celebration of Saint Valentine's Day.

Love     -     Poetry     -     Sayings     -     Miscellaneous

         Love, Created by God        
God is love, love is God; to know the love given by God, teaches real love.

Valentines Made In Space, To Us From God.

Valentine on Mars

 - NASA photo, 1999

  Valentine on Mars

 - NASA photo, 2011

God Created the first Valentines.
In this NASA photo, released in 1999, a Valentine is depicted on the surface of Mars. God created this Valentine by collpasing a trough-like formation of land. This type of land formation is called a graben.

   - PoetPatriot

         - More Mars Valentines

Another valentine-shaped feature created by God, on Arabia Terra, Mars.
It is believed that a high-impact, of an unknown sort, hitting on a the edge of a crator inside a crator, had disrupted the darker material leaving underlying lighter material exposed.

   - PoetPatriot


Science of Love

     When one falls in Love 12 areas of the brain work in tandem to release chemicals like adrenaline, dopamine, oxytocin, and vasopression. Those chemicals cause a euphoric feeling much like the high of cocaine abuse.
      Though the Brain does all the perception and control of the body, our brains send signals to the heart causing the various feelings one gets when 'love is in the air.'  "Butterflies in the stomach," the heart flutters when a strong attraction to the opposite sex occurs. The chest tickle (a semi-flutter, burning sensation) when your true love says or does something unexpected that 'tickles your heart.' There is the heart-ache, when love is betrayed or rejected. Our brain controls our bodies but projects the love responses to our hearts.
      A commitment of love grows through the years and the synaptic pathways that prompt lust between two lovers through emotions of love and sight are rewired from the lust receptacles to those of the sharing receptacles. Do not get me wrong the lust is still there, so one must still resist the temptations to remain loyal to your spouse. Love through years of commitment lessens the importance of attraction increasing the desire to please the other.
      Our hearts are the primary organ pumping life-line blood to all organs, muscles, and all other life sustaining systems. Our hearts and our minds tell us when in the air, love comes for us.

                © 02-17-2012 Roger W Hancock

Science Fails, God's Love is Forever

     Science cannot explain the Love of God or even God for that matter. God defines the principles on which science is based. God surpasses those principles. The Love of God is just, as much as His Love is loving. The Love of God is peace passing all understanding. God is Love and Love is God. God's Love does not reject. God's Love does not fail. God's Love is not confined to the heart and mind. God's Love is experienced not felt. God's Love is experienced by the whole; heart, mind and soul. To experience God's Love is like being wrapped in a blanket of love that warms through the body to the soul. God's Love covers much like a glass dome covers a doll. God’s Love warms the body, sooths the mind and comforts the soul.
      All will stand before God at Judgment Day. God will say, "I knew you," or "I knew you not." If Gods knows you, you will go to Heaven. If God does not know you then your sentence will be Hell, but wait just a minute. . .  When standing before God you will be in His Presence. You will be in the great peace and Love of God. Then when He says, "I knew you not!" you will spend eternity in Hell, separated from the presence of God, knowing you rejected it by rejecting Jesus. To have experienced God, then to be denied His presence for all eternity. . . Please, give me the flames!; give me a diversion!. To be denied the presence of God will burn on your soul forever.
      God does not reject the unjust, the unjust have rejected God. God's Love is forever for those who accept God's invitation of His son Jesus, dying on the cross for your and my sins.

                 © 02-17-2012 Roger W Hancock

Valentine on Mars  Valentine on Mars  Valentine on Mars  Valentine on Mars  Valentine on Mars  Valentine on Mars   

Valentine on Mars

Valentines on Mars
Mesas and depressions from Mars.
Images by Mars Global Surveyor, 2001 - 2004
- NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS.

Valentine on Mars

St. Valentine's Day Poetry

 Be Mine?

   by Roger W Hancock


Will you be my little heart?

Will you be my Valentine?

You’ve already caught my heart.

You may as well, be mine.


Will you be that special friend?

Will you be my Valentine?

Sharing thoughts with each other,

you may as well be mine.


Will you be that friend so true?

Will you be my Valentine?

You are there when I am down.

You may as well be mine.


Will you, will you, be mine?

Will you be my Valentine?

You already control my heart.

You may as well be mine.


Will you be mine . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . .  be my. . . Valentine?


© 02-14-2002 Roger W Hancock

Saint Valentine's Day
Day to treat that special someone,
express to them the care you share.
Friend or lover, him or her,
show the thoughtfullness of care.


      © 04-04-2010 Roger W Hancock


    by Roger W Hancock


Sweet thing,

oh so sweet.

How I love you so.


My eyes find favour,

upon your face,

a visual embrace.


Have I failed?

to tell you so,

that I do love you?


Valentines Day,

to express our love,

felt the whole past year.


A day to break,

the complacency,

cares of daily living.


Valentine to you,

just a little token,

written words, my love.


If I so fail to say,

let my actions show,

I love you every day.


© 01-27-2002 Roger W Hancock

More Love Poems

Valentine Card

    by Roger W Hancock

Valentine greeting;
heart's love, true love's, expression
token thoughts of love.


© 11-18-2002 Roger W Hancock


    by Roger W Hancock

Love you evermore,
when together love to share,
our love endures.


© 08-2002 Roger W Hancock

True Love

    by Roger W Hancock


Truly love I you,
your love, my love, together,
love in God be one.

© 08-2002 Roger W Hancock


 I'm Yours

    by Roger W Hancock 


I  within my heart,

devoted to only you,

  with to live and die.

© 07-2002 Roger W Hancock

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Christian Love Poems  - Christian Poetry of Love
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Christian Poetry  Christian Rhymes Christian Haiku
Valentine Time

Valentine's Day is a time to remember to express and renew the romance in the relationship.  Send a Valentine card or note today.  Remember in November to send another . . . just because you love her.  You may know you love each other, but does the other really know?  Even though your love be true, let your actions and your words . . . prove . . . your love be true.  Be romantic everyday especially on Saint Valentine's Day.

St. Valentine's Day Sayings for Signs, Bulletins, Newsletters
Love is the essence of Love itself.

Valentine's Day Sayings One Line St. Valentine's Day Sayings
Marriage Sayings Sayings for Marriages @
Love Sayings Short original sayings of love
Heart Sayings Original sayings of the heart
Love Quotes PoetPatriot's quotations on life and Love.
Love Slogans Love Sayings, adapted from Business Slogans, by the PoetPatriot
Love Messages One Line Love Sayings collected from the internet.

Fly the flag of your heart on Saint Valentine's Day

Saint Valentine's Day is a day of love, but also of great friendships. Remember your closest friends, your neighbors, with a card that says they are thought of. Perhaps mend a rift with one you are at odds with, send a Valentine or note of regret.

Miscellaneous Pages @

Article on Divorce Divorce 'divorce' from your vocabulary.
Why an Affair ? - Article An Affair is always empty, failing to bring the expected satisfaction.
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Copyright 2011 Roger W Hancock,

PoetPatriot on Holiday - Valentine's Day
Love is missed when not expressed.
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