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Family & Friends Poetry

Poetry of Love - Family & Friendship

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Love Lives
Love Betrayed Newborn  Jewel Essence of Dad Zander and Angel
Grandson and Angel Lives Together To my Wife The Island Within
Our Wedding Missing Grandma Our Stephanie Friendship
LOVE POEMS  This page last updated  November 2008   -   Request to use Materials 
Love Lives
Written in memory of a friend's wife.

Love Lives
by Roger W Hancock

Love lost but not forgot,
remembering always the ways she loved.
Grieving pangs strangles our heart.
Love remembered, comforts our soul.
Thoughts of youth so long ago:
memories of two, in love.
Pain will eventually, lessen, yet remain;
within memories, her love retain.
Ever present love, comforting arms,
bears our pain; His son died for us.
Simple prayer, to God our Father,
will enrapt our pain, with love.


© 03 -17- 08 Roger W Hancock

Love Betrayed
by Roger W Hancock
Hunkered down, round,
tight as a ball,
closing out the world,
all else around.

Head tucked tight,
as ostrich head in fright,
against the wall,
to block the light.

Invisibility wish,
out of anguish,
make self small,
for pain abolish.

Existence afflicts,
positioned recall,
emotion evicts,
as fear predicts.

Arms wrap tight
bruised in fall.
after flight.
of raging might;

Thoughts’ confound
yet huddled down,
domestic brawl,
of white knight hound.

© August 29, 2007 Roger W Hancock,


      Newborn  Jewel
      by Roger W Hancock

Resemblance of family sure,
wrinkles, squint of eyes, secure.
Precious jewel, precious one,
new life God gave to you.
Fresh scent of new breath,
tender grip, such tiny hands.
Responsibility and toil,
abounding love, parent's task.
Building bonds as baby grows,
holds through rebellious teens.
Reaching out, each day new,
in loving arms, gentle coo.
Little one, hears voice tone,
growing, observing, learning.
Soft smooth, caress of touch,
stimulates newborn love.

© April 21, 2006 Roger W Hancock,


   Essence of Dad
       by Roger W Hancock

Dad dear dad, so long ago gone,
your voice, your face an echo.
Remembering your wisdom,
I now impart to your grandsons.
The reprimands thought unjust,
I now see as righteousness.
Over protectiveness, I had thought;
simply love to keep from harm.
The fatherhood I now live,
reminiscent of your firm hand.
Loving protection of my sons,
passed to me from your firm love.
Experiences of fatherhood,
your essence lives through mine.
Love to keep my sons safe,
guiding law of my firm hands.
Wisdom imparted once to me,
I, now pass to your grandsons.

© June 18, 2006 Roger W Hancock,



Zander and Angel
Written for an insert to a DaySpring Christmas
Card that my wife and I sent December, 2006.

Zander and Angel
              by Roger W Hancock
Christmas quickly approaches as evidenced by,
The growing spark in our grandson’s eyes.
Excitement grows as decorations dawn,
Zander wants to open each new wrap.
Jumping, squealing with all, he plays,
Excites the dog,  our Yorky, Angel.
This Christmas card we’ve bought,
Much simpler than cards of past.
Twas the boy and dog depicted
Reminded us… Zander and Angel.
The biggest part of this new season,
The sacrifice of Christ, remembered.
Then after all, all the hustle and bustle,
Excitement lies with Zander and Angel.
© December 04, 2006  Roger W Hancock

See Zander Rhymes

Grandson and Angel

The  following is  "Zander and Angel"
 rewritten for a more generic audience.

Grandson and Angel
             by Roger W Hancock
Christmas quickly approaches as evidenced by,
The growing spark in our grandson’s eyes.
Excitement grows as decorations dawn,
Firm but gentle “no,” at each new wrap.
Jumping, squealing with all, he plays,
Excite the dog; Yorky called Angel.
This year’s Christmas Card depicts,
Little boy with a little brown dog.
Excitement shown of boy in snow,
Reminded us, grandson and Angel.
The biggest part of this new season,
The sacrifice of Christ, remembered.
Then after all, all the hustle and bustle,
Excitement lies with grandson and Angel.
© December 06, 2006  Roger W Hancock


Love is the Essence

                        by Roger W Hancock


The lack of love reveals its need,

love shown teaches love.

Love scorned shows man’s frailty,

man is nothing without love.

In love, man and woman are one,

man is fulfilled when in love.

Love is thicker than kinship blood,

love protects love forgives.

Death is love if God’s love received,

love is the origin of all that is.

God gave of love, His son for us,

to give in love is sacrifice.

Love is the essence of Love itself,

love is God… God is love.


Roger W Hancock  - ©  3-14-2001 


 Lives Together

                   by Roger W Hancock

To the Lord my God, my life,      

our lives, myself, my wife.

He gives for us to share our lives,

lives together in Him love thrives.

Roger W Hancock ©  6-16-2001 



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          by Roger W Hancock


Friends so dear and true,

faithfulness to each defend.

Squabbles come to renew,

with forgiveness to amend.


Remember that friend so true,

who listened so intent to you.

Recall when you’re alone inside,

that friend though he’s not beside.


Confidant no words need now,

feelings acted out in mime.

Friendship to show you how;

loneliness another time.


Oh, the value to revere,

of that friend you hold so dear.

The affinity between you share,

to some, that fellowship is rare.  


Roger W Hancock  - ©  - 11-21-2001 

         The Island Within

                                by Roger W Hancock


Anniversary special one day each year,

look back a few years though it seems so near.

Hot dogs and candidates for high office to pick,

bed and breakfast that night after the grand picnic.


An evening away from the kids and the job,

just a single night’s stay alone just the two.

With seas all-around the island Vashon,

that view we did not miss at the Island Within.


Along the trail just a short little hike behind,

the aged house a quaint little bungalow,

Windows galore all around and above,

trees evergreen everywhere, above hangs a bow.


Saw trees stretching high as we laid down to rest,

then in the wee morning hours, a deer in the meadow.

Though snacks were provided, the kitchen’s the best,

we fully enjoyed that stay, at the Island Within.  


Roger W Hancock  - ©  11-23-2001 





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             To my Wife

                       by Roger W Hancock


Your face is so fair with a few freckles there.

Your eyes are so bright and your lips are so full.

Your nose is so cute, and you know I love you.

I Love you, I Love you, I love you so true.

You know that I do.


It has been twenty years we have two handsome boys.

We’ve a house and a car with a mortgage to match.

Many trials have come, but you know I love you.

I love you, I love you, I still love you so true.

You know that I do.


It’s been a commitment to you and unto our God.

Without love from above who knows where we’d be?

Our love will not fail for it comes from the Lord.

I love Him, You love Him, He loves us so true.

We know that He does.


Roger W Hancock  - ©  6-11-2001 


The  first stanza  was written with
a tune twenty years ago, with the
second  and  third  written as our
twentieth   Wedding  Anniversary



    Our Wedding

                by Roger W Hancock


Today the day, the big day,

forever my life be changed.

This day forth consider other,

than just myself to count.

Dressing up in my new suit,

outside the clouds grow dark.

Thinking of festivities,

later outdoors to come.

The guests have gathered now,

in chairs on the fresh cut lawn.

Clouds part, sun shines through,

as the march begins to play.

From the house my bride to be,

a white Victorian Queen.

Tears well up as I behold,

beauty beyond my dreams.

Under the trellis we stand,

rays of sun, upon just us two.

The preacher begins to speak,

telling all, about God’s love.

Vows uttered, to each and God,

asking each to take the other.

Heralds now two be as one,

now one be, enjoined to kiss.

Reception line, wishes made,

photographs with everyone.

Yes, the cutting of the cake,

for lives share, the gifts to air.

Not too fancy our wedding,

held in her parents backyard.

Clouds close as it starts to rain,

forever change, forever love.


Roger W Hancock   ©  - 2-11-2002

Our Stephanie

A loss of a child, whether miscarried,
still born or having lived and died,
is always a great pain to bear.

Seventeen years after our daughter was stillborn,
we had a memorial to help provide some closure
for my wife. Our pastor's wife, Jean,
asked if I would write a poem about our loss.

Our Stephanie
       by Roger W Hancock

Expecting child, glowing, beaming,

again mother to be.

Cravings, cramps, morning vomit,

one month, two months…

nine months drag on, full term.

Family,  friends,
and dad, await,
excited anticipation,

for joyful, sleepless nights.

Beautiful is Mom,
belly bulging, bearing child;
baby child, gift of God.

Brother asks, “Boy or girl”,

wishing baby buddy.

Check-ups regular,
progress monitored;

all goes well so far.

Expected date,
two days ahead,

kicks and bumps within,
far apart, concern,
examination one last time.

Mother still presuming best,

Dad keeps thoughts inside.

Tests made; sonogram,
photograph, ultrasound,

doctor’s solemn news:
expected joy...
our baby… has died.

Mother shocked!
Dad’s fears confirmed.

Tears well up, throat constricts,

beginning mourning loss.

Still yet the delivery;

labor, pain, anguished pain,

joy in pain now gone.

Push, push, push, but why?...

life’s dusk before the dawn.

Head’s crown unveiled;

push, push, push…

Beautiful… still…
body exposed, our little girl,
our Stephanie.

We grieve for loss, 
unrealized expectancy,

nine months past.

She was not known; 
unconditional, we loved… 
though gone.

Sorrow our loss we bear;

in grief, we joy, for baby’s gain.

She’ll not know life as you or I, 

but heaven’s life with God.

Roger W Hancock   ©  - 5-22--2002



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   Missing Grandma

                       by Roger W Hancock


Grandma, so old, so soft,

cushioned lap just for me.

Always sweet words never harsh,

remembering little, I remember your love.

Wishing you were here, to console,

As long ago when I bruised my knee.

Grandma, dear Grandma still I love.

As I try to remember your ways,

my mood turns to somber.

My throat lumps up as I try to think,

all the loving ways, to me you gave.

Now intangible, I do not remember.

But love keeps your essence,

the essence of you Grandma,

so near to my heart.


Roger W Hancock   ©  - 2-13-2002 



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