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 Civilian Tribute to Veterans


A Civilian Tribute to our Veterans in Poetry
 – by Roger W Hancock

A short program to be used in Churches, Schools, or other organizations to express gratitude for and to honor our Veterans.  Honoring the first American Veterans of the Revolutionary War to those who serve today.

Cast of 1 or 3 Adults and 3, 5, 6, or 7 Children; 1 to 3 older children and 2 or 4 younger children.

By-lines and Copyrights are not read.

All cast members are assembled on the platform.
If possible the children hold a flag.  When reading, a flag without a pole can be held by two hands and the poem posted on the back side to be read. Each Child who reads would hold a flag with his/her poem posted on the back side.

The program is introduced as “A Civilian Tribute to our Veterans” by Roger W Hancock of  

Performed by . . .  (listing members of the cast - Optional)

1st older child steps to the front and points to the American Flag and asks the audience to stand and recite the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ with him.  After the pledge he/she says, “you may sit down.”

Two older children may be used. They walk from the back up to the podium. One carries a flag on a staff while the other speaks.   Perhaps use children in uniform from Boy/Cub Scouts, Royal Rangers, or other patriotic organization]

An adult reads or recites  “Assembly of Liberty”

Assembly of Liberty
[ by Roger W Hancock ]

Steel barrel, hammer forged,
blacksmith’s craft of strength.
Grit grinds smoothing mettle,
colonial, courage and gall.

Sight for trigger, future vision,
each lone part, a piece of whole.
Assembling binds together,
colonial consensus builds.

Stock of wood, shoulder set,
carved, smoothed by hand.
Major players set the standard,
colonial citizens gather.

Lead, constitutions, declarations,
forms each lethal globe.
Small dose of powdered strength,
colonial brews a powder keg.

Strike of Flint, sparks last straw,
ignites fires of a grand design.
Musket delivers to its mark,
colonial fortitude, our liberty.

[© December 9, 2004, Roger W Hancock, ]

1st younger Child reads a Haiku.

[ by Roger W Hancock ]

Liberty's hero,
distant lands, duty demands,
World Peace defend.

[© Copyright 5-13- 2006 Roger W Hancock]

2nd Younger Child Reads the rhyme “Founding Fathers”

Founding Fathers
[ by Roger W Hancock ]

Founding fathers did decree,

rights spelled out in liberty.


Now for right, soldiers fight,


guarantee our nation free.

 [ © December 13, 2007 Roger W Hancock ]

The Adult or Second Adult, reads or recites the poem  “Veteran’s Day”


Veterans Day
[ by Roger W Hancock ]

We honor you, who fought for us,

for country’s sake of freedom’s plight.

You kept the greatest country great,

by sacrifice of you who served.


Honor to military, soldiers served.

There seems no risk in peace to serve.

When war breaks the silent peace,

no peace when security cease.


Sacrifice of civilian life,

careers succumb to enlist, or draft.

Families wait in fear, in prayer,

for loved ones return alive, not dead.


Returned Heroes and those deceased,

we honor, thank, though insufficient.

Parades, programs, our pride convey,

we honor you on Veterans Day.

   [ ©  12-28-2001 Roger W Hancock ] 

3rd younger Child reads the rhyme “Soldier Marches By”

Soldier Marches By
[ by Roger W Hancock ]

Soldier marches passing by,

Do we ever wonder why?


Soldier marches for apple pie,


that American freedom fly.

 [ © December 13, 2007 Roger W Hancock ]

4th Younger Child Reads the haiku “Veteran’s Honor”


Veteran's Honor
[ by Roger W Hancock ]

Veteran's service;

Sacrifice for freedom's sake,


Honor to them all.

[ © Copyright November 05, 2004 Roger W Hancock ]

The adult or third adult reads or recites “It’s the Veteran”

It’s The Veteran
[ by Roger W Hancock ]

Backbone of liberty; fighting to keep us free,

sacrifice homeland safety; battles fought abroad.

First Veterans; founding fathers,

gave to us our freedom’s liberty.


‘Twas not the preacher, campus organizer,

who fought for religions free . . . free assembly.

Veterans fought for your assembly, worship free.


It was not the lawyer, politician,

who gave your right to vote . . . trials fair.

Veterans fought for your voice, equal treatment.


Nor was it the poet, reporter,

that fought for free press . . . free speech.

Veterans fight for unbiased news, talk. . . fear free.


Saluting the flag under which he serves,

Veteran’s foundation sacrifice.

Freedom mortared by brave blood spilt . . .

maintains our liberty rights.

 [ Ó Copyright February 16, 2004 Roger W Hancock  ]


An older child ends the tribute reading, “Not Free”

Not Free
[ by Roger W Hancock ]

Nothing is ever free,

though to you it be.


Somewhere, somehow,


someone paid.

[  ©  6-15-2001 Roger W Hancock ]


The same child asks that all Veterans Stand. Then Everyone on the podium and those who are privy to the tribute, from wherever they are in the Sanctuary, all yell out.

“ Thank You Veterans,  For Our Freedoms!”
  All children can participate in this, sitting next to their parents, with the parents not knowing they will be yelling out in Church.   

Roger W Hancock,  October 24, 2011

- - -  If to be performed, t;here is no need to request permission. However, I would like to know when used and by whom.  Please let me know by email - Hancock AT PoetPatriot DOT com
If any poem is to be printed or otherwise published permission is required.  Simply Inquire. I require the copyright notice be attached in its entirety including the stated URL.


Liberty is maintained by Responsible Freedom.  -  Roger W Hancock


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