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 TimeLines of Liberty
American History  -  One Vote

One Vote Nat'l U.S. TimeLine TimeLine Index State TimeLines One Vote Misc.
Political Firsts American Wars Flag TimeLine
One Vote Does Count
Miscellaneous & International "One Vote" occurrences

"Edmund Burke warned, 'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."   Each of us have the "power of one."  How would you use it?     Power of one vote.

I believe my 'one vote' lists, National, by State, and Other to be the most comprehensive listing on the internet.

"One Vote" Occurrences Organized into Three Categories

National One Vote One Vote by State Misc. - Intn'l One Vote
Actually it is not just 1 vote but is 1 vote over or shy of a majority, or 'super-majority'.
Anyone voter of the victory tally had the power to sway the victory to a tie or the opposition.
One vote is victory among many when the many have the majority. - Roger W Hancock.
1645 England

   1 vote is stated to have given Oliver Cromwell control over England.   Oliver Cromwell declared himself Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England.   Not True:  Oliver Cromwell did not gain control of England by one vote.  He became leader of the New Model (Puritan) Army in 1645 in the midst of a civil war.  Parliament dissolved itself without even taking a vote.  He didn't establish his own government until 1649 - and then did so in part by expelling opponents from Parliament. It was strong leadership and military force that enabled the votes to establish his control. 
Source - Urban Ledgends

1649 England

   1 vote is said to have cost King Charles I of England his head. The vote to behead him was 67 against and 68 for --- the ax fell due to one vote.  Not true.  On the day King Charles I of England was sentenced to death, no vote was taken, but 59 commissioners eventually signed his death warrant.   Cromwell's soldiers excluded the moderate majority from the House of Commons and shut down the pro-royalist House of Lords entirely; a newly established revolutionary tribunal then tried the king and overwhelmingly condemned him to death. 
Source - Urban Folklore

1672 France

   1 vote declared a war on the Dutch Republic by France.  A unanimous one vote by the King.    
Source - 

1714 England

   1 vote placed King George I on the throne of England  restoring the monarchy.    
Source - 

1765 Colon.

   1 vote adopted the famous Anti-Stamp Tax Resolution after Patrick Henry introduced it the the Virginia House of Burgesses. That act was one of the first acts of defiance to England eventually leading to the Revolutionary War. 
Source - 

1793 France

   1 vote cost King Louis XVI his life. The French National Assembly decided by a one vote margin to execute the King.  King Louis XVI had been convicted of treason.
Source -

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1875 France    1 vote margin changes France from a monarchy to a republic.   Apparently not true, it had become a republic by a larger margin. Its empire had ended in 1870.  (Previous monarchies ended in 1830 and 1848.) 
Source - Urban Folklore
1921 /
Germ.    1 vote  according to legend says a revolutionary political party meeting to elect a leader in a Munich, Germany beer hall, chose an ex-soldier named Adolph Hitler to become the Nazi Party leader. -- controversy says the vote was 553 to 1... one dissenting vote.  (1923) Date differs depending on source. 
Source - Urban Ledgends
1940 France    1 vote failed a proposal by the French parliament to maintain its status as a republic.   
Source - 
1961 Tanz.    1 vote claimed the seat of  Chake-Chake on Pemba Island, in Zanzibar (now part of Tanzania), winning the general elections for the Afro-Shirazi Party by that one single seat.
Source -
1971 Aust.    1 vote shy,  In Australia, John Gorton resigned as Prime Minister rather than use his own vote to remain in power. 
Source -
1982 West.
   1 vote gave Human Rights Protection Party's Va'ai Kolone the contest for prime minister. Kolone's victory was declared invalid when the Supreme Court upheld a petition alleging electoral irregularities.
Source -
1991 Philipp.    1 vote failed the renewal of the $200 Million annual rental on US military bases in the Philippine legislature.
 Source - 
1998 Aust.    1 vote by an independent senator, In the last months before the 1998 Federal Elections in Australia, tilted the equal balance between Government and Opposition votes to the favor of the Government. Some major laws with long-term effects for many Australians were passed by that one vote to support the Government position.
Source -
1998 Italy    1 vote lost the "vote of confidence" for Italy's Premier Romano Prodi.  Pres. Oscar Luigi Scalfaro requested that Prodi continue to lead until an new premier could be elected. 
Source -
1999 India    1 vote lost the "vote of confidence" for Prime Minister Vajpayee, of India's Hindu nationalist government. Prime Minister Vajpayee, upon resigning, agreed to stay on until a new government was formed. 
Source -
1999 China    1 vote in the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (China's Parliament) failed a law to amend the Highway Law. 
Source -
2000 Sports
   1 vote shy kept Shaquille O'Neal from the first unanimous vote when receiving his first NBA Most Valuable Player award (1999 Season).
2003 U.N. /
   1 vote in the United Nation's Geneva-based Commission on Human Rights passed a resolution to rebuke Cuba over its civil rights record and to accept a visit from a U.N. investigator. The motion proposed by Honduras passed 22 to 21, with 10 abstentions.  Cuba has yet to comply. (Considering the U.N. and Cuba, why are we not surprised?)
Source -
2003 New
   1 vote in New Zealand Parliament passed a law that decriminalizes prostitution. The Prostitution Reform Bill was passed 60 votes to 59 after New Zealand's first Muslim MP, Ashraf Choudhary, abstained.
Source -
2003 Luxem.    1 vote in the Luxembourg Parliament on March 12, 2003 failed a reform resolution/bill that would have decriminalized voluntary euthanasia under specific conditions.  One member's abstention may or may not have tied the vote.
Source -
2004 Britain    1 vote of the Scottish Socialist Party has decided to reject a form of collective leadership to replace resigning Tommy Sheridan.
Source -,,2-1401566,00.html
2004 Sports
   1 vote by the Washington, D.C City Council approves a financing plan for a Major League Baseball Stadium. The Montréal Expos was brought to D.C The team begins playing in the 2005 season as the Washington Nationals.  The last time the nation's capital had Major League Baseball was in 1971.
Source -
2005 Britain    1 vote in the Commons failed, Prime Minister, Tony Blair's Anti-Terrorism measures in November, 2005.
Source -
2005 Bulgaria    1 vote on June 25th confirmed Sergei Stanishev (head of Bulgaria's Socialist Party) as Prime Minister of Bulgaria. Bulgaria's parliament voted 120 in favor and 119 against the confirmation after the Socialist Party failed to carry a clear majority.
Source -
2005 Canada    1 vote in Canada's House of Commons averted an early election sought by the Conservative Party. A tied vote was broken by the speaker of the House of Commons to maintain control held by the Liberal Party.
Source -
2005 Sports

   1 vote,  perhaps the abstention, could have broke the tie of 52 to 52 votes that was to decide if Softball remained an Olympic Sport after 2008.
Source -
2006 Sports
Switz /
   1 vote passed the decision, in July of 2000, to allow ZURICH, Switzerland -- Germany to stage the 2006 World Cup.
Source - 
2006 France    1 vote by holders passed a proposal for a plan that would decrease Eurotunnel's debt avoiding bankruptcy. Eruotunnel had entered safeguard procedure (similar to the U.S. Chapter 11 ) in September after an earlier proposal had failed at the last moment.
Source -,,1958537,00.html
2006 Terror    1 vote dissenting, saved al-Qaeda terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui from the death penalty. The jury voted 10-2, 10-2 and then 11-1. A unanimous vote was necessary for the death sentence.
Source - -
2006 Iraq    1 Vote margin in February, 2006, retained Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a Shia physician as the government head as full control is handed to the Iraqis by the U.S.
Source -
2007 Scotland    1 vote, required, was cast by George Grubb, the Lord Provost, breaking the tied vote in August, that closed 22 schools in Edinburgh.
Source -
2007 Scotland    1 vote defeated a Scottish Government opposition amendment with another 1 vote defeating an amendment criticizing actions of the opposition. Presiding Officer Alex Fergusson cast both decisive votes; required by the convention to cast it for the status quo. 1 vote in favor of the government and 1 vote in favor of the opposition.
Source - -
2007 Britain    1 vote, not even one vote, did Shirley Bowes, the conservative Tory candidate, get in an election for Sedgefield District Council. An electoral rule kept her from voting for herself as she did not live within the district. She ran as a placeholder for the Tory party.
 Source -
2007 Sports
   1 vote made Anthony Jones winner of Australia's Sandover Medal. This Sandover Medal is the 99th awarded to the "fairest and best player" of the West Australian Football League, since 1921. Jones received 29 votes acing out Brad Smith with 28. They were among 10 candidates with each receiving 22 or more votes.
Source -
2008 Czech    1 vote in the Parliament of the Czech Republic failed to give them the power to elect the nation's president. Missing it by one vote in February, they tried again.
Source - -
2008 Sports
   1 vote extra in the French National Assembly in July passed President Nicolas Sarkozy's constitutional revisions. Votes in favor were 539 with 538 needed for the passage.
Source - -
2010 United Nations    1 vote, over the two-thirds required, passed a UN measure to protect the porbeagle shark (mackerel shark). Three other measures of international regulation of ocean fish were voted down in Qatar at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Speciesof Wild Fauna and Flora.
Source -
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© Copyright 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2010 Roger W Hancock 

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Your Vote Counts ! - Power of one vote !

Considering that the number of votes cast runs in the Billions, or more, the frequency of close votes comes often.  Out of 89,000 votes cast in U.S. Congressional elections, one vote was cast in an election where the candidate won by a single vote or was tied. The frequency rate is greater in state legislator elections where one in 15,000 votes had been cast for a candidate winning by one vote or was tied.

Only 36.4 percent of voters cast their ballots in 1998, the lowest since 1942. Nearly two out of three of the 115 million eligible American voters did not bother to vote.

Between 1972 and 2000 the national voting turn-out for the 18-24 year age group declined by 10 percent.

In 1998 less than 20 percent of 18-24 year-olds chose to vote. That is one in five.

In 2000 only 42 percent of 18-24 year-olds bothered to vote. That same year only 75 percent of those older than 25 voted.

Looking at the statistics of just one demographic, with voter turn-out being low in all demographics and with so many races running close, one can see how powerful a coalition of votes can be. Even your One Vote has an influence to increase the power of those who do vote as you would.

When you do not vote, by default you cast your vote against the person or proposal you would prefer. When you do not vote, that vote is one less the opposition has to overcome, thus your "no vote" is a vote for them. The inconveniences of voting are just a small price to pay for the liberty we enjoy. Get up, Get out and vote!

© Roger W Hancock 2004-2007

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Statistic Sources: - -

One Vote Nat'l U.S. TimeLine TimeLine Index State TimeLines One Vote Misc.
Political Firsts American Wars Flag TimeLine

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