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 TimeLines of Liberty
American Holidays

One Votes Counts U.S. TimeLine TimeLine Index State TimeLines Flag TimeLine
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Atheists' Day TimeLine
Atheists' Day is April 1st
Blasphemy Day  -  September 30
th          Atheist Pride Day  -  March 20th
Darwin Day - February 12

Atheists' Day
There is no official Atheists' Day. However, as atheists become more and more active in promoting the faith of no god and actively opposing traditions of faith, three or four days spring forth as days to remember the atheists.

No God - No Hope!
Atheism is the belief that there is no god. When actively practiced, atheism promotes that God does not exist. To promote one's belief is the primary tenant of most religions. Atheism has inherent tenants. The first is, "God does not exist." The second is to promote and convince others of the first tenant. Atheism is a religion. Since God cannot be disproved, faith is required in the belief that God does not exist. The atheist is without hope. The atheist hopes there is no God; for when upon death he finds himself wrong having denied God, only Hell awaits.

 Holidays are usually set to dates that are suggested by historical events or traditions. The atheist movement has little to draw upon. The religions; orthodox, pagan, or other; have traditions that have suggested the holidays they have spawned. If you take the Atheist as a tradition you would need to look for specific traditions or events. Only in the atheistic Religion of Evolution can you find such events. One might use the birthday of Charles Darwin, 'Darwin Day,' but since Darwin himself held only belief in his theory, hoping for proof later, the use of his birthday would only make obvious to the public the frailty of the theory. Also, not all evolutionists are atheists.
But then there are other sources outside the sphere of "atheists" that would suggest a holiday for the atheist.  One might be found in the Koran, although not of their approval. In the Koran the infidel (unbeliever) is to be killed, suggesting the death of atheists to be celebrated. Since that has not happened within America, no date is suggested. In the Jewish and Christian scriptures a current traditional holiday is suggested. "The fool says, within his heart, there is no God. ..." Psalm 14:1 and Psalm 53:1. Those scriptures inadvertently point to April Fools' Day or All Fool's Day on April 1st.


Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809

1980 A Darwin Festival began at Salem College in Massachussets began in 1980 and is held for four days over the weekend closest to Darwin's Birthday, February 12th.
2002 A story showed up on a humor mailing list in 2002 as a joke to be later collected in an email in June 2003, by The story purported a Florida Judge declared April 1st as a day for Atheists to celebrate. - No record of such a court case has been found by Snopes or by

An atheist can show pride in their disbelief on March 20, the Atheist Pride Day. The purpose is to encourage others to proclaim their faith of disbelief and to promote secular values. Atheist Pride Day goes back to at least 2005.


Darwin Day began to be celebrated in 2009 by various groups of the evolutionary persuasion.


September 30th has come to be (although little known) Blasphemy Day. International Blasphemy day was first observed on September 30th, 2009. Art exhibits with subjects of religiouous blasphemy were displayed. However antagonism against religion displays hate, celebrationg man's depravity rather than to celebrate atheism. Also, not all blasphemers are atheists.

2009 Blasphemy Day is observed on September 30th, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of a Danish newspaper's publication of controversial cartoons about Mohammad.
2010 A movement on Facebook has tried to make April 26th as Atheist Pride Day.
2011 California U.S. Representative Fortney Pete Stark proposed House Resolution 81 to designate February 12, as Darwin Day. The bill was referred to the House subcommittee where it failed to evolve further.

Secular Values ?
It is interesting to note that when the atheist is aware that death or injury is impending, he/she will often call out to "God" for help. Atheism is the faith there is no god. Atheism is a faith that offers no comfort, no direction and no morality to provide responsibility to fellow man.
One atheist group's mission Statement has, "... building a positive atheist community that actively promotes secular values ..." Secular Values? All good 'values' have derived from religion leaving the only true 'secular value' to be 'no values'. All other 'secular values' have been derived from 'religious values'.
 The atheist owes much to the man of faith. Civilizations were built upon the morality provided by religions. The atheist benefits from the religious values within the civilization in which he or she lives. Without morality you have anarchy.
 The promotion of Atheism is a fool's errand.

 Celebrate the fool's religion of atheism -  Atheists' Day, April 1st
  Celebrate by blaspheming other religions -  Blesphemy Day, September 30th
Celebrate Pride in your faith of disbelief -  Atheist Pride Day, March 30th
Celebrate the faith of evolution -  Darwin Day, February 12th

Other Days devolving within the atheist community
Atheist Pride/Freedom from Religion Day - February 12th
(Overshadowed by Darwin Day)

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day - May 20th

(Protest against Muslim Voilence against artists drawing Mohammed.)

National Day of Reason - first Thursday in May

(Set against in reply to the National Day of Prayer)

LGBT Pride Day - June 28th

(Celebrating the struggle of lesbian, gay, by-sexual, transgendered and atheist people for equal rights.)


© Copyright 2010, 2011 Roger W Hancock

Sources for this page:

 Bible; Psalm 14:1 - Bible; Psalm 53:1 - Meditations on Creation - - - - - - - -



Atheists' Day TimeLine

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Atheism Sayings for Church Signs

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Presidency TimeLine American Wars The Early Presidents

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