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 TimeLines of Liberty
American Holidays  -  Father's Day

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Father's Day
  Last updated May, 2007.
Observed - Third Sunday in June
     TimeLine of Father's Day       -       Father's Day 'round the World
A Father's Love?     -      Father's Day Trivia
Father's Day Links
Father's Day around the World

Few Countries honor their children's fathers with an official day.
Canada and the United Kingdom celebrate Father's Day on the same day as the U.S., the third Sunday in June. Australia celebrates the first Sunday in September as Father's Day. Other countries that observe a Father's Day on differing dates are Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, and India.

Germany's celebration of "Vatertag" had been more like a "boys' day out" at a local pub rather than a family oriented "Father's Day." The reputation as a beer bust is no longer viewed as favorable causing a more sobering of the celebration.

Austria celebrates the day on the second Sunday of June, taking on a more religious observance, like a feast day of the Catholic Church.

March 19th is often called Father's Day by many Catholics because that is St. Joseph's Day. Joseph was the step-father of Jesus.


Not just for Mother's but roses are for father's too!  A red rose shows that one's father is still alive while a white rose signifies that one's father has passed on. In 1912 the white lily was first used as the Father's Day flower.

© Copyright 2007 Roger W Hancock
TimeLine of Father's Day  -  Father's Day 'round the World  -  A Father's Love?  -  Father's Day Trivia  -  Father's Day Links
A Father's Day TimeLine
2000BC A father's day message is carved on a clay tablet, in ancient Babylon, by Elmesu who wished good health and a long life to his father.
BC - AD The God of Judaism and Christianity is unlike the gods of other religions. The Jedeo-Christian God is portrayed as a father.  A loving father who for the salvation of the people would give his own son to die so that they may live in heaven.  (Specifically God's son died as a sacrificial lamb, killed for our sins.)
BC - AD Though not a precursor to Father's Day, the ancient Romans during February would honor their fathers who had died.
1908 Dr. Robert Webb conducted the first Father's Day service at the Central Church of Fairmont in West Virginia.  Little publicity was given to the event leaving the conception of a Father's Day to spring forth by another a year later and across the country. Mrs. Charles Clayton is believed to have suggested the honoring of fathers in the Fairmont church service.
1909 Sonora Louise Smart Dodd (Mrs. Bruce John Dodd) of Spokane, Washington while in attendance at a Mother's Day service in 1909, was inspired to consider a special day for fathers as well. Mrs Dodd recognized the greatness in her father William Jackson Smart, a Civil War Veteran, who had raised her and her 5 siblings single-handed.  He had refused to remarry dedicating himself to his children.
1910 Mrs. Sonora Dodd had presented to her minister and to few others the idea of a service with the theme of honoring fathers to be held on June 5th. With June 5th too soon for the city's ministers to prepare for such a service, June 19th was chosen as the day for the Father's Day Services.  Mrs. Dodd had envisioned church services and children presenting greetings to their fathers.
1910 Sonora Dodd's pastor had presented the idea of a Father's day to a local pastor's association. The Spokane Ministerial Association and members of the Spokane YMCA strongly supported the idea. Spokane's Mayor and the Governor of Washington State would eventually endorse, proclaiming support for the idea. William Jennings Bryan, the famous politician, would also express words of support.
1910 Articles about the Spokane observance of Father's Day were published in Newspapers across the nation, helping to spread the concept of a national Father's Day.
1912 The Reverend J. H. Berringer, Pastor of the Irvington Methodist Church in Vancouver Washington, held services to honor fathers as early as 1912. Berringer wore a white lilac as the Father's Day flower.
1914 Mother's Day becomes a National Holiday.
1915 The Chicago branch of the Lion's Club held it's first Father's Day celebration on the third Sunday in June which was the closest Sunday to the birthday of the branch's president Harry Meek.
1916 Across the State of Washington Father's Day would be celebrated on the third Sunday in June. Children would make special desserts for their fathers, or if living apart make a visit to their father. Father's Day was still not well known within Washington State let alone outside.
1916 The concept of a day to honor fathers had sprang up independently in various places across the nation; some due to the articles about the Spokane observance of 1910. Interesting enough, is that most supported June as the month to celebrate the day. State legislatures and organizations had began to lobby the U.S. Congress to declare an annual Father's Day. The Congress was hesitant in its consideration of a Father's Day, concerned for a possible interpretation as being from a self-congratulating legislature.
1924 President Calvin Coolidge declared it a national event to ""establish more intimate relations between fathers and their children and to impress upon fathers the full measure of their obligations." The Third Sunday in June was chosen as a national observance.
1926 A National Father's Day Committee begins meeting in New York, New York.
1957 In 1957 a Joint Resolution of Congress gave recognition to Father's Day.
1957 Senator Margaret Chase Smith had written to Congress in 1957, stating, "Either we honor both our parents, mother and father, or let us desist from honoring either one. But to single out just one of our two parents and omit the other is the most grievous insult imaginable."
1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation to declare the third Sunday of June as Father's Day. This only applied to one observance.
1972 President Richard Nixon signed into law Father's Day, on April 24th, as a permanent national observance on the third Sunday of June. His address stated in honor of all good fathers that contribute as much to the family as does a mother. To show an ancient precedent for a Father's Day, Historian's found just one, that the Romans honored their deceased fathers every February.
1974 Sonora Smart Dodd was recognized at the World's Fair in Spokane, Washington in 1974, for her role in the creation of the national observance of Father's Day.
1978 At the age of 96 Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd died on March 22nd, 1978. Though not the first to suggest a celebration of fathers, Sonora Dodd was the most supportive and active in the birth of Father's Day.
2007 This Father's Day page is dedicated to the PoetPatriot's father-in-law and the memory of his father, Kenneth Alonzo Hancock.    The PoetPatriot's wife's (Tracie Lynn) father is Gerald L Blair, who is still yet with us.
© Copyright 2007 Roger W Hancock
TimeLine of Father's Day  -  Father's Day 'round the World  -  A Father's Love?  -  Father's Day Trivia  -  Father's Day Links"

Father's Day Trivia

As with many other holidays Father's Day has it roots within Christianity with the first observances being church services.


Not just for Mothers but roses are for fathers too!  A red rose shows that one's father is still alive while a white rose signifies that one's father has passed on. In 1912 the white lily began to be used as a Father's Day flower.
The United States has more than 23,000 florists employing 125,000 people. California produces two thirds of the domestic cut flower production, although Colombia leads supplying America with the bulk of the cut flowers and fresh bulbs consumed.

Greeting Cards

95 million greeting cards are purchased for Father's Day making it the fourth holiday for number of cards purchased.
Half the cards purchased are by sons and/or daughters; one fifth are by wives; the remaining 45 percent are by others for grandparents, brothers, uncles and other special men in their lives.

Gifts for Father

There are numerous stores from which to purchase gifts. In 2003 there were 14,864 hardware stores, 5,795 home centers, and 22,410 sporting goods stores across America. Father's Day generates $9.01 billion dollars in sales each year; following Christmas ($457.4 billion), Mother's Day ($13.8 billion), Valentine's Day ($13.7 billion) and Easter ($12.63 billion).

The most popular gift for father is a neck-tie. A necktie usually lacks imagination often being a fairly thoughtless gift, but a practical gift, assuming father wears ties.

Phone Home

Though Mother gets the most calls on her day, Father will receive the most "collect calls" on Father's Day, more than any other day of the year. Second for collect calls is Mother's Day with Valentines Day coming in third.
Calls on Mother's Day and Father's day will be 3 to 4 minutes longer than a typical Sunday.
The Day for the busiest call volume of the year is the Monday after Thanksgiving Day.

Fathers Married

According to the census there are 26.4 million fathers in America that are still married or have remarried, with children under 18 years of age.
22 percent of those fathers, with their wives, are raising three or more children, of their own.
Two percent of married fathers live apart from their children, with a relative or friend.

Single Fathers

2.3 million fathers are single.
Men make up 18 percent of single parents that have their children living with them.
11 percent of single dads are raising three or more of their own children.
Among single fathers 42 percent have divorced, 39 percent had never married, 15 percent were separated from their wives and 4 percent were widowed.
Only 22 percent of single fathers have an annual income over or including $50,000.

Child Support

4.6 million fathers provide child support with median payments of $3,600 each year.

* References to children mean children under 18 years of age.

© Copyright 2007 Roger W Hancock
TimeLine of Father's Day  -  Father's Day 'round the World  -  A Father's Love?  -  Father's Day Trivia  -  Father's Day Links
A Father's Love?

     You can become a father with little thought; to be a good father takes much thought.
     Do not assume your children know your love for them.  Children being young, not yet mature, often obtain an inaccurate perception of situations. Because we love our children differently does not mean we love one more than the others. However children will pick up on the differing attention to the others and interpret it to mean that Dad does not love them as much.  That is especially true when the father does not vocalize with, "I love you," as is often the case in a culture where the man must be strong and not show emotions. The vocalizing of an, "I love you" must be on a personal, one on one basis. Telling all the children in a group that you love them all, has not the impact of a personal, "I love you."
     If you are estranged from a child or your own parent, there is no better time than now, to break the silence with an, "I love you;" tomorrow may be too late.
     My father was strong having shown no "weaker emotions" during my childhood.  I had never heard him say, "I love you."  When I was 17 or 18 I broke the barrier. Feeling very weird about saying such to another man, I told my father "I love you."  He still did not reciprocate, but the sparkle in his eyes told more than words. We never had another such exchange. He has since died in a drowning accident but that one moment, that sparkle in his eye, will remain with me to my grave.

- Roger W Hancock, © May 19, 2007,

TimeLine of Father's Day  -  Father's Day 'round the World  -  A Father's Love?  -  Father's Day Trivia  -  Father's Day Links
Father's Day Links
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Restaurants in/around Auburn, Washington

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