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Washington's Birthday

Washington's Birthday is the official title of the Federal Holiday that is observed on the third Monday in February. 'President's Day' is not and has never been a Federal Holiday. When Washington's birthday was moved to be observed on the third Monday confusion with the state holidays called President's Day came about. Some states have a President's Day that is often confused with Washington's Birthday.

George Washington was born February, 22, 1732 in City, State. General Washington was the commander of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. Washington became the first President of the United States under the United States Constitution. George Washington's distinctions as a founding father of America has dubed him the "Father of our Country."

Washington's Birthday  TimeLine
1732 GW George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia on February 22, 1732.
1775 Hol Some celebrated the birthday of General George Washington as early as 1775.
1787 GW George Washington was presiding officer at the 1787 Continental Convention.
1789 GW By a unanimous vote George Washington was elected President of the United States of America in 1789.
Hol Washington's Birthday was celebrated while George Washington was still president. February 11th was the date, prior to the adoption of the Gregorian calendar.
1793 GW George Washington was re-elected President of the United States of America in 1793.
1796 Hol Since the Gregorian calendar had not been adopted by the colonies as yet, Washington's Birthday was on February 11th. In 1796 the observance was set by the Gregorian calendar to February 22nd.
1799 GW George Washington died at Mount Vernon, Virginia on December 4th, 1799
1880 Hol An 1880 Act of Congress made Washington's Birthday a federal holiday for the government offices in the District of Columbia.
1885 Hol Washington's Birthday was expanded to include all federal offices in 1885. President Chester Arthur signed the bill that made it a Federal Holiday. It was the first Holiday to honor an American Citizen. It was observed on February 22nd.  
Mon. A Uniform Monday Plan was first suggested by NATO (National Association of Travel Organizations) in the early 1950s; calling to combine Washington and Lincoln's birthdays to the third Monday in February to be named President's Day; Memorial Day to the fourth Monday in May; Independence Day to the first Monday in July; and Veterans Day to the second Monday in November. The plan was adopted in a few states but not all. The effort shifted to lobbying for a Federal Holiday Bill.
1968 Mon. HR 15951 was enacted that set the date for many of the federal holidays to simplify the holiday calendar while creating more three day weekends. Washington's Birthday was shifted from February 22nd to the third Monday in February each year. The third Monday caused Washington's Birthday to never be observed on George's birth day of Febuary 22. It will fluctuate between February 15 and 21st; never falling on either Washington's or Lincoln's Birthday.
1971 Mon. President Nixon signed Executive Order 11582, in 1971, that concerned the Observance of holidays by Government agencies.
1976 GW To assure George Washington's outranking all other military members; past, present, and future; Congress posthumously promoted George Washington to the rank of Six-Star General of the United States Armies.
2001 Leg. The failed Washington-Lincoln Recognition Act of 2001 was an attempt to clear up the confusion between Washington's birthday, Lincoln's birthday and President's Day.
© Copyright 2010 Roger W Hancock
Washington Myths

Wooden Teeth

George Washington did not have wooden teeth. He did have false teeth made of cow, human, and elephant ivory set in a lead base and had springs that allowed them to work with the opening of his mouth. His false teeth distorted his face and was most uncomfortable. Wooden teeth would have been more comfortable in the mouth.

Silver Dollar

The Potomac River is more than a mile across. When Washington was a young man the Silver Dollar did not yet exist. Thus, it is not true that George Washington had thrown a Silver Dollar across the Potomac.

Cherry Tree

The story of George Washington and the cherry tree was written by biographer, Mason Weems to demonstrate Washington's honesty. Although George Washington was a most honest and honorable man the story of the Cherry Tree is not. George Washington did not tell his father, "I cannot tell a lie," after chopping down a Cherry Tree.

Washington's Wig

One might think by looking at a one-dollar bill that Washington wore a wig. He did not, but to comply with the fashion of the day he put powder in his hair to make it white.

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