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Christian Poems of Life in Christ.  Expressing Faith in Poetry by the PoetPatriot.


Hands of Time  -  NEWEST

Life to Be  -  2017

Our Loss  -  2017

Choosing Sin?

Only One & Only One Greater

Where I am Hot Spot Sin Decay
Lies of Night Come to the Cross Prayer for a Brother Easter Gift
Death’s Glorious Life Death's Glory Light's Invite Merry Bread
His War Night's Light Life's Shelter Founding Liberation
Morning Crowed Vessel Me Crazy Lie Christian Soldier’s Prayer
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Hands of Time
by Roger W Hancock

When in Glory with the Father,
He is Creator; Father Time.
Time had passed, doesn't tick...
no longer do we wait for tock.
Timelessness of presence,
within His never ending Love;
within all Joy, within all Peace,
in His Glory, Hope received.
Forever in God's presence,
forever in the present.
No past, future; no tick nor tock;
we rest in Glory of God's Hands.

© 12-28-17 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com




Life to Be
by Roger W Hancock

Life is not ours to own to live,
we were created to live for Christ.
Trials come to show the way,
teach us intimacy of God's stay.
Through God's Holy Spirit's power,
In Holy name of Jesus Christ,
by given authority of the Father,
I cast afar, attacks of evil's spar.
Our life in victory, be God's desire.

© 11-09-17 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


Our Loss
by Roger W Hancock

We grieve, we mourn, in our loss of friendships great,
yet joy in the gain of love, joy and peace, our friends obtain.
Our sisters, our brothers, you are missed in this moment on earth.
Later together with Spirit in heaven, in Christ, in our Father's Glory,
forever, together in unity, all who are His, be one in God's family.

© 11-02-17 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com

Choosing Sin?
by Roger W Hancock

Men who chose men chose their sin.
Sin chosen over natural attraction.
Sin is sin whatever it be,
Repentence, will set one free.
Freedom to sin at Satan's well,
surely bounds one, to the fires of hell!

(c) June 15, 2012 Roger W Hancock

Only One and Only One Greater.
by Roger W Hancock

The gentleness of my woman,
no other compares,
The caress of HER touch,
her love alone!
Temptations are fleeting,
resistance so easy.
I know what I need,
is Her touch alone.

Only one thing greater,
than my Love's touch;
God's Holy touch,
on my undeserved soul!
Though I may sin,
temptations resist;
all wrapped around me,
God's touch on my soul.

(c) June 15, 2012 Roger W Hancock

Not  Free

by Roger W Hancock


Nothing is ever free,

though to you it be.

Somewhere, somehow,

someone paid.


Roger W Hancock ©  6-15-2001 www.PoetPatriot.com 

Where I Am
by Roger W Hancock

On the chair of my home office;
I sit and stare at the question before me.
In the office of my home;
I raise my hands to the keyboard before me.
In my home in the city of Auburn;
"More than you Imagine." imagine me.
In my city, Auburn in King County;
I contemplate this question.
In King County of Washington State;
my state of mind is one of wander.
In Washington State in the U.S.A.;
thoughts wander and wonder.
In the U.S.A. of North America;
I wonder if anyone cares.
In North America in Western Hemisphere;
where, oh, where I really be?
In the Western Hemisphere on Earth:
when in death return I'll go.
On Earth with in our solar system,
a name, is “solar” our system’s name?
In our Solar System in our Universe;
where I am is constant flux.
In the Universe, in the Milky Way,
now so far from home but where I be.
In the Milky Way within Creation;
where ever I am, my God is with me!

 © August 27, 2008, Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com


Hot Spot
by Roger W Hancock

Hell is Hot,
forever sin’s lot.
Heaven is Not,
Our sins forgot.
Take a shot, forget the rot.
Confess to God your lot. 
You cannot within yourself,
shed the sins that Christ forgot.

In the spot where now you squat,
let Satan not your soul be caught.
Ask, repent of all your rot
upon the cross your soul God bought.

Hell is Hot,
forever sin’s lot.
Heaven is Not,
Our sins forgot.

© August 21, 2008 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com


Sin Decay
by Roger W Hancock

Sin, we hide down deep inside,
Festers, infects, then despise.
Body in a grave decays,
corrupted soul dismay.

Loss of life we call death,
need not die, if in Christ.

Deny Flesh, our God obey,
let His righteousness display.
Sin we give to Him who lives,
In His death our sin is dead.

Only pure, when covered by,
blood of Him who lives.

© 2-24-08 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


Come to the Cross
by Roger W Hancock

 Come to the Cross,
Christ’s blood was spilt,
Come to the Cross,
innocence was cursed.
Come to the Cross,
burden seems heavy.

Come to the Cross,
Christ will carry your load.
Come to the Cross,

Repent of your sin.
Come to the Cross,
forever to live.
Come to the Cross,

God will freely forgive.
Come to the Cross,
live in Him.

© 2-16-08 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com



Lies of Night
by Roger W Hancock

Enlightenment the world seeks,
running from the light of God.
Toward the sin of selfishness,
into dark of godlessness.

Running from enlightened truth,
light fading quick to dark.
Excuses called enlightenment,
a lie one buys in dark of night.

© 2-24-08 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com

      Easter Gift
             by Roger W Hancock

Death of innocence, divine gift,
this day we call Good Friday.
Taunting torment, crown of thorns,
blood drips down his brow.
My sin, your sin, sinless man to pay,
stripes of lashes by soldier's whip.
Bullied beating pulverize the face,
should have been me, or you.
Hands pierced, each staked,
scapegoat; death deserved for me.
Love, sacrifice, son's innocence,
winced in pain on pounding blows.
Another stake soldier hammers,
piercing pain through feet.
Futile scrubbing cannot cleanse,
blood stains; our sin stains.
Even when up upon the cross,
asks God, “Forgive the ignorance.”
Dead?   Yet so soon?
Soldier's sword forced through ribs.
Watered blood gushed forth,
broken heart made short the passing.
The gift, the death for us He gave,
then laid within a sealed tomb.
Celebrate life's hope;
day of life called Easter.
Three days followers mourn,
rock has rolled no one inside.
Failing mission, soldiers run.
Resurrected life begun.
Dead man walks again;
doubter touches ribs inside.
Lived to die, died to live;
life renewed, a new birth.
A new life, I do not deserve!
He gives to me... and you. 

© April 3, 2007, Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com


Prayer for a Brother
Inspired by Stan Jones, victim of a stroke.

Prayer for a Brother

by Roger W Hancock

My heart aches and breaks for a brother,
one who has travailed over much adversity.
My brother who's condition deteriorates,

frustration becomes his madness.
From a distance for him I pray,
that he feel the comfort of Christ.
I can only imagine my brother's plight,
darkness that dull his days.
Only from afar, for my brother, I pray,
his eyes remain on Jesus' face.

© 01-19-2008- Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com


      Death’s Glorious Life
                                              by Roger W Hancock

Clouds darken, day becomes night.
Cries of women, mothers become whimpers.

Moans of tortured men pierce the dark.
Aire of fear fills the air, thunder claps!
Arrogance is shaken from the Roman guard.
“Father, forgive them,” crosses the crowd,
Wondering fear of day-night continues,

Death arrives for one… so soon?

Three day mourning passes,
Guards tremble, seal is broken.

Empty tomb of fear and questions,
“Where have they taken Him?”
Woman, it is I, who foretold new life.
“Is it you Lord! ... My Lord!”
For disbelief He carried the wounds,

Nailed hands, feet, punctured ribs.

© April 6, 2007  Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com

      Death’s Glory
                                              by Roger W Hancock

Clouds darken, day becomes night.
Cries of women, mothers become whimpers.

Moans of tortured men pierce the dark.
Aire of fear fills the air, thunder claps!
Arrogance is shaken from the Roman guard.
“Father, forgive them,” crosses the crowd,
Wondering fear of day-night continues,

Death arrives for one… so soon?

Three day mourning passes,
Guards tremble, seal is broken.

Empty tomb of fear and questions,
“Where have they taken Him?”
Woman, it is I, who foretold new life.
“Is it you Lord! ... My Lord!”
For disbelief He carried the wounds,
Nailed hands, feet, punctured ribs.

© April 6, 2007  Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com


     Light’s Invite
            by Roger W Hancock

Sky bright, of sunlight;

Night’s glow of starlight.
Truth leads in bright light.

Fight the plight of evil’s night,
Evil cites night’s fright;
Incites, indicts, night’s blight.

Listen not to night’s sprite,
Slighted lie to kite the night.
Rite of night; lies to spite.

Site your sight upon the Light;
The Wright who writes the light;
Delight, ignite . . . invite the Light.

© December 04, 2006  Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com


Merry Bread
    by Roger W Hancock

Feast upon the living bread,
Living Word is strength.
Suckling on the Word for milk,
Security within Christ’s love.
Chewing meat of living bread,
Strength of armor, battles come.
Baby steps to warrior run,
Maturity, become God’s son.
Of the Word must eat and drink,
Nourishment of soul and spirit.
His body, blood and word,
Weapons of a spirit fight.
Yield unto His might,

Joyful victory… be merry.
© December 11, 2006  Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com


His War
    by Roger W Hancock

War beyond, the Wars of earth,
Enemy’s strength, beyond my own.
Beyond my own, a greater strength,
of righteousness, I yield.
Battle fight, is not my own;
Within my own, I cannot win.
Battle tempest, to resist.
Victory lies… beyond, with Christ.
Surrender I, to greater strength,
Release my own, into God’s hands.

© November 19, 2006  Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com


Night’s Light
  by Roger W Hancock

When left with solitary thought,
Silence as the night is dark.
Selfishness so deafening,
When thoughts not placed on God.

Thought on Christ a comfort,
Refuge from my fears.
Strength when meditation,
On Christ, not my concerns.

Petitions placed within his hands,
Now left in trust with Him.
My thought now free to worship,
Christ who knows my needs.

Singularities of thought,
in purity, my motives.
Silence of the night now loud,
With light from God who loves.

Copyright November 28, 2004, Roger W Hancock,


 Life’s Shelter
     by Roger W Hancock

Wind currents gales blow,
Rain dampens current mood.
Flood currents ebb and flow,
Firm foundations we will stand.

The house will fall when built on sand,
Cling to the one who controls the blow.
The one who restricts the water’s flow,
He shelters from harsh rain.

Christ foundation cornerstone,
Carpenter of life.
In Him a house, on solid rock,
A shelter in life’s storms.

Wind currents gales blow,
Rain of light quickens soul.
Mood currents ebb and flow,
Stabilized on stone.

Copyright November 28, 2004, Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com


   Founding Liberation
                        by Roger W Hancock

Christian duty worship,
Civilized foundation.
To Know to worship,
Father God; liberation.

Commitment to brethren,
Of church and society.
Liberty in spirit breeds,
Fellowship of freedom.

To know to love our God,
To know eternal life,
Brings a love of freedom,
Spills to social living.

Sacrifice gave liberty;
freedom from my sin.
Sacrifice of knowing men,
For social liberation.

Spiritual dichotomy:
Slavery’s submission,
Social liberation;
Internal free foundation.

Posses the spirit soul,
Obedience to foundations,
Of nation or in spirit,
Duty to each and all.
Evokes appreciation,
Cause my activism.
Duty to the living God,
Navigates society.

Copyright November 27, 2004, Roger W Hancock,


Morning Crowed
            by Roger W Hancock

Not knowing his inward self,
Apostle professed allegiance.
One who knows us better,
Foretold his lack of faith.

Then before the morning cry,
Early; before the cock-a-doodle.

“Woman I do not know Him”

“I am not who you say!”

“I’ve not been with Him!”

---Denial once,

------ Denial twice,

---------- Denial once more.

Night silence broken by…
The crowing of the cock.
Learn to know to listen,
Words spoken by our Lord,
Be brave, be bold,
--- Be not ashamed.
He died for you,
------ Do not deny…
Lest, the rooster crows.

Copyright November 28, 2004, Roger W Hancock,



Vessel Me              by Roger W Hancock


Artesian well springs forth nearby ,

Giving life to formless blob.

Wet, clumped together one among all,

Pooled clay slowly shifting among firm stone.

As the fields below the humans harvest,

Time to time a lone being gathers brothers.

This pool of clay becoming smaller,

As years of muddled together huddle.

Then pulled from the nothing comfort,

Hillside wet with time shift clay.

I find myself in a human’s cave,

Not made of rock or sod and such.

Massage? Twisted, flattened, ouch too hard,

Rolled, pushed, folded under, think I not like.

Imperfections plucked before beating starts,

Mist of moisture more pliable mistreatment.

No pieces of stone or other matter,

Yesterday not matter but so smooth without.

Slammed again on rounded table,

Round to spin more gentle touch,

Yet still my shifting form conforms,

Creative whims of strong firm hands.

Round, spin round, this wheel spin,

Hands squeeze with patient pressure.

Comfort was my formless clay,

When left to nature’s timeless ways.

Now formed against my shapeless will,

Now formed against my selfish nature.

Blob less form, rounded shape now am,

From top presses in, hollows me out.

Harvester now looks with a glinting look,

I’ve not seen that look before, warms my soul.

Set aside left alone no more shifting shape,

Beside near lifelessness who’s dried to bone

But dry, my thirst to parch, I yearn,

For days back with my careless form.

Now so dry this form is set,

Those hands now so gently lift.

Placed into a large earth vessel,

Brothers whose forms now strange.

Sun’s light not seen but feel day’s heat,

Temperature increased than ever known.


So hot, so ever hot, yet still dark,

I hear a pop and rattle but cannot see.

Oh to be near the well I knew before,

Oh, when left alone to nature’s care.

Blistering hot another pop,

Whatever can that be?

Fearing melting soon to be,

Such trials never known before.

Blasting furnace heat subsides,

I hope this journey’s over.

Bursting light illuminates,

Brothers left in crumbled piles.

Lifted out and placed again,

On rounded harvest’s wheel.

Glinting look again, ‘tween hands befall,

Newfound shiftless shape conforms.

Moistness once my surface sludge,

Rough to touch now inside out.

Color sludge a distant cousin?

Horse hair brush dabs a kiss.

So many kisses I would enjoy,

Color palate on my bare canvas.

Thought, molded form, enough,

Now formed face, a painted vessel.

Short, reprieve, reminds early form,

Eventual drying to colored surface.

Then again that oven vessel,

Other brothers, different colors.

Furnace blast on surface meld,

Visual art now fused to form.

When cool again the hands arrive,

Removes again; brothers, me.

Lifted high by master’s hands,

His eyes shine a glint reflection.

Placed among others in honored rows,

Others tossed on broken pile.

New form, a new creature,

From molded clay become.

Now a vessel to be treasured,

When before I was just clay.


Copyright, August 5, 2004  Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


Crazy Lie
    by Roger W Hancock

Crazy?  I’m loosing my mind?
Perhaps it is already lost.
Kept in line by an unseen force.
Just a trigger pull away?
One small gap, a short pull,
in a weak minded moment,
to take from life to death.
an easy pull to end it all.
Crazy thoughts bring reality,
Nightmare triggers unrest,
safety catch I cannot release.
A safety net from one above,
Who refuses to let me go.
When I think on Him alone,
The lie begins too fade,
Mind not lost… I am sane,
Crazy fades to devil’s dark.

 Roger W Hancock Ó April 29, 2003 www.PoetPatriot.com

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Christian Soldier’s Prayer
y Roger W Hancock

Lord, protect me in this mission,

As I obey the orders set.

May we be successful,

That righteousness prevails.

Enemies to confront,

Hate… not be my motive.

May it be in love, I perform,

Duty to kill, hope to capture.

Give me the strength,

Give me the wisdom,

Help my brother soldier,

Understand, ‘hell of war’,

Lies beyond this life.

May they, in my life see,

Hell’s escape is You.

May fear not be my guide,

But courage of knowing You.

An example I must be,

That my brother sees…

Life in You however short,

Gives courage unsurpassed.

May I be bold not foolish,

When “Charge” the order given,

My thoughts on You above.

I pray, my prey knows too,

The joy of knowing You.

Roger W Hancock copyright May 23, 2003 www.PoetPatriot.com

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