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the PoetPatriot

2009  BLOG Archive
Last Updated,  August 22, 2008

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  Broken Promises  
Free Up the World Economies Tax on Toilet Paper We Have A New President
Newspapers listed below the opinion piece are known to have used the peace as letters.
Others may have used the piece without my awareness.

Broken Promises            - Ocotober 8, 2009

Our President is not doing so well. The first year is not over as yet and he has broken at least 7 promises. Obama promised to give 5 days for the public to look over bills. "No More Secrets" he said, and now does not release until he has signed the bills. Barack had promised no Pork Barrel add-ons. When a bill fails Democrat Congressmen simply add it on as Pork Barrel legislation. Obama said every pork barrel project would be put on-line. Private individuals have offered to pay for the online publishing, but Obama keeps them a secret. The Promise to make meetings more accessible to the public has not materialized. The Democrats have even locked out Republican Congressmen. Obama promised to abolish the Patriot Act instead he uses it to usurp presidential authority. He promised to get lobbyists out of the government, yet he has filled his cabinet with, and hired others who were lobbyists. He said he would abolish the partial detention of individuals who have not been charged then signed a bill for the complete detention of those individuals.

He reneges on his promises expecting to buy approval with hand-outs he calls a stimulus package. Obama still fights in court to keep his birth certificate and other records a secret. The President who has made the most promises for open government has been the most secretive. What has Barak Obama have to fear? What is his real agenda? We cannot be too surprised for Democrats have for some time campaigned on promises they never intended to keep. When will the voters learn the Democrats cannot be trusted on anything they say, except to raise taxes.

© September 08, 2009 Roger W Hancock,



Free Up the World Economies            - Ocotober 8, 2009

In our modern world of computers, enhanced communications and travel our world economies become more dependent upon free markets. Behind our desks we can see the markets of other countries. We have greater choices where to buy and where to invest. When one economy declines it sends fear throughout the world. Fear represses confidence in even a strong market. In economics the fear of fear is very real, having the power to lose millions.

Government taxation and regulations do not stimulate economies. Deregulation and reducing taxes stimulate by lowering costs and prices of the goods we buy. The more restrictive communist and socialist countries have seen an upswing in their economies as they free up the business' to operate with less governmental controls.

When the threat of increasing taxes and Government regulations wanes and the people again begin to have confidence in the world economies we may see the end of the recessions. Taxes must first be lowered and regulations decreased. Price increases must slow or stop and the people must begin to spend again. The last two are dependant upon the other and will slow the recovery as they begin to reconcile. A strong economy in our modern world is dependent upon confidence and free markets.

© September 08, 2009 Roger W Hancock,


Tax on Toilet Paper              - August 9, 2009

Democrats are hitting us again! Taxing toilet paper, cooking oil, toothpaste, cosmetics and other products we dispose in our waste water, was proposed by Oregon's Democrat Representative Earl Blumenauer. His tax will be aimed at the manufacturing level. H.R.3203 is called the Water Protection and Reinvestment Act of 2009 but will further burden our economy.
Taxes at any level become a part of corporate expenses increasing corporate profit. His "financed broadly by small fees" will multiply before it reaches you, the consumer. Toilet tax will increase the profits for the companies by increasing prices far beyond that of the original tax. The 3% excise tax will ultimately take much more our of our pocketbooks than just 3%.
As prices rise, the value of our money declines. Democrats contribute to inflation with every tax implemented. Bigger government, more taxes and regulations become oppression to the worker and the poor. The adage is that "Democrats are for the poor." It sounds more like the Democrats are for corporations, increasing their profits. Taxes and regulation increase inflation and unemployment rates. Democrats prove they are not for the working family and the poor.

© August 09, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Printed as a "Letter to the Editor,"   (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria. Maybe in Print maybe online only.)
Kent Reporter, 08-18-2010   -   Washington Free Press, 10-16-09   -   Othello Outlook, 08-19-09
Lake Stevens Journal, 08-25-09
   -   Washington Free Press, Sept./Oct. 2009
   -   A variation contributed to Robert Wright of Yakima - Seattle PI 08-30-09


We Have A New President                  -  January 21, 2009

Obama is now our President. The first man of Black descent to become president is surely a historical event.  The question that lies ahead is, “Will he be a good president?”  Time will surely tell.  Obama’s socialistic policies will not be good for America if comparing with the thoughts of the founding fathers.However do the American people want a change as drastic as abandoning our heritage of liberty. Greater Government control over our lives is a frightening thought. America is great but will the greatness continue if we change to a more socialistic government. America is great. Due to the greatness of our country one man cannot alone make such drastic changes.  The democrats have control of both congresses, but not all democrats are for socialism. Although the democrats control the government fortunately the socialists do not. We will have more spending, increased government, and more regulations. Watch your pocket book, Obama will keep the promise to raise taxes and break the promise to not raise taxes.  America is strong with the strongest governmental system ever implemented. She has held up under bad presidents before and will do so again. 

We do need people involved to keep our elected officials accountable. The internet will have a profound impact reflecting public opinion. We must resist the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.” Free speech is a foundation of liberty and should not be tampered with. Restriction of speech is the first step toward fascism.  But such is not beyond the Democratic Party’s desire for control over you and I. We will see and time will tell. America must stay well.  

The founders that opposed slavery would surely be pleased as to how far we have come. I am pleased that bigotry appears to be waning overall in America’s society. However, I am concerned about Obama’s so-called ‘changes’.  Will he change the democrat implemented policies that led to the financial crises or will he make it worse?  Will Obama be able to change the course the democrat congress has been heading over the past few years? I do not think so. For that we will be saved from some of Obama’s promises. Business goes on and we continue our lives, hoping for the best, fearing the worst.

© January 21, 2009 Roger W Hancock


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