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PoetPatriot   -  Patriotic Poems by the PoetPatriot

 PoetPatriot on Holiday - Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated on second Sunday in May.

From God's love, the first love a baby knows is that of a Mother's love.
 These are the various resources @ for your celebration of Mother's Day.

Dearest     -     Poetry     -     Sayings     -     History     -     Miscellaneous

Mother, God's Gift To Us.
A Mother loves, nurtures, and never stops to baby her 'baby.'    

Mommy Dearest

     Mommy dearest is the first so near us; first between us dependence between us. We depend on Mom as she begins to depend upon our responses to her nurturing. Though disgusting Mom cleaned our messes; urps and burps and dirty diapers. Mom fed us to satisfy our selfish needs; hungering, thirsting and need of Mom's loving. Growing, developing and though still selfish we learned of loving, from Mother's loving, Mother's caring. We grew, we fussed, we've broken our Mother's heart; yet our Mother's love still remains on us.
     We mature becoming grown up, having learned appreciation of Mother's many sacrifices. Through our heartaches and varied disappointments, Mother listened to our grievances. Mother loved us then, Mother loves us now, Mother will always love you and me. As adults we will always be, always be our Mother's 'baby.' I love you, Mommy Dear!
© 04-29-2012 Roger W Hancock

Mother's Day Poetry

 Mother's Day

Mothers and motherhood,
honor a mother, whether be yours,
or another's motherhood.
Honor a mother on Mother's Day.

© April 5, 2010 Roger W Hancock


Motherís Prayer

by Roger W Hancock

Loveís first embrace,

to teach, pass on;

unceasing prayer,

that I not stray.

The hurt I cause,

cannot break the ties,

built when just a babe.

Love passed out,

without condition,

through loveís tears,

to wash her pain.

Her trust in God,

when I do not,

restrains me,

in Godís sight.

Motherís fervent prayer,

Godís Son shines,

life on motherís child.

© Copyright April 21, 2004 Roger W Hancock



Strained Yet Stronger Love

by Roger W Hancock

Our family may not have been so close.

We chipped each otherís shoulders.

You caused me pain unjustified.

I caused you pain when I rebelled.

Though time would pass I still would visit

I never have forsaken you,

I come around even more these days,

Than those that now are passed.

Even though we built a barrier

The bond is greater still.

Standing stronger yet this day,

Bonding love Ďtween mother, son,

Shall never fade away.

© 05-02-2004 Roger W Hancock


 Mommy Deary

    by Roger W Hancock 


Mommy Deary gave clear eyes,
to learn to see to make me... me.
Mommy's love teaches love,
for me to others love.

© 04-29-2012 Roger W Hancock

Making a Man

    by Roger W Hancock

Mother loving me;
years caring, nurturing me;
Mom's job makes a man.


© 04-29-2012 Roger W Hancock

Making a Lady

    by Roger W Hancock

Always loving you;
Mother's caring, nurturing;
made you a lady.


© 04-29-2012 Roger W Hancock


God Gave Mothers

    by Roger W Hancock


God gave us Mother's,
a gift to cherish, to love,
to teach us, love us.


© 04-29-2012 Roger W Hancock


More Poems of Mother's Love

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Mother's Day

A day to celebrate your Mother's sacrifices. A day to celebrate the relationship with your Mother. A day to celebrate your Mother's love. A day of thanksgiving to God for your Mother. A day to honor Mother. Remember Mother this day and everyday.
© 04-29-2012 Roger W Hancock

Mother's Day Quotations

Family Quotes Family, MOTHER, Father, Children, Friends; Quotations by the PoetPatriot

Mother's Day Sayings for Signs, Bulletins, Newsletters
Mothers are the essence of Love.   A pinch from Mother is a pinch of love.

Mother Sayings Sayings about Mother and of Mother's Day @

"Honor your mother this Mother's Day."
"Mothers are God's angels on earth."
"When you were scraping your knees, your Mother was on hers."
"A Mother's Love enables the impossible."
"It's Mother's way we loved so much, we honor on this day."

More Mother Sayings by the PoetPatriot

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Love Messages One Line Love Sayings collected from the internet.

Remember Mother on Mother's Day - Reconcile this day!

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate Mother. It is a day show Mom your appreciation for all she has done all of your life. When necessary it is a day to reconcile with your Mother, forgive her, forget the transgression, if you even remember it; if not then obviously it was not that important or you were too young to correctly evaluate the situation. Reconcile with your Mother today! Tomorrow may be too late! Failure to reconcile will haunt a person until their dying day. Tell your Mother you Love her, NOW!
© 04-29-2012 Roger W Hancock


Remember the good times in the history with your Mother. So much is missed when you have missed a Mother. Whether you knew her or never knew her, the loss is great. Having never known a Mother you will never know your loss.
© 05-02-2012 Roger W Hancock

Mother's Day TimeLine Origin of Mother's Day - How the observance began.

Miscellaneous Pages @

Poetry on Holiday  - Poetry of American Holidays - Armed Forces - Pow/Mia - Pearl Harbor - More
Rhymes on Holiday  - Rhymes of American Holidays
Patriotic Links  - Links to other American Patriotic websites
Holiday TimeLines  - Origins of the American Holidays
Article on Divorce  - Divorce 'divorce' from your vocabulary.
Why an Affair ? - Article  - An Affair is always empty, failing to bring the expected satisfaction.

Reciprocal Links will go here.
Copyright 2012 Roger W Hancock,

PoetPatriot on Holiday - Mother's Day
Mother not near is missed so dearly. Send your mother the dearest of flowers.
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