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Stuttering with the PoetPatriot 
Poems, Haiku, Rhymes & Writings About Stuttering

St - Stuttering Together!  We Shall Overcome!
National Stuttering Awareness Day is October 22
National Stuttering Awareness Week is the second week in May.
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Stressed Victory Voice Rejoice Stutter Stress Less Stress
Stutter Greater Stuttered Endurance Burdened Strength Struggled Expression
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The PoetPatriot's Stutter The King's Speech
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Building confidence builds towards Victory

The PoetPatriot's Stutter

by Roger W Hancock

     I am Roger W Hancock, the PoetPatriot. I am a stutterer. Not as bad as some but more than others. I was much worse when I was a child. The teasing by other children did not help much, but such is life. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me," eventually became the mantra of my retaliation. I had speech therapy in grade school but remember nothing, only that I was in it. I do however, remember the stuttering. I did not 'out-grow' it but rather I learned to deal with it.
      I am a bit more self-conscious than most people anyway, so in fighting my stutter I also must fight myself. Confidence in what I was doing or talking about lessened my stammer. I learned from that and from other observations but found the implementation to be much more difficult. When I am nervous or excited I will stutter more. When relaxed and confident in what I am doing I barely stutter if at all. Surprisingly, in spite of me, I do pretty well with public speaking on stage. Fortunately I am not known as a stuttering poet, just a poet who sometimes stutters.
      I have had friends who were not aware I stammered, until I, apologized for a little stutter. Most people will stutter at some time or other, so apparently I am over-self-conscious of my stutter. Unless really caught on a sound, I have learned to push past the little stutters. Most people will not even notice, let alone remember.
      When really engrossed in a conversation I find myself stuttering more, but will try the various tactics I have learned to overcome. I also have learned to mentally re-write words or phrases to allow a more smooth delivery of the thought. I believe the mental rewrite technique has facilitated my creativity in poetry.
      I have more recently come to realize the influences of my dyslexia on my stutter. Dyslexia may have been a contributing factor in my stuttering however it has definitely influenced my gaining some control over the stutter. Being a multidimensional thinker has enabled my quickly selecting alternate words or phrases to get past the voice lock of the stutter. See Dyslexia - Curse or Gift
     Below you will find my poems and thoughts on stuttering. Working together sharing experiences, failures and victories... Observing - Listening - Learning . . . Relaxing . . . We Will Overcome!

© 01-05-2012, 7-23-15 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com

The King's Speech

Watch The King's Speech -FREE or Watch The King's Speech on Netflix

The King's Speech is a movie about the King of Great Britain, King George VI. When just Prince Albert he remained satisfied not being King because of his stuttering. When His brother King Edward VIII renounced the thrown to marry an American the Prince found himself facing his stuttering as the future spokesperson of a nation. His speech therapist inspired him to face his fears and struggle of stuttering to become King.

Stressed Victory
by Roger W Hancock
Victory expression,
when in myself I find,
words and calmness to express,
beyond the stutter stress.

© 12-07-2011 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 


Do A Rewrite
by Roger W Hancock

     When stuck upon a word, I will try to come up with another that will break the stutter. Another word or phrase to convey the same thought but that I might be able to pronounce without stuttering through it.  I will often stutter when telling someone my name, "Roger Hancock." When that happens I will often stop and then say, "Hancock, Roger Hancock." Doing that breaks the throat restriction of trying to say, "Roger." Restarting with "Hancock" will usually allow me to follow with "Roger," without the stutter. I believe the technique of using different words and sentences to avoid my stutter, have helped build the skill of writing poetry.
© 12-08-2011 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 

Voice Rejoice
by Roger W Hancock
Victory Voice,
voicing calmly,
enunciating clearly,
slow deliberate talking,
battling the stuttering.
Fighting the stammering,
during my conversing,
when heard clearly,
spoken calmly,
Victory’s rejoice.

© 12-07-2011 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com


Speak a Speech

     Make every sentence a speech. Your thoughts are just as valid as the next person. Some will agree and some most certainly will not. Do not worry whether or not received, the greatest orators had resistors. “Who am I to express my thoughts?” My thoughts are no less important than yours, thus, yours no less than mine. One who makes a speech has the air of authority. The confident person will present themselves as authoritative. Stuttering is a stumbling block causing self-consciousness which then causes us to stammer more. Break the cycle and be confident. With every word, every phrase, and every sentence, speak out as if a speech.
© 12-08-2011 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 


- Haiku -

Stutter Stress
by Roger W Hancock

Stu – Stu - Stutter stress,
Tr – Tr - Tra - Try to express,
nice to get it out !

© 12-07-2011 Roger W Hancock,

- Rhyme -
Less Stress

by Roger W Hancock
When I'm tired, when I'm stressed,
I will stammer more,
When I'm rested, when relaxed,
I will stutter less.

© 12-07-2011 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 

Talk Like Ted
by Roger W Hancock

     Remember the character Ted Knight on the Mary Tyler Moore Show?  He was an egotistical arrogant news announcer who would always talk as though announcing a news story. He would suck in his stomach/diaphragm, modulate his voice, and enunciate his words, clearly and plainly.  When I do the same I find I do not stutter. However, (to myself) I sound just as flakey as Ted Knight did on the show. Because of that my self-consciousness has kept me from using that technique. So forget yourself and remember to talk like Ted.
© 12-08-2011 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 


Stutter Greater
by Roger W Hancock

Do I flutter when I stutter,

when I try to better utter?
Do I mutter when I stutter,
trying not to utter stutter?
I shutter when I utter.
fearing I may stutter.
I'll take my stutter,
skitter my letters,
envision better calm water,
to better skip my stutter.
In conveyance within my utterance,
greater the message than my stutter.
© 05-10-2016 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 

Don't Appologize
by Roger W Hancock

     Although it may have become a habit, try to avoid apologizing for a stutter. Work past it and move on with your conversation. If your stuttering is mild the listener may not have even noticed the stutter. Such applies when giving a speech; when you make a mistake simply move on and few will even notice or remember it.
© 12-07-2011 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 


Stuttered Endurance
by Roger W Hancock

St - st - st - stut – stuttering,
‘got much to say,
but cah - cah - can’t get it out.
Ta - Ta - Talking not easy,
some take for granted.
Nuh - Nuh - Nuh - No patience,
for me when I wish to respond.
So I - I stuh - stuh - stuh – stew,
in quiet, frustrated reflection.
When on my buh - buh - best duh - days,
sometimes I pause, silence,
then proceed with rewrote words,
to avoid the muscle sp - spasm.
That bl - bl - blasted stuh - stuttering,
self consciousness over whelms,
when expression locked inside.
Loo - Loo - Look beyond the self yu - yu -
you see, release the inner you.
Gee - Gee - Geeenius lies in everyone,
reh - ready to express, when…
self conscious thoughts ignored.
Suh - Suh - Sooooh, I in spite of me,
find other means, other words,
to express my inner thuh - thoughts.

© 04-04-2003 Roger W Hancock   www.PoetPatriot.com

Be Patient, People
by Roger W Hancock

     Do not tell me to slow down!   I have heard “Slow down.” thousands of times and I already know that if I were to slow down I might be able to get my words across.  Stuttering is tough enough without the added stress of being told over and over what to do when you are already trying to do so!  My throat constricts as I try to get the words spoken before I lose the thought. The inability to slow down seems just as much a part of stuttering as the stuttering itself. I have learned tricks like rephrasing sentences or using different words to avoid the sounds on which I am stuck. When you tell me to slow down you are disrupting that thought process as well as build my frustration ( I already know to slow down!!!! Just can’t do it! ). So if you wish to help me … please do not help me. Perhaps simply suggest the word you think I am trying to get to, but give me time to try first.
     As with other handicaps, as a stutterer, I do not want your sympathy, I do not want your help. Let me do it on my own, even if I struggle.  Please be patient. I know that can be difficult, as I find that I also get impatient with others who are worse stutterers than I am.
     Be patient and endure the frustration of trying to listen to me and know that I suffer with you.

© 10-02-2011 Roger W Hancock   www.PoetPatriot.com

- Rhyme -

Burdened Strength
by Roger W Hancock

Everyone carries a burden,
some more obvious than others.
Look to God who gave the burden,
He also gave you the strength.

© 12-06-2011 Roger W Hancock,

Stutter, ‘Studder’ or Stammer?

by Roger W Hancock

     When I stutter do I ‘studder?’  Searching the internet for the correct spelling I find that when I ‘studder’ I am not stuttering, even though I stutter. I may stammer when I stutter but I do not ‘studder.’ I have found organizations that have used the word ‘studder’ but they must have stuttered when writing it down and came up with the incorrect ‘studder.’ Though we stutter we are smarter so we check our spelling and discard the spelling of ‘studder’. ‘Studdering’ apparently has no meaning, while ‘stutter’ and ‘stammer’ reflects our talking.
     So when a comment about our ‘studder,’ tell them you do not ‘studder.’ We may stutter, we may stammer but we never, never, ‘studder.’

© 12-07-2011 Roger W Hancock


- Haiku -

Struggled Expression

by Roger W Hancock

Intense desire,
struggling expressive voice;
stammering burden.

© 12-06-2011 Roger W Hancock,


Stuttered Justice
by Roger W Hancock

     People can be cruel. Sometimes intentional, sometimes they just think they are funny. Laughing with them sometimes turns the laughing away from being at you to laughing with you. Laugh with me, not at me, but if you laugh at me, I learn the frailty of your heart.
     I once had a co-worker who would on occasion mimic my stuttering. His name was Tom. Tom worked construction while I worked in maintenance. Tom also served as chairman of the local Utility Coordinating Council. One day he saw me across the construction yard and could not resist a conversation with me. So, here comes Tom to wish me a good day, and of course, to mimic my stuttering.
     On that particular day Tom was scheduled to chair the Utility Coordinating Council meeting. The following day he again purposely looked me up but with a different purpose. He 'sort of' apologized, saying he would never mimic my stuttering again. Tom then told me that after mimicking my stuttering he was not able to ‘shake off’ the stuttering. He stuttered all day long. He had stuttering through the chairing of the scheduled meeting. Poetic justice? Stuttered justice?
     I guess I got the last laugh on that. However it is my hope that Tom not only for self-preservation stopped making fun of my stuttering but also learned from it. Hopefully Tom learned a little compassion having himself experienced some of the stutterer's frustration.
     I now wonder, did I laugh with Tom or at him?

© 12-08-2011 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 


  Prepare to Speak
by Roger W Hancock

Relax, take a breath,
modulate to speak,
as announcer on TV.
Suck in your gut to speak,
know what you want to say,
enunciate your speech.
Do not care what other think,
relax within your speech.
Take a breath every sentence,
with confidence of speech.
Within your mind place the words,
for your thought convey . . .
then begin to speak.

© 12-08-2011 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 

Visualize and Practice
by Roger W Hancock

     Visualize yourself fluently talking. Visualize yourself up on a stage giving a speech. Remember a particular conversation with a family member or close friend and visualize it without the stuttering. Now go to that person, stop, breath, visualize and begin to speak the same words you remember from the earlier conversation. Knowing and visualizing what you are going to say helps to reduce the stress of the expected stuttering. However it will not happen overnight for most of us. Practice, practice will make more perfect. Remember, "Baby Steps." You begin by using previous conversations or using a written out dialog and then progress visualizing in a normal impromptu conversation.
     Perhaps join a Toastmasters club. There are techniques in public speaking that may help you to regulate your speech. I found Toastmasters to be very useful in teaching techniques that I use in conversation. I also gained confidence in Public Speaking thus gaining confidence in normal conversations. Toastmasters provide a non-threatening environment in which to improve public speaking, inadvertently improving your casual talk. Using the successes in Toastmasters gives you experiences you can use to visualize success. Visualization and practice will help you to slow down to a more deliberate and less stressful speech with more regulated fluency.

© 12-09-2011 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 


Public Speaking, Public Stutter
by Roger W Hancock

 On stage standing to give a speech,
 pulse increases a reddened face.
 Fear of faces looking forward,
 intently ready to listen.
 Reasoning... no reason to fear,
 neural network does not comply.
 Knees quiver as clammy hands reach,
 grasp the paper of topic notes.
 Time arrives for a greater fear,
 fright of spasm-ed stuttering,
 Reasoning to slow down, speak out,
 quivering nerves, blood storm surges.
 Deep inhale of a nervous breath,
 visualize a fluent speech.
 Enunciate the expertise,
 confrontation, two fronts feared.
 Speech delivered with few hitches,
 speaking past stuttered glitches.
 Constricted chords... stopped relaxed,
 proceed speaking alternate word.
 Audience intent on content,
 not the stutter muscle spasms,
 Survived storm surge muscle spasm,
 few noticed the stammering.

© 12-10-2011 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 

 Note:  Of course, the more extreme the stutter the more one must work to relax.

Practice your Presentation
by Roger W Hancock

When you have a presentation, a speech, or other Public Speaking engagement it is essential that you practice. Whether you stutter or not, practice provides for a more smooth presentation of the information. Plan ahead practice before time.
You should practice several times, which allows you to focus on different aspects of your presentation so you can bring it all together at the final performance. Yes, a speech or other presentation is a performance. You perform on stage to put across your information.
You might wish to practice in front of family or friends. This helps with the 'fear' factor. You can also solicit feed back from you small audience. Feedback may provide information as to your performance that you may not be aware of. Do not be offended, but learn from the critique.
Practicing in front of a mirror allows you to see your hand gestures and other body movement. Gestures are an important part of your presentation, providing some animation. Gestures help to emphasize your points. You may catch some bad habits you might have, such as pulling or scratching your ears or rubbing your nose. These habits we have created over time tend to be distracting to an audience.
For those of us who stutter, we have other factors to work on in order to provide us with confidence and more control to allow for greater fluency. Regulate your pronunciation to a rate that may allow you a measure of fluency. Practice the pronunciation at that rate so that when you give the presentation you will know what to do. If you already have a technique that allows fluency then practice your presentations using that technique so that you will be fluent for the presentation.
Public speaking by itself can cause nervousness. Relax before beginning the presentation. When practicing also practice the relaxing as a part of the practice.
Practice, practice, and practice more. Practice makes for a more perfect performance.

  © 12-15-2016 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 

Me the Key
by Roger W Hancock

When just friends we were,
talking was easier then.
Now that I’m sweet on you,
the stuttering keeps me quiet.

Your presence sweet,
enjoyed so just as friends.
Conversing about your dreams,
so relaxing was your voice,

Now my heart it pounds within,
my chest I think might burst.
Just to hear your voice again,
brings no comfort to that thirst.

They say no gain without the pain,
but when will love release?
It feels so great to love you so,
but the pain I cannot bear.

Maybe it be me the key,
that the secret be with me.
Courage must be to tell you, so…
you’ll know, I’m in love with you.

© 02-10-2002 Roger W Hancock  

Note:  "Me the Key" is my first poem to mention stuttering.

Mechanical Fluency
by Roger W Hancock

     Do you find you do not stutter as much when talking across the internet on your computer?  If so there is a phenomenon that may be in play. If there is a fraction of a second delay in your hearing your own voice your brain is slightly confused and is forced to slow down which also slows down your speaking. Have you ever heard the echo of your own voice on a cell phone? Well both delays are similar with the echo having a greater delay than desired. The echo you hear on a cell phone is annoying, forcing you to either slow down to talk past it or to hang up and try again.
     When I was in college I had a Radio Show (closed circuit, just on campus) I was able to announce a recording without stuttering. I would turn off the microphone and then stammer through asking someone for a particular recording to cue up. When I turned the microphone back on to announce the recording I did not stutter.  After learning of the delay phenomenon I thought back. The college radio studio had a large window between it and the lobby where there were speakers to allow visitors to listen. I remember that the speakers could be slightly heard inside the studio, but not enough to interfere. There was a very slight delay of my voice filtered through the electronics and the window causing my brain to slow itself down allowing me to talk more fluently.
     The concept of delaying your own voice back to you has been used to create an earpiece that looks much like a hearing aid.  Instead of amplifying sounds it delays sounds to your ear and brain. That delay will allow a stutterer to slow down and more fluently carry on a conversation. I am a cheap-skate and unwilling to put out the cost of such a device. A friend of mine who cannot speak a single fluent sentence bought one of these devices and was able to carry on a more fluent conversation with much less stuttering than without the device. He was ecstatic over the improvement.
     There are various manufacturers of Anti-stuttering devices, and they can be quite “spendy.” If you can use natural means to slow yourself down that is much preferred. However, we know how difficult that can be. You must decide which method, natural or mechanical, you will use. If your stuttering is severe, I sincerely suggest one of these devices.
     Terms to search for the devices: stuttering cure, fluency device, stuttering device, stuttering aids and easy speech.

© 12-09-2011 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 


Stutter On
by Roger W Hancock
Stuttter on, working on,
from man's innate nature,
expect the ridicule.
Stutter on, working on,
to grow our character
better than the fool.

© 11-28-2016 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com

Read Poetry

by Roger W Hancock

     Reading Poetry is an exercise that allows practice in regulating the speed of your speech as well as proper delivery as prescribed by the punctuation. Read Poetry out loud with an audience of one or more.  Read the poetry slowly paying attention to the punctuation. Reading poetry with the intent to deliver it as the author intended makes your mind work more thus slowing it down and often reducing stuttering. Slowing down the mind will either reduce the stammering or allow you more control over the delivery of your thoughts allowing a reduction in your stammer.
     Poetry should be read slowly with attention paid to all punctuation. I tend to read fast, subconsciously, trying to get my thoughts out before the stutter. Reading poetry I have had to learn to read slower, forcing my mind to slow down, subsequently, reducing my stuttering. Think of a Coffee House with 'Open Mic’ Night,' people singing, playing jazz, or reading poetry. The poetry is often read at a pace slower than one would normally read out loud. Poetry when read is a performance art. Perform as you read the poetry. Pretending to perform builds confidence for when you perform your talking. Poetry reading out loud with an audience builds confidence and provides the practice of regulating your speaking.
     Practice reading; practice poetry; using the practice to learn about yourself and your stuttering. The more you learn which techniques work the more tools you have to use when talking. Public Speaking is the number one fear among Americans. Overcome that fear and you have substantially increased your confidence. Increase your confidence and you may substantially decrease your stuttering. Use Poetry as a tool to learn the regulating of your mind in formulating your thoughts and then the slower delivery when you speak. Regulate your speech; regulate your mind with practice, verbally reading poetry.

© 01-09-2012 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 


by Roger W Hancock

My stutter hindered, my stutter has helped,

though the help was stutter stealth.

Years of trials, practice and tears,

has strengthened me in mental health.

My stutter may be what people see,

I must project the poignant thought.

© 02-28-2017 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com

Slowly Talking ?
by Roger W Hancock

     Talking slowly may sometimes help to reduce the stutter, but may just as likely facilitate our stammer. That is partly why we get so much more tensed up when we are told to, "Slow down and form your words." We have already have experienced failure that came with slowing down. We also have heard that statement so many times that it irritates us, further causing us tension from within our psyche.  Although slowing down may help to incorporate the techniques that work for each individual.
     If simply talking slowly would allow us fluency, we would talk slowly to be able to talk fluently. It just does not work that way.
Just hearing the statement, "Slow Down." tightens up our psyche which tightens up our whole body, as well as our vocal chords.
Talking slowly does not, in itself, provide fluency. Even when talking slowly seems to work, there is sometimes to much of a good thing. When talking too slow or too fast, the thresholds of each are different for each of us and may differ from one attempt to the next. When at the threshold where a lock may occur, any bit of tension from our psyche (nervousness) is more likely to block the fluency.
     Confidence may be the greater key. Confidence reduces the tension of our psyche, allowing more fluent progression. Confidence is the oil in the trial of various techniques. Within confidence we are more able to "control," to a measure, our stutter.

        My  Stutter
My stutter is a trial to overcome.
My stutter is hurdle to jump.
My stutter is anxiety to be calmed down.
My stutter reveals I must build confidence.
My stutter is weakness that I become stronger
My stutter is an enemy to conquer.
The spoils of victory is my fluency.
© 08-23-2017 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 

Find a Support Group

by Roger W Hancock

    I attended my first Support Group in September, of 2012. It was a Seattle Adult Chapter of the National Stuttering Association. I figured I'd attend at least one meeting to get a feel of it and promote this webpage. I did not really expect much for I have self-examined myself for many years now. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.
    The meeting began with the courage of Stacey beginning the meeting stuttering out that the meeting is to be a safe haven to speak out our frustrations whether we stutter it out or not. I had tried helping her with a word once but then began holding the temptation to do so. I had meant to ask if she found that annoying or perhaps welcomed it. [Some times when I am facilitating some meeting I would just prefer that someone finish my sentence so I can move on with the meeting. But that is me and she was not me.] I found the meeting very enlightening and uplifting. To hear the stories and frustrations others have to tell and then also tell of mine made all of us friends. I had known that most stutterers suffer the same frustrations but to actually hear it from others, to know that I am truly not alone has alleviated some of the self-imposed stigma of stuttering. I was not even aware I was still imposing the victimization of stuttering onto myself. Many of the issues I have discussed above were brought up by others.
    I may or may not attend future meetings (due to time, money, and memory constraints) but there is now a pulling towards gathering with others who also stutter.
    I have attended Church, Scouting, Toastmasters, and Poet Circles, where friends are made. In a 'Support Group,' as I just learned, there is a therapeutic value in gathering and sharing with others who suffer the same condition as yourself. Through this experience I no longer hold "Support Groups" in the same low esteem as I have in the past.

Famous People who Stuttered
by Roger W Hancock

Marilyn Monroe - John Stossel - Bruce Willis - Tiger Woods - Many more...
Stuttering can be overcome or at least be controlled with determination and knowledge.

Prince Albert
- The stuttering Monaco prince never imagined he would become King, becoming so when his brother, King Edward VIII abdicated the thrown to marry American, Wallis Simpson. His stutter was so severe he remained satisfied to not be King. See King George

Rowan Atkinson - Comedian (Rowan and Martin's Laughin). Rowan would pronouncedly articulate to over-speak his blocks.

Joe Biden
- Vice President from 2009 - 2012. Joe practiced in front of his mirror working to learn control of his stuttering. He has become quite the orator for the liberal Democrat crowd.

Emily Blunt
- British Actress. When a child Emily was asked to use her accent in a school play and found that the scripted words helped her become more fluent.

Nicholas Brendon
- Actor; most noted for his role as Xander in the TV series, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Brendon has served as Chairman of the National Stuttering Awareness Week. Brendon continues to use techniques learned in speech therapy. Nicholas works to make the public aware of the stutter's suffering. He has said, "Stuttering is a lonely place to be."

Lewis Carroll
- Author of Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, The Hunting of the Snark, and Jabberwocky. Lewis was also a logician, mathematician, photographer and an Anglican deacon. Lewis was one of eleven children born to his parents who all stuttered into adulthood. Carroll stuttered throughout his life learning to avoid the traps where his stutter would be counter productive to his desired effects.

Wilt Chamberlain
- Actor, Athlete, Coach, Screenwriter. Wilt had a stammer when growing up. Other of his family also stuttered.

Winston Churchill
- Britain's military leader during WWII. Millions listened to his inspirational speeches. One expert John Mather, M.D. disagrees that Churchill actually stammered but may simply had a lisp. Churchill once mentioned to his mother as being, "Tongue tied," although family members and secretaries have only mentioned the lisp and not stuttering. Recordings of Churchill's Iron Curtain speech has clear evidences of stuttering says Nan B. Ratner ED.D. and Vivian Sisskin, M.A. of the University of Maryland's Hearing and Speech Sciences department. His pausing for effect may not have been stammers but he may have learned the use because of stammer pauses, if indeed he ever stuttered.

- Roman Emperor (41-54). Claudious is said to have stuttered in his youth.

- Great Greek orator. Self treated his stuttering by placing pebbles in his mouth and practiced speaking out over the roar of the sea.

Noel Gallagher
- Guitarist, Musician, Singer, Songwriter. Noel took four years of speech therapy to better his fluency.

King George VI
- A King who suffered with stuttering. Becoming King made him spokesperson to a nation. Therapy prior to and after his becoming King concentrated on breathing exercises. The movie, "The King's Speech" tells the tale of King George VI. See Prince Albert

Hugh Grant
- English Comedian and actor, Hugh won a Golden Globe Award. Grant used his stuttering in his comedy acts but later overcame his stammer as his career shifted to more serious rolls.

Roger W Hancock
- Poet, writer, researcher of this website. Stuttering as a child Roger wondered how it would affect his earning a living when an adult. As a young man he learned various techniques to help reduce the muscle spasms. Hancock worked on his stuttering during his career as a telephone installer/repairman to eventually become the PoetPatriot of this website. Roger has been a District level Republican Party Chairman and has been a Cub Scout Master. He has performed his poetry on stage and continues to improve his communication skills.

Bo Jackson
- Actor, Athlete, Businessman, Baseball and Football player. Jackson stuttered profusely in his childhood.

James Earl Jones
- Actor of Broadway, movies, and TV. He is the voice of Star Wars' 'Darth Vader' and wrote the book Voices and Silences. Jones is an ardent supporter of literacy and the arts and humanities, receiving the 2008 Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award. Encouraged by a teacher James began to speak more in class working on the stammering. James participated in debate class and the dramatic reading class and others where he was able to practice and face his stutter. At 79 years old Jones would still be found on stage most any day of the week.

Nicole Kidman
- Academy Award Actor. She has overcome her childhood stutter and remembers, "being so excited to get it out and I couldn't get it out."

Harvey Keitel - Actor, Producer - He gained his fluency having overcome a rather severe stutter as a child.

Kendrick Lamar
- Vocal Artist. Kendrick stuttered as a child but uses his singing to communicate how he wants.

Bob Love - Chicago Bulls basketball superstar. Bob kept his stuttering from the fans preferring to let his game talk for him. He has become the 'Bulls' Community Affairs director and a motivational speaker.

Greg Louganis
- Actor, Athlete, Author, Coach, Model and more. Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis attended speech therapy to treat his childhood stammer.

Chris Martin
- Member of the alternative rock band Coldplay. Chris believes stuttering as a child is why he puts his energy into his music. Martin can still be caught occasionally tripping over his words.

Kenyon Martin - Denver Nuggets basketball star who twice has been a member of the Olympic Team USA. He was a member of the NBA All-star team in 2004. Stuttering had been a burden for Kenyon growing up with his fearing interviews becoming a basketball star in college. When he became the No. 1 draft pick for the NBA in 2000 he resolved to do something. Kenyon now confronts his stuttering, refusing to worry about what others may think.

John Melendez
- Actor, comedian, and musician.

Kylie Minogue
- Used singing to overcome stuttering.

Marilyn Monroe
- Actress; America's most popular historical television sex-symbol. Marilyn suffered with stuttering off and on throughout her life. Marilyn's breathy voice was a result of her learning to cope with stuttering. Speech therapy taught her to deliberately breathe before speaking to allow a more fluent speech. However life's stresses caught up with Marilyn during the filming of her last and unfinished movie, Something's Got to Give. The stress was so great it increased the stutter spasms so that she was often unable to deliver a line.

Elon Musk
- Rocket engineer and Ceo of SpaceX does not allow his stutter to stop his endeavors. He has put on many presentations on his plans to colonize Mars.

Sam Neill
- Actor, Buisnessman, Director, Screenwriter, and Voice actor. In Childhood Neill had a stammer.

Isaac Newton
- Isaac was Chemist, Philosopher, Physicist, Politician, Scientist and other positions to his credit. With no definitive documentation it is speculated that Isaac Newton stuttered. and as being so self-conscious that he requested the windows of Parliment building to be closed so the public could not hear his speaking. Newton rare and sporadic speaking lends to the speculation as well. Although as well known that Isaac Newton was one would think there would be some definite information about his stutter.

Jack Paar
- Host and creator of today's format on The Tonight Show. He was one of the first celebrities to openly talk about his stuttering. On the show he would discuss his childhood difficulties to inspire others who stuttered as well. Inspired by Demosthenes, Jack had taken buttons from among his mother's sewing notions and would put them in his mouth and practice talking aloud.

Byron Pitts
- CBS news journalist. He won an Emmy for his journalism.

Elvis Presley - Elvis stuttered at times during performances. He would stop speaking and begin again, rephrasing his thoughts.
His stutter was most evident performing at the Louisiana Hayride.

Anthony Quinn
- Actor, Boxer, Painter, Producer, Restaurateur and others. Quinn had a childhood stammer.

Alan Rabinowitz
- Conservationist, explorer, and zoologist. Working to protect endangered species he wrote Beyond the Last Village. As a child Alan viewed animals as like himself, without a voice. He ran to avoid people, learning more of endangered animals. He came to realize that he had to improve his speaking if he were to be a voice for the animal kingdom.

Eric Roberts - Actor, Julia Roberts brother. Has been quite open about his severe stutter as a child.

Julia Roberts
- Academy Award Actress. Julia is rather quiet about her stutter but has said she suffered from stuttering in the past.

Ed Sheeran - Vocal Artist. A trauma when young began his stutter. Following the fast melodic percussive voice of Eminem's Marshal Mathers LP, helped Ed to overcome his stutter.

Carly Simon
- Oscar and Grammy winning singer and songwriter. She has had many 'Hits,' two being Anticipation and You're So Vain. When therapy for stuttering when she was a child failed, Carlie turned to singing and song writing where she never stuttered.

Tom Sizemore
- Singer, Producer, Actor; Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Heat, Natural Born Killers. When a young man Tom Sizemore had a stutter.

Darren Sproles
- Running back for the San Diego Chargers. He was twice named 'Player of the Year' by the Kansas City Star.

Cole Sprouse - Disney Star and actor. When a child Cole used acting to help overcome his stutter.

James (Jimmy) Stewart - Actor, Director. Oscar-winning actor, James Stewart, stuttered, which may be why the drawn out drawl of his speech. Stewart acted in Numerous Movies; It's a Wonderful Life, Airport 77, and Vertigo the "best movie of all-time, just to name a few."

John Stossel
- Successful broadcast journalist. He still works to avoid the stutter. Stossel's story on Fox

Dave Taylor
- NHL Hockey Player for the Los Angeles Kings team for 17 seasons. He won two NHL awards; Bill Masterson Memorial Trophy and the King Clancy Memorial Trophy. He became the Kings' General Manager and Vice President and later Personnel director for the Dallas Stars. Always open about his stutter, during interviews he would hyperventilate to move himself to a state where he would stutter less.

Mel Tillis
- Stuttered conversations continued throughout his life yet the regulation of singing made him one of the more famous Country Music Stars. Still coping with his stutter Mel has had a very successful career with fans across America and around the world.

John Updike
- A Best Selling Author.  Most noted for his, Rabbit at Rest and Brazil. "I have lots of words inside me: but at moments, like rush-hour traffic at the mouth of a tunnel, they jam." - John Updike.

Ken Venturi
- The voice of Golf for over 30 years. Ken has been an U.S. Open golf champion. He has since gained success as a CBS Sports commentator. Ken is an outspoken advocate for stuttering. He was the first national spokesman for the Stuttering Foundation. He often shared his experience with colleagues, friends and other stutter sufferers.

Bill Walton
- NBC Sports commentator. Walton is an NBA All Star and member of the NBA Hall of Fame. Walton avoided any therapy until at age 28 broadcaster Marty Glickman explained to him that talking was not a birthright but a skill that needed to be developed. "I thought about the fundamentals of the game and how to start with the basics like the ability to mechanically duplicate moves on a basketball court. And then I just applied that to speaking," Bill Walton. He chewed gum to build up his jaw muscles. Bill Walton has become a spokesperson for the Stuttering Foundation.

Michelle Williams
- Vocal Artist, Destiny's Child. "My mind was thinking so much faster than what my mouth could say. In learning to overcome her stutter she became quite 'proper' in her fluency, and was often accused of "trying to talk like a white person."

Bruce Willis - Movie and TV Actor, most noted for his roles in the TV series, Moonlighting and the "Die Hard" movies. Bruce had a severe stutter as a child and eventually found his stutter substantially reduced, when in character, performing roles in High School Drama productions. He openly speaks of his childhood frustrations during interviews to encourage others who also stutter.

Bill Withers
- Singer and Songwriter with hits like Ain't No Sunshine, Use Me, My Love, Lean on Me and Just the Two of Us. Withers stutter was greater when a child and the speech therapy he received while in the Navy gave him the confidence to pursue his love of music.

Frank Wolf
- Congressman of Virginia. Congressman Wolf felt his stuttering challenge prepared him in other aspects of life. Frank brought stuttering in to the public focus when in 2006 he entered into the Congressional Record an article about Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods - The world's number one Golf star. Tiger talked to his dog and used hard work and his competitive spirit to overcome his childhood stuttering. "The words got lost, you know, somewhere between the brain and the mouth," said Tiger, during an interview with 60 Minutes. Tiger continued, "And it was very difficult, but I fought through it. I went to a school to try and get over that, and I just would work my tail off.”

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