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Dyslexia - Curse or Gift
What It IS   -   What It IS NOT
A greater mind when taught how the dyslexic mind learns best.

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Learning what Dyslexia is and is Not.

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Dyslexia is NOT Dyslexia IS
Excelling PoetPatriot's Dyslexia Curse or Gift
ADD - ADHD vs Dyslexia Fighting the School Or... don't fight the School


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TO - TOO - TUE - TWO - 2 - ? Dyslexia - Curse or Gift
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Hands on Building, will Visually Build towards Dyslexic Victory

Dyslexia Awareness Month is October, making others aware dyslexia need not be a curse.
National Dyslexia Awareness Week is the 3rd week in October

Dyslexia Is NOT
by Roger W Hancock

   Dyslexia is not a disorder. Dyslexia is not a learning disability. Dyslexia is not retardation. Dyslexia is not an organic 'problem.' Dyslexia is NOT 'reversals.' Dyslexia is not "ADD."

'Reversals' are only one symptom that may or may not be manifested in the person with dyslexia.
The dyslexic child is often misdiagnosed as "ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)" or "ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)," though they may show the same symptoms. When the dyslexic child is not taught how to focus their mind on the task at hand, their multidimensional mind is all over the board, unable to keep their attention on a given task. The resulting boredom and the frustrations often result in 'behavioral' issues.

The "problem" with dyslexia lies in that our learning institutions are geared up to teach to the non-dyslexic allowing the multidimensional thinker, the dyslexic, to fall through the cracks. In the dyslexia arena if anyone is disabled it is the schools being disabled in being able to teach a dyslexic how he/she best learns. Unless specifically geared to  teaching the greater mind of the dyslexic the school has no program that would be effective in addressing the multidimensional thought process of the dyslexic child.

2015 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com

Dyslexia IS

   Dyslexia is a condition where a person's brain is much more active than most children. Their brain multitasks at far greater speeds. 100 years ago the dyslexic would have excelled at the hands-on jobs. Since our society has advanced in technology creating the information age reading has become a prime learning tool. That tool is difficult for the dyslexic without learning how to focus in on the reading. Reading is not a hands-on activity.

The dyslexic mind works overtime making it difficult to concentrate their focus on a single task. The dyslexic is a "hands on" and "visual" learner. Their learning must be tied to "doing" and "visualizing." They must learn to focus their mind's eye and when they do the symptoms of ADHD fade.

[I surmise that the dyslexic person has increased synaptic connections in their brain allowing the greater speeds of automatic multitasking.]

2015 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com

"Learning Disabled" to Excelling

   My son was three years behind in school and was labeled "learning disabled" and having "ADHD." As he began to act up and simply "give-up," the school decided he was on drugs. Our son was giving up, for whatever he tried he still got F's, "so why even try?". Our physician did a test and my son showed clear on drugs. The doctor suggested we have him tested by a child psychologist for dyslexia. The psychologist ran tests and concluded that my son was the 'worse case of dyslexia' he has seen. About the same time we learned of a business, Dyslexia Correction Centers of Washington in Kent, Washington. After a one week program (Dyslexia.com) my son, who had been building websites, went to his sites and in the text caught many misspellings that previously eluded him. In just one quarter's time his grades increased from "F's" to "C's". One person who called to ask us our opinion of the program asked, "What is the greatest benefit he got from the program." I said I'll ask my son and call her back. "Josh," I said, "What was the greatest benefit you got from the dyslexia program?" He said, simply, "I can read !" Reading is the key to learning in today's information age. He learned to spell many trouble words by associating the specific spelling to a specific visual picture while using his hands in the learning process. He learned to focus his mind's eye to corral his mind onto the subject at hand.

My son had thought he would never have a job beyond the Customer Service Desk at Albertsons grocery store. After the program he began to excel breaking the record for processing emissions testing at a Washington State Emission Test site. He began his own computer repair business; self-taught he would simply research on the internet to find the solution to problems he had not as yet learned. He has excelled and is now a manager at Microsoft where the higher management has began to see his value. His dyslexia has become a tool with his multi-dimensional thought process allowing him to more easily trouble shoot and organize other processes.
The dyslexic mind is a superior mind when the dyslexic has leaned to use it to his/her advantage. Schools would rather lump dyslexia in with "learning disabled" as it is easier and financially more lucrative than appropriating resources to properly teach the dyslexic.

2015 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com

 The PoetPatriot's Dyslexia

 I have learned I am dyslexic. Such accounts for my being good at "hands on" projects and my creativity. I was considered slow in grade school.
I played with my learning which often got me into trouble with the teachers, for not doing what I was told. The 'playing' made the learning more interesting. Making my learning more interesting I inadvertently focused my mind onto the interest allowing my learning. I was fortunate in that I was able to get by, because of my playing with my learning. Had I been taught to focus in on a given task and taught how I best learn I might have excelled.

 I only learned I could write at 45 years old. I am now the author of much
Poetry.PoetPatriot.com; the TimeLines of Liberty at TimeLines.PoetPatriot.com; original sayings at ChurchSigns.PoetPatriot.com; and more at PoetPatriot.com

Dyslexic Stutterer

I am the PoetPatriot, and I am dyslexic, and I am a stutterer. My dyslexia allows me to see possibilities beyond the obvious. I can see the possibility that my dyslexia may have been a contributing factor in why I stutter. My stutter has provided little beyond frustration and embarrassment, other than inadvertently forcing me to focus my dyslexia. My dyslexia  allows me to quickly choose a replacement word for the word I might stutter upon, improving my fluency.
It has taken 60 years of inadvertent learning, to use my dyslexia to improve my stutter, build on my creativity, and to focus my mind on all endeavors.
My son was given a quick-start through a one week dyslexia program through Facebook.com/DavisDyslexia and now excels at Microsoft. - See his story above,
"Learning Disabled" to Excelling. The Specific Clinic that gave my son the tools is Facebook.com/ABC-Dyslexia-Center in Kent, WA.

See my Dyslexic Stories below.

2015 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com

Dyslexia, A Curse or A Gift

Dyslexia can be a gift or a curse. Education as what dyslexia really is, is the beginning of success. Knowing that dyslexia is not a learning disability puts the responsibility upon the parent to find the means that will teach their child how they best learn. Until that time dyslexia is a curse, after they have learned to control their minds dyslexia becomes a gift.

Dyslexia is a gift to the person with a "hands on" occupation. They can envision the finished product and proceed through the construction to that end. Dyslexia is a gift to the artist providing greater creativity by the multiple possibilities made available by the multidimensional thought process of dyslexia. When the dyslexic has been taught to focus their ever active mind and to learn how they best learn they can then be able to read to be able to excel at whatever they choose.

Dyslexia is a curse for those who have not been diagnose. The schools do not have programs to identify or address the dyslexic condition other then to errantly lump them in with the learning disabled students. Being unable to focus their minds reading is a difficult task. Words and letters float around as their mind tries to make sense of the gibberish. Being unable to read the dyslexic is often misdiagnosed as slow, or otherwise learning disabled. The fact is that the schools have not been taught how to deal with dyslexia let alone what dyslexia really is. Schools also are not willing to put money into another program but will either intentionally or unintentionally label the dyslexic as learning disabled where more money is allotted them for those programs. Those programs are useless creating more frustration for the dyslexic child.

Dyslexia is a curse until the child learns to direct and control the dyslexic thought processes of their minds. When they have learned to direct and focus their minds dyslexia becomes a gift allowing them to excel.

 2015 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 


ADD - ADHD vs Dyslexia
( Attention Deficit Disorder    -    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder )

ADD - ADHD is the catchall 'condition' of our American Schools. When a child getting poor grades shows intelligence but seems unable to focus and/or keep attention the school will lump them in with the 'learning disabled.' When unable to teach a child it must be the child's fault, so they label the child. When funding is at a premium, rather then deal with the true core issue, the Schools will misdiagnose the child to the more lucrative label "learning disabled." However the schools must have some reasoning for labeling a child, so ADHD became the convenient catchall phrase.
The schools are not allowed to diagnose the dyslexic condition but have been allowed to misdiagnose the dyslexic condition of the brightest minds of our children, labeling them as "learning disabled," purposely allowing them to fall through the cracks of our educational system.

The primary symptoms of ADHD are so similar to some of the symptoms of dyslexia that it is hard to distinguish between the two. I suggest the easiest process to differentiate between them is to evaluate for dyslexia first, then if a negative conclusion proceed with ADHD treatments. If a child is dyslexic and not ADHD the drugs will not help and often intensifies any behavioral problems.

Behavior is often the main contributing factor in diagnosing ADHD. A child being unable to read gets frustrated and subsequently board with the school. They get frustrated with not being able to read simple sentences. They get board because they see no improvement. The frustration and boredom often lead to their acting out; misbehaving. Our schools will add to the frustration and boredom by lumping them in with the truly "learning disabled" students. When the child is dyslexic the standard method of teaching does not address the needs of their multi-dimensional minds.
The mis-diagnosis of ADHD relegates the child to being "learning disabled" when the real problem is that our schools are "teaching disabled," not equipped to diagnose and teach to the dyslexic "condition."

2015 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com

Fighting the School

- Schools, not being equipped to diagnose dyslexia, will misdiagnose your dyslexic child as "Learning Disabled," ADD, ADHD, or even on drugs, rather than admit they do not know enough to accurately diagnose your child. Washington State (possibly other states as well) has a law requiring schools to address a child's specific special need. With dyslexia you will probably need to fight the school to get them to do it.
- First you will need to have your child diagnosed as dyslexic. A Child psychologist is the most recognized authority the schools and the courts will recognize. The various dyslexic programs may well be better equipped but are not considered and/or recognized as authorities on 'learning disabilities.'
- Find a Parent/Teacher Advocate. Your school should be able to direct you to where you can find one. The Parent/Teacher Advocate has learned the laws that dictate the schools responsibilities in addressing special needs.
- Research the dyslexic programs in your area that you can refer to the school during your meeting.
(It is possible the psychologist may have reservations about the various dyslexic programs, so let him, but don't let that dissuade you.)
- Schedule a meeting with the school, your child psychologist and your Parent/Teacher Advocate, require that the Special Education Teacher, the School District's Head of their Special Education, and the Principal be in attendance. I had asked that (and personally invited) the State official over 'learning disabilities' be in attendance as well.
- The psychologist might well need to educate the Special Education teacher and the others as to what dyslexia really is. The school may make such comments as, "We do not have a program other than our Special Education Program." "We do not have the money for another program." If they are required by law to provide services for special needs you can push them into providing the service. Since the school will likely not have an in-house program, an outside program will be required to fill that special need.
- When improvement begins to show at school; when your child has learned to read and how to learn; and has caught up, you will probably need to request that your child be put back into the main stream classes. Until your child has caught up he or she will begin to excel beyond the Special Education classes. I would keep them in the special education classes during the catch-up period. You may need to push the school to provide the accelerated pace needed to keep up with your child's 'new' ability to learn.

2015, 2016 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com

Or . . . Don't Fight the School

- Many parents work and are unable to take the time off that is necessary to fight the school's resistance against providing services for the dyslexic. In that case find a dyslexic program that you feel comfortable with and/or can afford. The program I have experience with, and highly recommend, is the Davis Dyslexia Association, International (Dyslexia.com). My son showed immediate improvement after just 4 days.
- As soon as the child shows substantial improvement at school you must request they be moved into the main stream classes. That may be difficult without a recognized diagnoses to back you up.

2015 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com

05-28-2015 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com

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A curse that can become a gift.

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