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Most of these sayings are very original, while others are inspired by longer existing Sayings.
Although many will not be fully scriptural, none should be contrary to the Word of God. 


Sayings for Church
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Sayings Adapted or Inspired by Existing Business Slogans.
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136 Sayings of 5,000+ Original Sayings


Adaptations & Inspiration by Roger W Hancock
Original Slogan
All that glitters may not be better.
- Roger W Hancock,

All that glitters is not Pabst. Pabst Brewing Co. 
Every Tom, Jack or Chris who wants a better life will like a life in Christ.
- Roger W Hancock,

Every Tom, Jack or Walt who likes the taste of malt will like the malt in a colt 45. Pabst Brewing Co. 
Jesus Power to help you succeed.
 - Roger W Hancock,

The power to help you succeed. Pacific Life Insurance
Ask the man who owns the world.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1925   Austin Bement, Inc.
Ask the Man who Owns One.
Come fly with us today.
- Roger W Hancock,

Come fly with us. Pakistan International Airline
Mildness is a pleasure with Jesus Christ.
- Roger W Hancock,

Mildness is a pleasure with Pall Mall. Pall Mall
Outstanding! And God is just.
- Roger W Hancock,

Outstanding! And, they are Mild! Pall Mall
Church. Where particular people congregate.
- Roger W Hancock,

Fellowship. Wherever particular people congregate.
- Roger W Hancock,

Pall Mall. Wherever particular people congregate. Pall Mall
Soak in the Light of Jesus
- Roger W Hancock,

You're soaking in it.
 (spoke -Madge, Manicurist)
  (Dish Soap)
Keep the schoolgirl innocence. Love Jesus
- Roger W Hancock,

Keep that schoolgirl complexion.  (Soap) Palmolive
Give your baby something you never had as a baby. Pray.
- Roger W Hancock,

Give your baby something you never had as a baby. A drier bottom. Pampers
Inspired Babies. Supported by Prayer.
- Roger W Hancock,

Inspired by babies. Created by Pampers. Pampers
It pays to pray.
- Roger W Hancock,

It pays to fly. Pan American World Airways
Live today. Tomorrow may be the end.
- Roger W Hancock,

Live today. Tomorrow will cost more. Pan American World Airways
Two choices. Why would one choose Hell?
- Roger W Hancock,

Where is it you've always wanted to go―who is it you've always wanted to be. Pan American World Airways
Promises for Life.
- Roger W Hancock,

Ideas for Life. Panasonic
Jesus has been ahead of our time for 2000 years.
- Roger W Hancock,

Just slightly ahead of our time. Panasonic
Quest for Zero Defect with Christ.
- Roger W Hancock,

Quest for Zero Defect, Found and Paid by Christ.
- Roger W Hancock,

The Quest for Zero Defect with Panasonic. Panasonic
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. I Love Jesus!
- Roger W Hancock,

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. 
(Spoke - Kelly LeBrock)
Pantene Shampoo
Jesus Christ. Better Ingredients. Better People.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Papa John's. Better Ingredients Better. Pizza. Papa John's Pizza
Jesus Christ. You can't hit sin much harder.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Paramol. You can't hit pain much harder. Paramol
Peace. The calm says Jesus!
 - Roger W Hancock,

Parkay. The flavor says butter! Parkay
More prayer, Mom, Please!
- Roger W Hancock,

More Park Sausages, Mom, Please! Park Sausages
Parents who pray have kids who pray.
- Roger W Hancock,

Parents who use drugs have kids who use drugs. Partnership for a Drug-Free America
This is your brain. Without Jesus Your Brain will Die.  Any Questions?
- Roger W Hancock,

This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions? Partnership for a Drug-Free America
World Wide Fellowship - World-Class Savior
- Roger W Hancock,

World-Wide Partnerships. World-Class Solutions. Patni Computer Systems
Good. Better. Savior
- Roger W Hancock,

Good. Better. Paulaner. Paulaner
The wine of Christ is not for sale. Jesus already paid.
- Roger W Hancock,

At Paul Masson, we will sell no wine before its time.   (Spoke - Orson Welles) Paul Masson Wines
The most selfless job you'll ever love.
- Roger W Hancock,

The toughest job you'll ever love. Peace Corps
Pearly Gates. See the brightness. Feel the shine.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Pearl Drops. See the whiteness. Feel the shine. Pearl Drops
 Pearly Gate Group. Innovators in Sinner Immigration.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Pearl Law Group. Innovators in Business Immigration. Pearl Law Group
Earthview, Heaven - It's Your View.
 - Roger W Hancock,

The Worldview from Heaven is better than the view from Earth.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Pearlridge. It's Your Center. Pearlridge
- mall
- Hawaii
Preparing to be a sanctified lady.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Preparing to be a sanctified man.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Preparing to be a sanctified person.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Preparing to be a beautiful lady. Pear's Soap
HeavenSure. Be sure.
 - Roger W Hancock,

PediaSure. Be sure. PedaSure
Angels rule.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Dogs rule. Pedigree
- pet food
Helping you live a longer life.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Helping your dog live a fuller life.  (Canada) Pedigree
- pet food
Salvation, High Octane fuel for eradicating sin.
 - Roger W Hancock,

High Octane fuel for working dogs.  (Meaty-Bites) Pedigree
- pet food
Promises. It's God's thing.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Pedigree. It's a dog thing.  (UK) Pedigree
- pet food
Prince of Peace. He's the best forever.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Pedigree Pal. It's the best ever. Pedigree
- pet food
Sealed by sacrifice.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Sealed in goodness.  (pouches - Australia) Pedigree
- pet food
Top sinners recommend it.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Saints recommend it..
 - Roger W Hancock,

Top breeders recommend it.  (Pedigree Chum) Pedigree
- pet food
We're for Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

We're for dogs. Pedigree
- pet food
Heaven. Happy and Healthy.
 - Roger W Hancock,

You keep them happy, we'll keep them healthy.  (Australia, New Zealand) Pedigree
- pet food
Providence Point, The people pleasing God place.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Penguin Point, The people pleasing place. Penguin Point
Jesus Peace. The intelligent choice.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Pentel. The Pentelligent Choice. Pentel
People like Him. Sinners Saved Love Him.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Cars like us. People love us. Pep Boys
We're Jesus' People.
 - Roger W Hancock,

We're car people. Pep Boys
Goldfish. The people Jesus caught and tossed into Heaven. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Goldfish. The snack that smiles back. Pepperidge Farm
Living in Jesus' Peace is like living in Heaven. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

It's like ice cream that's gone to heaven.
 (parfait cake)
Pepperidge Farm
Jesus Christ remembers but God forgets the sin. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Pepperidge Farm remembers. Pepperidge Farm

See the Pepsi-Cola page



You'll wonder where your sin went when you give your life to Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

------- 1956   Foote, Cone & Belding
You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.
It takes a Tough man to show a tender Jesus.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1971  Scali, McCabe, Sloves
It takes a tough man to make tender chicken.
Perdue Chicken
Fountain of life. Champaign of Living Waters.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Perrier. Champaign of table water. Perrier
- sparkling
If you believe in Peace and Love... You gotta believe in Jesus Christ.
 - Roger W Hancock,

If you believe in peanut butter ...You gotta believe in Peter Pan. Peter Pan Peanut Butter
Jesus' Joy got love, Satan's deceit don't. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Almond Joy got nuts, Mounds don't.

Peter Paul Almond Joy got nuts.
Peter Paul Mounds don't.
Peter Paul
Candy Bars
Jesus' Joy got real love, comfort, peace and God's Grace too. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Almond Joy got real milk chocolate, coconut and munchy nuts, too. Peter Paul
Candy Bars
Satan's got deep dark deceit and firey Hell.  Euuuh, yuk. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Mounds got deep dark chocolate and chewy coconut EUUUH. Peter Paul
Candy Bars
Sometimes you feel like a saint. Sometimes you don't. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

------- 1953 Dancer-Fitzgerald-Sample
Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't.
Peter Paul
Candy Bars
Salvation. The international passport to Heaven.
 - Roger W Hancock,

The international passport to smoking pleasure. Peter Stuyvesant
- Cigarette
Jesus Christ.  So much more to enjoy.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Peter Stuyvesant. So much more to enjoy. Peter Stuyvesant
- Cigarette
Pump your tithe back into Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Pump your money back into Canada. Petro Canada
The flight of your life. Heaven. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

The drive of your life. Peugeot,
The Lion lays at David's feet. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

The lion leaps from strength to strength. Peugeot,
Praying for a Healthier World.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Working For A Healthier World. Pfizer
- pharma
Call for Jesus Christ !
 - Roger W Hancock,

------- 1940s
Call for Philip Morris!!

Philip Morris
2003, changed to Altria Group, Inc.
Preachers Recommend Jesus Christ.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Doctors Recommend Philip Morris. Philip Morris
2003, changed to Altria Group, Inc.
Less irritating to the soul.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Less irritating to the throat. Philip Morris
2003, changed to Altria Group, Inc.
Shining through to Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Shining Through. Philippine Airlines
Life. More than the usual. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

More than the usual. Philippines
Department of Tourism
WOW. Heaven. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

WOW Philippines. Philippines
Department of Tourism
Jesus - sense and simiplicity.
- Roger W Hancock,

sense and simplicity. Phillips
Christ makes things better.
- Roger W Hancock,

Let's make things better.

Philip's makes things better.
Simple Life Eternal.
- Roger W Hancock,

Simply years ahead. Philips
Stop Sinning. Start Believing.
- Roger W Hancock,

Stop brushing. Start Sonicare. Philips
The Light Star of Eternal Fame.
 - Roger W Hancock,

The Light Beer of Broadway Fame. Piels Beer 
Jesus. Fall in love with Christ again.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Pier 49 Pizza. Fall in love with pizza again. Pier 49 Pizza 
Nothin' says lovin' like a promise of Heaven.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Nothin' says lovin' like something from the oven. Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh Dough
The Bible says it the very best.
- Roger W Hancock,

Pillsbury says it best. Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh Dough
Power is nothing without wisdom.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Power is nothing without control. Pirelli
Bible Truth So Good, we've changed our name to Bible Chapel.
- Roger W Hancock,

Pasta so good we've changed our name to 'Pasta Hut.' Pizza Hut
It's All in the Love  - Jesus Christ.
- Roger W Hancock,

It's All in the Hut. Pizza Hut
Know the greatest God under heaven.
- Roger W Hancock,

Know the greatest God in heaven and earth.
- Roger W Hancock,

The greatest tasting pizza under one roof. Pizza Hut
Connecting You.   No Matter where, God is there.
- Roger W Hancock,

Connecting You.. No Matter where. Platform Integration SA
Service. Because comfort counts.
- Roger W Hancock,

Because comfort counts. (Beyond Tampons) Playtex
Hello People.
- Roger W Hancock,

Hello boys.  (Wonderbra) Playtex
God, lifts and separates, sinners and saints.
- Roger W Hancock,

Lifts and separates.  (Cross-Your-Heart bra) Playtex
Christ - isn't that the kind of Savior America wants?
 - Roger W Hancock,

Plymouth – isn't that the kind of car America wants? Plymouth
The thinking behind the sacrifice.
 - Roger W Hancock,

The thinking behind the money. PNC Bank
God gives you the freedom to repent. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Paradise. Yes, I can. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Poise gives you the freedom to be yourself.

Poise. Yes, I can.
- feminine
It's so simple. Just love Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

------- 1977   Doyle Dane Bernbach
It's so simple.
The Christ with the Whole...
 - Roger W Hancock,

The mint with the hole. Polo
People helping people love Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

People helping People. Polpharma
- pharma
- Polish
Love fuels the Soul.
 - Roger W Hancock,

We are serving excitement.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Fuel for the Soul.

We are driving excitement.
Sinners Saved. Crazy good.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Pop Tarts. Crazy good. Pop-Tarts
Jesus Christ. There is No Substitute.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Porsche. There is No Substitute. Porsche
Jesus Redefines Perfection.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Porter-Cable. Redefining Performance™ Porter-Cable
We serve without reward, every day !
 - Roger W Hancock,

Porter. We earn our stripes every day ! Porter Paints
Jesus Christ. Life is what you make it.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Jesus Christ. Life is waiting.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Jesus Christ. Life is what He says it is.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Powerade. Sport is what you make it. Powerade
Eternal Life. Power Change.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Powering Change. Pratt & Whitney
Jesus Christ. The place to begin again.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Price Law Group. A place to begin again. Price Law Group
Hell. Escape Completely
 - Roger W Hancock,

Escape Completely. Princess Cruises
Get on Top or Pop to Hell. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Once you POP, you can't STOP!
Pop on Top Lest Your Soul Pop. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Once you pop, the fun don't stop.
The Fun Don't Stop when Your're on Top, beware Lest Your Soul Pop. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Once you pop, the fun doesn't stop. Pringles
The Best part of waking up is Jesus in your cup. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Touching Lives, Etrnal Life. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.

Touching Lives, Improving Life.
Procter & Gamble
Paradise - Tasting eternal Live.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Progresso. A taste of the goood life! Progresso
- soup
Growing And Protecting Your Heavenly Wealth
- Roger W Hancock,

Growing and protecting wealth in Heaven
 - Roger W Hancock,

Growing And Protecting Your Wealth. Prudential Insurance Co.
Get a piece of the Rock. Get Jesus
- Roger W Hancock,

Get a piece of the Rock.  - Prudential Insurance Co Prudential Insurance Co.
Get a Piece of the Rock - Jesus
- Roger W Hancock,

Jesus is the whole rock. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

The Piece of the Rock. Prudential Insurance Co.
Helping you plan for Heaven today.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Helping you plan for tomorrow... today. Pruett & Associates
- insurance
Capture His Smile.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Capture Spirit, Capture His Smile.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Catch Our Smile. PSA
Hey, Yeah, Dude, Join us!
- Roger W Hancock,

PSP. Hells Yeah. , Dude, get your own. PSP
A soul in need. needs Christ indeed.
 - Roger W Hancock,

A nose in need, deserves Puffs indeed. Puffs
A Passionate Savior. See and feel. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Salvation. Long on value
 - Roger W Hancock,

Quickest lives ever lived on earth. Ever longer in Forever. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Pillowy softness you can see and feel.  (toilet tissue)

Purex. Long on value. 
(toilet tissue)

The thickest Purex ever. 
(toilet tissue)
Advancing Lives. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Advancing Life. Purina
- pet food
Incredible Savior, incredible Life. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Incredible puppy food, incredible puppies.  (Puppie Chow) Purina
- pet food
Your Soul. Our Passion. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Your Soul. Christ's Passion. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Purina. Your pet. Our passion. Purina
- pet food
America's Best Savior
 - Roger W Hancock,

The World's Best Savior. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

America's Best Record. Puritan Records
© 2003, 2008, 2009 Roger W Hancock,
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