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There exists the possibility that what I think is my own, is but a distant past memory of another's work.
Another possibility is that while truly of my own creativity, the saying may have also come independently to another at another time.
Most of these sayings are very original, while others are inspired by longer existing Sayings.
Although many will not be fully scriptural, none should be contrary to the Word of God. 


Sayings for Church
Signs, Bulletins, Newsletters - by Roger W Hancock

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 Sayings Adapted or Inspired by Existing Business Slogans.
Arranged Alphabetically by Company of Origin.

Where’s the beef?  - We worship the Lamb.
- Roger W Hancock,
121 Sayings of 5,000+ Original Sayings


Adaptations & Inspirations
Original Slogan
Heaven's Wisdom 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Uncommonly Great Wisdom 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Uncommonly Great Wisdom 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Wachovia. Uncommon Wisdom. Wachovia Securities Corp.
No one deserves Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Forgiveness is because no one deserves Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Everyone deserves Waitrose. Waitrose
Quality salvation, lovingly priced. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Quality food, honestly priced. Waitrose
Heaven. The Paradise Christians Trust. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Walgreens. The Pharmacy America Trusts. Walgreens
Stop us and ask about the ONE.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Stop us and ask about Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Stop in and ask about our lives.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Stop me and buy one. Wall's
- ice cream
Salvation. An unforgettable experience. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Viennetta. An unforgettable experience. Wall's
- ice cream
Your prayers are your open diary to God.
 - Roger W Hancock,

The daily diary of the American dream. Wall Street Journal
Jesus. Always price paid. Always. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Always low prices. Always. Wal-Mart
Save money. Pray don't Play. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Save money. Live better.
I'm going to Jesus' Heaven! 
 - Roger W Hancock,

I'm going to Walt Disney World! Walt Disney World
Heaven. Believe it instead.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Wasa. Eat it instead. Wasa.
We'll get that old soul look'n like it never has before! 
 - Roger W Hancock,

With the rap of the hammer and a little bit of faith... 
 - Roger W Hancock,

------- 1960's, Bob Hale, Channel 5 News (Seattle, WA)
With the rap of a hammer and just a little bit more, we'll get that old place look'n like it never did before.  Call Washington Builders. That's SUnset -
# - # - 4
   –   0 - 4   - Jingle
-A great jingle when I can remember most of it nearly 50 years later.
Washington Builders
Begin your life's revolution here.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Your revolution starts here. Washington College
- Lib. Arts
Wholly Holy !
 - Roger W Hancock,

Whoo hoo!    Jesus wants you!
 - Roger W Hancock,

------- 2008
Whoo hoo!
Washington Mutual
Heaven Mutual. More interest in Love, Joy & Peace.
 - Roger W Hancock,

------- 2008
Washington Mutual. More human interest.
Washington Mutual
Jesus has the power. Say Yes to the Power.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Washington Mutual. The power of yes. Washington Mutual
Born in Love, lived in Love, cut by hand, died with Heart. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Born in fire, blown by mouth and cut by hand with heart. Waterford Glass
Though man tries to date Christ, Christ remains timeless. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Even when a piece of Waterford is dated, it's timeless. Waterford Glass
Every person is a work of art. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Every piece is a work of art. Waterford Glass
What we say is the same, again and again. Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Red Barrel men say the same again to a fistful of flavour - first class beer!  (keg bitter) Watneys
What we want is Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

What we want is Watney's. Watneys
The bottom line is your soul's value.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Bottom line, a better value. Wausau Insurance
We may wobble but Jesus keeps us standing.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down. Weebles
A Jesus kid is a better kid.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Kiwi kids, are weetbix kids. Weetbix
Have you said your prayers, today?
 - Roger W Hancock,

Have you had your Weetabix? Weetbix
You need Jesus. You can not save yourself.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Weis. Berry yourself.  (Raspberry) Weis
- ice cream
Jesus. The final stage in eternal life.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Well's Fargo. The next stage in banking. Well's Fargo
Where’s the beef?  - We worship the Lamb.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1984   Dancer-Fitzgerald-Sample
Where's the beef ? 
(Spoke -Clara Peller)
Do what's Right. Repent.
- Roger W Hancock,

Do what tastes right. Wendy's
The quality is Jesus in life's recipe.
- Roger W Hancock,

Quality is our recipe. Wendy's
Heaven, It's Better Here.
- Roger W Hancock,

It's Better Here. Wendy's
Angel Spirit Line. The only way to fly.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Angel Spirit. The only way to live.
 - Roger W Hancock,

It's the o-o-only way to fly.

Western Airlines, The only way to fly.
Western Airlines
Jesus. The fast & only way to send your soul to Heaven.
 - Roger W Hancock,

The fastest way to send money -- worldwide. Western Union
Uniting people with Heaven.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Uniting people with Paradise.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Uniting people with Righteousnes.

 - Roger W Hancock,

Uniting people with Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Uniting people with salvation.

 - Roger W Hancock,

Uniting people with possibilities. Western Union
Saving many more than just our souls.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Western Union. Sending so much more then money. Western Union
You can be sure if Jesus is behind it.
 - Roger W Hancock,

You can be sure if it's a Westinghouse. Westinghouse
New answer in living... Jesus.
- Roger W Hancock,

New answer in living... Eternity.
- Roger W Hancock,

New answer in living... Heaven.
- Roger W Hancock,

New answer in banking. West LB
God's Word, of champions - Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,

The Bible - Breakfast of God's Children.
- Roger W Hancock,

The Bible - Breakfast of the Faithful.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1930s   Blackett-Sample-Gummert
The Breakfast of Champions.

Wheaties, breakfast of champions.
Wheaties Cereal
Most sinners know the difference. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

The coolest cats prefer Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Cats know the difference. Whiskas Cat Food
In tests, eight out of ten owners said they would prefer their cats go to Heaven also.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Eight out of ten cats prefer it.

In tests, eight out of ten owners said their cats preferred it.
Whiskas Cat Food
Nutrition for life spiritually.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Nutrition for life naturally.  (Top, Australia) Whiskas Cat Food
A real treat for your cat is when you know Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

A real treat for your cat's teeth.  (Dentabits) Whiskas Cat Food
Think you're a cool cat? Wouldn't you rather be saved from your sin?
 - Roger W Hancock,

There's nothing cats would rather eat.  (Whiskas with Vita-Bites) Whiskas Cat Food
Jesus. What cool cats really want.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Whiskas. What cats want. Whiskas Cat Food
Jesus is what you want, though you many not know it.
 - Roger W Hancock,

White Castle. What you crave. White Castle
Jesus helps you to excell when you drink from His Living Well.
 - Roger W Hancock,

It's Tankard that helps you excel - after one you'll do anything well! Whitbread
The Bible. Life's education of mind and heart.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Whitworth. An education of mind and heart. Whitworth College - Spokane, WA
Bible-pedia, the free knowledge, for life.
- Roger W Hancock,

Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia
Surprisingly smooth. Touch Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Surprisingly smooth.  (Quattro -lady's razor) Wilkinson Sword
Jesus covers a multitude of sin, even when it causes many chins.
 - Roger W Hancock,

William's. Covers a multitude of Chins. Williams Shaving Cream
Working with Jesus makes a difference.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Wilson Jones. Workstyle with a difference. Wilson Jones
Bigger! Better! Savior!
 - Roger W Hancock,

Bigger! Better! WindMill
Jesus. Gourmet Communion.
 - Roger W Hancock,

WindMill. Gourmet Fast Foods. WindMill
Jesus' song stays on the wind.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Jesus' song stays on your mind.
 - Roger W Hancock,

I can't seem to forget you, your Wind Song  stays on my mind. Wind Song
The Bible, unlike wine, does not improve with age. It's good news is forever great.
 - Roger W Hancock,

News, unlike wine, does not improve with age. Wine Business Monthly
Anyhow... Have a talk with Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Anyhow... Have a Winfield. Winfield Cigarettes
Give Christ your life and He will give you eternity.
 - Roger W Hancock,

------- 1965
You give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world.

WINS Radio
- New York
It's what's inside that counts. Do You Have Jesus Inside?
- Roger W Hancock,

It's what's up front that counts. Winston
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.
Jesus saves good, like the Savior should.
- Roger W Hancock,

Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.

Winston tastes good like a... {Clap! Clap!} cigarette should.

Winston tastes like a cigarette should.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.
Applying forgiveness.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Applying Thought. Wipro
Church. The Jesus lover's Jesus worship.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Wish-Bone. The salad lover's salad dressing. Wish-Bone
Get a ring around the halo.
 - Roger W Hancock,

------- 1968   BBDO
Ring around the collar.
Wisk Laundry Detergent
Your soul wears well when walking with Jesus. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Wears like a pig's nose - W.M. Finck&Co.
Men's Overalls
More reasons to shop with Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

More reasons to shop at Morrisons. WM Morrisons
Jesus makes a refreshing change in lives.
 - Roger W Hancock,

What a refreshing change. Woodpecker cider
No Repentent Sinner left behind.
 - Roger W Hancock,

------- 2008
No Family Left Behind.
World Financial Group
Faith - Strong enough for a man but little is needed for a woman.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Strong enough for a Man, but made for a woman. Wranglers


Adaptations & Inspirations
Original Slogan
Jump in  - Bible 365.
- Roger W Hancock,

Jump in. Xbox 360
Play More? Better Pray More.
- Roger W Hancock,

Pray More.
- Roger W Hancock,

Play More. Xbox 360
Salvation. It's a miracle.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1975   Needham, Harper & Steers
It's a miracle.
Xerox Corporation
Jesus Christ & Co. The People Company.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Jesus Christ & Co. The Salvation Company.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Jesus Christ & Co. The Heaven People.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Xerox. The Document Company. Xerox Corporation
Heaven. The smarter way to spend your soul. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Jesus Christ. The smarter way to send your soul.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Jesus Christ. The smarter way to spend your soul.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Xoom. The smarter way to send money. Xoom


Adaptations & Inspirations
Original Slogan
Do you Yahoo?  Yahoo Jesus !
- Roger W Hancock,
Do you Yahoo?
Jesus. Red Blooded Savior.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Blue blooded Yamaha.  (Enticer, motorbike)
Born to lead a world from sin.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Born to lead. Yamaha
Creating and Caring for New Life.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Yamanouchi. Creating and Caring... for life. Yamanouchi
Your questions out there have answers in here.
- Roger W Hancock,

If it's out there, it's in here. Yellow Pages
Let your heart do the walking.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1964   Geers Gross
Let your fingers do the walking.
Yellow Pages
Let your fingers to the walking, in the Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,

Let your fingers to the walking, in the Jesus Pages.
- Roger W Hancock,

Let your fingers do the walking through the Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages
Yup. Praise the Lord for the morning.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Yop. For when the morning comes.
Yup. Sinners Repent.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Yop. Skip & jump. Yoplait
Get the Jesus sensation.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Get the sensation. York Peppermint Patty
All the best from God... Jesus Christ.
 - Roger W Hancock,

All the best from Yorkshire. Yorkshire Tea
Paradise. Like earth used to be.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Like tea used to be. Yorkshire Tea
Jesus Christ. The sign of class and good taste.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Jesus Christ. The sign of class and good taste.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Yoshinoya. The sign of good taste!  (fast food, Japanese) Yoshinoya
Jesus. Richness worth a second thought.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Yuban. Richness worth a second cup. Yuban Coffee

Jesus is the essence of Love
 - Roger W Hancock,

What is... the essence of coffee?
Yuban Coffee


Adaptations & Inspirations
Original Slogan
God did not just Apply Science, God created the principles.
 - Roger W Hancock,

------- 1981   Geers Gross
The appliance of science.
Jazz it up with Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Jazz it up! Zattaran's rice products
Jesus. Your Transformation Savior.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Your Transformation Partner. Zensar
Your not fully clean until you're spiritually clean.
 - Roger W Hancock,

You're not fully clean until you're Zestfully clean. Zest
Worship. We're hot and rolling on.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Zero's Subs. We're Hot and on a Roll. Zero's Subs
Use prayer to start everything.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Use it to start something. Zippo
- lighters
Jesus. for real.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Jesus. He's real.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Zippo. for real. Zippo
- lighters
Jesus. The man on the moon. God's Son.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Jesus is the name in the Spirit's flame.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Zippo. The name in flame. Zippo
- lighters
Jesus. The first quick change artist.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Zurich. Because change happenZ. Zurich Insurance Group
© 2003, 2008, 2009 Roger W Hancock,
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