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These are mostly for my use for possible reuse or inspirational use crafting other Twitter comments.

Are we all not stalking each other?
Following to be followed.
Tweet seducing to entice a follow?
- Roger W Hancock, January 2014 - Posted @

A 'Tweet' is a comment on Twitter, confined by Twitter's 140 character limitation.
'ReTweet' is retweeting another's Tweet.
- Roger W Hancock, November 2013 - Posted @


To favorite my Tweet may flatter me, but ReTweeting my Tweet are Tweets that many more see.
- Roger W Hancock, November 2013 - Posted @

Tweeting is as Twitter does - tweet on.
- Roger W Hancock, October 2013 - Posted @

How Tweety can a Tweet be when the Tweeted Tweet is a Twittered Tweet on Twitter?

- Roger W Hancock, March 2013 - Posted @

Most misspellings or typos can be blamed on Twitter's restrictive 140 character format;
except for words like, to, too, & two but 2 is okay.

- Roger W Hancock, March 2013 - Posted @


Sorry I do not thank for follows, but my follow of you is my thanks for your follow of me.
- Roger W Hancock, March 2013 - Posted @

800 characters would be tough to abbreviate, substitute, and condense to fit Twitter's southern 140.

- Roger W Hancock, Jan. 2013 - Posted @

Twitter never slows down. R Tweeting slows on weekends and sometimes in afternoon, maybe noon on E coast.

- Roger W Hancock, Jan. 2013 - Posted @

9,2,typUr1TweetNTwitter4,2sy2Otrs  = Time to type your one Tweet on Twitter for to say to others.

- Roger W Hancock, Jan. 2013 - Posted @

Cannot blame Twitter's 140 limitation when your word has too many letters. . .
but then we call always blame the 'typo.'

- Roger W Hancock, Jan. 2013 - Posted @

When I don't say who said or place "Quote" marks around statement stated,
the words I Tweet I just wrote or am quoting my past self.
- Roger W Hancock, Jan. 2013 - Posted @

Social, anti-social, or neither, Twitter is what you make it.
Quality of your experience depends on quality of your Tweets.

- Roger W Hancock, Jan. 2013 - Posted @

I can follow unfollowers so I might unfollow those followers;
keeping those followers who think I'm worth following; via

- Roger W Hancock, Jan. 2013 - Posted @

I do not follow 2B followed, I follow worthy Tweets that follow my Tweets.

- Roger W Hancock, Jan. 2013 - Posted @

I unfollowed 1 who unfollowed me, via
May your Tweets B as such 2 entice my follow that I choose 2 follow you. Twitter de do

- Roger W Hancock, Jan. 2013 - Posted @

I unfollow most who unfollow me @
Let Ur Tweets entice my follow. Follow me 4 Tweet exchange, such is a Tweet, sweet, follow.

- Roger W Hancock, Jan. 2013 - Posted @

Most Tweeps follow me for our like-minded Tweets.
I do not follow for hopes of a follow. Follow me do, or follow me not...

- Roger W Hancock, Jan. 2013 - Posted @

When the call for liberty comes, our tweets will make us rebels.

- Roger W Hancock, Jan. 2013 - Posted @


I awoke on Christmas day, to Tweet as any other day,
This day I Tweet, a Bless-ed MERRY

- Roger W Hancock, Dec. 2012 - Posted @

I'd like to think I'm followed b/c of quality of my Tweets.
Reality says many just want to be followed themselves. When one RT then I know.

- Roger W Hancock, Dec. 2012 - Posted @

Tweet itOutOnTwitterB/c2getMorFlwrs.&thnBTwitter):OrB

- Roger W Hancock, Dec. 2012 - Posted @

A Social Network site is just the platform for varied like-minded minds,
to network together to care & share among their own.

- Roger W Hancock, Dec. 2012 - Posted @

I rarely follow first but often follow back.
I often follow when first followed at least until or unless, your follow becomes annoying.

- Roger W Hancock, Dec. 2012 - Posted @

Tweet our values Tweet our gripes may the grapes of wrath stay ripe.

- Roger W Hancock, Dec. 2012 - Posted @

Catch up following the Tweets of your favorite Tweeter
 by following your favorite followed Tweeter on that followed Tweeter's profile.

- Roger W Hancock, Dec. 2012 - Posted @

I Tweet because I'm happy, I Tweet because I'm sad, our eye is on the Twitter Bird
limited letters to Tweet. Our eye is on Twitter Bird, 140 characters to Tweet.

- Roger W Hancock, Nov. 2012 - Posted @

I think that some will follow anyone for hopes of a follow back. I will follow back until the tweets begin to annoy.

- Roger W Hancock, Nov. 2012 - Posted @

Copyright 2013  Roger W Hancock,


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