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Roger's Rhymes

Alphabet Children Rhymes

Short Poems of Poetry Rhymes

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Roger's Rhymes - Index

Alphabet Children Rhymes
Last updated August 17, 2011

For Repetition - 1, 2, 3, A,B,C ABC for You to See 1, 2, 3, for You and Me
ABCs with Friend Pick Tock 1, 2, 3 to Keep You Free "A B C" To Sleep
- A - - B -  - C - - D - - E - - F - - G - - H -
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Alphabet Children Rhymes

1, 2, 3, for You and Me
Repitition is great for learning, rhyming helps some too.

Teach the child section by section,
as one is learned then add another.

1, 2, 3, A,B,C
by Roger W Hancock

1, 2, 3... 1, 2, 3,
A, B, C, count you and me.
4, 5, 6... 4, 5, 6,
D, E, F, four plus sticks.
7, 8, 9... 7, 8, 9,
G, H, I, I've got mine.
10, 11, 12... 10, 11, 12,
J, K, L, look for elves.
13, 14, 15... 13, 14, 15,
M, N, O, our new routine.
16, 17, 18... 16, 17, 18,
P, Q, R, running clean.
19, 20, 21... 19, 20, 21,
S, T, U, urge more fun.
22, 23, 24... 22, 23, 24,
V, W, X, x-ray two more.
25, then 26... 25 then 26,
Y and Z, zed ends at 26.
© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

A, B, C, for You to See
by Roger W Hancock

A, B, C, in books to see,
D, E, F, learn right and left.
G, H, I, exploring eyes,
J, K, L, words reveal,
M, N, O, so much to know.
P, Q, R, find your star,
S, T, U, named for you?
V, W, X, your mind to flex,
Y and Z, beyond the box.
© 08-17-11 Roger W Hancock, 

1, 2, 3, for You and Me

by Roger W Hancock

1, 2, 3, count you and me.
4, 5, 6, four plus sticks.
7, 8, 9, I've got mine.
10, 11, 12, look for elves.
13, 14, 15, our new routine.
16, 17, 18, running clean.
19, 20, 21, urge more fun.
22, 23, 24, x-ray two more.
25 then 26, zed ends at 26.
© 08-17-11 Roger W Hancock,


Pick Tock
by Roger W Hancock

Pick a stick, this is no trick,
1… 2… 3…; 1… 2… 3…
Tap the stick in time with me.
First 1… 2… with the clock
Tick in time with tock

© 06-27-2008 Roger W Hancock,

1, 2, 3 to Keep You Free
by Roger W Hancock


Learn to cite your A, B, C 's,
to read about the world you see.
Then learn to count 1, 2, 3,
add your money to buy candy.
Learning really is your key,
unlocks your mind to keep you free.
© 08-17-11 Roger W Hancock,


“A B C” To Sleep
by Roger W Hancock

”A, B, C, D,” do you know?
“E, F, G, H, I, J, K ?”
“L, M, N, O,” I do know,
“P, Q, R, S, T, U, V,”
“W, X, Y, Z,” now off to sleep.”

© 11-29-2007 Roger W Hancock,

ABCs with Friend
            by Roger W Hancock
pples for my teacher;
Biscuits treat my friend.
Cat’s a good mouser;
Dog is my small friend.
Eating toast of butter spred;
Falling scraps scooped up by friend.
Give thanks for breakfast bread;
Ham and eggs share with friend.
 I must learn when at school;
Joyfully waits for me; my friend.
Know to learn playground rules;
Loving, thinking of my friend.
Many friends with which to play;
Not so much as favorite friend.
Obeying teachers today I’ll say;
Play tag later with my good friend.
Quietly listen to the lessons;
Remembering little furry friend.
School’s time ever lessens;
Time come soon to be with friend.
Understanding comes with learning;
Victory time when with my friend.
Wave goodbye to the bus driver;
Xanadu to be with friend.
Yellow bus away crossover;
Zenith is best time with friend.
© 11-26-2009 Roger W Hancock,
"A" of the Alphabet   ( a )
by Roger W Hancock

"A" is first letter of the Alphabet.
Starts with "A" then "B" then "C"
"A" is first letter of many words,
apple, angel, age and alphabet!

© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"B" because   ( b )
by Roger W Hancock

"B" is the letter that comes in second,
because "B" is second best.
"B" for baby, beetle and bug,
bumblebee will buzz your ball.

© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,  

"C"   ( c )
by Roger W Hancock

"C" carries on to third,
cuddly cats to carry.
"C" third letter before "D"
cousin, cowboy, corals the cows.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"D"   ( d )
by Roger W Hancock

Fourth letter do the "D"
dancing its way to next letter "E"
Your dog digs holes so deep.
Look down don't step in dung.

© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,


"E"    ( e )
by Roger W Hancock
"E" evens everything,
everywhere equality.
Eagle eyes forever see,
everyone in liberty

© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,


"F"    ( f )
by Roger W Hancock
"F" forever before "G",
Faded leaves in Autumn Fall,
Favor flowers in full of sun,
fun, favor, candy flavor.

© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"G"    ( g )
by Roger W Hancock
"G" for great grandiose,
goodness lies in gentleness.
Government laws for gentlemen.
Goats, gobblers, and great geese.

© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"H"    ( h )
by Roger W Hancock
"H" for Harry's hairy head,
holding high, held so proud.
Holy days are Holidays,
having them make happy days,

© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"I"    ( i )
by Roger W Hancock
"I" for me an Individual,
Insuring Independence.
Ignoring ignorance, with intelligence.
Impressed, the Iliad infers intellect.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"J"    ( j )
by Roger W Hancock
"J" for joy and jubilation,
jumping jacks a joyous game.
Jack rabbit jumps away.
Service justice, keep out of jail.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"K"    ( k )
by Roger W Hancock
"K" is King keeping rule,
knowledge keeps us knowing.
Knuckle down, eyes kept keen,
learn to know 'bout everything.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,


"L"    ( l )
by Roger W Hancock
"L" the letter to Like and Love,
lovely are the layered leaves;
Learn your lessons throughout life;
when to laugh, to learn and love.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"M"    ( m )
by Roger W Hancock
"M" for many letters more,
Mailmen gather to sort the mail.
Make much of every movement,
marbles, movies even mountains.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"N"    ( n )
by Roger W Hancock
"N" for nothing but just nuts,
Nothing gained if aught for naught.
Nix your nose before clown's niche,
Naughty puppet is so nutty.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"O"    ( o )
by Roger W Hancock
"O" oh my! so obvious.
over or out; one or other,
object, or of ones ownership.
Maybe otters, owls or oxes.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,


"P"    ( p )
by Roger W Hancock
"P" for purchase; pay the price,
Prepare to be a better person.
Primping Pink maybe pretty,
Persistence makes for perfect.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,


"Q"    ( q )
by Roger W Hancock
"Q" for Queen's quest,
quell the quarrel, quake the question.
Quench the query, answer life's quiz
May your quirk, be quintessence.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,


   ( r )
by Roger W Hancock
"R" for reading right reform,
be ready to read with reflection.
Watch the rocks roll racing past.
Run the range, pace life's race.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"S"    ( s )
by Roger W Hancock
"S" for smarts to learn in school,
study, survey, search and seek.
Scrutinize the subject field,
shape your knowledge straight in style .


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"T"    ( t )
by Roger W Hancock
"T" to teach, you and me,
taste the tart of life's topic.
tabulate and talley through all troubles,
tame the trials, calm the tiger.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,


"U"    ( u )
by Roger W Hancock
"U" - up or under its up to you,
live an uncut life, learn to understand.
Urge yourself to be not useless,
be upbeat, upraise upmost.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"V"    ( v )
by Roger W Hancock
"V" to vote in life for victory,
victor or victim be not a villian.
Voice your vision, dream your dreams,
virtue is the value of a valiant vantage.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,


"W"    ( w )
by Roger W Hancock
"W" is a double true,
a wonderous world for you.
What, where, when and how,
learn the whys to view our world.


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"X" is a Funny Letter   ( x )
by Roger W Hancock
“X” is a funny letter ,
sometimes marks the spot.
“X” adds for the better,
or multiples of dots

© 12-09-2009 Roger W Hancock,

"Y"    ( y )
by Roger W Hancock
Why "Y" begins for you;
arrow straight from bow of yew.
Yearn to learn, you've many years.
Yuck or yummy those years are yours!


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,

Lazy "Z"   ( z )
by Roger W Hancock
"Z" becomes a learning zealot,
learn of zebras in the zoo.
Crazy, hazy, zaney lane,
alphabet ends with lazy "Z".


© 11-24-2009 Roger W Hancock,


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