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Roger's Political Rhymes
Mostly for Adults - but okay for kids
Of course they are biased, this is not News!  -  -  -  Neither is the premise of which I write.
God Bless America! . . .  Please God, Bless this Mess!
  Black Fly To Tyranny Liar in the Whitehouse
Weather Political Political Correctness Simply a Diversion Change's Charge
Holster Words McCrystal Ball Difference 'tween Parties Conserving Progress
Fact for Fiction Reagan Al Gore's Arboricide Incremental Decline
Liberal Lies Impeachment? Moore-onic Gun Control
Dem. Lib. Lies Dem. Lies Them Dem. Libs. Born Where?
Colateral? Arms Charm World Leader? Constituted Education
Truth Debased Frankly Barney Warming Story Newt
Commie List Give or Get ? Cry'n Donkey?
Inside Threat Election Tainted Commie Flag Change
Slavery; Second Debut? Fiddled Riddle Mixed Up Obama Obama Lies!
Healthcare Beware!   More at the Clerihew Poems
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Coincidently many of the four line rhymes, beside another four line rhyme,
blend somewhat together when read from one through to the other line by line.

Political Rhymes


Black Fly
by Roger W Hancock

Humpty Dumpty in very nice rags,
alien sleeper of Commie fags.
Position held traitorously high,
first black fly as Islam’s black tie.

© 8-14-2015

Author's Note:  Origination of a rhyme often had political symbolism. I used "Humpty Dumpty" very loosely. "very nice rags" is pretty literal. "Alien," we know illegitimacy when we see it. "sleeper" for infiltration. "Commie" is pretty obvious. "fags" is not what you think, look it up (although the colloquialism may inadvertently apply) "Position held traitorously high" for actions in office. "Black fly" = bloodsucker. "Black tie" ties back to the "very nice rags"



To Tyranny
by Roger W Hancock

Oh my, oh me, our liberty,
if only the founders could see
what is happening to our liberty,
freedom wanes towards tyranny.

©  12-29-2011 Roger W Hancock


Liar in the Whitehouse
by Roger W Hancock

Liar, liar, Whitehouse on fire,
Obama Lies to hide his agenda.
Lying, lying, Obama lies,
to deceive you in, America.

©  12-29-2011 Roger W Hancock



Obama’s confession of little lying
combined with Obama’s obvious lies
and those that can be proved as lies,
is proof positive that Obama lies!

- Roger W Hancock,, 12-29-2011

Political Correctness
by Roger W Hancock

Political Correctness by agenda;
matters not whether or not,
what science says about the weather.
Political Correctness near Rotunda;
matters not wheather or not,
what science facts have tethered.

© October 16, 2009 Roger W Hancock
  Weather Political
by Roger W Hancock

Global warming, global cooling;
Weather cooler, weather hotter,
whether or not the political slate.
Whether hotter, whether cooler,
weather hotter cycles cooler,
whether or not political climate.

© October 16, 2009 Roger W Hancock
Simply a Diversion

Eight Political Rhymes I wrote,
this day October eighth.
Though this rhyme is number nine,
Political Rhymes are eight.

© October 8, 2009 Roger W Hancock
  Change's Charge
by Roger W Hancock

Changing times charging past,
classes change to castes.
Liberals change the poor to poorer,
taxing us in mass.

© October 8, 2009 Roger W Hancock
Holster Words
by Roger W Hancock

General Stanley Mc Chrystal,
successful in his career.
Obama made it crystal clear,
holster words with pistol.

© October 8, 2009 Roger W Hancock
McCrystal Ball
by Roger W Hancock

The General has no crystal ball,
experience is his game.
corner pockets went them all,
left Obama with the eight.

© October 8, 2009 Roger W Hancock
Difference 'tween Parties
by Roger W Hancock

The difference is in the agenda,
between political parties.
Though procedures do not differ,
agenda's are much different.
Platforms differ spells agenda,
votes will tell much more.
Platform chore to explore
yes, there is a difference.

© October 8, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Conserving Progress

by Roger W Hancock

Conservatives remaining fast,
conserving precious liberty.
Liberals progressively,
progress toward lesser liberty.

© October 8, 2009 Roger W Hancock
Fact for Fiction
by Roger W Hancock

Liberals have many factions,
coalitions for politic'n.
Liberals for their agenda
evading fact for fiction.

© October 8, 2009 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Ronald Reagan actor in fiction,
he knew truth from fiction.
Ronald Reagan beat the Liberals;
fact, not science fiction.

© October 8, 2009 Roger W Hancock
Al Gore's Arboricide
by Roger W Hancock

Trees of the forest are up in arms,
asphyxiation if Al Gore wins his war.
Cutting emissions, fossil fuels;
share the air with man's tree farms.
Carbon dioxide depletion alarms;
Rainforest trees take up their arms.

© October 8, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Incremental  Decline
by Roger W Hancock

The incrementalism of Liberalism devaluing Americanism,
within the liberal enthusiasm of the Healthcare Socialism, takes a giant leap to the decline of capitalism.

© October 5, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Liberal Lies
by Roger W Hancock

A liberal is as a liberal does,
actions are greater than lies.
Liberals are not as a liberal says,
actions reveal their lies.

© October 4, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Clarification - Liberal in this rhyme refers to the elected Democrat who is liberal and often campaign as though more conservative, then legislates as a flaming liberal.  The liberal grassroots tend to follow the talking points whether true or not, believing them to be true. Many grassroot Democrats are simply loyal to the party and though are conservative in their values will loyally vote democrat not knowing they vote against their values.


by Roger W Hancock

Impeachment is not a requirement,
when determined Obama,
has not met the requirements.

© October 4, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Refers to Obama's citizenship. Obama has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep from having to reveal his certified Birth Certificate and other documents that would reveal his true citizenship. As of the copyright date the issue is being reviewed in court.

by Roger W Hancock

Michael Moore has bought his name,
promoting moronic folly.
Michael Moore has bought his fame,
from flaming liberal Mollys.

© September 30, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Gun Control
by Roger W Hancock


Original meaning of Gun Control,
when citizens their guns controlled.
Liberty birthed by aim control;
government to control.

© September 30, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Them Dem. Libs.
by Roger W Hancock

In the railings, between the words,
lies and deceit, we look for truth.
In the railings, deceit and lies,
beween the words, we find the truth.

December 2008 Roger W Hancock


Dem. Lib. Lies
by Roger W Hancock

Campaigning without integrity,
accountability not counting.
Dem. Libs. campaigning lies... not tell,
'til elected into office.

© September 30, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Dem. Lies
by Roger W Hancock


What is an oath when taken so lightly,
when honesty, integrity not held tightly?
Campaigned lies not forthrightly,
then serving constituents, often lying.

© September 30, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Born Where?
by Roger W Hancock

His Grandma says in Kenya,
sister says Hawaii hospital,
Obama said a different hospital,
certificate says in Kenya!

© September 28, 2009 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Healthcare for all the world,
paid by America's worth.
Bankruptcy is in store,
our liberty has been mortgaged.

© September 28, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Arms Charm
by Roger W Hancock

Iran and North Korea,
each had lied to keep their arms.
Iran no longer tells the lies,
arrogance in their arms.

While North Korea and Iran,
build up their arsenal.
Other nations talk disarm,
dependent on their charm.

© September 28, 2009 Roger W Hancock

World Leader?
by Roger W Hancock

The world must truly wonder,
why America changes leaders.
One time a world leader,
next... an apologizer.

© September 28, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Constituted Education
by Roger W Hancock

The U.S. Constitution
an American institution.
Once required education,
shunned by liberal educators..

© September 28, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Truth Debased
by Roger W Hancock

Dem. Libs. skewing truth,
it does not take a sleuth.
Cannot keep the voting base,
without the truth debased.

© September 28, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Frankly Barney
by Roger W Hancock

Barney Frank said frankly,
homo so was he.
I wondered very blankly,
successful was his plea.

© September 28, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Warming Story
by Roger W Hancock

Al Gore was such a bore,
now he tells false stories.
Selecting facts, skewing score,
of Global Warming stories.

© September 28, 2009 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

There once was a man who knew,
his name we knew as Newt.
Presented contract with the people,
Democrats said, "Pooh, pooh!"

© September 28, 2009 Roger W Hancock


Commie List
by Roger W Hancock

Demy, Commie, Socialist,
whatever... make a list.
McCarthy was extremist,
kept commies on his list.

© September 28, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Give or Get ?
by Roger W Hancock

President Kennedy was a Demy,
"What can you do for country?"
Brother Eddie, I think, was Commie,
"What can you get from country?"

© September 28, 2009 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Laughing at the antics;
Dem. Libs. are at it.
Regulate'n and Tax'n;
in the end, we'll all be cry'n.

© September 28, 2009 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Jackass was the first depiction,
in a political cartoon of politick'n.
The Democrats it was portrayed;
now a donkey for better perception.

© September 23, 2009 Roger W Hancock

  Inside Threat
by Roger W Hancock

We feared that Billy would be dangerous,
in spite of him we were victorious.
Again we feared another Clinton,
yet Hilliary was left wanton.
Now we have a greater fear,
a threat our Mamas would not have thought of;
Socialist threat from within. . . President Obama!

© September 23, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Election Tainted
by Roger W Hancock

Christine Gregoire could not win,
'till all votes counted, again and again.
A few votes here, many votes there;
extra votes mysteriously appear.
Seventeen-hundred votes invalid,
one hundred thirty vote spread;
no one knows who really did win.

© September 23, 2009 Roger W Hancock


Commie Flag
by Roger W Hancock

President Obama disrespects our mamas,
allowing Communist Flag fly free,
on White House south property.
Honor for a Commie government,
that caused thirty million deaths.
Chinese Flag raised equal with,
in violation of flag etiquette.
Oh my!  Why? Obama?

© September 23, 2009 Roger W Hancock

President Obama for the first time in American History allowed, on September 20th, 2009, the Communist Chinese Flag to fly at equal height with that of the American Flag on the White House south lawn.

by Roger W Hancock

Change is promised change has come.
Obama spends our change!
Higher taxes, more restrictions;
status quo is change!

© September 23, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Slavery; Second Debut?
by Roger W Hancock

ACORN gathering of nuts,
for workers and the poor?
ACORN lobbies social reform,
in lieu of founder's liberty.
Relax, lay back, keep quiet;
Nuts! Return of slavery!

© September 23, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Mixed Up Obama
by Roger W Hancock

Obama said he wasn't Muslim,
though his papa raised him so.
Obama says an American citizen,
though mama birthed in Kenya.
Obama's mama lost his papa;
so mixed up; Barak Obama.

© September 23, 2009 Roger W Hancock


Fiddled Riddle
by Roger W Hancock

Joe Biden playing second fiddle,
plays off key just a little.
Obama left a bit distressed,
'bout Biden's fiddled riddle.

© September 23, 2009 Roger W Hancock
  Healthcare Beware!
by Roger W Hancock

Healthcare, did founding fathers write,
was not meant an American right.
Warned that government not care;
healthcare to take your rights.

© September 23, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Obama Lies!
by Roger W Hancock

"Obama," said Mama, "should not lie,
example should be for children's lives."
Mama says, "Obama lies!"
Joe Wilson said so too!

© September 23, 2009 Roger W Hancock  


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