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Christmas  Poems 

Christmas Day Poems

Short poems, long poems, Religious poems, Inspirational Christmas Day poems.
Poetry about Jesus Christ   -   Poetry in traditon.
Baby Jesus born to die, Celebrate Christmas life.
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Roger's Rhymes - Christian Children Rhymes and more. Thanksgiving Poetry
The Birthday
by Roger W Hancock
Whatever, whenever,
each day,.the day may be.
Happy Birthday Jesus !
To you the same,
whatever your day.

Each year comes,
each year goes,
Marked by Christmas birth,
Or marked by your own,
however we celebrate.

We count the years,
counting years to cheer.
Living lives so selfishly,
or sharing Christ selflessly,
However many years of tears.

The Babe, the Christ,
born to die upon a Cross.
Rebirth is God's purpose,
decorations of Glory,
Scarlet Blood, God's Gift.

© December 9, 2016 Roger W Hancock PoetPatiot.com
Christmas Season
by Roger W Hancock
Church Bells ringing, carolers singing,
this the time of Christmas season.
Jesus Christ our celebration,
of His birth to a virgin, Mary.

Forest tree cutting, bows decorating,
this the time of season cheering.
Gifts of wise men start tradition,
gifts between us, friends and family.

Turkey trimming, great pie fillings,
this the time of Christmas feasting.
Christís last supper, our convention,
remembering Christ at Calvary.

Church Bells ringing, Carolers singing,
this the time of Baby Jesus.
Born to die for our redemption,
within our spirits, souls be merry.

© December 9, 2008 Roger W Hancock PoetPatiot.com
Seasonís Reason

by Roger W Hancock

Season songs of Christ, the reason;
remember Christ the Babe this season.
Baby Jesus born to save us;
from our sin, the seasonís reason.

© December 8, 2008 Roger W Hancock PoetPatiot.com
Season Thoughts

by Roger W Hancock
Church bells ringing, carolers singing,
tunes and songs our souls be lift.
Uplifts our spirits in hearts so swift,
when on Christ our thoughts not drift.

© December 8, 2008 Roger W Hancock PoetPatiot.com

Christmas Spirit
by Roger W Hancock
Tinkling of Christmas Bells
warms a snowy stroll.
Season songs, winter smells,
uplifts a weary soul.
Christmas carol, songs avail,
exalting Christ the Lord.

© December 8, 2008 Roger W Hancock PoetPatiot.com
Family Christmas
by Roger W Hancock
Ringing bells, singing carols,
Christmas eve, Christmas day.
Tunes of cheer, Songs of joy,
lift our spirits Christmas day.
Family gathering, food is cooking,
Christmas eve, Christmas day.
Evergreen scent, Season flavors.
Fellowship on Christmas day.

© December 8, 2008 Roger W Hancock PoetPatiot.com

Merry First Season
                    by Roger W Hancock

Virgin Mary very merry,
Joseph married Mary.
On a donkey Mary rides,
Joseph walks a desert prairie.

Joseph and Mary follow star,
leading them to Bethlehem,
Kings and wary wise men,
follow foretold shining star.

Joseph, Mary, quite so weary,
no room, for mother Mary,
Evening stay in lowly stable,
baby Jesus born to Mary.

Angels watch the holy stable,
of sheep, goats and baby Jesus.
Kings and wise men bearing gifts,
each brought gift for baby Jesus.

Merry Mary, mother Mary,
birthed first son, gift from God.
Blessed Mary bears God's son,
from first season, we be merry.

© December 8, 2008 Roger W Hancock PoetPatiot.com



Christmas Celebrates
                    by Roger W Hancock

Christmas celebrates a birth,
A birth to death; sacrifice of love.
Celebrate the birth of Christ,
Celebrate his gift, his death.
His death to cleanse our sinfulness,
In our stead, a sacrificial lamb;
He died.
Condemned we by our own sin,
Redeemed by the blood He let.
Though our sin condemn us so,
His love of death, bought our life.
Rose again, conquered death,
He lives;
Victory over wretched sin.
Celebrate the birth of Christ,
Celebrate his gift, his death.
Babe, a gift; born to die,
Christmas celebrates new life.
© December 05, 2006  Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com


Christmas Tree
by Roger W Hancock

Majestic tree,
Cut, prepared,
Purpose set.
Arms branched,
Garnered bows,
Silvery red,
Ornament affixed.

Glorious Tree
Cutting pain,
Purpose set.
Limbs adorned,
Nested bows,
Nimbus thorn,
Shepherd figure.

Birth designed,
Innocence bore,
Purpose set.
Arms, hands nailed          
Love Adorned,
Brow pierced,
Scarlet blood,
Sacrificed Christ

© November 17, 2006 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


Godís Gift
  by Roger W Hancock

Christmas wish,
Listen close.
Christmas Spirit,
Soul to teach.
Christmas Father,
Authors all.
Christmas angel,
Message bring.
Christmas snow,
Godís pure love.
Christmas star,
Guiding light.
Christmas birth,
Manger lay.
Christmas Son,
Greatest love.
Christmas Spirit,
Spirit Love.
Christmas season,
Divine reason.
Christmas lesson,
Life of Christ.
Christmas Love,
Altar staked.
Christmas tree,
Cross to die.
Christmas life,
Life anew.
Christmas gift,
Godís free love.

© 12-28-05 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com

Christmas Thoughts

                      by Roger W Hancock

Christmas joy, Christmas cheer,
Forward look throughout the year.
Shopping for that uncommon gift,
Each one special on your list.
Crowds of each same purpose,
Feeling the ups and downs.
Gifting trek, tiresome,
Be glad when all is done.
Night curtain highlights,
The lights of Christmas.
Strings of lights and stars,
To view from slowing car.
Light evokes within us, each,
Gladness within oneís soul.
Light illuminates the truth,
Lifeís purposed sacrifice.
Spiritual freedomís light,
Godís baby Son, for us.

© 12-17-2004 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


Christmas Son

                by Roger W Hancock


Shimmered Stars tiny lights,

so far above manís home.

Shiny lights in vastness dark,

guiding lights through night.


Tending Shepherdís trek,

follow foretold star of light.

Wise kingís gifts from east,

star of truth, seeking, follow.


Night displaced by Sunrise,

life warmth a greater gift.

Also guiding force by day,

faithfulness, east to west.


Baby born in manger lay,

in feeding trough a King.

Shines throughout nations,

through ages brightly shine.


Greater power earth bestow,

sun lights life filled days.

Greater gift from God above,

baby Christ, Christmas Son.


© December 17, 2004  Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com

Christmas Bread

        by Roger W Hancock


Babe born in Bethlehem ,

Heavenís boundless birth.

Living Bread of life;

To live, broken bread to die.

Son of David born,

To sit on Davidís throne.

Shepherds, from angels, heard,

City of David ; Saviorís birth.

Prophesy from House of Bread,

Ancient city of David .

Prophesy fulfilled,

Christmas purpose born.

Godís lamb; mutton and bread,

Broken sacrificial life.

Living bread, true bread,

Eternal life endures.


  © Dec.16, 2004, Roger W Hancock


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Christmas Light

                 by Roger W Hancock


Glittering lights on house eves,

Canvas backdrop sky, so dark.

Santa, reindeer, sleds and stars,

Angels blowing trumpet horn.

Holiday wishes to each and all,

Blessings for, great next year.

Music, songs, seasonís cheer,

New joy of Christmas tears.

Hustle and bustle, gifts to get,

Yet forget, that blood was let.


Baby born of divine birth,

Creatorís son, purpose sent.

Gift of heart, heavenís love,

Hearts to open now receive.

Honesty of heart confess,

Repentance gains forgiveness.

Innocent Babe in manger lay;

Guilt of manÖ his fate.


Fatherís light, invitation,

Shepherdsí path by star.

Wise menís gifts by starlight,

Frankincense and myrrh.

Beginning of a new embrace,

Fresh new, covenant of love.

Reason of skyís starry light,

Markers through lifeís night.

Christ the Babe, born to die,

Purpose of the Christmas light.


  © Dec.15, 2004, Roger W Hancock


Bells of Christmas Morning

                            by Roger W Hancock


Morning chime, church bells ring,

through snow filled crystal air.

As handís cool slap to sting,

snap of cold against cheeks fair.


ďOh Holy NightĒ,

hymn of ages chime.

Stars above, long ago sight,

heavenís light years shine.


ďAway In The MangerĒ,

song of Saviorís birth.

Baby born a stranger,

to many who walk this earth.


ďSilent NightĒ,

holiness in silence.

Stillness lit by starlight,

broken by bellís brilliance.


ďHark The Herald Angels SingĒ,

newborn King to praise.

Angelic voices ring,

rose against moonís phase.


ďWhat Child Is This?Ē

wonder Child innocent.

Mother marvels babyís kiss,

aware of future advent.


Ring, oh ring, Christmas Day,

bells cry out His praise.

Listen as church bells pray,

holiness of Son, chimes raise.


Copyright 12-26-03 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com





Reasoned Season

               by Roger W Hancock


Seasons come seasons go,

One season should never end.

Excitement lights the face,

As joy springs forth with light.

Remembrance of a Saviorís birth

The gift of self he gave.

Thoughts of loved-ones near,

Appropriate gifts for each.

Glittered lights upon a tree,

Ornaments, bulbs for glee.

Baby born a purpose light,

Darkness dies upon his tree.

Strings of light along house eves,

Garland tinsels our gaiety.

Gifts wrapped anticipation,

Family, friends for Turkey feast.

Babe born is Christmas reason,

His last supper, to remember.


Copyright 11-1-2003 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


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   A Christmas Poem

                 by Roger W Hancock


Christmas time for us to share,

with family, friends to care.

Gathering of the relatives,

the sharing, joining of our lives.


A time of cheer for all the boys,

and all the girls a time of joy.

Stockings and gifts for suspense,

smiles worth the expense.


Christmas time once a year,

society so full of cheer.

Feelings come to go so soon,

as sunlight wanes upon the moon.


Let the joy shared this time,

remain within your soul to chime.

Allow joy to fill your heart with love,

message of this gift of rhyme.


Remember Birth that brought,

the sacrificial gift of love.

On the cross His life your gift,

upon that tree, a gift of blood.


Christmas spirit may not fade,

if the greatest gift received.

When within our hearts we keep,

the Christ, who gave his heart.


 © Copyright 12-03-2001 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com

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     Christmas Dog

             by Roger W Hancock


Adorned in red bow and bells.

Energy abounding, so full of life;

jingling, jangling as she trods.

That be Angel, the Christmas Dog


Early as on most other days,

again she woke on Christmas day.

Much too early to ring the back door bells,

jingling, jangling outside, then back to bed.


The kids still in bed again she awakes,

attention she wants, attention sheíll get.

Barking until, me, she awakes,

to share the morning, with Christmas Dog.


Not forgetting the white frosted cat,

looking, hunting in hopes for play.

Her jubilance scares the feline prey,

jingling, jangling while avoiding swats.


The catís so snug, wrapped in white,

fur thatís soft, disposition not.

Always alert, for the energetic dog,

forewarned by bells of the Christmas Dog.


Attacking the new tennis ball,

anotherís gift but thinks itís hers.

Straight to me, demanding I toss,

jingling, jangling with every jump.


Celebration for us the family,

gifts exchanged, the feast consumed.

In Jubilation not forgotten, the pets,

the frosted cat and yes, Christmas Dog.  


© Copyright 12-11-2001 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com

Christmas Morning

                    by Roger W Hancock


Christmas morning not so bright,
the stars still out from night.
All is quietÖ all is still;
'till the kids and pets awake.


Closets deep for presents hid Ďtill now.
Stocking surprises, candy endow.
The wifeís now up no more time to rest,
Last minute fixing's for later feast.


Never ready, now too late,
Christmas now today our fate.
Thoughts plenty for family gifts,
what of the great, love filled gift?


Today the family tradition,
of Christmas feast and gifts be given.
First generous and selfish thoughts all,
then memories Christmas past recall.


The reason to gather now,
not for all to feast enow.
Christ the baby born to die,
gift to cleanse our sins, decry.


The cause be sure celebration all,
praise to God his gift to us enthrall.
Christís gift from sin, forever we live,
first born for death to life, the Babe lives.


  © Copyright 12-25-2001 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com 



The Reason

by Roger W Hancock


Yule Season upon us now,

decorations placed two months ahead.

The stores have stocked the shelves,

of toys and other impractical gifts.

The blinking lights return,

trimming eves, soon the trees.

Decorations of Santa, canes and boughs,

with radio waves of seasonís cheers.

Children thinking of new toys,

Parents concerned which gifts to buy.

What to stock? What to buy?

Decorations, giftsÖ gifts, decorations,

work, joy, stress, financial woes, joy,

frustrations of the seasonís cares.

Sit, relax, be comforted by the Spirit,

the redeeming Spirit of Christ.

The reason, origin of the season,

Sacrificial gift of life from God.

Jesus, our heartís joy is supreme,

Christ born a babe to die.

Death upon shameís tree

decor of lifeís scarlet light.

Gift of death then lifeÖ for us.


© Copyright 11-25-2002 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com 



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Not  Free

by Roger W Hancock
Nothing is ever free,

though to you it be.

Somewhere, somehow,

someone paid.


©  6-15-2001 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com

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