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Tribute to the Victims and the Heroes of:


   September 11, 2001
PAGE  2   -   Resolve & Strength

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The Resolve

After the attacks there was much talk of America's resolve and the symbolism of the twin towers.
America is resilient. America is Strong. The United States of America, from its rebellious beginnings, has stood for "liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  The free enterprise system has spread across the globe. The International Trade Center was just one symbol of America's greatness.  Destroy a symbol, kill Americans and the citizenry come together. American has always and will always stand tall.


Tall and Free

                            by Roger W Hancock


Towers standing tall and free,
within, movers, shakers of affluence.
Symbols of a vibrant economy,
to the world with freedom's influence.

From the evil of a misguided culture,
spreading hate of zealot destruction.
Killing in a land thought secure,
purpose lost in their aggression.

Towers now gone, a pile of rubble,
three thousand killed by assassins' hate.
In all of America freedom excels,
to it's demise, no one can orchestrate.

We will rebuild, paid from our affluence,
decisions to make affecting the world.
Symbols again with stronger defense,
freedom reigns in our pride renewed.
America has always stood tall, free and proud,
adversity reveals our weakness to solve.
For freedom's security we'll shout aloud,
resistance only strengthens... our resolve.

©  9-22-2001 Roger W Hancock

 J Corum

The Cost

Throughout life, in every aspect, there is a cost. One must pay for the food we eat, the roof over our heads and the clothes we wear.  We pay taxes for the infrastructure of our society; for the fire, aid, and police protections. The military defend our liberty and frail security with their lives.

Thinking about the attacks and how we take for granted our liberties I wrote "The Price," my first 9-11 inspired poem.


The Price

by Roger W Hancock


There is a price for everything,

nothing is easy, nothing free.

To be left without wanting,

then you must pay the cost.


With little price paid

and your appreciation lean,

value slips away to fade.

The desired becomes ignored.


If you yearn, if necessity be,

work for it to earn the worth.

Then care for it that you shall see,

the appraisal shall not deflate.


Freedom comes to everyone,

if the price be paid, with blood.

Sacrifice for sake of freedom,

it is not easy and it is not free.


©  9-20-2001 Roger W Hancock


------  J Corum  ------               

          J Corum                     ------    Ultradio    ------      



Our Nation's Strength
( September, 2001 )

The visions of September 11, 2001 are a national nightmare.  Visions, previously thought only possible on the TV and movie screen, are now a reality. 

       It still seems unreal as I seek  to wake  from this horrid nightmare.

      The nightmare continues but then so do the dreams.  The nightmare will end as we regroup to make America stronger and safer.  The rubble to clean up, the memorials of the innocent and the brave, and the investigations, that justice is done, are the immediate needs of our citizens.

      In rebuilding the towers we will demonstrate the power of the symbols they represent.  America is the hub of world economics, enforcers of peace, and the enablement of the American dream in which so many aspire. 

      We shall overcome this nightmare.

- Roger W Hancock, Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," Auburn Reporter, 10-10-2001;  Seattle G. N., 10-12-2001  (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)


------   J Corum   ------      Colapsed

     Pentagon Memorial.



Where Was God ?

After the year after, I thought of those who still, "ask why?"
. . . of those who asked, "Where was God?"
 My thoughts drifted to those who were lost that day.
Did they know... Christ?  
Were they prepared to meet our maker? 
I thought of how providential it was that the fourth plane
did not reach its target, the Whitehouse.

Then came the poem . . .


Angels' Angles

by Roger W Hancock


The day man’s towers fell, tears fell.

The day the angels cried, angels played the angles.

Some say, “Where was God?” they do not see.

Thousands more not there that day,

the day the tears on towers fell.

Many did not fly that day,

the planes were light with load.

Brave men on one flight were placed

to save our nation’s throne.

Angels may have cried that day,

elated joy for those now saved.

A second chance to live God’s ways.

Others, angels guide to ‘Judgment Day’,

 forever gain or eternal pain.

Ready or not their time had come,

Tears for those who’s gain is pain.

Greater joy for those saved in death to eternal life.

They are the ones, now in paradise.

  © 9-21-2002 Roger W Hancock 







                                                                             J Corum



                                 J Corum

                                J Corum


                               J Corum


Flag Waver
( September, 2002 )

                                J Corum

  I had always been a flag waver but now wave it with much more fervency.  I now feel even stronger in a strong defense in our military as well as the intelligence agencies. Peace is maintained by a strong military. As long as peace is not the goal of other nations, then we must be prepared to fight to keep the peace we have.

   Terrorism, the global nightmare, has come to America. Safety is our goal but cannot in a free society be secure.  I have learned that total liberty is not possible if security is desired. The balance between freedom and security is fragile. Liberty is maintained by responsible freedom.


- Roger W Hancock
Printed as a "Letter to the Editor," Chicago Tribune (IL), 09-03-2002,  pg. 18;  NY Newsday (NY), 09-03-02;  South Florida Sun Sentinel (FL), 09-03-02;  South, 09-03-05;  Orlando Sentinel (FL), 09-03-02;  The Morning Call (PA), 09-03-02;  Greenwich Time (CT), 09-03-02;  Snohomish Tribune (WA), 09-?-02;  Seattle Times (WA), 09-08-02   (The Papers often edit for space and other criteria.)    Also used on the websites of: WB2 (CO), 09-03-02;  WB11 (NY), 09-03-2002;  WB39 (FL), 09-03-05;  7cities (PA), 09-03-05;  WXMI FOX17 (MI), 09-03-02


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Liberty is maintained by
 responsible freedom

- Roger W Hancock
the PoetPatriot

"We Will Remember
            Each September !"


Fly your American Flag (half-staff) on each September 11th.

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* Photo Credit    Notes:
    Photos credited to Ultradio are by Mike Schade; with a little help from Brent Brooks. -
    Photos credited to
J Corum are by Jonathan Corum and can be found at
    Photos credited to Oscar Dahl, Jen - "bluepoetje", Marcello, Pocheco, TRathbone, and Christian Corollo were acquired at Stock.XCHNG.
    Photos credited to Whitehouse are in the Press Release files of
    Photos credited to Pentagon Memorial are from the Pentagon Memorial Site.
    Photos credited to DOD were acquired from Defense Link.
    Photos credited to U.S. Dept. Health & Human Services were from
    Photos credited to USCC, USGC, USCG and NARA, were obtained at Free Stock Photos.
    Photos credited to NPS can be found at the National Park Service Photo Gallery.
    Photos credited to NPS can be found at the National Park Service Photo Gallery.
    Animated Graphic credited to is an animated tribute from

           The PoetPatriot is grateful to all for use of their photographs.


Not  Free

   by Roger W Hancock


Nothing is ever free,

though to you it be.

Somewhere, somehow,

someone paid.


 ©  6-15-2001 Roger W Hancock


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