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Page 2 - Stories & Poetry
Dyslexia - Curse or Gift
The dyslexic potential is success.

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Dyslexic Stories Common Core Dyslexia Poem
TO - TOO - TUE - TWO - 2 - ? Dyslexia - Curse or Gift
on Facebook
Hands on Building, will Visually Build towards Dyslexic Victory

Dyslexia Awareness Month is October, making others aware dyslexia need not be a curse.
National Dyslexia Awareness Week is the 3rd week in October

Dyslexic Stories

Weird    -    Stutter    -    Trouble-Shooter    -    Poetry

They Thought Me Weird

Once, back in high school I was talking to some fellow students as one of them circled around behind me. I was about to sit down and he positioned himself to pull the chair out from under me. I kept talking as I began to back up to the chair to sit. As the chair was pulled back I continued my story, walking backward step after backward step, until I finally sat in the chair. Everyone's eyes became wide open. I interrupted my story to ask, "What's up?" One student asked, "How did you do that?" I said, "Do what?" I was already considered "weird", that incident solidified their perception of me being "weird."
One of the 'symptoms' of dyslexia is that the person has a wider peripheral awareness then the 'average' person. I now see that my dyslexic mind, always active, multitasking automatically, had kept me aware of my surroundings and I was not going to sit down until I knew the chair was firmly behind me. Evidently, I was waiting for one of my legs to touch the chair before sitting down into it. My dyslexia saved my, behind.

I am a Stutterer

I have stuttered as long as I can remember. I have learned to substitute words for those I stumble on to better my fluency.
Some sounds are harsher than others and when I can substitute a softer sound for the harsher sound my larynx is relaxed enough to proceed with better fluency.
My dyslexia allows my brain to quickly search my vocabulary to find other words or phrases to substitute for the word my stuttering has me stalled on. ... And all these years I thought I just enjoyed building my vocabulary.


I worked 31 years for a telephone company. Most of those years were as a telephone installer/repairman. The multidimensional thought process of dyslexia helped me to think around, through and well beyond the box. I was able to surmise alternate solutions to problems that were unusual and that evaded normal trouble shooting techniques. Several customers had later said I solved the trouble on their phone lines  when several other technicians had failed.

I am a Poet

I began writing poetry when I learned I could write. The elementary school had labeled me "slow". Being labeled "slow" had probably sat in the back of my mind, seeping into my self-perception of who I thought I was. In fourth grade we were learning about Arabs and were to write a poem about them. I remember one line from that poem. "They stopped at the oasis, to play cards of aces." The teacher said I had potential but failed to continue the encouragement. At the age of 45 I began to write letters to the editor and having received encouragement, I thought I might attempt a poem. It was liked by those I showed it to, so I continued to write more poetry.
"Life Abounds in Nature's Sound" was to be the first, of my becoming a poet. I find my poems seems to write themselves. Of course the credit belongs to my creator, however he created me as a dyslexic. My dyslexic mind, always active, always multitasking, analyzing, comparing, evaluating, at speeds so incredible I am unaware of the processes. When writing my poetry the process of phrasing and rephrasing to express my thoughts comes more and more natural. Evidently, I would inadvertently focus my dyslexic mind onto that process in finding the perfect line for my poem.
Writing poetry is a gift enabled by my dyslexia created by my God.

© 2015 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com

Common Core

Common Core is from the United Nation's power grab of their Agenda 21. Common Core is the United Nation's attempt to centralize power in their member nations with the goal to have the power over those nations. School curriculums are brought under federal control under Common Core taking away the rights of the School Boards in deciding curriculum. That removes the ability of the parents to petition the School Board for curriculum changes. Local control is put in the hands of the Federal Government.
Common Core purposely designs testing so that many students would fail, who would have previously passed. The testing IS designed for failure. I do not know to what goal that would accomplish.
As near as I can figure the 'Learning Disabled' are not addressed in Common Core. For certain the greater multidimensional mind of the dyslexic is not addressed by Common Core. The greatest minds among our children will continue to be left behind.

© 2015 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com

Dyslexia Poem

This poem weaves in, around and through my and my son's dyslexic journeys,
touching on the journey of the originator of the Davis Dyslexia Program (Dyslexia.com).

Mining the Mind
by Roger W Hancock

Inside the mind a gold mine when the intelligence is mined.
The untrained mind is as iron ore, useless without refinement.
Letters twirl, swirl, flip and flop; an unintelligible prance;
an adjusting focus is needed to choreograph that dance.
Untrained yet educated teachers do not understand,
calling me slow, stupid, on drugs, schools donít know;
Schools donít know how I think, how my mind will sync.
My interests, my hobbies, show my mind can grow,
failing to teach students all, teachers failed to see my potential.
I tried to learn school's standard way but my mind betrayed,
so I give up and stray, "Why try?" if failure is the only bray.
Eureka in reading, comes from one dyslexic who knows,
himself through his dyslexic journey, has taken worse blows.
Dyslexic now teaches teachers how to teach dyslexics,
how I best learn; how to focus my dyslexic mind.
Schools taught how to read, but not to control the mind to read.
 failure is the teachers, not mine, that I could not, control my mind.
Now I focus through mindís eye, single out printed thought,
always analyzing mind corralled, jumbled letters come in line.
Hopelessness in learning, has lost frustration's harness,
for now I see possibilities, to read, to build future success.
I now mine to control my mind, take dyslexia's dimensions,
organize vastness of thoughts, ending the confusion blasts.
I struck gold, my ever unruly multitasking mind, no longer rulesÖ
I rule, for I now am the master of my multidimensional mind.

© August 4th, 2015 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com 


© 08-04-2015 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com

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Common Core Dyslexia Poem

The dyslexic potential is success.

Dyslexic Stories    -    Common Core    -    Famous Dyslexia Poem 

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