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Page 4 - Varied Dyslexic Thoughts
Dyslexia - Curse or Gift
A dyslexic child who fails is the failure of our schools.

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Twitter.com/PoetPatriot   -   Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W   -   Facebook.com/DyslexicDevice

Collected Comments  made on Twitter and/or Facebook
Page 1 - What It Is   ~    Page 2 - Stories & Poetry   ~    Page 3 - Famous Dys, Quotes
Autism / Dyslexia Suicide Factor ? Creative Innovation
Will Succeed 19th Century Dyslexics Had I Homeschooled
Concepts Degrees The Dyslexic
Focus To Read Mislabel In Another World
Beyond the Box Studies ?

Left Behind

Stuttering Dyslexic Schools Fail Genus
TWO ? ? 2
Dyslexic Links WAS - ASW - WUZ
Dyslexia - Curse or Gift
on Facebook
Hands on Building, will Visually Build towards Dyslexic Victory

Dyslexia Awareness Month is October, making others aware dyslexia need not be a curse.
National Dyslexia Awareness Week is the 3rd week in October

Various Dyslexic Thoughts

Autism / Dyslexia ?

Why are we always surprised when an autistic person does wonderful things?
Autism is a concentration of genius onto a particular subject leaving other aspects of humanity devoid of control.
It seems dyslexia may be a ‘higher functioning’ form of autism, although with substantially differing aspects and symptoms. The differences, so much outweigh the similarities that dyslexia is considered a different “condition.”

(c) Roger W Hancock, 12-23-2016 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W


One factor in teenage suicides that may be in play and is
often overlooked, is our schools' failure to address dyslexia.
Our schools often lump dyslexics in with the learning disabled
adding to the frustration of the dyslexic.

(c) Roger W Hancock, 09-23-2016 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W


Creative Innovation

Dyslexia can be a gift when the child or adult learns how they best learn. Most schools have no programs to address the multi-dimensional mind of the dyslexic. Our schools failing to address dyslexia allows the most creative and most innovative minds of our societies to fall through the cracks

(c) Roger W Hancock, 09-14-2016 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W

Will Succeed

It is not that dyslexia can; but that dyslexia will succeed when the dyslexic is taught how to direct the dyslexia.
Dyslexia is not a learning disability. When taught how to focus the mind, dyslexia becomes a tool to gain excellence.

(c) Roger W Hancock, 06-03-2016 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W

19th Century Dyslexics

In the 19th century it was the dyslexic who excelled at ranching, black smith-ing and construction. Learning by doing. Being able to envision each step of the process is enabled by the gift of dyslexia.

One must learn to direct, to focus their mind, guiding their dyslexia to excellence. In today's information age, the dyslexic must learn to focus their mind to bring the jumble of letters and words into line. When able to focus the dyslexic can read. Reading is the key to learning.

(c) Roger W Hancock, 06-08-2016 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W

Had I Homeschooled

~ My boys are now grown doing quite well. They are excelling in spite of the school's failure to teach to their needs. I can only suspect, had we been able to home school, we would have explored different avenues to learn how they best learn. -The rest of that story for my eldest boy is at PoetPatriot.com/dyslexia.htm.
~ Do you have a child who stutters? Check out my story and thoughts and poetry . . . at PoetPatriot.com/poems-stutter.htm.
~ Check out my TImeLinesOfLiberty.PoetPatriot.com - RogersRhymes.PoetPatriot.com - RogersRhymes of Liberty - MyQuotes.PoetPatriot.com.

(c) Roger W Hancock, 02-23-2016 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W


When the dyslexic is taught how to focus their minds, math becomes easier. Dyslexics learn better by doing but when taught how to focus, learn from without or within the rules.
Dyslexics think more in concepts then by words and numbers. However the words and numbers become more interesting when understanding the concepts. The interest helps keep their focus keeping the letters and numbers from dancing around. Focusing their minds to align the letters allow them to read. Reading is the key to learning.

(c) Roger W Hancock, 02-01-2016 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W


WAS, SAW, WSA, SWA, ASW, AWS. The more dyslexic you are the less the reversals are evident. The more dyslexic you are the more your mind sees the greater picture. You can learn to direct your dyslexia to be a tool that those without dyslexia do not have.

(c) Roger W Hancock, 11-21-2015 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W

Focus To Read

The dyslexic can focus their mind to READ.
They must be taught how.
The dyslexic can focus their mind to stay on task..
They must be taught how.
The dyslexic can READ !...
They must be taught how to focus their auto-multi-tasking, multi-dimensional mind.
The dyslexic has the greater mind, our schools fail to see that.

(c) Roger W Hancock, 11-13-2015 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W


When Dyslexia is a Curse, it is because our schools make is so! Our schools failing in their task to teach the dyslexic, misdiagnose dyslexia, insist on using failed techniques, and lower the self-esteem of the dyslexic by mislabeling them as learning disabled.

(c) Roger W Hancock, 11-06-2015 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W


Beyond the Box

Auburn Schools fail to teach the dyslexic child. The schools allow the multi-dimensional thinking child to fall through the cracks. Rather then correctly diagnosing the child as dyslexic the child is misdiagnosed as "slow," "learning disabled," "ADHD," on drugs or other deficiency.
The dyslexic child is able to excel when given the tools to learn how they best learn. Putting a dyslexic child in with truly learning disabled kids is like classifying Einstein in with a bunch of drunken bums.
The dyslexic child needs to be taught with visual and tactile stimuli. They need to be taught how to focus their superior active minds to allow concentration onto the task at hand.
The dyslexic child will be imaginative, creative, good with their hands, and able to think not just beyond the box but around, through and well beyond the box. Until that child is able to corral their "always analyzing" mind, they remain frustrated. The school's standard method of teaching only exacerbates the child's frustration.
My son, a senior, was about to simply give-up and stop trying to learn as the school's standard method and the methods used for the learning-disabled were not working; the schools failed to teach him. We had him diagnosed as dyslexic by a child psychologist, who attended a meeting with school officials and my son's Special Ed teacher. The Special Education teacher showed her ignorance of dyslexia by saying, "Josh is not dyslexic, he does not have reversals." Mildly and meekly the psychologist explained that 'reversals are not a hallmark of dyslexia.' "Reversals" are only one symptom that may or may not be manifested when a person has dyslexia. We forced the school to put him into an outside program (Dyslexia.com). After the "one-week" program my son's grades increased from 'F' to 'C' in only ONE quarter's time. He had been building websites and repairing computers yet the school failed to see his obvious intelligence. Immediately after the outside program for dyslexia he went to his websites and caught many misspellings that eluded him just one week prior. Being taught how to "focus" his mind and being taught in the way he best learns he was able to read with comprehension for the first time
My son had thought he would never have a job beyond that of Customer Service desk at Albertson's grocery store. Since, my son has had his own computer repair business, he has worked as a vendor (contractor) for Microsoft and is currently a manager at Microsoft. He has bought his own 3000 Square Foot home while many of his school friends have fallen behind in life, failing to live up to their potential.
In all we went through in pushing the School to get the help that would be efficient in addressing my son's dyslexia, the schools still are allowing those, potentially greater, dyslexic minds to fall through the cracks. There are no programs for the dyslexic rather than lumping the dyslexic children in with the "learning disabled" children. Such a travesty. A dyslexic mind not harnessed is a waste of an intelligent resource.
in 1973, I barely graduated from Auburn Senior High School, although, I was fortunate. I am dyslexic, I played with my learning, often getting into trouble for it, however that playing inadvertently allowed me to learn where the schools were ill-equipped to teach to my particular and dyslexic situation. I still remained not knowing how to utilize my dyslexia. Later in life I finally learned I can write. I am now the poet, researcher, writer, and webmaster of PoetPatriot.com.

The Dyslexic

                Our schools fail to see the signs. . .
The dyslexic displays a greater intelligence when interested.
The dyslexic displays a greater hands-on aptitude.
The dyslexic brings intuitiveness to the table.
The dyslexic views a larger picture than the average student....
The dyslexic has a greater peripheral awareness than most.

                 In the failure of our schools . . .
The dyslexic becomes frustrated, board, and loses interest.
The dyslexic is most likely to be labeled the trouble maker.
The dyslexic is lumped in with truly troubled children.
The dyslexic is a child left behind.

                 When taught how to focus and how to learn . . .
The dyslexic can focus their mind to stay on task.
The dyslexic can focus their mind to organize their thoughts.
The dyslexic can focus their mind to multi-task in their mind.
The dyslexic can focus to clear a jumbled multi-dimensional mind.
The dyslexic can focus their mind to READ.
The dyslexic can learn, having focused their mind to READ.

(c) Roger W Hancock, 11-21-2015 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W

In Another World

Using visual and hands on teaching learning is made more interesting to the dyslexic as well as the non-dyslexic child. When a subject is made interesting the dyslexic child inadvertently focuses his dyslexic mind to focus onto the subject being taught. The non-dyslexic child may benefit as well, simply by the learning being more interesting. The hands on and visual teaching will not harm the non-dyslexic child but will address the needs of the dyslexic. When the dyslexic child is taught how to direct the dyslexia when young they may learn to 'play' or otherwise manipulate their learning to learn on their terms, even when the teaching does not specifically address dyslexia. However teachers must be more tolerant of students, that may be dyslexic, differing actions. "Daydreaming" is often a mechanism to visualize concepts of the lesson being taught. Doodling can be an attempt to literally handle the lesson. The dyslexic is often creative. That creativity often has the dyslexic "off in another world" trying to make sense, to learn the lesson being taught by the more traditional methods.

Studies ?

Studies on dyslexia seem to be approaching it with a preconceived idea of it being a disorder rather than a different way of processing. I think a more wider approach following the varied and many synaptic connections of the dyslexic mind might prove more informative.
Although, studies may not be needed, unless to fine tune the dyslexic mind for genius. When the dyslexic can focus his mind to direct the dyslexia to his advantage then be able to excel beyond the 'normal' person, what is the need for further study?
The Davis Dyslexia program provides immediate results for the dyslexic. I only have experience with my son who took the program and myself who did not. I believe the "worse" the dyslexic the more dramatic the results after the Davis Dyslexia program.

(c) Roger W Hancock, 10-20-2015 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W


Davis Dyslexia Association International

Dyslexia - Curse or Gift - my Facebook Page

Stuttering with the PoetPatriot - my Facebook Page

Left Behind

"No Child Left Behind" is leaving behind our greatest minds.
Dyslexia enables a greater intellect, when the dyslexic is taught how they best learn. However in our schools we relegate the dyslexic to being "learning disabled," being ADD or on illicit drugs, putting them into programs that do not address their synaptic make-up..
My child was left behind until I, with help pushed the school into putting him into an outside program. The FOUR day program enabled him to focus the j...umbled letters into line to allow him to read. Being able to read enabled him to excel. He now excels at Microsoft managing coding, people and millions of $$.

(c) Roger W Hancock, 10-07-2015 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W


Davis Dyslexia Association International

My Facebook Page Dyslexia - Curse or Gift

Stuttering Dyslexic

I am the PoetPatriot, and I am dyslexic, and I am a stutterer. My dyslexia allows me to see possibilities beyond the obvious. I can see the possibility that my dyslexia may have been a contributing factor in why I stutter.  My stutter has provided little beyond frustration and embarrassment other than inadvertently forcing me to focus my dyslexia. My dyslexia allows me to quickly choose a replacement word improving my fluency.
It has taken 60 years of inadvertent learning, to use my dyslexia to improve my stutter, build on my creativity, and to focus my mind on all endeavors. My son was given a quick-start through a one week dyslexia program through Davis Dyslexia Association International and now excels at Microsoft.

(c) Roger W Hancock, 02-23-2016 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W

Schools Fail

The Dyslexic should be excelling in school... However...
When dyslexia is a curse, the schools have failed.
Dyslexia is a gift when that gift has been cultivated.
The dyslexic may have inadvertently learned mechanisms that allow them to somewhat learn how they best learn, often not quite reaching their potential. There are many Dyslexic programs that address differing aspects of dyslexia that will help. However those that do not address the focus of the mind as well as the reading and writing, within the mechanics of how the dyslexic best learns, may only bring a student up to average. When the program addresses the mind's abilities to focus and how to use that to learn, the student is able to excel beyond the average.

(c) Roger W Hancock, 02-08-2016 Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W



Dyslexia is genius that needs to be cultivated.
Failing to address the specific difficulties of teaching to the greater active minds of the dyslexic, our schools relegate dyslexia to being a problem. Our schools are the problem allowing these greater minds to fall through the largest crack in our school systems, whether public, private, or religious.

Dyslexic LINKS on Page 3


Page 4 - Varied Dyslexic Thoughts
Dyslexia - Curse or Gift
'Focus' is the difference between Curse or Gift.
-   My Varied Dyslexic Thoughts   -

Page 1 - What It Is   ~    Page 2 - Stories & Poetry   ~    Page 3 - Famous Dys, Quotes    ~    Page 4 - Social Media

Twitter.com/PoetPatriot   -   Facebook.com/Hancock.Roger.W   -   Facebook.com/DyslexicDevice


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