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Roger's Rhymes of Liberty

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Women Patriots of the Revolution - in verse
American Women Patriots

Women behind the men or standing alone. In honoring the few we honor them all.
Women Patriots of the American Revolution - in verse
Abigail Adams Ann Bailey Penelope Barker Margaret Kate Barry
Margaret Corbin Lydia Darrah Ruth Draper Margaret Kemble Gage
Mary K. Goddard Mary Hagidorn Nancy Hart Mary Hays (Molly Picture)
Sibyl Ludington Rachel Martin Grace Martin Rebecca Motte
Esther DeBerdt Reed Betsy Ross Deborah Samson Catherine V. Schuyler
Rebecca Stillwell Sarah Stillwell Anna Strong Angelica Vrooman
Martha Washington Patience L. Wright Anne Warner Mercy Otis Warren
  Elizabeth (Betty) Zane *Note: On other page
  African-American Women Patriots  
Hannah Till Phillis Wheatley *Elizabeth (Phoebe) Fraunces - Ten Years Old
The Woman Patriot   -   Names of Women Patriots

The Woman Patriot

The women usually stayed home to take care of the family and properties. Those that stayed home participated in the boycott of British goods, altering their consumption habbits. Some women produced goods in their homes such as clothing to provide for those items banned by the boycott. Women such as Abigale Adams who frequently corrisponded with John Adams attempted to make their impact through the influence of their husbands. Abagail once wrote cautioning John at the Continental Crongress to, "remember the ladies." The 'place' of the woman in colonial times did not allow direct participation in the war effort, although there were efforts made especially when forced to defend family and home. Members of the Society of Patriotic Ladies in Edenton, North Carolina signed a statement of declaration of their commitment to the cause of liberty. There were a few women who disguised themselves to enlist or facilitate gaining intelligence. It was not uncommon to have a soldier bring his wife with him on a campaign. George Washington brought Martha with him on occassion. The soldier's wife often found herself cooking for others and tending to the soldiers' wounds. The soldier wife sometimes witnessed her husband's death and sometimes taking over his duties in battle. There are many stories we will never know, but here you will read some of those that have been recorded in history. Set to verse is my version as a tribute to the women who helped to facilitate our liberty.

    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock


Women Patriots of the Revolution - in verse

Abigail Adams
Abagail Adams second First Lady,
supported John Adams in liberty.
Frequent letters written to John,
hoping to influence a nation.
    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock
"Mad" Ann Bailey & Anne Warner
 "Mad" Ann Bailey & Anne Warner
working together; both hero ladies,
tending wounded of liberty's battles.
Walking door to door, through town,
Ann gathered cloth, for bandages,
to wrap the wounds, of hero soldiers.
   © April 1, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Penelope Barker
In North Carolina there was a party.
Edenton’s hostess Penelope Barker,
threw the tea into the sea,
protesting British taxes.
© February 16, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Margaret Kate (Moore) Barry
Margaret Kate Barry rode like fury,
to raise the local militia.
On horse back ford the Tyger River,
to warn of advancing soldiers.
© February 17, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Margaret Cochran Corbin
Margaret followed John Cochran,
to the war to work beside him.
Margaret cooked and washed his clothes,
cared for the sick and wounded.
Tending a cannon John caught a bullet,
Margie took to tend the cannon.
   © April 1, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Lydia Darrah
Lydia Darragh patriot woman,
overheard British plans; attack on Whitemarsh.
Convinced British General Howe,
grant passage to the flourmill.
Passed her message to Washington's army,
picked up her flour and returned back home.
    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Ruth Draper
Ruth Draper, organized neighbors,
baking bread for colonial soldiers.
Ruth gathered metal to be recycled,
melted down for amunition.
    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Margaret Kemble Gage
Margaret, wife of British General Gage,
simpathetic to liberty's cause.
Supplied information for liberty wage;
General Gage sent her back across the sea.
    © April 3, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Most women weaker,
passion most stronger;
by male sex stronger?
     © April 3, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Mary Katherine Goddard
Mary Goddard quite contrary,
behind the scenes for liberty.
Mary operated the printing press,
printing words most precious.
First official printed transcript,
Declaration of Independence.
    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Mary Hagidorn
Mary Hagidorn refused an order,
"I will take a spear which I can use,
as well as any man, and help defend the fort."
Mary cheerfully, obeyed next order,
"... be ready at the picketts, to repel an attack."
Spear held 'till, liberty's hurrahs of victory!
   © April 1, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Nancy Hart
Nancy Hart would do her part,
dressed as a bum would wander,
into the Tory camps, take heart.
Tories once her home invaded,
Hart suggested wine for starts,
two soldiers of lives depart.
   © April 1, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Mary Ludwig Hays (McCauley) "Molly Pitcher"

Mary Hays was 'Molly Picture',
serving the men who served.
On a hot summer day, a battle raged,
soldiers would soon call Mary, Molly-
Picture after picture of cool spring water,
to quench parched thirst of weary soldiers.
Mary tended her husband's wounds,
then manned her husband's cannon.
Molly's continued actions gallant,
General Washington made her sargeant.

   © April 1, 2010 Roger W Hancock

Note: Accounts vary in facts. Some historians doubt a connection between Mary Hays and "Molly Picture" and even the connection of Hays to the story. Hay's received a pension greater than that of just a soldier's wife who marched with the army, indicating a more direct involvment by Mary Hays.

Sibyl Ludington
Young Sibyl Ludington
rough ride on horseback, all through the night.
Enduring hardships to save her town,
warned militia of British architect.
British plans to burn the town down;
Syble's town, Danbury Connecticut.
    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Rachel and Grace Martin
Rachel and Grace, two sister Martin's;
dressed to disguise themselves as men;
snatched a British messenger.
Sped the dispatch to General Greene.
Without revealing who they were,
released the British soldier.
   © April 1, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Rebecca Motte
Rebecca Motte had six children;
British forced her from her home.
Determined not to let soldiers from Britain,
live in her log cabin home;
Mrs. Motte gathered some Patriots,
burned the British out of her home.
That ignited a country side fire,
sparking, a British surrender.
    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Esther De Berdt Reed

 Esther Reed, Connecticut patriot,
 collected donations in Philadelphia.
 Purchased linen and organized women,
 Sewed 2000 shirts for patriot soldiers.
    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Betsy Griscom Ross
During a visit by General George Washington,
Betsy Ross took a cloth, folded it five times,
made a single snip, unfolded an American star.
Betsy, history says, sewed our first,
American flag.
© February 18, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Deborah Samson

Deborah Samson (Gannett) 

Deborah Sampson was a hero,
distinguised as a brave soldier.
Enlisting in the Colonial Army,
disguised herself as man.
Smooth of chin yet respected,
her compatriots called her, "Molly."
  © March 31, 2010 Roger W Hancock


Deborah Samson (Gannett)

AKA,  Robert Shurtliff, female in disguise.
Keeping her gender secret from soldiers;
from her thigh, with knife held nigh,
a musket ball with gender's secret sigh.
  © July 27, 2011 Roger W Hancock

The  stories  of  Deborah  Samson seem to differ.  I believe the woman called Molly was actually Mary Ludwig Hays.
So, I wrote two Rhymes based upon the two stories I have heard.


Catherine Van Rensselaer Schuyler
Catherine, wife of General Schuyler,
burned her fields of golden wheat.
Resistance to the British plunder,
before enemy, could harvest wheat.
    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Rebecca Stillwell
Rebecca, Daughter of Captain Stillwell,
Saw British coming to plunder.
Tories had known the men were all gone,
and store-house was left unguarded.
Rebecca fired a readied cannon;
shot over the British heads.
British turned their boats around,
leaving supplies, still well.
   © April 1, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Sarah Stillwell

Sarah's husband, the British captured,
determined, set out to free him.
A visit by George Washington's camp,
gave an exchange to free her husband.
   © April 1, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Anna Strong
Anna Strong relayed messages,
with a code only a select few knew.
Anna received by lantern signal,
Then set the coded signal.
One black petticoat, three white hankerchiefs;
in full view but the British never knew.
    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Hannah Till
Hannah Till was Washington's slave,
not a soldier, though served her duty brave.
Cold grueling winter at Valley Forge,
feeding the troops was Hannah's charge.
 © March 30, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Angelica Vrooman
Angelica stayed busy
casting bullets for soldiers.
Bombs bursting, musket balls whizzing,
Angelica formed musket balls,
with only a spoon.
   © April 1, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Anne Warner

See: AnnBailey
Mercy Otis Warren
Mercy Otis Warren has written,
much about her times.
Poetry satirization of the enemy's men;
history of the war of rebellion times.
    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Martha Washington
Martha Washington First First Lady,
then called "Lady Washington."
Supported her husband in liberty,
from General to President, .
    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock

Phillis Wheatley
Phillis Wheatley, black poet lady,
writing poems of religion and morality.
First American black published poet,
authored a book, though printed in England.
Phillis wrote a poem about Washington,
George invited, her discussion.
  © March 31, 2010 Roger W Hancock

Patience Lovell Wright
Patience Wright, was a sculptor,
who made wax, figurines.
Dispatched within the figurines,
were secret battle missions.
    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock

Elizabeth (Betty) Zane
Betty Zane gained little fame,
in a battle on the wilderness front.
Her father wounded, had hidden gun-powder,
location known by Zane's brave dame.
Surprising the enemy of the Indian front,
stepped out of gate, safe passage allowed her.
Powder wraped for victory reclaim,
returned to the seige to finish her stunt.
Suspicion raised, raising bows to fire;
Betty brought victory, to Fort Henry gate.
     © April 3, 2010 Roger W Hancock

Names of 77 American Woman Patriots
These are the names of the women whose names came up during the research for the above verses.
Naturally they are just a few who sacrificed or exibited courage beyond the call of a woman's duty.
In honoring these we honor them all.

Abigail Adams Ruth Draper Mary Hays (Molly Picture) Mary Redmond Sally Townsend
Ann Bailey "Samuel Gay" Elizabeth F. Ellet Sarah Hopton Esther DeBerdt Reed Nancy Van Alstine
Sarah Franklin Bache  Anna Elliot Hannah Erwin Israel Mary Ritchie Angelica Vrooman
Penelope Barker  Sabina Elliot Mary Knight Betsy Ross Jane Washington
Margaret Kate Barry Susannah Elliot Anna Maria Lane Deborah Samson Martha Washington
Eliza Beach Phoebe Fraunces Dicey Langston Zelma Schell Phillis Wheatley
Mum Bett Elizabeth Freeman Sibyl Ludington Catherine V. Schuyler Martha Wilson
Martha Bratton Deborah Franklin Elizabeth Martin Mrs. Job Shattuck Mrs. Robert Wilson
Deborah Champion Margaret Kemble Gage Grace Martin Mrs. Richaard Shubrick Patience Lovell Wright
Mrs. Ann Chase Esther Gaston Rachel Martin Hannah Snell Mrs. David Wright
Sally St. Clair Emily Geiger Sarah Maxwell Elizabeth Steele Anne Warner
Elizabeth Clay Mary Ann Gibbles Jane Franklin Mecom Anna Strong Mercy Otis Warren
Margaret Corbin Mary K. Goddard Mrs Meridith Rebecca Stillwell Rebecca Young
Lydia Darrah Mary Hagidorn Mrs. John Merrill Sarah Stillwell Elizabeth (Betty) Zane
Sara Decker (Haligowski) Patterson Hall Rebecca Motte Hannah Till Elizabeth Zane
  Nancy Hart Harriet Prudence Jane Thomas  

Women's Liberation

Women's liberation in America began in the American Revolution. Abagail Adams tried to influence John Adams for rights for the ladies. Many women shed traditional roles to support the cause of liberty.
Though there were little changes specific to the woman, it began a role that put women in the front lines fighting against injustice. Women helped facilitate the formation of the 'underground railroad' and of course women suffrage. Today women are on both fronts fighting for and aganst the right to life of the unborn.
Women have gained inroads becoming executives in business, often becoming the bread-winner of the household. Many women are finding the stress of business and time away from family to be a greater price than they are willing to pay for their 'liberation.'

    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock

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American Women Patriots  - Rhymes

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