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~   Rhymes   ~
Black Patriots of the Revolution - in verse
Black American Patriots - "Slave" - "Colored" - "Freedmen"

The accounts of the African-American Patriot are few with most exploits lost in the past.
Some are famous some are not. Most remain unamed yet all are great patriots.
Taking the few accounts that have been recorded of the Black Patriot, I celebrate,
honoring all of the the brave Black men and women for their service, however meanial.
There were 5,500 black-soldiers who served gallently in the American Revolutionary War,
yet with exploits unrecorded. This is my tribute to honor the American Black Patriot.
In remembering these few we remember them all.
Phillip Abbot Jack Arabus James Armistad Crispus Attucks
Richard Bagnall Epheram Black James Black Charles Bowles
Seymour Burr Cyrus Bustill Oliver Cromwell Paul Cuffee
Austin Dabney John Davis Prince Esterbrooks James Forten
Samuel Fraunces Jordon Freeman Jude Hall Primas Hall
Hamet Lemuel Haynes Edward Hector Ebenezer Hill
Cato Howe George M. Horton Agrippa Hull John Johnson
Lambert Latham Pompey Lamb Barzillai Lew Major Jeffrey
Benjamin Scott Mayes George Middleton Jordan B. Noble Salem Poor
Black Prince Cesar Prince Joseph Ranger John Redman
James Roberts James Robinson Negro-man (Robinson) Peter Salem
Jack Sisson Cuff Smith Captain Mark Starlin Sullivan's Slave
"Freedom" Thomas Prince Whipple Cuff Whitemore Salem Whitemore
Peter Willard Peter Williams Captain Williamson  
  Black Women American Patriots  
*Hannah Till *Phillis Wheatley *Elizabeth (Phoebe) Fraunces - Ten Years Old
~ ~ ~   ~ ~ ~ *Not on this Page
  Tribute Poems  
The Bucks Tribute to the Patriot Black Rhode Island First
Poor, Black, Royalty   Yankee Haitians
Black Bravery Broken Promises Slaves who served the British
American Racism List of Black Patriots Links

Minutemen Blacks who stood for Liberty on Lexington Green.
Prince Easterbrooks Lemuel Haynes Peter Salem Cuff Whitemore
Peter Willard (?)      
There may have been others, Blacks who stood among the patriots on Lexington Green
and at the North Bridge in Concord. All soldiers who did, we thank !

Black American Patriots of the Revolution - in verse
Note: The author, Roger W Hancock is 'white', not by choice, but by God's whim.
"Though skin color is of God's control, attitude is your responsibility."

Phillip Abbot

Phillip Abbot among three dozen blacks,
fighting in the war for independence.
In the Battle of Bunker Hill
Phillip Abbot was shot and killed.
 © 03-31-2010 Roger W Hancock

Jack Arabus
Jack Arabus to gain his liberty,
went to war in place of a coward.
No pay, but a promise of liberty,
inspired Jack a freedom's reward.
Duty done and thoughts of liberty,
promise welched by master coward.
 © 03-29-2010 Roger W Hancock

James Armistad (Lafayette)
Black slave, James Armistad,
spied for General LaFayette.
From service in Cornwallis camp,
came news of British movements.
His intelligence, greatly facilitated,
surrender of General, Cornwallis.

 © 03-28-2010 Roger W Hancock

Crispus Attucks
Crispus Attucks, fugitive slave,
believed in the cause of liberty.
Urging citizens in a citizen protest,
British responded, "Fire!" then shot.
Among liberty's first casualties,
Boston Massacre's first, Crispus Attucks.
 © 03-28-2010 Roger W Hancock

Richard Bagnall
Richard Bagnall, patriot soldier,
enlisted to the rank of ensign.
Service on the wilderness front, required,
destroying villages; Washington's campaign.
 © 03-31-2010 Roger W Hancock

Epheram Black

Epheram Black at Lexington,
ten or so, black-men ready to fight.
Black man, Minutemen,
fought the British at Concord town.
 © 03-31-2010 Roger W Hancock

James Black
Black soldier, James Black,
crossed the Delaware with Washington.
At Princeton and Trenton was on the attack,
battled the British at Germantown.
 © 03-31-2010 Roger W Hancock

Charles Bowles
Charles Bowles was fourteen.

A Rhyme and Bio 
Charles Bowles
@ Children of Liberty


Seymour Burr
Seymour Burr, slave to Aaron Burr's brother,
though kindly treated, freedom yearned.
Set out to escape to the British camp,
soon over-taken, submitted surrender.
Burr did not punish, but asked him "why?"
the only reason he had, was liberty.
A deal was made between master and slave,
Semour would join the American Army.
Master recieved, enlistment bounty,
at end of the war Seymour would be free.
 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock

Cyrus Bustill
Cyrus Bustill from Africa,
sold into slavery, became a baker.
Bought his freedom at age 36,
lived in Burlington as still a baker.
Cyrus provided bread for troops,
delivered down to Burlington docks.
His gracious deeds had been commended,
even General Washington awarded silver.
 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock

Paul Cuffee

Paul Cuffee was a teenager.

A Rhyme and Bio 
Paul Cuffee
@ Children of Liberty


Oliver Cromwell
Freedom slave, Oliver Cromwell,
rode with Wasington across to Trenton.
Fighting many battles, Springfield,
Brandywine, Monmouth and  Princeton.
At the fighting in Battle of Yorktown,
Cromwell saw the last man die.
 © 03-28-2010 Roger W Hancock

Austin Dabney

Georgia slave, Austin Dabney,
for service in the Georgia Malitia,
a soldier in the patriot army,
earned the freedom to live life free.
 © 04-01-2010 Roger W Hancock

James Durham

Paul Cuffee was a teenager.
Slave to a Tory who hoped for liberty

A Rhyme and Bio 
James Durham
@ Children of Liberty


Prince Esterbrooks (also referred to as Estabrook)

Prince Estabrook
Prince Estabrooks of African heritage,
One of first to Stand and fight."
Blackman minuteman shot for liberty;
Lexington and Concord battles fought.
 © 03-29-2010 Roger W Hancock

Prince Esterbrooks
   by Roger W Hancock

Prince Esterbrooks of African heritage,
among the first at Lexington Green,
among the first, for freedom fought.
Stand again at Concord's North Bridge
among first against the British,
among the first, for freedom shot.
© 11-24-2011 Roger W Hancock


James Forten

James Forten was fifteen.

A Rhyme and Bio 
James Forten
@ Children of Liberty


Samuel Fraunces

Samuel Fraunces owned a tavern,
secret patriot meetings and more.
'Black Sam' served patriots,
 at the Tavern's address.
where Washington delivered,
 his farewell address.
  © 11-24-2011 Roger W Hancock
Jordan Freeman
Jordan Freeman brave black soldier,
stood strong against the British.
Major Mongomery weilding a sword,
was pinned to the earth by Freeman.
 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock

Juba Freeman
Juba Negro changed his name,
after his freedom, to Freeman.
Joined the army, fought beside whites,
for half the pay and his freedom;
all for liberty.
 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock

Jude Hall
Jude Hall, runaway slave,
enlisted in the Colonial Army.
Tossed headlong by a cannon ball,
bravely fought to be called 'Old Rock'.
 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock

Primas Hall
Primas Hall, Colonel Pickering's body servant,
gave up his bed-roll for George's sleep.
Washington awoke in the dead of night,
found Primas Hall sitting, with head in hands.
Such would not do, said George to Hall,
There is room enough here for you and I.
Shocked at the thought, obliged to comply,
Primas slept beside, the General that night.
 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock
Hamet, slave to Washington,
served his master and his country.
Kept remembrane of both service,
 among them, lock of Washington's hair.
 © 03-31-2010 Roger W Hancock
Lemuel Haynes

Lemuel Haynes, indentured servant,
completed his servant duty.
Haynes joined the Minutemen service,
to fight for life and liberty.
 © 03-31-2010 Roger W Hancock

Edward "Ned" Hector
Edward, Ned Hector, freeman citizen;
born black, lived free, American patriot.
At Battle of Brandywine fought,
in retreat from enemy, he'd not entreat,
"I will save the horses or perish myself!"

 © 03-28-2010 Roger W Hancock
Ebenezer Hill

Ebenezer Hill would ultimatly live,
old blackman to be one-hundred-ten.
Hill served throughout the war,
fighting for our freedom.
 © 03-31-2010 Roger W Hancock

George M. Horton


George Horton, poet slave,
wrote compelling poetry.
"Come, melting Pity, from afar,
And break this vast enormous bar,
Between a wretch and thee;
Purchase a few short days of time,
And bid a vassal soar sublime,
On wings of Liberty." (Raleigh, July 2, 1829)

George contributed to early literature,
during the youth of liberty.
 © 06-29-2010 Roger W Hancock

Cato Howe

Cato Howe, freeman soldier
enlisted to serve for liberty.
Fought the battle of Bunker Hill,
and fought at Valley Forge.
 © 03-31-2010 Roger W Hancock

Agrippa Hull

Agrippa Hull had a patriot's devotion,
freeman eager to join the cause.
Agrippa enlisted 'for the duration',
was an orderly for two generals.
 © 03-31-2010 Roger W Hancock

Major Jeffrey

Regular soldier, blackman Jeffrey,
took the charge to rally the soldiers.
Rallied for victory, routed the enemy,
gave Americans control of the field.
General Jackson could not commission,
but gave the title to Major Jeffrey.
 © 06-29-2010 Roger W Hancock

Pompey Lamb
Pompey Lamb, a trusting black man,
to the British fruits and vegetables.
Pompey earned commander's trust,
was given gateway password.
Pompey betrayed, for liberty's trust;
liberty's army fought a quick victory.
 © 04-01-2010 Roger W Hancock

Lambert (Lambo) Latham
Lambert Latham without request,
proceded to the point of defence.
In cold blood Colonel Ledyard was slain,
had handed his sword to a British officer.
Lambo returned with a bayonett thrust,
British arrogance of the officer died.
 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock

Barzillai Lew
Barzillai Lew, years earlier,
had been a black British soldier.
Duty called for liberation,
so he joined the revolution.
Barzillai Lew played the fife,
at surrender of General Burgoyne.
 © 03-31-2010 Roger W Hancock

Benjamin Scott Mayes

"Daddy Ben"
African Prince, Benjamin Mayes,
Colonel Scott's brave slave,
Patriot who would tell, not,
British sought Colonel Scott.
Hung slave Mayes 'til nearly dead,
in hopes the slave would cave.
First time nearly killed this slave,
second time to break slave Mayes,
third hanging still, Mayes stayed brave.
 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock
Banner presented to the Bucks by Governor John Hancock
Awarded by Massachusettes Governor, John Hancock
to the Bucks of America.

George Middleton

Colonel George Middleton led an army,
black men in the Continental army.
One of three Black patriot units,
black men served and fought for liberty.
The Colonel marched past John Hancock's house,
Governor gave Buck Unit a banner.
 © 11-22-2011 Roger W Hancock


Salem Poor
American black slave, Salem Poor,
managed to buy his freedom.
Heroic deeds of Salem Poor,
officers' praised at Bunker Hill.
 One of the first heroes of revolution,
performed with gallent bravery.

 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock

 Black Prince
Black Prince and several blackmen,
under cover of night with Colonel Barton.
Through the thick of enemy guards,
 Black Prince followed Colonel Barton.
Disabled a guard, broke through a door,
surprise encounter, captures a general.
 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock

Cesar Prince

Cesar Prince a black man free,
born black, born free.
Mother Lucy Terry was the first,
Black American Woman to author a poem.
Ceasar Prince joined the Continentals,
In Massachusetts, in liberty's army.
 © 06-27-2010 Roger W Hancock

John Redman
John Redman won his freedom,
Black patriot in a white man's war.
One of few Black men to serve,
in a Cavalry Unit.
Fought with Virginia's Light Dragoons,
 on horseback with, sabres and pistols.
 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock

Joseph Ranger

Joseph Ranger rendered longer,
years of seaman, black or white.
Ranger enlisted in year of declaration,
'till Virginia's last vessel decommissioned.
Joseph was aboard the vessel,
when the British blew up the Jefferson.
Eleven years on four vessels, service fought,
Hero, Dragon, Jefferson and the vessel Patriot.
 © 03-31-2010 Roger W Hancock

James Roberts

James Roberts fought Indians,
regretted his part in the oppression.
James fought under Washington,
in many battles including Yorktown.
Freedom promised was not seen,
sold away from family to a master mean.
Under General Jackson in War of 1812,
lost a limb, blood and nearly his life.
Betrayed by Jackson back into slavery;
later freed, spook of slavery's treachery.
 © 06-29-2010 Roger W Hancock

James Robinson
Revoutionary slave James Robinson,
fighting hero for liberty served,
did not see the freedom promised.
Gallentry brave in Battle of Yorktown
awarded a medal for bravery,
 but not his freedom.
 © 03-31-2010 Roger W Hancock

Negro man (Robinson)
General Stark had not enough rope,
to lash British captives, numbering 800.
Mrs. Robinson made offer for addional rope,
one condition she had, if Stark wanted more rope.
Negro man (Robinson), wide grin on his face,
led British captives, marching to Boston.
 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock

Peter Salem
Peter Salem reknowned marksman,
rebuffed by Washington then reinstated.
Compatriots lauded his shooting skills,
distinction awarded, a wool bounty coat.
British Major Pitcairn, ordered first shots,
among first fallen, was a negro man.
Peter Salem at Bunker Hill,
avenged the deaths, by shooting the Major.
 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock

Jack Sisson

Black American, Jack Sisson,
one of 40 volunteer citizens;
General Prescott's head quarters raided,
at Newport in Rhode Island.
 © 03-28-2010 Roger W Hancock

Sullivan's Slave

New Hampshire's General Sullivan,
informed his slave they'd fight for freedom.
Slave said, "Indeed to fight for my liberty,
what satisfaction that would be!"
General Sullivan thought a moment,
considered the justice of the statement.
Then and there the General decided,
freedom belonged, to his friend.
 © 06-29-2010 Roger W Hancock
Cuff Smith

Cuff Smith of Connecticut,
born into slavery, bought free by his father.
For liberty serve, joined the Continental Army;
returned home to a freeman's family.
 © 06-27-2010 Roger W Hancock


Captain Mark Starlin
Captain Mark Starlin of the vessel Patriot.
A man of color, strongly a patriot.
Captained the ship in many battles,
an outstanding service record.
Captain Starlin helped win our freedom,
to be returned to his old master.
   © April 1, 2010 Roger W Hancock

"Freedom" Thomas

"Freedom" was Thomas of Jamaica,
served in the Continental army.
Fought for American liberty,
hoping for liberty in Jamaica.
Freedom's last struggle, saved six men,
amid the river's, musket splatter.
 © 03-31-2010 Roger W Hancock

Prince Whipple
Of royal blood, Prince Whipple,
captured from Africa's Amabon.
Served patriot William Whipple,
as slave who would serve for freedom.
Prince served with Master Whipple,
within New Hampshire militia.
 © 03-28-2010 Roger W Hancock

Cuff Whitemore

Cuff Whitemore, Black soldier,
Fought the war at Bunker Hill.
Cuff said of the story told,
British Officer lost his sword.

  © 11-26-2011 Roger W Hancock

Peter Willard

Peter Willard, Black man free,
enlisted soldier for cause of liberty.
White man, Black man together fought,
brothers together on Lexington Green.
 © 02-19-2014 Roger W Hancock

Peter Williams
Peter Williams, man of the clergy,
Black New Jersey preacher for liberty.
One preacher the British, set out to seek,
Peter fled, hiding, amongst his sheep.
 © 03-29-2010 Roger W Hancock
Captain Williamson

Williamson a faithful servant,
was bequethed his liberty.
Fervent lover of country,
honorable notice for his city's defence.
 © 06-29-2010 Roger W Hancock


War of 1812  -  Another War Against the British

War of 1812

John Davis

On the vessel General Tompkins,
John Davis fought the British.
Mortally wounded on the deck,
said he was in the way of others.
John Davis with dying words,
asked to be tossed overbaord.
 © 06-29-2010 Roger W Hancock

War of 1812

John Johnson

John Johnson abord the General Tompkins;
privateer vessel fought an english frigate.
John Johnson mortally wounded, called out,
"Fire away, my boys! -No haul a color down!"
 © 06-29-2010 Roger W Hancock


(War of 1812)

Jordan B. Noble

Jordan B. Noble was fifteen.

A Rhyme and Bio 
Jordan B. Noble
@ Children of Liberty

. .



Tribute to the Patriot Black
Little recorded was the Patriot Black,
five thousand or so had fought the fight.
Blacks fought at Lexington as Minutemen;
Black bravery spent for liberty's cause.
Freemen, servants, and slaves were brave.
Whatever their motive; liberty's cause;
Black men fought in every battle.
Many names, were scarce recorded,
yet Black-men bled, American red.
 © 03-29-2010 Roger W Hancock

Poor, Black, Royalty
Ephreram and Primas Black,
black-minutemen at Lexington.
Salem Poor, Jude Hall, and Peter Salem
fought together at Bunker Hill.
Prince Easterbrooks and Prince Vaugn,
royalty lost, served for liberty.
 © 03-29-2010 Roger W Hancock

The Bucks

The Bucks were a company of 'colored' soldiers,
that had displays of courage and patriotism.
When Victory won, Governor Hancock presented,
a banner to honor the black soldier brave.
Marching through Boston onto Beach Street,
Bucks came to halt in front of John's mansion.
John Hancock and son came out to greet,
presented the banner to Bucks for their courage.
 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock

Banner presented to the Bucks by Governor John Hancock

The Bucks of America
was one of three Black Continental Army units.

Rhode Island First

Rhode Island First, all Black unit,
though retreat called, held the line.
Brave men to protect Colonel Green,
fought off British until they and Green died.
The remainder kept fighting,
'till just a remnant was left.
The 'First' was with Washington,
at Surrender of Yorktown.
 © 11-22-2011 Roger W Hancock

Yankee Haitians
Five-hundred Haitians came to fight,
with colonial soldiers at Savannah Georgia.
Black freemen from French Haiti,
would risk their lives for our liberty.
Though British won the seige,
thought of independence won their thoughts.
Haitians returned to Haiti.
Inspired by, American rebellion
 to fight the French for victory.
 © 03-30-2010 Roger W Hancock


Names of 664 African American (Black) Patriots
In the little documentation that is known, are only a few names of the 5,500+
Black/African American Patriots who served in various capacities for liberty.
Phillip Abbot Oliver Cromwell Isaac Hammond Peter Mix William Scott
Andrew Abner Prince Crosbee Jack Hammond Jerimiah Moho Caesar Shelton
Josiah Abshier Simeon Crossman Lazarous Harman George Monoggon Lewis Simms
Silas Acro Charles Cuffee Edward Harris Ambrose Month Jack Sisson
Adam Adams Paul Cuffee Gibson Harris Simeon Moore Ceasor Smith
Alexander Ames William Cuffee James Harris Peter Morando Cuff Smith
William Appleby (free man) Cubit John Harris Isaac Morgan Elijah Smith
Jack Arabus Sampson Cuff William Harris Thomas Morgan James Smith
Caleb Archer Daniel Cumbo Henry Hartless Charles Morris Johnson Smith
Evans Archer Fortune Cumbo Peter Hartless Francis Morris Joseph Smith
James Armistad Michael Cumbo William Hartless Anthony Morrison Lewis Smith
Adam Armstrong Peter Cumbo Peter Haskell Ezekiel Moses William Smothers
Admiral (Jenkins) Stephen Cumbo Joseph Hastings Henry Moss Edward Sorrell
William Appleby Thomas Cumbo Job Hathaway Lent Munson James Sorrell
Archibald Artis Austin Dabney Henry Hawkins Mark Murray Thomos Sorrell
John Artis Richare Cumbo James Hawkins Prince Newport Bill Sowers
Burwell Artist Pomp Cyrus Benjamin Hawley Ethelred Newsom Solomon Sowtice
John Ashby Daniel Davis Joseph Hawley Luke Nickelson Aaron Spelman
Crispus Attucks Richard Davis Peter Haws William Nicken Asa Spelman
Primus Babcock Stephen Davenport William Haws Carter Nickens Abel Spriggs
Caesar Bagdon John Davis Cuff Haynes Edward Nickens Captain Mark Starlin
Richard Bagnall Charles Davis Lemuel Haynes James Nickens Cato Stedman
Humphrey Bain Richard Davis Ephraim Hearn Malachi Nickens Isaac Stephens
Bristol Baker George Day Edward Hector Nathaniel Nickens Simon Stephens
Brister Baker John Day Peter Hedgepeth Richard Nickens Stephen Stephens
John Ball John Debrix Francis Herd Robert Nickens Ceasor Steward
William Balontino Allen Demery Micajah Hicks Jordan B. Noble Cesar Steward
James Baltrip Soloman Dick Isaac Higgins Jacob Norton Dempsey Stewart
Jacob Banks Ceasar Dickenson Caleb Hill Obed Norwood Edward Stewart
John Banks James Dinah Ebenezer Hill Theophilus / Foy Norwood Jordon Stewart
William Barber Charles Dobbins John Hobson William Oats Samuel Stewart
Charles Barnett William Dove Thomas Hollen Jo Otis Thomas Stewart
James Bass Solomon Dick Bartholomew Holmes John Overton William Stewart
Shadrack Battles Emanuel Driver William Holmes Johnathan Overton Hezekiah Stringer
Isiah Bayoman Thomas Dring Charles Hood Lemuel Overton Mingo Stringer
Solomon Beckett Joshua Dunbar William Hood Samuel Overton Phineas Strong
Samuel Bell Samuel Dunbar George M. Horton Titus Overton Sullivan's Slave
James Berry Luke Duncan Bristol Howard Elisha Parker Zeba Sutton
Mum Bett Solomon Duncan Cato Howe Evan Payne Abraham Sweat
Sylvester Beverly Wallace Dunstan David Howell Benjamin Payne Allen Sweat
Edmund Bibby William Dunstan Isaac Howell Joshua Payne George Sweat
John Biddie Prince Duplex Luke Hughes Robert Peagin William Sweat
Humphrey Bine Juba Dyer William Hughes George Perkins Allen Taborn
Epheram Black Charlestown Eaads Agrippa Hull Isaac Perkins Burrell Taborn
James Black Alexander Eames David Hunt Jacob Perkins Joel Taborn
Martin Black Prince Easterbrooks Hardy Hunt Joshua Perkins William Taborn
Primas Black John Ellis David Ivey Nimrod Perkins Joel Taburn
Pomp Blackman Henry Ellis Andrew Jack James Peters Sampson Talbot
Pero Blakely John Epps Francis Jack Jesse Peters Benjamin Tann
Cuff Blanchard Charles Evans William Jackson Pomp Peters Drury Tann
Benjamin Blango Thomas Evans Ezekiah Jacobs Drury Pettiford Ephraim Tann
William Blye John Farrar Primus Jacobs George Pettiford James Tann
Negro Bob John Featherston Zachariah Jacobs Philip Pettiford Joseph Tann
Steven Bond Andrew Ferguson Caesar Jahar William Pettiford Nathan Tanner
Jacob Boon John Fields Benjamin James Francis Pierce Jesse Tate
Peter Booth Ned Fields Elisha James Israel Pierce Jacob Teague
Cato Bordman Cate Fisk Isaac James William Pierce Gamaliel Terry
James Bowes William Flora Jeremiah James John Pinn Pompey Terry
Charles Bowles Benjamin Flood Thomas James Rawley Pinn Hannah Till
Stephen Bowles James Forten Jacob Jeffries William Pittman Buckner Thomas
Zacharia Bowles John Fortune John Jeffries Obediah Plumly "Freedom" Thomas
James Bowman Lewis Fortune Peter Jennings James Pompey James Thomas
James Bowser Samuel Fortune Jesse Andrew Pompy John Thomas
Augustine Boyd William Foster James Johns Pompy of Baintree Jack Thomas
Daniel Bradley Joseph Fowler John Johnson Salem Poor Spencer Thomas
John Stuart Brandom Christopher Francis Prince Johnson Caesar Post William Thomas
Thomas Brandom Charles Franklin Shubael Johnson Job Potama Toby Tolbert
John Braveboy Ambrose Franklin Jabez Jolly Christopher Poynos Negro Tom
Jacob Braveboy Phoebe Fraunces Jeremy Jonah Black Prince Jack Tomson
Abraham Brown Dick Freedom Britton Jones Cato Prince Arthur Toney
Calla Brown Ned Freedom Burwell Jones Cesar Prince John Toney
Edward Brown Asher Freeman Francis Jones Festus Prince John Troy
Freeman Brown Charles Freeman Jeremiah Jones Charles Proctor Cato Tuffs
John Brooks Cuff Freeman Philip Jones Henry Proctor Charles Tuner
Scipio Brown Doss Freeman Alex Judd Arthur Pugh Plato Turner
George Buley Elizabeth Freeman ___ , Kee David Pugh Bartlet Tyler
Francis Bunday Jordan Freeman Jesse Kelly Quamany Quash George Tyler
William Bunday Juba Freeman Cato Kent Lebbis Qui Asa Tyner
George Brumagam Ned Freeman James Kersey John Ralls Anthony Valentine
David Burnett Peter Freeman William Kersey Arly Randale Charles Valentine
William Burnett Philo Freeman John Key Joseph Ranger Daniel Valentine
Seymore Burr Thomas Freeman Lambert (Lambo) Latham Joseph Rantger Edward Valentine
Cyrus Bustill Nathan Fry Pompey Lamb Abram Read Isham Valentine
Henry Butler Peter Galloway Simon Lee John Redcross Peter Valentine
John Butler Ephraim Game Barzillai Lew John Redman Sam Valentine
Jack Butlers Anthony Garner Ambrose Lewis Richard Redman Prince Vaughn
Moses Byrd Dennis Garner Charles Lewis William Redman Benjamin Viers
Reuben Byrd Jeffrey Garnes Morgan Lewis Abram Reed Dick Violet
Primuss Cabuss Samuel George Cuff Liberty Benjamin Reed Jesse Vose
Sharp Camp Prince George Pomp Liberty Dempsey Reed Drury Walden
William Cannady Peter Gibbs Jack Little Isaac Reed Robert Walden
Noel Carriere Charles Gibson Winsor Little Jacob Reed James Wallace
Isaac Carr Tobias Gilmore Thomas Lively Micajah Reed Joseph Wallace
Isaac Carter Abraham Goff Thomas Lockett Shadrack Reed Salmon Washburn
James Carter Daniel Goff James Locus Willis Reed Sipeo Watson
John Carter Samuel Goff John Locus Pomp Reeves Aaron Weaver
Joshua Carter Zachariah Goff William Lomack William Rich Elijah Weaver
Moses Carter Drury Going Daniel Loney Jubiter Richards Elisha Weaver
Noel Carriere Frederick Going Job Lott Benjamin Richardson John Weaver
Jonathan Case Jacob Going Billing Lucas Esek Roberts Henry Welch
Joseph Case Joshua Going Joseph Lucas Hezekiah Roberts Alexander West
James Causey Jenkins Goins Thomas Maclin Ishmael Roberts James West
William Causey Reeps Goins Thomas Mahorney James Roberts Phillis Wheatley
Job Ceasar Sherard Going Major Jeffrey Johathan Roberts John Wheeler
Tim Ceasar Benjamin Gould Arthur Manly Cato Robinson Prince Whipple
Caesar Chapman Camaramsawde Gould Moses Manly James Robinson Alexander/Sawney Whistler
Charles Charity David Gowen Christopher Manuel Negro man (Robinson) Archelaus White
Samuel Charlton Edward Gowens Jesse Manuel Jack Rock Mingo White
Anthony Chavis Charles Gowens Nicholas Manuel Charles Roe Cuff Whitemore
Caesar Chavis Jenkins Gowens Kingston Marshall John Rogers Salem Whitemore
Drury Chavis Zephaniah Gowens Absalom Martin Sharp Rogers Arthur Wiggins
Henry Chavis Ezekiel Graves Jesse Martin Jack Roland Henry Wiggins
Isaac Chavis Jack Green John Martin Toney Rose Matthew Wiggins
John Chavis John Gregory Lewis Martin Reuben Ross Cato Wilbrow
Lazarus Chavis Gideon Griffin William Martin David Ross Edward Wilkerson
Ned Chavis Morgan Griffin Patrick Mason Cornelius Rouse John Wilkinson
John Cleveland Ned Griffin Thomas Mason Peter Rouse Peter Willard
Caesar Clark Moses Grimes Saul Mathews Charles Randolph Rowe Daniel Williams
Prince Cobus Benjamin Grinnage Quash Mathrok James Rowe Harry Williams
Titus Coburn Asaba Grosvenor Benjamin Scott Mayes John Rowe Hector Williams
Mason Collins Blaney Grusha John McCarter George Russell John Williams
William Clark William Guy George McCoy Peter Salem Mathew Williams
Henry Cook Peter Hackett James McCoy Robin (of) Sandown Uriah Williams
George Cooper Cuff Haines Pomp McCuff Nehamiah Samson Peter Williams
Grant Cooper Aaron Haithcock ___, McGee Caesar Sankee Captain Williamson
James Cooper Frederick Haithcock John McLean Caesar Santee John Womble
Abraham Cottiler John Haithcock James Mealy John Saunders Cato Wood
Francis Cousins Holiday Haithcock James Melton Hill Scipio Jesse Wood
John Cowigg Peter Haley Daniel Mills Abraham Scott

Parson Wood

Cato Copeland Jude Hall Mingo Emanuel Scott Philip Wood
Richard Cozzens Primas Hall Slave Mingo Isham Scott Thomas Wood
Samuel Craft Prince Hall Titus Minor Jesse Scott  Caesar (of) York
Moses Credit Hamet Cuff Mitchell Nicholas Scott Congo Zado
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Remembering All Black Patriot and Black British Soldiers.

Estimations have it that over 5,500 Blacks served in the Colonial Malitias and Armies and many more in other capacities. It was the tendency of the black soldier to work harder and fight with greater bravery, although motivated by the hoped for freedom from slavery for all blacks whether slave, servant or free man. Remembrance and honor are due all those who paid a part. They are even more deservedly due the honor in the light that tens of thousands of slaves fled to serve the British Army, having been promised their freedom. There were some who had no choice being placed in the service of the British by their masters.
One slave who joined the British army was a runaway slave. Titus had belonged to a quick tempered Quaker. After runing away he changed his name to Tye. The British, out of respect, gave him the non-commissioned title of Colonel. Colonel Tye became the most respected and feared commander in the war. After the war both sides argued that the war would have been won more quickly by the patriots had Colonel Tye been on the patriot side.
Those Blacks who served the British we should also remember. Honor no, but remember yes. Traitors? I think not. We cannot blame a person who seeks to free himself from the injustice of slavery or those who had no choice in the matter. This mention is in rememberance of those who chose the wrong side in the fight for liberty. If not for the injustice put upon them by White American Slave Masters, that decision would not have been neccessary.

    © November 27, 2011 Roger W Hancock


Black Bravery Inspires

Having become afraid of the terror of the war John Greenwood was inspired by the bravery of a Blackman: "... I felt very much frightened, and would have given the world if I had not enlisted as a soldier; I could positively feel my hair stand on end." Continuing, he says, "Just as I came near the place, a negro man, wounded in the back of his neck, passed me and, his collar being open and he not having anything on except his shirt and trousers, I saw the wound quite plainly and the blood running down his back. I asked him if it hurt him much as he did not seem to mind it; he said no, that he was only going to get a plaster put on it, and meant to return. You cannot conceive what encouragement this immediately gave me; I began to feel brave and like a soldier from that moment, and fear never troubled me afterward during the whole war."
Such bravery was not uncommon among the black troups. Among the gallentry it was not uncommon for Black soldiers to put themselves in danger to protect their White commanders. 
From the research I have done it is my opinion the Black troups of the American Revolution may have had more gallentry in battle, than others throughout the war.

    © November 27, 2011 Roger W Hancock


Broken Promises

Many slaves who served were promised their freedom only to find themselves enslaved again. Some were able to petition and gain freedom while others lived to fill a slave's grave. Simon Lee honorably served in the American Revolution to be sent back into slavery.
The Black soldier killed in the line of duty was often not give due respect. In New York the bodies of Black patriots were found under old foundations having been placed together and covered over. Whether Colonial or British the Black soldier was often viewed as a lessor person.
General La Fayette wrote in a letter to Clarkson, "
I would never have drawn my sword in the cause of America, if I could have conceived that thereby I was founding a land of slavery."

    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock


American Racism

Racism begins in ignorance, within the individual. America's Racism began amidst the economic neccessity for cheap labor on the plantations. Racism continued in the animosity against emancipation. Racism continues today in the ignorance of the induvidual.
Now for the Black person: Racism began in slavery. Racism was maintained by injustice. Racism continues today in the ignorance of the induvidual.
Essentially, American racism was born in ignorance, maintained for 200 years by greed to continue today in the ignorance of the individual.
Racism is owned by neither White nor Black.

"I am not Black, but had no control that I am white. My attitudes are in my control; formed by either ignorance or understanding." - Roger W Hancock

    © April 2, 2010 Roger W Hancock


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Sources: - - - - - - -

Earlier sources were not kept however some names and accounts are among the sources shown and the links above.
Sources are not usually kept for works of art. However, I should have done so for this purpose. Oh well...

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