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Patriotism & Politics  Poetry  -  2002

  Love of Country  -  PoetPatriot 

Written in 2002
Freedom Rang Guard Liberty Liberty’s Security Liberty Cry
Our Dichotomy I Am Liberty Liberty Eagle Valiant Peace
American Storm A Vision’s Price Activist Independence Day
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Society's Heroes

    Freedom Rang

         by Roger W Hancock


F ounders premise within

R eligious value for

E ducation of liberty

E verybody's day

D reaming life without

O ppression of taxation of

M onarchs and kings.


R esponsibility of

 I ndividual actions, a

N ation born to be

G reat within its own

S overiegnty . . .   America.


© 11-13-2002 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com



     Guard Liberty

         by Roger W Hancock


Responsibility is yours, is mine.

Your freedom may stifle my freedom.

All freedom is not liberty.

Liberty is not always freedom.

Guard your liberty

scrutinize your freedom.

Liberty is maintained by

responsible freedom.


 © 10-02-02 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


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Liberty Cry

        by Roger W Hancock


Liberty is not free as the eagles cry

America has soared in liberty

Our nation has grown, has prospered,

in founded perimeters.

Liberty is not always freedom

Freedom expands oppressing others.

When your rights suppress my rights,

our liberty cries.


  © 10-02-02 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com

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Liberty’s Security



Responsibility flies high

In American liberty

Free as the eagles cry,

high they fly into the sky

they forage and scavenge

maintaining existence.

Liberty is secure when

restricting some freedom.


  © 10-02-02 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com 


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              by Roger W Hancock

Promote own 
   A G E N D A
Yet to preserve
the other’s right to
To fight yet preserve,
when yet the enemy 
           seeks to destroy.
 Liberty, freedom, latitude,
of each the other fight.
right to speak,
           ignorance reveals.
 Responsibility some,
 for other’s irresponsibility.
© 9-21-2002 Roger W Hancock 

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I Am Liberty

            by Roger W Hancock


I am old I shall not die.

When imprisoned in spirit I live.

I saw wars fought with little thought,

for freedom from the enemy,

yet still, oppression of their kings.

I saw Hancock and Washington,

place much thought upon,

freedom from tyranny.

A price to pay, a sacrifice,

to me for I am Liberty.

A common thought of all,

valued to those who appreciate freedom, 

to live life without strife,

of government intervention.

I saw the southern states rebel,

to keep the right of slaving others.

Brothers against brothers,

for freedom there is a price,

pay homage for I am Liberty.

For the people some may claim,

government be their father.

A premise that represses,

lacks freedom’s love of mother.

Communism, Socialism both,

have proven premise fails.

Without freedom initiative dies,

“no gain so why the pain?”

Fight hard against apathy,

speak of me for I am Liberty.

Two wars fought world wide,

of fascism and imperialism.

Germany devoted following,

into morbid Aryanism.

Emperor in Japan expands,

warring away internal coup.

Sacrifice of men to win,

Victory for me, Liberty.

Many value differently,

of selfishness or generosity.

Selfishness our enemy,

to be fought on every front.

Responsibility in selflessness,

a premise to keep all free.

America for self and others,

fought for me, as I am Liberty.

From within our battles wage,

ideologies conflict.

When feeling, emotion prevails,

logic of premise ignored.

Foundations must be upheld,

founder’s freedom defined.

A gift from France a statue,

substance now embodies.

Freedom’s concept visualized,

now in her I am Lady Liberty.

Stand fast, stand tall, be proud,

learn from freedom’s history.

America, no greater nation,

our world has ever known.

God has blessed, God has cursed

the good and wrong within this land.

Let logic, common sense prevail,

meaningless emotions defeat.

Future happiness depends

upon my strength, your Liberty.  
   © 7-25-2002 Roger W Hancock  


    A Vision’s Price

                 by Roger W Hancock


A vision for a country great,

from men of wealth and power.

To risk it all for peoples’ rule,

in dissidence, the freedom’s tool.


Rebellion against tyranny,

not of power seek.

No King, Caesar or Czar,

to rule this nation’s bar.


The call of freedom,

from within their religion,

that religious freedom be,

a foundation for our liberty.


For their own social destiny,

to rule themselves alone.

No need for the dominant king,

just a self-governed free republic.


Of wealthy men to pay the cost,

for rebellion arms and wares.

Supplied each man rich or poor,

the means to fight ‘till free.


Together, they, in one accord,

with single purpose to afford,

campaign for rule of one’s own land,

on holy battle, bloody ground.


Wealth, comfort and lost lives,

expended for the freedom’s dream.

A righteous cause is never won,

without cost and vision clear.


  © 2-18-2002  Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


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American  Storm

                                      by Roger W Hancock


There is a storm a brewing; I can feel it in the air.

Prepare by boarding windows, the livestock put inside.

If I do not prepare myself, for storms unannounced,

devastation will be the price, when apathy, shortsighted.

A little restriction here, and a just a bit more there;

and claim it’s all for safety’s sake, as our liberties decrease.

Our security is commonplace, as we look at those without,

other countries yearn for freedom, as ours we take for granted.

We thank our stars, white on blue, we thank the thirteen strips,

for giving freedom to us now, to live our lives so free.


There is a storm a brewing, the signs are clearly seen;

the devastation has begun, as our liberties decrease.

National crises requires of us, our security we must secure,

war has its own restrictions; this is not of which I speak.

Our own selfish desires… without thought of premise set,

the Constitution, our rights spelled out, is being set aside.

Legislation is being made, to make you feel good,

feeling good is fine and well, but liberty is put at risk.

To those who understand… frustration… unrest is building,

as laws are made to socialize, against the founders’ wish.


There is a storm a brewing, in your apathy, deny,

open those eyes that you may see, the decrement of liberty.

We claim for safety or the children, we must restrict our guns,

arms keep and bear, restrain, as once the German Nazis.

Restriction of property rights, a bold rebuff of the founders,

by regulation our government, captures from us our land.

For votes, appease the few, as we squander away our rights;

special interests deny the rights, of premise set for others.

The right to inherit with tax restricts, again your father’s labor;

‘Communist Manifesto’ of Karl Marx, calls to remove that right.


One right lost for the right of another builds the weather front,

a storm is coming, wake up, prepare, the worse is yet to come.

Representation is a fine precept, if first premise held sacred,

the cornerstone must first prevail, before the people’s wish.

Democracy becomes anarchy, if firm foundations lack,

the Constitution must be upheld, to save this country great.

We have the right to life… and liberty with… responsibility,

to pursue happiness, without restricting others.

American freedom is simply, consideration for each other,

it does not mean… freedom, to do all we wish to do.


We must prepare, defend our rights, the winds are on us now,

majestic of the flag symbolic, has begun to show some tatter.

Transportation and Communications, has built our economy,

restriction of mobility, constrains free progress growth.

Beyond basic safety, the government takes the right,

to build power unto itself, in restricting our basic rights.

Our children, the future, being taught wrong, that wrong is right,

fails to give the premise needed, to keep this country great.

Patriotism to show allegiance, exhibit your country pride,

do not let it stop right there, your responsibility display.


We do not dare to look ahead, in fear of storms to come,

to live our lives and not prepare, for the storm that is a brewing.


  © 3-11-2002 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com 




    Liberty Eagle

           by Roger W Hancock


Eagles fly into the sky,

as free as any bird.

Yet principles of gravity,

to keep those birds up there.


A symbol of our liberty,

the eagle’s image majestic.

Wings spread or image head,

evokes the loyalty in us.


As eagles soar, freedom more,

life be free for all.

Yet principles of premise set,

to keep our freedoms live.


A symbol of responsibility,

our freedom’s image frail.

Activism or just to vote,

is our duty, for our liberty.


  © 4- 14-2002 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com 



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      Valiant Peace

         by Roger W Hancock


Nothing worth is lost in peace,

if only peace could be achieved.

History shows man's tendencies,

but mankind does not learn.

Those that learn still must fight,

to keep the peace they have.

So onward go the wars we fight,

and dream of peace someday.

A dream of peace is just a dream,

though a valiant dream indeed.

So when World Peace to come,

you and I would long be gone.   
  ©  2-10-2002  Roger W Hancock 

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    Men of the Air

        by Roger W Hancock


That jet with vapor trail so high,
I wonder where it’s been?
Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq,
or maybe Afghanistan?


What of the pilot, flight crew,
the men who maintenance share?
Do they know their worth to us?
Do they know we care?


More of us, civilians here,
should show the men our care.
To know the cause is worth the fear,
brings courage so much near.


We know that some will not live,
to pilot us in civilian air.
I hope they know that we do care,
and that they do not fear.


  © 2-09-2002  Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com 




              by Roger W Hancock


The activist with agenda clear,

from love of country oh so dear.

Keep the premise right on track,

or to derail, premise assail, detracts.


No time, present time for apathy.

Opinion unstated is a pointless plea,

when left for others to appoint.

The vocal defines the focal point.


Stand now for civil rights,

lest, overcome by individual right.

‘The squeaky wheel gets the oil’,

justly round, or wheel broken to recoil.


Letter to the editor, to state concern,

few bother to write, oppression earn.

Dissent for freedom or social repression,

when expressed, defines public opinion.


Dissidence for or against status quo,

philosophies vary which will bestow?

Speak not and hold your peace,

Then one by one your liberties cease.


Each have power when first to speak,

power is gained when forces peak.

Speak now or hold your peace,

fail to speak and the peace decrease.   

  © 2-01-2002 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com    



        "Liberty upholds peace when freedom reigns." 

                                        - Roger W Hancock

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    Independence Day

                  by Roger W Hancock


The fourth of July to celebrate,

 with fireworks and remembrance.

 Founder’s heroes in bravery,

 country born to be great.


 A sacrifice they gave back then,

 of wealth and security.

 Price paid with young blood,

 scarlet cost for Liberty.


 Declaration of Independence,

 a bold unquiet dissidence.

 Beginnings of a new embrace,

 that liberty be, the right of men.


 For you and me they fought,

 that oppression not be ours.

 Decay in power was their thought.

 Freedom forever yours.


 Beginning of law for freedom,

 laid out in the Constitution.

 Balance of power to preserve

 that liberty stay intact.


 We the people, not government,

 in liberty they took this stance;

 no king to rule without restraint,

 President, congress, court for balance.


 Firm foundations by great men,

 from future visions dreamed.

 Liberty, freedom, to us they gave.

 Revel, on Independence Day.  

  © 1-16-2002 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


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