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High Pride
by Roger W Hancock

Our American flag we fly,
vigilance keeps her nigh.
May our liberty never die,
in pride we fly her high.

© 06-08-2014 Roger W Hancock
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You might enjoy my Liberty & other Quotes...

       Living Symbol

                        by Roger W Hancock

'Stars and Stripes' are a symbol…
symbol of true liberty.
Circled declaration of thirteen stars,
thirteen stripes in unity.
A living symbol, living banner,
yet the vigilance be ours.
American veterans from rebellion,
to those serving now,
honored by our living flag, whatever,
stars have flown in past.
Thirteen stars to fifty stars,
each are valid, flying free.
America's standard banner's diligence,
grows within our vigilance;
living symbol of blood served,
symbol of our liberty.


  ©  6-01-2014  Roger W Hancock 

Author's Note: I had just raised a thirteen star "Betsy Ross" flag on my pole the day before writing "Living Symbol."



       Our Flag

                by Roger W Hancock


Our country’s flag, a banner heralds,

equality learned, equality seeks.

Represents created rights,

out of oppression came foresight.


Our nation’s flag may not be liked,

but has respect through out the world.

Power exists when premise just,

victory came when right entrust.


The colors evoke the pride in us.

Patriotism; red, white and blue.

Right prevails when self, denied,

then rights for all are fortified.  


  ©  6-16-2001 Roger W Hancock 




Freedom's Colors

   by Roger W Hancock


"Red is for Bravery";

blood shed in sacrifice.
Freedom came with lives the price.

"White is for Liberty";

freedom's purity.
Life be free from God's decree.


"Blue is for Justice";    

as vast as the sky.
Over freedom's land to occupy.


©  12-22-2001 Roger W Hancock 



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       Our Pride, Our Flag

                        by Roger W Hancock


The American Flag means much to all,

opportunity for some, to better their lot.

Life in freedom the dream to live out,

ponder the Red, White and Blue.


Sacrifice of blood the seed of liberty,

responsibility to all to keep the treasure.

Fight or vote your duty is sure.

Pay tribute to the Red, White and Blue.


Bravery in sacrifice displayed by red,

purity of liberty, shown in white.

Justice for all within the blue.

Freedom colors; Red, White and Blue.


One star now for each of fifty states,

First thirteen states one stripe for each.

Unity in diversity is our union’s strength.

Power shown in the Red, White and Blue.


The union of white stars on blue,

when flag displayed, is on the left.

Red, white stripes stretching right.

Display it right the Red, White and Blue.


As we read from left to right,

display the flag to prominent left.

When on the platform it’s to your right.

Salute with pride the Red, White and Blue.


The American Flag the pride of all,

of conservative right to liberal left.

Consider freedom, consider truth,

do it proud for the Red, White and Blue.


  ©  12-23-2001 Roger W Hancock 


Liberty Symbolic

                     by Roger W Hancock


On the pole atop, above,

a standard, banner heralds.

Waving, flapping spread by wind,

majestic in itself, representing liberty.


Rights to those who enjoy,

freedom, liberty, embodied.

Flying high, symbolic cloth waves,

respect of the premise, our flag salute.


Standing tall on Ellis Island,

the statute of our Lady Liberty.

Freedom’s flame and dated book,

a tribute gift to depict our land of liberty.


Immigrants seeking rights,

opportunity availed by freedom.

Welcoming world’s downtrodden,

adorned to remind all, of our freedom.


Quietly setting no longer ring,

freedom’s tocsin our Liberty Bell.

Quietly reminds with crack to proclaim,

price once paid yet still a price for liberty.


Ding, dong; hear the ring,

freedom, responsibility defends.

Liberty remains when we maintain,

and pay the continual cost for our liberty.


Tribute to the God of all,

freedom for each to worship.

From the alpha came our freedom,

on our value tokens, “In God We Trust”.


  © 3-20-2002 Roger W Hancock


    Pride’s Flag

    by Roger W Hancock


Red soiled sacrifice.

White freedom rights.

Blue equitable skies.

Colors now emblazoned,

represents a righteous nation.

Truth on which to stand,

diversity over this great land.

America, land of free,

world’s true land of liberty.

No other nation compares,

generosity shows the care.

Statue of Liberty a gift,

symbol sentry freedom’s shift.

Scrutiny of freedom’s eye,

eagle’s eye of liberty… aye, aye.

Captains of our destiny,

freedom’s responsibility.

Of this land I sing,

sweetness on freedom wings.

Together free society,

with our individuality.

Sewn in colored hue,

pride displayed on staff,

our red, white, and blue.


© September 13, 2003 Roger W Hancock








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    One Flag

             by Roger W Hancock  


 One flag over one land,

one flag, our ever-loving freedom.

One flag evangelize,

one flag to teach world peace.

One flag alone stands tall,

one flag in righteousness.

One flag when tattered shows,

one flag over struggling rights.

One flag of history’s pride,

one flag over any other.

One flag, remembrance,

one flag, freedom’s sacrifice.

One flag alone stands tall,

one flag; the red, white, and blue.

One flag, one heart, one hand,

one flag over this great land.

One flag in protest fly,

one flag, responsible liberty.

One flag, my God allows,

one flag, my worship free.

One flag, Old Glory,

one flag, American banner.

One flag, one nation’s flag;

I pledge to this one flag.  


Ó June 15, 2003 Roger W Hancock






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Red White and Blue

                          by Roger W Hancock


Stars and Stripes, clear blue skies,
reminding glorious blessings,
wind whipped, waving free.
Grand flag silhouette, sunset red,
reminding Scarlet price paid.
Wind whipped, waving free.
Banner, white puffed clouds,
highlighting Nation’s glory.
Wind whipped, waving free.
Stars and Stripes, clear free skies.


Ó April 23, 2003 Roger W Hancock  


Glory’s Blossom

             by Roger W Hancock


Old Glory a brilliant sight

flying free in winded waves.

Watch the blue, white stars flicker,

at each rippled gust of wind.

Rippled stripes of waving bars,

by stripes, by trial, flies free.

Old Glory U.S. ensign,

banner proudly raised.

Bud of sprouted liberty,

sacrifice, bravery, purity.

America’s land of liberty;

forever freedom blossoms.


© August 26, 2004  Roger W Hancock


  Colors Fast

  by Roger W Hancock


Three colors represent,

sacrifice of men, who spent,

life and lives for colors fast.

You… I in freedom see,

Colors fast in liberty.

Red blood bravery spills,

Young patriot lives.

White, righteous purity;

Under God’s sovereignty.

Blue, true to allegiance;

Prevails American justice.

American flag of liberty;

Red, white stripes, thirteen,

White stars against blue sky.

Standard banner waves,

Freely fly in open skies.


© Copyright June 9, 2004 Roger W Hancock 


    Shining Flight

           by Roger W Hancock


This banner to which I salute,

Embodies the liberty, I enjoy.

Thirteen stars now fifty shine,

Two centuries greatness grown.

Flag shines as a steeple’s cross,

Sacrifice of brave men’s death.

Standard symbol of liberty,

To the world, freedom flow.

Flag raised and lowered half,

I pay respect to patriot gone.

Freely fly without oppression,

May I never, take for granted.


Ó Copyright March 5, 2004 Roger W Hancock 


Thirteen Folds     

                   rewritten by Roger W Hancock


In folding America’s flag, not many know the meaning,

Tribute to early society’s social principle values.


Held in respect, stretched flat, freedom’s sentry standard.

Life’s symbol folded first, lateral first in half.


Parallels the ground once folded, that one day we will too,

Symbolize eternal life belief, we half the flag again.


Veterans gift; portion of lives, defending free America,

World peace enforced, angled thirdly folded . . . honors.


Angle fourth, our weaker nature, trusting God,

To Him turn in peace, in war, for His, divine guidance.


Fifth a tribute; America’s might, “May she always be right:

But it is still our country right or wrong.” [Stephan Decatur]


Angled sixth lay our hearts with we pledge allegiance,

“to the flag, of the United States of America,

and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God,

indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.”


Armed Forces, seventh fold salute, protects our country's flag,

From enemies, found within, without, free Republic boundaries.


“Valley of the shadow of death,” entered, to see the light of day,

Eighth crease honors mothers, whom it flies on Mother’s Day. 


Ninth tribute made, womanhood: faith, love, loyalty, devotion;

Molded character of men and women who made this country great.


Tenth tribute given father, patriot offers sons and daughters,

From birth for liberty, defending America, “sea to shining sea.”


Eleventh fold represents bottom of Kings David and Solomon’s seal,

Glorify in the Hebrews’ eye, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Eternity and Glory twelfth fold presents, in eyes of Christendom,

God the Father, His Son Christ, and the Holy Spirit.


Stars uppermost, remember our motto, “In God We Trust,”

Thirteen folds, completed task, in reverence, flag now folded.


Ready for rest in folded state, triangle banner; cocked hat,

Reminds us: soldiers, sailors . . . marines that served,

Under General George Washington, Captain John Paul Jones.

Those that follow since through peace and war, have served...

For our liberty . . . rights and privileges . . . we enjoy today.


© March 14, 2004 Roger W Hancock 



Responsibility Raised

        by Roger W Hancock


Bronze sculpted eagle perched on single pole,
sentry, flag's mount secured by twisted rope.
Eagle, symbol sentry of our nation's pride,
with flag majestic flies; liberty love reveres.
Red, white, and blue, two centuries still new,
call to world's oppressed, "Freedom Lives."
Braided rope maintains "Old Glory's" flight,
liberty premise intact, responsibility kept.
Rope braid, twisted strength; flag's mount,
unfettered freedom endangers frail liberty.
Eagle eyes scrutinize each and every right;
righteous responsibility, our liberty's flag.
Raised high one right against all other rights,
hand over hand lowered rope; banner raise.


© Copyright February 23, 2004 Roger W Hancock 


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Liberty Hue
by Roger W Hancock

Red, white and blue;
serving freedom true.
Military personnel serve,
 bravely in lieu of you.

Protect from coups
Constitution not new.
Flying free, look, observe,
as first light winds blew new.

Loyalty enthuse,
liberty not ensue.
Responsibility serves,
sunrise birth new debut.

Loyalties not swerve
each morning to review.
Fly our national nerve,
colors imbue each hue.

© September 20, 2011  Roger W Hancock,

I Wave My Flag
by Roger W Hancock

On Flag Day, I wave my flag,
flag of American liberty.
Independence day, of course, I’ll wave,
birthday of our liberty.
Memorial day my flag will wave,
lives now gone for liberty.
Veteran’s day I’ll wave it too,
for all who serve for liberty.
Other days my flag conveys,
pride, appreciation of liberty.
I need no reason to wave my flag,
I wave my flag in liberty.

© 9-16-2009 Roger W Hancock,

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