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PoetPatriot   -  Patriotic Poems by the PoetPatriot

Patriotism & Politics  Poetry  -  2004

  Love of Country  PoetPatriot 

Assembly of Liberty Freedom Is Not Free Tax Master Ronald Reagan
Long Flight to Eagle Eagle Scout Honors Rose of Liberty  “ W “ 
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Assembly of Liberty
                by Roger W Hancock

Steel barrel, hammer forged,
blacksmith’s craft of strength.
Grit grinds smoothing mettle,
colonial, courage and gall.

Sight for trigger, future vision,
each lone part, a piece of whole.
Assembling binds together,
colonial consensus builds.

Stock of wood, shoulder set,
carved, smoothed by hand.
Major players set the standard,
colonial citizens gather.

Lead, constitutions, declarations,
forms each lethal globe.
Small dose of powdered strength,
colonial brews a powder keg.

Strike of Flint, sparks last straw,
ignites fires of a grand design.
Musket delivers to its mark,
colonial fortitude, our liberty.

© December 9, 2004, Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com


Freedom Is Not Free
                                       by Roger W Hancock

America!  America! Arms open wide for you and me,
America, land of the free, with responsibility
Foundations must be taught, to learn true liberty,
to learn that freedom is not free.

We have rights, the right to do right.
Freedom to be stupid… freedom to be wrong.
We have freedom to insist our selfish wants.
Insist our selfish wants upon the land of the free.

America!  America! Arms open wide for you and me,
America, land of the free, with responsibility.
Foundations must be taught, to learn true liberty,
to learn that freedom is not free.

Right to be free . . . No responsibility,
thinking only of our own selfish wants.
Forget the Constitution, forget our Declaration,
foundation set before . . . restrict my selfish wants.

America!  America! Arms open wide for you and me,
America, land of the free, with responsibility.
Foundations must be taught, to learn true liberty,
to learn that freedom is not free.

Wake up people, liberty is a sacrifice.
Listen to our founders, hear the words of freedom.
Freedom can destroy our liberty.
Liberty is not easy,  Liberty is not free.

America!  America! Arms open wide for you and me,
America, land of the free, with responsibility.
Foundations must be taught, to learn true liberty,
to learn that freedom is not free.

Copyright, July 4, 2004  Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com




             Tax Master

                  by Roger W Hancock
Such liberty we have… the land of the free,

to travel to learn, travel for ‘bout anything.

Liberty from unjust search and seizure,

that criminals are given far too much birth.

Black, white, gray the issue’s pattern,

of light and shadow to cloud our way.

Responsibility of freedom keeps liberty,

restriction of freedom maintains rights.

Taxes on this and more on that as waters,

warm by the spider’s invite to socialism.

Slave to the paycheck, now ‘bout half;

oppression of slavery, modern taxation.


Copyright, July 26, 2004  Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com


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    Ronald Reagan

                by Roger W Hancock


An actor, orator, fortieth President,

Ronald Reagan, man of many paths.

From Democrat to Republican, a neo-con,

to follow foundations set before.

A man who held firm to principle,

regardless political repercussions.

A man who worried not ‘bout legacy,

that history would record what’s right.

The lies about the economy of then,

now he’s gone the light is shown.

Tax breaks stirred the economy,

which then increased tax revenues.

A legacy set by history,

truth of strength by action.

Partisan bickering set aside,

the world now sees the greatness.

Ronald Reagan man among great men,

deserves his rest, deserves respect.

President Ronald Reagan, inspiration,

now sits among America’s greats.


ÓCopyright June 9, 2004 Roger W Hancock



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Long Flight to Eagle

                      by Roger W Hancock


Young boy looking up to brother scout,

becomes a Tiger Scout himself.

Oh so proud yet oh so young,

with more to learn ahead.

Cub Scouts learn the basics of,

common courtesy, honesty, and honor.

Bobcat, Wolf and Bear Packs;

led by Mom and Dad to teach,

with fun the Cub Scout pledge.

Then the boy begins to work,

when he graduates to Webelos.

He learns to work together with,

the other boys to learn.

Then together they earn the right,

as Boy Scouts to plan their missions.

Dad sit back as observer,

advisor of young men.

Then in disciplined Boy Scout training,

this boy fulfilled requirements.

A stern regimen for an Eagle Scout,

to reveal the man inside.


ÓCopyright May 13, 2004  www.PoetPatriot.com


Eagle Scout Honors

                         by Roger W Hancock


A young lad led by dad,

American Boy Scout discipline.

Survival trained yet young,

for the wild and on the streets.

His initiative, courteousness,

perseverance strong. 

Young lad learns the ways of . . . 

honesty, integrity, honor.

Now to him an honor given,

requirements all fulfilled.

Just a lad when began,

young man now through trial,

has earned his Eagle Badge.


ÓCopyright May 13, 2004  www.PoetPatriot.com




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  Rose of Liberty

        by Roger W Hancock


The beauty rose so sweet,

America’s flowered scent.

Red reminds price paid,

Brave blood sacrificed.

All-time love’s symbol,

Now the rose of liberty.

White rose to show,

Purity of free foundations.

Admire and remember,

America’s rose of liberty.


Ó Copyright March 6, 2004 Roger W Hancock







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by Roger W Hancock


George W. Bush,

Up from Texas way.

Some say he’s cowboy,

Others say a rancher.

Not perfect by any means,

Does not claim to be.

Decisive as a noose,

Calls out evil’s actions.

As movie cowboys past,

Spade, he calls a spade.

Might is right enforced,

This man understands.

As the Wild of the West,

Anarchy reigns the East.

Firm hand keeps the peace,

Upon weapon bluff to call.

U.S. Marshall got Saddam,

In the Wild, Wild East.


Ó Copyright February 25, 2004 Roger W Hancock



The PoetPatriot wrote no patriotic poems in 2005.


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