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War - Military - Veteran Poems written in 2004

Terror Watch
            by Roger W Hancock

Terror, terror, terror,
on movie screens to scare your dreams.
Terror visualized entertainment,
acted out to entertain.
Reality now nightmare’s dream,
realism of terrorism on TV screens.
War may seem so devastating,
war is changing, war is sneaking.
Sneaking to where one would not think,
schools where children learn in peace.
Peace shall never be achieved,
world peace, against all odds.
Terrorism the devil’s tool,
instills fear unto the innocent.
Societies of hate so far behind,
ours considered now civilized.
Evil lurks around each bend,
if not fought will rear its head.
Terror evil wrenching tool,
World Wide TV gives it voice.
Vigilance way, now everyday,
all join in, the World Wide Watch.
Watch… wait…
hope and pray.

Copyright 9-29-2004 Roger W Hancock


Fox Hole University
                by Roger W Hancock

Young man away from home,
reflect on lessons ignored.
Remembering chores back home,
failed, disobeyed.

Bullet zings past,
orders are called.
Chores of soldier,
duty calls.

Friday night cruise,
now, so long ago.
Carefree without concern,
duty left on father’s lips.

Grenade explodes,
ears now numb.
Poised for next order,
duty calls.

Young man, youth evades,
responsibility is learned.
Joined yet still a little boy,
now . . . he is a man.

Copyright 8-28-2004 Roger W Hancock

  Veterans We Owe
                   by Roger W Hancock

Just an ordinary person,
be they man or woman.
Appearances may not betray,
who inside, this person be.
Some live well in society,
others still fight their war.
These heroes, well unsung,
identified to those who know.
Pride of service duty,
of youth… throughout life.
Sacrifice, small and large;
country’s service duty.
Honored segment of society,
served for peace in liberty.
Obligates the homeland,
to Celebrate their service.
Memorials for those past,
laurels of future peace.
Veterans served us well,
deserving, respect owed.
Civilized debt our duty,
honor those now home.

Somber celebrations,

forever is our debt.

Copyright 11-07-2004 Roger W Hancock

  Haiku -

Veteran’s Honor
            by Roger W Hancock

Veteran's service;
sacrifice for freedoms sake.
Honor to them all.

Copyright November 5, 2004 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com

More Haiku

~~ ~~~   ~~~ ~~

Longing for Peace
                    by Roger W Hancock

Peace, we long for lasting peace,
to stop the killing, stop all wars.
Collateral killing is so very appalling,
in a modern civilized world.

Small men in high places,
exert their power upon the weaker.
Oppression of the weaker sex,
oppression of their citizens.

Not all societies, third world countries,
have achieved civilized tolerance.
War against neighbors, oppress their own,
when evil rulers care not for peace.

Nepotism reigns more evil,
as the rulers appoints unruly sons.
Torture, death to dissidents,
human rights mean nothing.

Peaceful means to negotiate,
ignored by evil rulers, fail.
Strength to build, to fight the evil,
cannot be done through pacifism.

Protest involvement in any war,
that we not be the culprits.
Keep us out of any war,
peace to reign, at least at home.

World peace, desire of free people,
who do not understand the need.
Military strength quenches threats,
to evil that lurks abroad.

A modern civilized world,
exists in just a little corner.
Values allowing peaceful lives,
must be taught to those not knowing.

Peace at home is not peace,
when war abounds abroad.
September eleventh is the proof,
of evil’s reaching tentacles.

Peace when left to it’s own device,
will live a slow demise.
Peace can only be achieved,
by warring away the threats.

Copyright, July 22, 2004  Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com


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Society’s Dichotomy
                by Roger W Hancock

Soldier now, not long ago,
a child without cares.
Burdens heavy now adult,
maturity to come.
Heavy heart, lonely fear,
for comrade friends and self.
Days before insurgent laying,
unhands his last grenade.
Comrades killed and wounded,
by one they thought was dead.
Geneva convention rules,
defines our civilized wars.
Day before bullets passes,
causes wound on cheek.
Situation as was before,
dead men do not breath.
From fear within the law,
shoots the man thought dead.
Embedded reporter a folly,
photo shows a partial tale.
Demean our soldier heroes,
by the bias in the field.
Two days later, again,
iraqi Wounded, dying.
Hand outstretched for help,
other hand sets off grenade.
Four more Americans,
dead and wounded.
Compassion in a war,
is danger to our men.
Those who failed to fire,
a mistake that cost their lives.
Death assured caught on film
accusation for duty served.
Learns unfortunate lesson,
dichotomy of our society.

 Copyright 11-22-2004  Roger W Hancock

Baghdad Tears

Inspired by a statue commissioned by the soldiers
of the U.S. 4th Inf. Div. in Tikrit, Iraq. The statue
sat three months at a former Saddam palace. The
statue was shipped to Fort Hood, Texas in 2004.
It was placed at the command entrance hal.currently in place at Fort Hood

Baghdad Tears
                 by Roger W Hancock 

On an Iraqi street in Baghdad,
a soldier mourns as he kneels,
beside fallen American comrade.
Tears shed for one who died,
sacrificed to free oppressed,
for Iraqi newborn freedom.
American modern minuteman,
on foreign soil to teach,
sacrifices for liberty.
American in Iraq mourns,
on a dusty Baghdad street.
a little Iraqi girl...
             wipes away his tears.


Copyright, July 22, 2004  Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com





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Moral's Reprieve
                                  by Roger W Hancock

Soothing sight of sand sculpted by wind,
disrupted by blasts of a modern war.
Distant wave of heat, painting an oasis mirage,
still remains of yesterday's seize fire.
Remembering visual instability of far City buildings,
dancing in waves of parched dessert air.
No splash as mirage shatters to reality,
target for a mortar's mission,
Skyline shifted by each explosion,
landmark buildings far less distinct.
Destruction of war roots the enemy,
wilts moral in the desert heat.
Stillness as that of a day ago,
moment of silence; a moment's peace.

Copyright, August 9, 2004  Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com




Civilized Compassion

                        by Roger W Hancock


Wind speed kicks up fast,

Swirling catching every grain,

Sun baked desert Iraqi sand.

Soldiers scramble dashing,

Humvees, trucks, sleeping bags,

Escape from sandblast furnace.


Refuge sought in back of truck,

Vacate, soldiers ordered,

Protection instead, for detainees.

Imagine stunned dismay,

Word of such mistreatment,

Swiftly spreads as wildfire.


Overnight the anger rages,

Prisoners get best protection,

American soldiers huddle near.

Reflection . . . captures anger,

Enemy may have our place,

Consolation now our, pride.


Let the wind twirl past,

Sand to blast our faces,

From elements enemy sheltered.

Another warrior sacrifice,

Comfort for the captured?

Civilized compassion.


ÓCopyright June 6, 2004 Roger W Hancock


Fields of Brave

        by Roger W Hancock


Red, White, and Blue lead every battle

in the minds of young brave men.

Men whose youth not quite complete,

yet adults in battle become.

Young ladies who we’ve yet to define,

their place in battle, sign to serve.

Patriotism, love of country;

risk their all to become our best.

Those to whom youth now past,

experience will lead our victories.

Experience teaches new strategy,

when battlefields not same as past.

No one cares to see men die,

for even the noblest cause.

Battlefields become the fields,

orchards of memorial cross,

where men to victory fought.

Victory cannot be claimed,

without sacrifice of willing men.

Country’s banner an inspiration,

young mind image conjures.

Those who love their country more,

than self… will keep her free.


Copyright, July 22, 2004  Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com


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I Applaud for Liberty

                         by Roger W Hancock


Together hands applaud,

those that fight for Freedom.

My hands have held no weapon,

to defend my liberty.

Yet with these hands,

I strive to honor,

those who risk their lives.

Fingers of my hands,

on keyboard write the poems.

Words express the honor,

for bravery on my behalf.

Liberty upon the soldier’s back,

freely given, kept for me.

Though I safely write a phrase,

I know to whom I owe.

First to God and then to those,

who fight for liberty.


ÓCopyright May 4, 2004  Roger W Hancock    




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 Hands of a Soldier

               by Roger W Hancock


Solid firm grip of friendship,

the same defend the free.

Silence in the gripping shake,

acknowledge honor given.

Our hand in his hand,

those hands defend the free.

Sacrifice of caressing hands,

back home for family, yearn.

Hands to duty honor bound,

defends the peaceful free.

Hands wrinkled shaking,

in age still hold the pride.

Soldier’s hands, veteran hands,

these hands have kept us free.


Ó Copyright May 1, 2004  Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


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Thanks to Them

                         by Roger W Hancock


Thanks to them who as young men,

Left family, loves, and friends.

Normal carefree lives now stay.

To learn a warrior’s way.


Thanks to them who’s lives begin,

Childhood cut short, adults become.

Responsibility in them begin,

For service to their fellow man


Thanks to them, our young ladies,

Who served as much as well.

All capacities to serve,

Honor earned, our honor owed


Thank you for your service boy,

Now in pride I call you man.

Discipline for your deploy,

To follow orders others plan.


Thanks to them on battlefield,

Youth long passed just yesterday.

Growing up in a moments time,

Strength of man inside revealed.


Thanks to them our armed forces,

Who enable peace at home.

Thanks to them that gave up youth,

To serve for those back home.


Thanks to them who gave their lives,

May God . . . grant long liberty.

Thanks to them with wounded lives,

May God, grant strength to live.


Thanks to them, now Veterans,

Honor we give, yet owe much more.

Honored segment of society,

Our duty to thank your duty served.


Thanks to them can never pay,

Sacrifice of life and limbs.

Nothing ever we can say,

cannot, their sacrifice, repay.


Thanks to them, our servicemen,

Backbone of America’s might.

Thanks to them, continued strength,

Thanks to them, yet owe much more.


Copyright July 11, 2004 Roger W Hancock


  Letter to a Soldier

              by Roger W Hancock


Though we have never met;

I thank you for your service.

A brave decision to enlist,

you serve for freedom’s sake.

let your courage be in Christ,

For fear to fade in fire fight.

“To live is Christ, to die is gain,’

fear not your duty service.

One advantage over others,

peace through Christ,

through death we live.

To be saved by Jesus,

our souls, our lives,

his love forever covers.

Be Christ’s witness,

That your comrades see,

courage unsurpassed.

Prayers for you,

and those you care:

peace with understanding.


Ó Copyright April 25, 2004 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com





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      Young Heroes

           by Roger W Hancock


Pat Tillman is representative,

of many a fine young man,

yes, including brave women too.

Who knowing the dangers,

enlist to serve in military uniform. 

Sacrifice is not when life ends,

but when one signs on dotted line. 

Sacrifice is serving others,

above concern for self. 

Some may sign for economic purpose,

then some for various other reasons.

Once to sign on the dotted line,

a soldier is born. 


Soldiers kill, some soldiers die;

that is what our soldiers do.  

War is nasty, war is hell;

what do you think war is? 

A man must before he signs,

consider his loss before the line. 

A decision made to sign on line,

begins a soldier’s heroism.  


We at home must back them up:

first on knees we fold our hands,

prayers for all who serve for us.

Cheers when returning heroes march,

"hurrahs" for their success, return. 

Respect for those whose lives are laid,

under our nation's flag.


Ó Copyright April 25, 2004 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com



     Volunteer Soldier

                 by Roger W Hancock


Future ahead with past behind,

lucrative offers of jobs to support…

his newlywed wife, newborn son.


Principles and values decisions make,

life’s ambition takes second place,

to greater good of a nation’s fate.


Best crop of today’s young men,

integrity, training becomes the best,

fills the uniform with dignified pride.


Understanding perils, the dangers,

intent expressed to family friends,

sacrificed set; one lone signature,


These celebrate to full their lives,

live their life each day as last,

life now past, celebration honors.


Never fearing worse, not reluctantly.

Freedom’s pride his best he served,

performing duty, his destiny.


Ó Copyright April 25, 2004 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com



The poem below is written based upon an article written by a fellow member of Toastmasters.


       Unseen Soldier

                 by Roger W Hancock


One lone soldier, one peg in a cog,

monotonous duty, no glory given.

Day after day, hour after hour,

minutes, seconds drag on . . . then…

Alert is ordered, duty calls,

attention given to task at hand.

Printers whirl, redundant messages,

instant reports compiled sent.

Multi-task before fad’s mask,

jobs for three, done by one.

Another drill or real thing?

Beginning war, or bluffing threat?

Deep down in silo’s vault,

Control Central, one of many.

A web, a maze, technologies,

amazing detailed intricacies.

One lone soldier, nation’s security,

out of sight, out of mind.

Together many, unsung heroes;

rat race to boring pace . . .

duty done . . . this day’s safe.


Ó Copyright April 17, 2004 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com



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21 Gun Salute

'gun' is not a rifle.  A gun, in the military is a cannon. Thus, the firing of  21 rifles or three volleys of seven is not a 21 gun salute.  The 21 gun salute is only when performed by modern or ancient military cannons.  I thank U.S. Representative George Nethercut for this clarification.



21 Gun Salute

             by Roger W Hancock


Tradition set the twenty-one shots,

the number of states when set.

Superstitions, peaceful welcomes,

becomes our honored tradition.

Twenty one guns, cannons armed,

ready to fire honors, upon orders given.

Twenty-one gun salute, protocol,

heads of states be honored.

Honor given beginning diplomacy,

respect paid, beginning negotiation.

Twenty-one gun salute on most navy ships,

Washington honored on President’s Day.

Twenty-one hails the Commander in Chief,

President of these United States.

Tradition of old; let us reflect,

honor paid with twenty-one rounds.

Cannons; Ready, Aim, . . . Fire.


Ó Copyright March 14, 2004 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com 


21 Rifled Respect

             by Roger W Hancock


Superstition once to scare the devil

began upon past war’s battlefield.

Volleys to signal death rites given,

then the living back to battle.

Tradition dictates the ceremony,

three sets of seven round honors.

Coincidence honors our fallen heroes,

1776, Independence; digits adds to 21.

Those now past who served so well,

three volleys, respect given, life goes on.

Honors without cannons but rifles rowed,

21 soldiers with arms raised, poised.

Unsung, undefined tradition’s purpose,

Honors given . . . the 21 Rifled Respect.

Fire ! . .

                    Fire ! . .

                                           Fire !


Ó Copyright March 14, 2004 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com 



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      Young Patriot

           by Roger W Hancock


A man we did not know,

whose life had not yet begun.

Young, too young to experience,

the freedom for us he fought.

Our family member in liberty,

young man’s loss we grieve.

Tears of pride and loss we shed,

in death this man still leads.

Procession of flag draped casket,

his family’s grief we join.

Sacrifice so great, he gave,

for those he knew, not known.

A son, a brother, soon a father;

patriot youth, now home to rest.

Servicemen’s camaraderie,

fallen hero our pride to carry.

Attention stand, tears down face,

for this man we did not know.


Ó Copyright February 21, 2004 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com 





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It's The Veteran

Inspired  by  the  poem,  "It's The Soldier"  by
Father  D. E. O'Brien  which was later rewritten
by  Charles M. Province to add a section on the
protest burning of the American flag. 

I titled it, thinking of Veterans not the original poem,
then... remembered the original, "It's The Soldier."



          It’s The Veteran

                         by Roger W Hancock


Backbone of liberty; fighting to keep us free,

sacrifice homeland safety; battles fought abroad.

First Veterans; founding fathers,

gave to us our freedom’s liberty.


‘Twas not the preacher, campus organizer,

who fought for religions free . . . free assembly.

Veterans fought for your assembly, worship free.


It was not the lawyer, politician,

who gave your right to vote . . . trials fair.

Veterans fought for your voice, equal treatment.


Nor was it the poet, reporter,

that fought for free press . . . free speech.

Veterans fight for unbiased news, talk. . . fear free.


Saluting the flag under which he serves,

Veteran’s foundation sacrifice.

Freedom mortared by brave blood spilt . . .

maintains our liberty rights.


Ó Copyright February 16, 2004 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com 


A Poetry performance for Veterans Day Programs
A Civilian Tribute to our Veterans in Poetry


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