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2001 - 2002 - 2003

Surprised Infamy Captive’s  Pledge Never Forget the Shame Sailor Salute
Soldier Brother Espionage Jungle American Hero Joint Effort
Demonstrators S.O.T. Rush to War Weapons of Peace Heroes’ Risk
Astronaut  Tribute The Moving Wall


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War - Military - Veteran Poems written in 2003


  Surprised Infamy

         by Roger W Hancock
A Nation’s Infamy,
attack within America.
Surprise attack,
wounds or kills four thousand,
early on that dreadful morn.
Sounds of planes overhead,
alarms ring, howl, screech,
rude awakening from dead of sleep.
Battle-stations, orders called,
unexpected confusion, duty calls.
One hundred planes overhead,
Japan’s last emperor ordered,
attack that lives in infamy.
American battleships… five,
American destroyers… three,
four hundred planes all destroyed.
News spreads as wildfire.
“Pearl Harbor Attacked!”
President Roosevelt pledges,
“…triumph. So help us God."
America sleeps no more,
Two fronts fought ‘til victory,
domination interests quelled.
December 7, remembrance,
Pearl Harbor attack,
Felt around the world.

ÓCopyright 12-08-03 Roger W Hancock








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  This Poem (below) is based upon the story about a P.O.W. as told by former P.O.W. Senator John McCain (GOP Presidential Candidate, 2008).


Captive’s  Pledge

          by Roger W Hancock


Soldier’s battle for survival,
comrades fought to death.
Evasion of detection sought,
among the jungle brush.
Heart pounds, breathing deep,
death or life as prisoner of war.
Solitary confinement at first,
later a welcomed cell, too crowded.
Bamboo bars with bamboo rugs,
day guards beyond arms reach.
One by one each day, each night,
time’s passing tracks astray.
One man of simple starts,
bravery, endurance his might.
Love of country inspiration,
strength to live each day.
Over time enduring patience,
bamboo needle sews his flag.
Hidden by day flown at dusk,
when guards not near to hear.
The highlight of the day awaits,
when prisoners recite the pledge.
Searching this cell they found our flag,
captors beat the one who sewed.
Eyes swollen in dim of light,
red piece of cloth, new flag begins.
No defiance, not for himself,
but that the pledge be said.
Sacrifice we pay, to our flag we say,
allegiance to our county’s might.
Bravery feels not the courage,

survival seems our motive.
One does what must to survive,
as we pledge, we live our lives.

ÓCopyright 11-25-03 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


Never Forget the Shame

   For those who served in Vietnam.
   Those that America failed to hail.
   Now, though late,  I hail them all.

     Never Forget the Shame

                              by Roger W Hancock


Vietnam one word, one nations name,
describes an era of pain and shame.
Mission undefined misunderstood,
war lost… not necessarily so.
Prices paid were not in vain,
gain was freedom oppression detained.
Advancement of Communist tyranny,
the Iron Curtain kept confined.
Shame of an era, shame of the free,
heroes not honored, shame of the free.

A lesson learned that heroes be heralded,

brave soldiers served, survived or dead.

Vietnam War will always remind,

the heroes we failed to hail.

Liberty kept, by soldiers who fought,

for their Country, for you, for me.

The missions served, men who braved,

deserving honor that was not paid.

Shame of an era is not the war,

not those who in Vietnam served.

Shame lies upon you and I, who…

denied the honors of those who served.

Better now late than never at all,

now never forget to… honor them all.


ÓCopyright 11-25-03 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


Sailor Salute

Dedicated to the men and women
who serve in the U.S. Navy

Sailor Salute

  by Roger W Hancock


Sailor soldier,
risk upon the sea.
Sailor sons,
depth on submarines.
Sailor gunner,
aim be true.
Sailor Sister,
nurse or fighter.
Sailor on Battleship,
war fitted freighters.
Sailor mariner,
aircraft carrier.
Sailor dangers,
below, above.
Sailor we salute
the sailor brave.


Ó  Copyright November 1, 2003 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com





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Soldier Brother

       by Roger W Hancock


Brother soldier, our lives depend,

on each the other’s actions.

You cover my back, I cover yours,

your eyes are my eyes behind.

Strangers when we first conscript,

close as brothers we become.

Learning to be soldier brothers,

concern for self, in battle fades.

Training gives us skills,

to survive upon our own.

Comradeship builds the bonds,

makes us, our 'brother’s keeper'.

When relaxed, time for thought,

I think about back home.

Mom and dad I miss so much,

I yearn for brother, sister.

Then... cousins I have not met,

your family becomes my own.

Mission duty, primary task,

your safety’s on my mind.

In my prayers, I ask for strength,

for you my brother soldier.


Ó Copyright October 28, 2003 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com

  Espionage Jungle

        By Roger W Hancock


As an eagle vision bright,

the lion’s bravery king,

Agility of monkey, ape,

speed of the jaguar feet,

Stealth of the python slither,

Mother nature teaches,

intelligence seeking skills.

Field agents’ infiltration,

beyond homeland boarders,

home behind keyboard, screen,

duty skills behind the scenes.

Information to help decide,

military action or diplomacy.

Unsung in duty served,

jungle devours itself,

Spies untangle deceit filled vines,

truth preserves our liberty. 


Ó  Copyright September 13, 2003 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


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American  Hero

Inspired by the sacrifice and duty of U.S. Army Specialist,
Kris Atherton
. Kris was in Iraq in 1999 when a mortar hit
the Humvee he was driving taking off his left arm. Atherton
kept driving for 20 minutes to get his crew to safety.

American Hero

              by Roger W Hancock


In a distant land, soldier’s mission,

far from home, far from liberty’s security.

Continued war, peace-keeping tactics,

reality of training, on the job learning.

Survival thoughts in heat of war,

creates the valor, our war heroes.

One soldier volunteer, simple duty serves,

a driver to transport, one lone prisoner.

Humvee rolling, attack from nowhere,

explosion wounding two, radio out.

Driver’s arm in lap, barely attached,

continues driving for other’s safety.

The incident does not make the hero,

training, experience defines his duty.

American soldiers are trained as best,

hero’s all, the tests will prove.

Greater mission our security,

duty serves each menial task.

Warfare battles proving some…

an American soldier hero.


Ó  Copyright August 4, 2003 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com

       RUSH TO WAR

                      by Roger W Hancock
America Rushed 12 years long into war
why not wait longer? … Only 12 years.
Ignore  violations, UN Sanctions, Saddam.
America, why did you not wait more?
Proof of chemical agents, declassified,
ignore the proof, give him more time.
Slap Saddam’s hand maybe he’ll comply;
‘oil for food’ his country still starves.
Another chance we must give Hussein,
regime reigns continued oppression.
Now we see the oppressed now free,
yet still we should have given more time.
12 years long into war we have rushed,
while people tortured, some disappear.
Ignore the oppressed but do not rush,
Saddam kills more but not by our hands.
Into war a short twelve-year wait,
no shame for rushing, perhaps the wait.
Waiting while rushing to war a must,
America rushed waiting far too long.

Ó  Copyright 4-13-03 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com




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Joint Effort

by Roger W Hancock


Army, Navy,


Air Force, Coast Guard,

National Guard, all Reservists

For your sacrifice eternal thanks.

On your Shoulders our freedom rests,

Liberty from freedom that home fires refine.

Soldiers, Civilians; Armed Forces enforce freedom,

Freedom to civilian liberty, responsible civilian fires refine.

Freedom the natural resource mined; Soldiers, Sailors, Marines,

Airmen, the Guards; whose signatures signed sealed their sacrifice.

Civilian responsible freedom refine, become exercised liberty.

Armed Forces our liberty secured, allow our great society,

Let their work not be in vain, home fires battle rage,

Activism to uphold truth, apathy will enable lies.

Activist, civilian guard, militia of our society.

As our servicemen on foreign soil fight,

Unjust laws jeopardized our freedom.

U.S. Constitution must be upheld,

Or our liberties will cease.

Apathy in you or me,

Each you and me,

It is up to all.


Ó Copyright May 11, 2003 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


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Demonstrators S.O.T.

                                 by Roger W Hancock


Operation… S… O… T…

"Support Our Troops."

Flags, banners, signs,

in parks, along freeways.

Autos honking agreement;

flag salute, In God We Trust.

Biker’s club parade,

producing patriot’s roar;

Radio personalities,

commercial but patriotic.

Sport car driver smiles,

conspicuous camouflage.

Military base gates,

guarding soldiers‘ pride.

Support not protest,

unworthy of network news.

“Support Our Troops…”

passing cars blast horns.

Demonstrators more,

than protestors of war.

Red, White, Blue garb.

America’s pride to show.

yellow ribbon’s prayer,

Mission soldiers’ safe return.

four door sedan, four men,

beginning weekend leave;

Windows down, smiles bright.

yelling, “Hooray, and thanks”.

Demonstrator responds back,

“no it is, THANKS, TO YOU!”

“It’s you soldier that sacrifices,

maintains the peace we know.

Away from family love,

facing dangers so we may not.”

Vietnam blight on America,

men who were not shown,

only saw the protestors,

who spat on their return.

“Support Our Troops”,

the anti-cry, anti-protest,

we’ll show our men we care.

Never again fall to apathy,

neglect not, our defenders,

of peace we love back home.

Our thanks, our gratitude,

for… your service sacrifice.

Your might, your success,

shows the world terror,

you will defend, seek out,

enemies of our culture.

May God above remind,

everlasting civilian cry,

we… “Support Our Troops.”


Ó Copyright May 11, 2003 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com



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    We all owe thanks (not a poem)

We all owe thanks to the military and our veterans. 

It is the Veteran and those who now serve that sacrifice for our society.  At the rate we pay our military it is a financial sacrifice to serve. That is the least of the sacrifices they make to which I am forever grateful.  

It is upon their sacrifices that allow me the freedom to write without government scrutiny.

It is upon their sacrifices that allow me the liberty to come and go as I please.

It is upon their sacrifices that allow me my children to raise as I see fit.

It is upon their sacrifices that those I oppose who burn the flag,  may do so in ignorant liberty.

It is upon their sacrifices that allow distortion of the truth in our mainstream media.

Their sacrifices enable the liberty for good and bad, but they are not to blame.

Those who protest our military do not understand the responsibility that is required to exercise true liberty.  Liberty is maintained by responsible freedom.  Freedom without responsibility is the exercise of fools. Those who exercise freedom without responsibility, exercise stupidity. Such is their right. Rights provided and protected by those who serve in the military.

So I on behalf of those fools and idiots, do hereby pay honor and tribute to those Men and Women who do now and have served in our armed forces.  I thank you on behalf of those who are too narrow minded to realize the thanks they owe to you, our military and veterans.

© October 20, 2008, Roger W Hancock,  www.PoetPatriot.com

Originally copyrighted July 24, 2004 but edited in 2008


  Weapons of Peace

                by Roger W Hancock


Weapons of mass destruction,

whispered prayers for peace.

Peace… everyone’s dream,

your dream, my dream differs.

A dream of peace without might,

shortsighted view will fail.

Nazi view of peace be fascist,

when all the world be racist.

Communism to seek its peace,

when people’s rights eroded.

Socialism of peaceful thought;

take from some to others give.

Though peace be thoughts desired,

whose premise foundation builds,

the world peace… that we desire?

Muslim terrorist are seeking peace,

that the world bows down to Allah.

Tyrants seek, no wisdom thought,

the power of mass destruction.

Power to control what now exists;

future means to future peace.

Our might upholds the peace,

history’s proven fact of life;

One must fight peace less foes,

who seek to devour our Peace.

So... whisper prayers for peace,

control the mass destruction.


Ó 1-27-2003 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com



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The Moving Wall


I tried to write a poem after my visit to the Moving Wall.
However,  the emotions were so strong no words could
compare.  Then...  months later the words began to flow.

Dedicated to our Vietnam Veterans and our Fallen.


       The Moving Wall

                  by Roger W Hancock


The Moving Wall, around the nation,
bringing to those so far away,
America’s Veterans’ Memorial wall,
memorial for greatness sacrificed,
The ‘Moving Wall’ so aptly called.
Scores of names, past warriors’ charge,
men honored, our country, served.
Panel after panel of columns and rows,
name after name of soldiers gone.
A tribute to those we lost becomes
‘Thanks’ to you, Vietnam survivors.
Disrespect paid, respect delayed
But now the tribute for horrors paid.
Wives, families locate lost loves’ names;
Veterans, living, assist in appreciation,
for those who honor, buddies lost.
Memorial Wall remembrance recall,
in pictures, medals, or other, left in love.
Not to the wall the honor made,
but to each man whose life was laid.
The ‘Wall’ of rock and mortar,
means nothing in and of itself,
but to each man whose name’s engraved,
emotion-filled honor paid.


Ó 1-26-2003 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


It is a shame at the closing ceremonies, at Washington
Memorial Park, Washington’s U.S. Senator Patty Murray
in her statements paid tribute to the ‘Wall.’ Senator
Murray missed the point that it is not the ‘Wall’ but
the men, who are listed on the wall, that we pay tribute.


War - Military - Veteran Poems written in 2002


      Valiant Peace

         by Roger W Hancock


Nothing worth is lost in peace,

if only peace could be achieved.

History shows man's tendencies,

but mankind does not learn.

Those that learn still must fight,

to keep the peace they have.

So onward go the wars we fight,

and dream of peace someday.

A dream of peace is just a dream,

though a valiant dream indeed.

So when World Peace to come,

you and I would long be gone.   
  ©  2-10-2002  Roger W Hancock 

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    Men of the Air

Inspired by and dedicated to the men and women
who have served in the U.S. Air Force.

Men of the Air

        by Roger W Hancock


That jet with vapor trail so high,
I wonder where it’s been?
Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq,
or maybe Afghanistan?


What of the pilot, flight crew,
the men who maintenance share?
Do they know their worth to us?
Do they know we care?


More of us, civilians here,
should show the men our care.
To know the cause is worth the fear,
brings courage so much near.


We know that some will not live,
to pilot us in civilian air.
I hope they know that we do care,
and that they do not fear.


  © 2-09-2002  Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com 



Those Now Gone

Dedicated to our Fallen Heroes.

Those Now Gone

          by Roger W Hancock

Fallen Servicemen,

for country fought;
liberty, freedom,

the primary reason.


They gave themselves,

that we be free


Fathers, mothers,

sisters, and brothers;
our dearly departed,

life for country given.


Families broken,

for liberty.


Veterans who served,

and lived to tell;
the horrors, and risks,

now sleep in peace.


Served their country,

for our security.


Unknown Soldier, MIA,

remembrance our way,
to honor you as well,

victims of a warriors hell.


Served, now lost that,

our lives be free.


Sleep now Sleep tight

rest now, duty done,
price paid in life or death.
The vigilance now be ours.


 © 1-26-2002 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com




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Hero's Price

Inspired by Sergeant First Class,
Nathan Ross Chapman, the first
American killed in action by hostile
enemy action in the War on Terror.


     Hero's Price

       by Roger W Hancock

Fallen soldier, American hero,
to serve is soldiers' sacrifice.
Heroes all, soldiers mission,
some will die for freedom's sake.

Duty to serve, duty to risk,
to run the gauntlet, his life for country.
He paid the price for our security,
ultimate cost for freedom's sake.

Families pride though little solace,
sacrificed... their son for country.
His parents are home-side heroes.
hearts are torn 'tween grief and pride.

The wife and children shall not forget
the husband, father they loved so well.
Sacrifice for us they bear,
solemn grief, with pride they wear.

Patriot lives cost, born America,
fallen soldier joins freedom's greats.
We citizens grieve each price of life,
patriot life paid to secure the USA.


  ©  1-11-2002 Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com


Note:  Originally written as a tribute to Sergeant Chapman, titled "Sergeant Chapman, Soldier Hero", with the first line as, "Sergeant Chapman, soldier, hero."


Sergeant Chapman, Soldier Hero
Sergeant Chapman, soldier, hero.
To serve is soldiers' sacrifice.
Heroes all, soldiers mission,
Some will die for freedom's sake.

        ( Excerpted - Use the last four stanzas
                          of the poem "Hero's Price" )


   ©  1-11-2002  Roger W Hancock   www.PoetPatriot.com


War - Military - Veteran Poems written in 2001


Veterans Day

Dedicated to all who serve.

Veterans Day

  by Roger W Hancock


We honor you, who fought for us,

for country’s sake of freedom’s plight.

You kept the greatest country great,

by sacrifice of you who served.


Honor to military, soldiers served.

There seems no risk in peace to serve.

When war breaks the silent peace,

no peace when security cease.


Sacrifice of civilian life,

careers succumb to enlist, or draft.

Families wait in fear, in prayer,

for loved ones return alive, not dead.


Returned Heroes and those deceased,

we honor, thank, though insufficient.

Parades, programs, our pride convey,

we honor you on Veterans Day.


  ©  12-28-2001 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com 





Having written several patriotic poems in 2001,
it was  time  to see what  I could  do in a poem
to honor our troops.   "Veteran's Day"  became
the first  poem of  many,   as my  way of saying,
Thanks !







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