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War - Military - Veteran   Poetry

Peace Enforced - Honor to the Peace Keepers.  - PoetPatriot 

Written in 2006
Another Hero Lore of Might Wars Win
Innocence of War Freedom Bridge Snipper’s Mark
Hero's Day - - - Hero Braves
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 Another Hero
            by Roger W Hancock

American hero fallen,
together in grief we join.
Citizens together stand,
honor those who served.
Tribute to the fallen;
casualty of liberty.
Family of the fallen,
bear our debt in grief.
Today another funeral;
honors this one taken.
One man's duty done;
liberty lives today.

© April 15, 2006 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com

Wars Win
        by Roger W Hancock

War has no winners,
no winners within war;
without war there are no winners . . .
one of life’s dichotomies.
In passivism, oppression wins;
freedom is the loser.
Peace dies a quick demise;
when tyranny reigns in victory.
ward off evil,
war off evil doers.
Winners emerge when war is won,
when evil is overcome.
Peace and freedom is won through war;
when liberty survives.
Those who live in peace and freedom,
are winners of past wars !

©  9-16-06 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com

       Lore of Might
           by Roger W Hancock

Stars and stripes will fly tonight,
as our enemies take flight.
Over years and over wars,
above our flag will soar.

Those who ready for the fight,
secure our sovereign rights.
Brave young men within the corps,
protect our nation’s shores.

Our Flag will surely fly this night,
availed by ready, military might.
Victory, our soldier’s roar,
flying stripes declare the score.

Ages of oppression plight;
armed forces duty tight.
Freedom’s lifestyle we adore,
forged from liberty’s ore.

Fifty stars our rights recite,
troops for peace unite.
Sacrifice of young blood pours;
centuries implore, liberty’s lore.

© December 05, 2006  Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com



Innocence of War
                 by Roger W Hancock

Rifle raised, poised and ready,
soldier advances slowly walking.
In the open of a littered Muslim street,
mission duty, yet stay alive.
Remnants of a market stand,
citizens secluded behind closed doors.
Soldier’s eyes cover every door,
scanning every window, nook and alley.
Movement to the left, one door opens,
rifle swings to that direction.
A little boy runs into the street,
cheerfully jabbers in native tongue.
Up to the solder runs the lad,
admiration or harboring bomb?
Innocence can kill a man;
little boy holds out both hands.
Kneeling down still watching roofs,
soldier pulls out a candy bar.

©  9-17-06 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com


 Freedom Bridge
                             by Roger W Hancock

Looming over I-5, Exit 122 to…
Fort Lewis; trainer of brave.
Various demonstrations,
past years have shown, love or hate.
Never more numbers collect, hurray,
love of liberty, soldiers shown.
Pride of sacrifice on each face,
through gates of liberty’s fort.
Every vehicle must pass or turn,
witness cheers, thanks of love.
Pre-empted now by sheer numbers,
holding bridge from soldier haters.
“Job well done!” rally express,
battle fought for homeland pride.
Purpose set, to show our care,
boost moral in liberty’s air.
Yellow ribbons stream support,
tied on rails remain all night.
Local symbol of Freedom’s love,
for men, women of liberty stand.
Civility’s battlefield; bridge 122,
now we call… Freedom Bridge.

©  2-23-06 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com

Snipper’s Mark
                            by Roger W Hancock

Sweat pouring down from brow,
under Iraqi sweltering sun.
Burdened by pack of supplies;
food, grenades, ammunition.
Beside Humvey kicking sand,
knocked to knees by sniper’s mark.
In stunned surprise back on feet,
frantic dash ‘round corner cover.
Inventory of injury; no penetration;
water drips from punctured canteen.
Visual reconnaissance narrows on fence,
past mortared rock a rifle’s site.
Comrades circle around behind,
insurgent taken by surprise.
With rifle in one hand, video in other,
taping attack, right up ‘til capture.
Hero’s job done this blistering day,
this day live, for desert attack.

© Roger W Hancock, May 6, 2006 www.PoetPatriot.com


              Hero’s Day
                  by Roger W Hancock

One young lad in family tradition,
takes on the green of Army garb.
Father served, retired Navy;
older brother, Army Warrant officer.
Other big brother also served,
flew an A-7 in Vietnam.
Unassuming, a quiet one is he,
three tours in camouflage served.
Duty’s Diligence, serves his country,
forging path to Army Ranger.
Family at home applaud,
the life their son had chosen.
Believing him in Georgia, safe;
chosen few; secret rescue mission.
Black Hawk on the fly, saving others,
enemy fire ruled out, troubled flight.
Helicopter search and rescue,
mission scrubbed by accident.
Each day served, a hero’s day,
two rangers serve their last.
Family of heroes grieve, back home,
their son, brother gave his all.
Family gatherings; four had served;
now just three and one empty plate.

©  July 22, 2006 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


      Hero Braves

           by Roger W Hancock


The Navaho clans brave and bold,
weakened by the white man’s famine.
Forced on a long walk far from home,
parched lands narrowed their numbers.
Four years later return to home lands,
difficult time forming Navaho Nation.
Through the years Navaho natives,
lived out proud primitive lives.
Last treaty signed in 1868,
obtain citizenship of the United States.
Many Navaho men and women,
serve their country in World War 1.
Served again in World War II,
when Navaho men turn the tide.
Native Indian tongue becomes,
secret communication, solid code.
Navaho Code Talkers talk their tongue,
confound enemy forces, world wide.
Navaho braves, now soldiers,
served Korea, Vietnam, Middle East.
Brave Navaho, Indian braves,
victorious sacrificing service.
Hero’s of an American War,
stand in step, proud and brave.

©  9-24-06 Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com


A Poetry performance for Veterans Day Programs
A Civilian Tribute to our Veterans in Poetry

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