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War - Military - Veteran   Poetry

Peace Enforced - Honor to the Peace Keepers.  - PoetPatriot 

Written in 2008
Blue Star Moms Mothers Worry Family Soldier Daddy’s Smile
Soldier’s Note Long Last, Laid to Rest Soldier Sleep Time to Kill
Duty Valor Just A Man Old Soldier Hero Liberty's Call
  Christmas Eve Patrol  
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Blue Star Moms
by Roger W Hancock
Raising children for future service,
within society or the military.
Desire most to keep them safe,
always in thought, must release.
Off to college, or entry jobs,
others yet, will serve our country.
Child trains in military service,
Mom becomes a Blue Star Mother.
Mother’s prayer; concern for child;
mothers gather, support each other.
In common bond; military moms;
mothers will… welcome home heroes.
Over the years support more broad,
tending wounded and bereaved.
Volunteerism nurtures needs,
serving families of military service.
hands together in prayer, support,
Blue Star Mothers national bond.

© October 18, 2008 Roger W Hancock,

Family Soldier
by Roger W Hancock

Inspired by PFC. Harry A. Winkler III
Died November 12th, 2006 in Samarra, Iraq.

- Tribute Page

Family Soldier
by Roger W Hancock

A man loved his family best,
for them to war he left.
Diligence within each task,
performed his duty well.

“Mature and Optimistic,
said platoon commander.
Sense of humor with no nonsense,
pushed to get jobs done.

Family man loved to brag,
of awesome wife and son.
Diligence stepped up a notch,
after a family cyber visit.

Once asked, “Why a soldier?”
“I do it for my family.”
When without fear you walk a mall,
“… I have done my job.”

© October 16, 2008, Roger W Hancock   www.PoetPatriot.com


Mothers Worry
by Roger W Hancock

Inspired by the Mothers
of our young boys going off to war.

     Mothers Worry
      by Roger W Hancock


A child’s mother always worry,
when sons and daughters play.
Children grow learning, yearning,
for independence on their own.
Grown, married, becomes a parent,
Mother still maintains her worry.
Responsibility outside family,
does not break, Mother’s worry.
Then a child joins the Army,
trained to deploy on a mission.
Mom back home always praying,
for her child, continues worry.
Behind the lines or on the front,
does not matter. . . Mothers worry.
Soldier knows Mom is loving,
that her mission is to worry!
Taking leave to visit home,
hugging Mom, stops not the worry.

© October 17, 2008, Roger W Hancock   www.PoetPatriot.com


Daddy’s Smile    -    Mommy's Smile
Inspired by the Children of those who serve, these little ones suffer too.

Daddy's Smile
  by Roger W Hancock
Little child smile for me,
I know how sad you must be.
Your daddy’s been away,
oh so long he’s been gone.

Remember his smile,
remember his love.
Remember his arms,
wrapping a tight embrace.

Show me a little smile,
let your smiles be for dad.
Your happiness is his desire,
while you wait for him.

Daddy is on a grand mission,
to keep America great.
When his duty to country done,
he will return to his little one.

Remember, always of his love
how he smiles at you.
He will smile at your picture,
kept close to his aching heart.

© October 14, 2008, Roger W Hancock   www.PoetPatriot.com


Mommy’s Smile
  by Roger W Hancock
Little child smile for me,
I know how sad you must be.
Your mommy’s been away,
oh so long she’s been gone.

Remember her smile,
remember her love.
Remember her arms,
wrapping a tight embrace.

Show me a little smile,
let your smiles be for mom.
Your happiness is her desire,
while you wait for her.

Mommy is on a grand mission,
to keep America great.
When her duty to country done,
she will return to her little one.

Remember, always of her love
how she smiles at you.
She will smile at your picture,
kept close to her aching heart.

© October 14, 2008, Roger W Hancock   www.PoetPatriot.com


Long Last, Laid to Rest

Inspired by the recovery of the remains of,
MIA, World War II 2nd Lt Ernest E. Martin,
US Army, of Hanover, Montana.
MIA, 1944 - Remains found, 2000 -
Identified & laid to rest 2008.

Long Last, Laid to Rest
by Roger W Hancock
American Soldiers fight abroad,
duty to their country.
Each man fights the battles brave,
victory over fear inside.
Wounded in battle brave,
sent back home to heal.
Valor ‘till wounded death,
telegram sent to family.
Honors to those returned,
have held the wartime memories.
Soldiers brave, left unknown,
captured or dead… remained missing.
Offensive against German towns,
Eastward through the forest.
Battle of Vossenack and Schmidt;
German, American confrontation.
Longest battle of the war,
left many fates unknown.
Fifty-six years beyond the battle,
American MIA is found.
Remains are found in year 2000,
Clearing wartime ordinance.
eight long years to identify,
by DNA, Dental and circumstance.
Now a hero is laid to rest,
duty done, may peace be yours.
To you our gratitude,
2nd Lieutenant Ernest E. Martin.

© October 2, 2008 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


Soldier’s Note

Families hold a great toll when a
Father or Mother goes to war.
Children holding back their tears,
sacrifice exchange; unknown fear.

Soldier's Note
by Roger W Hancock

Huddled down amidst the mud;
today’s mission past is done.
Scribbling down important note;
scant free-time allowed.
Mind wanders today’s mission;
wonder of tomorrow’s battles.
Moonlight illuminates small note,
begins, “My dearest family.”
Fatigue sets in as thoughts meander,
among more peaceful memories.
Quiet times with mom at home,
children laughing at my jokes.
Peacefulness, within this trench,
brought by family thoughts.
Amidst fatigue and muddy bed,
what to say… what to write?
Just three words before I sleep,
jotting down, just three more words,
before I end… this day in sleep.
Moonlight shines upon small note,
simply states… I Love You!
© October 16, 2008, Roger W Hancock   www.PoetPatriot.com


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Soldier Sleep
by Roger W Hancock
In a shallow muddy trench
a soldier lay sleeping,
Dreaming horrifying visions,
of prior day’s battles.
Firefight to win the hill,
killing to preserve the valley.
Brother comrades wounded,
bodies of the fallen.
Restless dreams all night,
nightmares lived by day.
Blood mixed in muddy trench,
smeared on camouflaged fatigues.
Cannot fade away the horror,
when by night, eyes close.
© 06-17-2008 Roger W Hancock, PoetPatriot.com


Time to Kill
by Roger W Hancock

Soldiers do not feel the valor,
‘comes the time to kill another.
Fear brings training to the forefront,
self-preservation on the war-front.
Young boy’s eyes in frightened fear,
life’s light fades, eyes go clear.
Sickened by the loss of life,
yet, not he, would surely be me.
Bravery comes when time again,
chosing life, the enemy slain.
Blood mixed in muddy ground;
fear, drilling; bravery rebound.
Soldiers do not feel the valor,
‘comes the time to kill another.

© 06-17-2008 Roger W Hancock, PoetPatriot.com


Duty Valor

Inspired by the duty of
Private First Class Shawn Murphy
as told in his father’s commentary
The Value of Service

   Duty Valor
       by Roger W Hancock

Young man in duty stands,
volunteer for sick soldier’s duty.
He could have stayed safe in camp;
someone had to pull duty.
Three soldiers in lead Humvee,
patrol the nights of Baghdad.
Sudden explosion lights the street;
IED tears through vehicle.
Three young men instantly killed,
duty for their country.
One young man pulled extra shift,
valor in his duty.

© 9-11-2008 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com


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Just A Man

Inspired by the commentary written by
Lt. Col. Mark Murphy, "The Value of Service"

     Just A Man
            by Roger W Hancock

President of the United States,
leader of the free world.
The American President,
orders young men to war.
Yet this man is just a man,
whatever his politics be.
Decisions of the highest level,
weighs upon his service.
To thank each family,
that lost a loved one;
thank the family for their sacrifice,
is all the Commander need do.
Yet, George W. Bush will often deviate,
from the scheduled protocol;
To meet alone, without the media,
personally thank the families.
With humility devoid of pretense,
a man expresses sorrow.
A man who put the world aside,
to share a family’s sorrow.
Thankfulness for a soldier,
who gave his life for us.
Then again a President be,
photo op for media.
The man who stands in command,
is just a man who stands.

© 9-11-2008 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com



      Liberty’s Call
         by Roger W Hancock

American flag flies so proud,
flying free, reminding all.
Enjoy American freedom,

financed by liberty’s price.
Sacrifice of founding fathers;
casualties of men today.
Men in military serve,
maintaining freedom, you enjoy.
Assignment matters not at all,
whatever service, duty calls.
Danger within the fire-fight,
or support of those who do.
Women sign to serve as well,
nurturing our liberties.
Families of those who serve,
pay a price in fear and dread.
Enjoy today the liberty,
guardianship of those who serve.
American flag flying proud,
freely prompting liberty’s call.

© 06-08-2008 Roger W Hancock, PoetPatriot.com




      Old Soldier Hero
Inspired by (Uncle John) John M. Hancock
       October 4, 1918 - July 15th, 2008.
Recipient of the Silver Star; World War II.

John M.


     Old Soldier Hero
                  by Roger W Hancock

Old solder long life had lived,
remembering war of long ago.
Kept to himself the sacrifice,
of those with whom he fought beside.
Throughout life he did not brag,
telling few of his Silver Star.
Medals sat in the roll top desk,
out of sight of prying eyes.
Then when time, for him drew nigh,
memories conjured the battle cry.
Unknowing why he took them out,
medals he began… confide.
Death now ends his memories,
remembrance will be mine.
I now hold his warrior pride,
for years had been his own.
‘Wish I’d known long ago,
his silver proof of valor.
Wounded in battle, kept the fight,
duty to country and comradery.
Though a hero we always held,
not  many knew the tale.
Silver Star of bravery;
before me lies, an old soldier hero.

© July 15, 2008 Roger  W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com

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(An earlier draft was handed out at the
memorial for John Hancock, on July 19th, 2008)
Military Honors were at the Tahoma National Cemetery
on August 29th, 2008

See the Rhymes of Uncle John's collections
on the Zander Page of  Roger's Rhymes


Christmas Eve Patrol
by Roger W Hancock

City patrol on Christmas Eve,
thoughts of folks back home.
Enemy has no holiday break;
Muslims have no Christmas.
Through busted windshield,
rupture of homeland thoughts.
Zing past an ear, one shot past;
soldier duty, Christmas Eve.
Thoughts of kids and wife,
placed aside to load a weapon.
Bells of cheer, songs of joy,
survival thoughts of home.
Cover fire, platoon dispersed,
volley fire comes to an end.
Insurgent sniper finally dead,
a little peace, Christmas Eve.
Comforting peace on the eve,
celebrate the birth of Christ.
Families remember son abroad,
fighting for homeland peace.
Oblivious celebration’s joy,
liberty of the holiday spirit.
On the Eve of loving thoughts,
soldier duty, Christmas Eve.

© Copyright 12-13-2008  Roger W Hancock  www.PoetPatriot.com 

A Poetry performance for Veterans Day Programs
A Civilian Tribute to our Veterans in Poetry

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