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 PoetPatriot on Holiday - Memorial Day

Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday in May.

From the first Veterans of the American Revolution to those just past,
we remember and honor you on Memorial Day.

Thank you Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Reservists.

History     -     Honor     -     Flag     -     Sayings     -     Wars     -     Miscellaneous

Thank you Veterans !
The PoetPatriot is one poet who appreciates
the many and varied sacrifices of those who serve on his behalf.


These are the various resources @ for your celebration of Memorial Day

WE ALL OWE THANKS  - A commentary by Roger W Hancock the PoetPatriot

History of the Days for our Veterans and those fallen or now past.

Memorial Day TimeLine  - History of Memorial Day @ TimeLines of Liberty
Veterans Day TimeLine  - History of Veterans Day @ TimeLines of Liberty
POW/MIA Day TimeLine  - History of National POW/MIA Day @ TimeLines of Liberty
Armed Forces Day  - History of Armed Forces Day @ TimeLines of Liberty

Poetry to Honor and Remember on Memorial Day
To honor one honors them all. Do not forget, to honor your Vet.

Those Now Gone

          by Roger W Hancock

Fallen Servicemen,

for country fought;
liberty, freedom,

the primary reason.


They gave themselves,

that we be free


Fathers, mothers,

sisters, and brothers;
our dearly departed,

life for country given.


Families broken,

for liberty.


Veterans who served,

and lived to tell;
the horrors, and risks,

now sleep in peace.


Served their country,

for our security.


Unknown Soldier, MIA,

remembrance our way,
to honor you as well,

victims of a warriors hell.


Served, now lost that,

our lives be free.


Sleep now Sleep tight

rest now, duty done,
price paid in life or death.
The vigilance now be ours.


 © 1-26-2002 Roger W Hancock

Liberty Scar
by Roger W Hancock

Brave men fought, now bearing scars,
against our government we may gripe;
service bears a liberty scar.

© 12-19-09 Roger W Hancock

First Chapter
by Roger W Hancock

Minute Men, farmer, soldiers;
local merchants, barbers, bakers;
marches, writing first of chapters,
to the chapter, that now is ours

© January 02, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Not Free
by Roger W Hancock

Nothing is ever free,
though to you it be.
Somewhere, somehow,
someone paid.

© June 15, 2001  Roger W Hancock

Veteran's Honor
Veteran's service;
Sacrifice for freedom's sake,
Honor to them all.

© Copyright November 05, 2004 Roger W Hancock

     Hero's Price

       by Roger W Hancock

Fallen soldier, American hero,
to serve is soldiers' sacrifice.
Heroes all, soldiers mission,
some will die for freedom's sake.

Duty to serve, duty to risk,
to run the gauntlet, his life for country.
He paid the price for our security,
ultimate cost for freedom's sake.

Families pride though little solace,
sacrificed... their son for country.
His parents are home-side heroes.
hearts are torn 'tween grief and pride.

The wife and children shall not forget
the husband, father they loved so well.
Sacrifice for us they bear,
solemn grief, with pride they wear.

Patriot lives cost, born America,
fallen soldier joins freedom's greats.
We citizens grieve each price of life,
patriot life paid to secure the USA.


  ©  1-11-2002 Roger W Hancock

Taps Blows
by Roger W Hancock

Taps, dut, dut, duh;  dut, dut, duh…
Flag raised and lowered half.
Bugler blows dut, dut, duh…
Another man died on our behalf.

© January 02, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Veteran Poetry

Veteran Rhymes among
Roger's Rhymes of Liberty

Veteran Haiku

     "It's The Veteran"      - PoetPatriot's poem inspired by the famous poem "It's the Soldier"
     Two Other Poems -   Fields of Brave   -   Hero's Price   -   many more @ Veteran Poetry
Founding Father Rhymes  - Rhymes of America's Founding Fathers @Rhymes of Liberty
Black Patriot Rhymes  - Rhymes of America's 1st Black Patriots @Rhymes of Liberty
Women Patriot Rhymes  - Rhymes of America's 1st Women Patriots @ Rhymes of Liberty
     Patriotic Poetry  - Poems of American Patriotism - Love of Country
Patriotic Haiku Poems  - Loving America - Haiku Poetry
     Patriotic Rhymes  - Rhyme poems for Children who love America

Our American Flag - Fly the Flag Memorial Day

American Flag Poems  - Poetry honoring liberty represented by the American Flag
Flag Etiquette  - Rules and Regulations for the display and handling of the American Flag
American Flag TimeLine  - History of American Flags and Flag Day.
Flag Trivia  - American Flag Trivia
Other Flag Info.  - Other Information on our Grand Old Flag
Skelton's Pledge  - Red Skelton's rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance
Flag Links  - Links @ PoetPatriot for other American Flag websites.

Reader Board Sign Sayings - for
Memorial Day
Most of the Sayings are for Church Signs. Some Sayings are somewhat generic.


Memorial Day Sayings  - Memorial Day Sayings for Signs, Bulletins, Newsletters.
War & Peace Quotes  - Quotations of War and Peace by the PoetPatriot.
Liberty Quotes  - Quotations of Liberty by the PoetPatriot.
Veteran's Day Sayings  - Veteran Sayings for Signs, Bulletins, Newsletters.

History of the Wars
- Remembering on Memorial Day

American Wars  - The American Wars @ TimeLines of Liberty @
Vietnam War  - TimeLine of the Vietnam War @ TimeLines of Liberty
Gulf War  - Beginning history TimeLine of the War in Afganistan
Iraq War  - History TimeLine of the Iraq War @ TimeLines of Liberty
American Revolution  - TimeLine of the American Revolution @ TimeLines of Liberty
American Indian Wars  - TimeLine of American Indian Wars @ TimeLines of Liberty
Colonial Indian Wars  - TimeLine of the Colonial Indian Wars @ TimeLines of Liberty

Miscellaneous Pages @

Military Links  - Links to other Military/Veteran websites
PoetPatriot on Holiday Poetry of American Holidays - Armed Forces - Pow/Mia - Pearl Harbor - More
Rhymes on Holiday Rhymes of American Holidays
"Religious Freedom Day"  - A Rhyme about Religious Freedom Day @ Rhymes on Holiday @
Patriotic Links  - Links to other American Patriotic websites
 To Remember those fallen, those now past, and those who do or have served on Memorial Day.

   We All Owe Thanks - a commentary by Roger W Hancock

We all owe thanks to the military and our veterans. 

It is the Veteran and those who now serve that sacrifice for our society.  At the rate we pay our military it is a financial sacrifice to serve. That is the least of the sacrifices they make to which I am forever grateful.  

It is upon their sacrifices that allow me the freedom to write without government scrutiny.

It is upon their sacrifices that allow me the liberty to come and go as I please.

It is upon their sacrifices that allow me my children to raise as I see fit.

It is upon their sacrifices that those I oppose who burn the flag,  may do so in ignorant liberty.

It is upon their sacrifices that allow distortion of the truth in our mainstream media.

Their sacrifices enable the liberty for good and bad, but they are not to blame.

Those who protest our military do not understand the responsibility that is required to exercise true liberty.  Liberty is maintained by responsible freedom.  Freedom without responsibility is the exercise of fools. Those who exercise freedom without responsibility, exercise stupidity. Such is their right. Rights provided and protected by those who serve in the military.

So I on behalf of those fools and idiots, do hereby pay honor and tribute to those Men and Women who do now and have served in our armed forces.  I thank you on behalf of those who are too narrow minded to realize the thanks they owe to you, our military and veterans.

© October 20, 2008, Roger W Hancock,

This page was created on November 1st, 2011
Reciprocal Links
Patriotic Websites of America - Directory of Patriotic Websites - blogs, news, videos, poems, fallen heroes, documents.

Copyright 2011 Roger W Hancock,

PoetPatriot on Holiday - Memorial Day
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